The Lack Of Pre-FOMC Fear Is Palpable

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While bond markets are selling off (in anticipation of 'Taper'?), and equity markets are flat; it seems the equity market hedgers are not afraid anymore. After rising notably last week, VIX futures are being hammered lower as we head into the big announcement. Profit-taking on vol curve steepeners or a picture of complacency?


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Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

They got the early message....already.

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Si...  Sneaky way to play a rally in stocks, like whoda thunk in the SEC to look at the VIX for insider trading, huh?
They can't even figure out HFT when it's gnawing on their jugular


I can't wait for the collective AARRRRRRRRAAAAAAAAAAGH!

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hilsenrath: Hey Ben -- Have you heard of the VIX?

Ben:  Yes, my mother used to put that shit on my chest when I had a cold.

SheepDog-One's picture

Combine the VIX with some of the 'tussin and that will cure anything!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Vix is probably Bens lube of choice when he is all alone in his office....

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Bernanke Bounce, Tyson Tank, Geitner Gatcha, or Romner Romp/Ramp?

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Advice to all ZH brothers and the members of the Santelli army:


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Yup, the big boys know already, but were told to wait until 1:59:59:45 Eastern to place their bets so it isn't too obvious.

Say What Again's picture

Reminds me of a Top Gun quote;

Wolfman: [watching a video of planes being shot down] This gives me a hard on.

Hollywood: Don't tease me.

SheepDog-One's picture

All is well! Nothing will ever go wrong again! Only question is how many % all markets will close up today after the good newses from Mt Olympus? Why even HAVE a 'volatility index' anymore when the only direction for everything is UP!

slaughterer's picture

VIX just prepping for the big pop at 2:00pm.  The snitches did their job last night.  

101 years and counting's picture

could this be due to the roll in options?  today is vix opex.

Say What Again's picture

Funny you should mention Op-Exp.

I find it interesting that the bernank chooses to announce the day before Op-Exp.  Yes -- I know it's "Friday," but the action is today and Thursday.

kaa1016's picture

Big buying in July upside VIX calls today. Let's see what happens.

slaughterer's picture

The press release will be bullish, the follow-up presser a BIG BUMMER.  Schizo volatility order of the day.  

Village Smithy's picture

IMO Bernanke will never be the man to impart discipline, that will be left to market forces. Until Japan erodes a little further its BTFD.

SheepDog-One's picture

So what got leaked here, FOMC unleashed another $5 trillion QE today? WTF.

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Maybe nothing is going on because no one gives a shit.

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  With bated breath, all await bull shit!

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>> if we are not careful gold can go to infinity

I know in that scenario we'll all suffer big time, no matter how prepped you happen to be, and a lot of innocent people will be hurt very bad.  That being said, I have some desire to see that dollar collapse outcome.  It's  hard not to hate a dirty, rotten, corrupt system, even if it's your teams dirty, rotten corrupt system.  I know, as a resident of this land of big military and reserve currency, I personally have benefited greatly in material goods and opportunities because of what the powerful in this nation has done.  But, I still loath them and will cheer the end of this particular system.  The problem being, whoever is in charge of the next system, in whatever land assumes the new imperial master position, will be just as vicious and immoral and I'll be at the brunt of it.  So be it.  Sometimes it's good to be old.

WhiteNight123129's picture

Buy a bit of Gold BITCHEZ and I hope you have covered some of your TREASURIES SHORT.

You will have a nice bear market rally on TSY and when that happens, short more TSYs....

The real bloodbath in bonds has not started yet.

This was just an opening Salvo on bonds that Barnanke, in his infinite conviction that he knows better will choose to ignore and repress.


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Please do not worry.

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Did you know that FOMC actually means "FUCK OFF MR. CHAIRMAN"? True story.


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This is gonna suck!

GMadScientist's picture

"So your asshole doesn't slam shut!"

TheMayor's picture

No problems at the beach.

Disconnecting now...


youngman's picture

I am buying New Jersey and New York electric when 1:55 pm hits and the HFT´s get the data early as they always do....the electric usage will jump to high heaven....and with the new demand meters on those computer warehouses...they will get charged spike charges...good for income...

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There went gold.

Petrus Romanus's picture

Holy shit! The verdict is in; NO CHANGE TO CURRENT POLICY. What a shock! I can't believe it, I'm dumbfounded.

venturen's picture

In  a surprise  Investments Banks annouce via their intermeditary  the FED, they will double the size of asset purchases as profits need to double.

falak pema's picture

everything changes so nothing changes. Master of sleight of hand. Lol, and people fall for it.