Surveying The Global Damage

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With the US equity markets only 2 to 3% off their highs, we thought it appropriate to look around the world at where the leveraged equity unwinds so far. There remain a select few nation's equity markets that are positive year-to-date.

Year-to-Date, the deleveraging point is clear... (but US equities - for now - remain clean)


Europe is hurting...


Asia-Pac is not pretty...




and the BRICS are ugly...all red for the year


Charts: Bloomberg

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Any links to credible information?  I am watching the price of sugarcane closely, for several reasons.  would be an interesting domino to drop.

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Stacked a little more this morning. Of course I accessed APMEX via the ad on ZH - gotta support the Tylers when I can :-)

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Remember: this is all WITHOUT a taper. This is all just moreof the same. What happens when there actually is a taper. O_o

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May I remind you all that the objective is to reduce "inflation expectations".

I believe the plan is progressing swimmingly.

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If there is a sustained taper it will all come apart at the seams.

Right now we are experiencing USD strength, AKA deflation, AKA (IMO) the Ka-Poom (deflation then hyperinflation)

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tapering is not happening or the entire world will be a smoking hole in the ground. QE will be expanded you can count on that.

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Did not expect anyone here to catch that.  We grow a lot of sorghum.  

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yep, the US will be last to go because the reserve currency will be last to go and years of living off the exorbitant privlige has so detached America from reality that denial runs thicker here than anywhere else in the world.

Everyone fleeing to the reserve currency trash today and dumping PMs?  Futures about where they started the week?  Banksters still having it their way.

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Not for long.  Coming to a Walk of Fame near you:

And people wonder why I carry two loaded pistols every day

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Presenting the 'fuck you' manifesto;

F U C K    Y O U !


I ' m   n o t   d o i n g   a n o t h e r    t h i n g   u n t i l   t h e s e   s c u m   h a ve   b e e n   e l i m i n a t e d !


N o t   p a y i n g   t a x e s   u n t i l   b a n k s t e r s   a r e   E X E C U T E D !


N o t   c o m p l y i n g   u n t i l   a l l   F I R E   S E C T O R   d e b t s   h a v e   b e e n   t a k e n   o f f   t h e   P u b l i c - D e b t  a n d   t a x a t i o n   tab !


N o t   b e h a v i n g   i n   a   c i v i l   w a y    u n t i l   t h e   p o l i c t i a n s   w h o   a t t a c k   u s   w i t h   ' l a w '   a n d   po l i c e   a r e   E X E C U T E D !


N o t   p l a y i n g   n i c e   u n t i l   c r i m i n a l   p o l i c e   o f f i c e r s   a r e   e n t i r e l y   r e m o v e d   a n d   E X E C U T E D !


N o t   b e i n g   a   ' l a w f u l '   c i t i z e n   w h i l e   ' l a w '   i s   t h e   p r e f e r r e d   m e c h a n i s m   a n d   u s e d   a n d   i n v o k e d   as   an   e x c u s e   t o  e x p l o i t   a n d   d e s t r o y   c i v i l i a n s !

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Love it, +1.  Time to execute all the paper-pushers and their political puppets.  Their labor is of no value anyway.  They manipulate paper promises in order to steal real assets and gain power and control of resources (including the human kind).

Those of you with real tradable skills should welcome revolution (while you still have a chance to do so).

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Personally, all I ask for is justice.

I don't particularly like the idea of spending $40k a year to house these guys the rest of their existence, but if we lose sight of justice then... Thermidorean Reaction here we come.

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Well stated.

Dude....renounce...move to an island....chill out....let the fireworks happen from afar....\

off the grid......cut the ties....

cause what you wrote...simply ain't..gonna happen ....

it'll be uglier....

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Yeah ... indubitably ... generalizations are generally-inadequate ... was thinking just yesterday that military-ruled Fiji is looking better and better as a model of law, decency and respect for civil rights.


(... and always wanted to try using that word correctly somewhere)

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After the crash has done it's thing get back in the BRICS and SE Asia markets. Until then hunker down and ride the storm. Today will be an interesting day. Lots of stuff is at support or just broke through to find out where that next support might be. Exciting times.

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REIT = The next Wall Street con game. Good luck suckers!

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Wow, epic temper tantrum! Like a little kid in the check-out line begging for candy.

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The US is throwing the rest of the world under the bus to save its sorry unworthy ass.  It's the source of much of the corruption and fraud behind the market rigging.


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Bingo.  Much to everyone's surprise, it turns out the U.S. is the world's largest corporate tax haven after all.

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(The rest of the world)

"Yes, it is your dollar.  It was our problem.  You can keep it."

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in China the banking is wobbling, in Brazil people are arising, and USA are puzzling.

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mtgox has suspended USD withdrawls, that might have a wee bit of impact.


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Hmmm. The other exchanges seem to be holding steady. The Mt Gox suspension doesn't seem to be in response to the current situation.

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Wheres the gold and silver thread? Jeeeeesssssuuussss .... Did I wake up in April?

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ignore paper and paper promises.  When fruad is the status quo, possession is the law, follow the physical.

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It's pretty ugly, I got to agree. But... I'm wondering if now is the time to sell some gold and buy some more silver... ratio is > 65:1

Any thoughts, fellow hedgers? 

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I'm buying all the silver I can afford. 

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Assuming you're talking physical (if not, then go back to bleating). 


Keep whatever physical you have.  Don't bother yourself with speculating on the ratios; continue converting the purchasing power of any loose fiat into Ag or Au. 

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 Keep whatever physical you have.  Don't bother yourself with speculating on the ratios; continue converting the purchasing power of any loose fiat into Ag or Au. 

It's allocated, in a vault out of the banking system. I don't have any loose fiat, sadly; hence the juggling to increase the total ounces owned.

If silver is undervalued relative to gold, and I swap gold for silver, I'll have more purchasing power when (if!) the ratio reverts... capiche?

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"If" is the well that never dries for you speculators. 

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Now that our economies are dominated by central planners, ANYONE holding capital is a speculator, whether they like it or not.

I'm beginning to wonder if this is it... when we see the oligarchy literally buy everything, and wind up owning everything, in order to 'save capitalism from itself'.... ie, to save the oligarchy from losing everything when their paper ponzis collapse.

This really could be it. 

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Gold and silver phyzz IS capital.  You're just speculating which horse is faster in your stable.

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Despite the potential advantage, you need to stay lightweight. If you need to carry in a hurry, 65 times better with gold.

Ckierst1's picture

I wonder if they will also try to confiscate silver bullion this time around?

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But 65 times harder to get change when buying a pizza :-)

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

There's a reason the 1/10's sold out.  

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The problem is you have to sell the gold first for the monetary value then buy the silver with that money. No shop will trade one for the other or trade at value, I did it once to equal out my percentages...decided not to do it again.

You are better just holding what you have and adding to the shorter stack.

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Keep some silver around for pocket change but your bugout bag should contain mostly gold.

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I'm buying silver to lower my cost average to offset one of my badly timed purchases (at > $40).

No freaking way I would sell anything right now. Except maybe residential real estate.