Bank Of China Denies Default

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Either things in China are now very serious (and Jean-Claude Juncker has been hired as chief propaganda officer), or the BOC hired Erin Callan as CFO. Either way, for now at least, the Bank of China "is fine":

Then again, looking back in history, the instances when banks volunteered to being in default are... er... uhm.... not many.

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kliguy38's picture a friend of mine once said in a very high position in the ponzi......"but of course"

Harlequin001's picture all always ends with gold... hehehehehe.

Options expiry is on the 26th people, so grab the popcorn, light the blue touch paper and stand well back...

July could get exciting...

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It is no different than when we were on a gold standard and banks issued more paper than gold backing.  This is a bank run on physical gold that started after Cyprus.  Paper  promises to deliver with counter party risk are not as valuable as real gold.  If it is in the system, you are likely to never see it.  Remember, there is no evidence that JPM ever delivered on last month's gold contracts.  So what is going on at the COMEX behind the scenes is probably not a good thing.  One class of investor will be allowed to default and the rest will be forced to deliver. 

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Ooopsie!  Central planning proving its worth here.

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STR. Sell the rips and there will be many...maybe to new highs.  I see a bull trap in here down the road


Watch the dia spy pair for clues

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The defenders of the 50 day have their work cut out for themselves today.  

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Me thinks they gets crushed by extremely obeses black swan crap smashing on their heads.

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When it gets serious you have to lie.

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that implies saying truth before

icanhasbailout's picture

no, just that the lying is voluntary before that point

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old bernak principle: if you want prosperity, prepare for pomo

new obi principle: if you want properity through peace, prepare for war

very old roman principle: war is a good thingy, if you want peace, fabricate and levant it for moar of a 'bread and circus' ir[i]s tax collection 

very, very old indian principle: never smoke peace pipe with Us, for prosperity is a malignant crack`pipe of genocidal warp'd carcinogens       Ps. this last principle is all that's left of indigenous american indian written upon the mojave desert scrolls   

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And so it begins...

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 Step 1 : Deny that crap.

UGrev's picture

Step 4: Deny that crap and go on TV with cramer right before it collapses to deny it again.

GetZeeGold's picture



Followed by a crushing appearance on the Daily Show.

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Denial is a Yellow River.

marathonman's picture

Filled with thousands of dead pig carcasses.

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and aborted girl foetuses,  right AnAnon?  Center of the heavens my ass!

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Denial is a yellow vitamin-fortified river flowing onto the car-door-handle of sensibility.

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When step 1,2, and 3 don't work you move on to step 4....go on tv and deny that crap in a forceful manner.

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I see our lone junker is up this morning.


Heh heh........wazzup Amigo?

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He's long chairsatan bubbles.

Dr. Engali's picture

I love my serial junker.

I'm living the dream my friend..... Living the dream.

The_Dude's picture

Here  Junkie, Junkie, Junkie....over here boy.....

RunningMan's picture

Step 5: Baffle them with financial mumbo jumbo and acronym laden "solutions"

Smuckers's picture

Step 7 inches more forward onto that trapdoor in the floor.

prains's picture


flapdoodle's picture

Step six - have Obama say its true - then no one will believe it...

Angry White Dude's picture

I thought Step 1 was cut a hole in the box.

Wakanda's picture

Step 1.5 : Do some blow.

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Hehehe denial is not a river in Egypt baby, it's the sign of a problem.

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Get to work, Kevin Henry!!! We're gonna need a lot of blow to get the Dow green today.

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A quick denial, smells like panic to me.

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China?  I thought de nile was in Egypt.

Sorry   : - p

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No egg roll for you!  For year!

Headbanger's picture

The Black Swan has just arrived and crapped on the Bernankes bald head!

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How you say, "Bush's Fault", in Chinese?

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the world runs on denial baby


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All the banks are default.  They operate on a fractional reserve!  With probably 0% reserves! 

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Should be a nasty mkt day today.. nasty.