House Intelligence Committee's Mike Rogers: "Snowden's Actions Defy Logic"

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Just to confirm that in a world in which China and Russia (and Caracas... and Cuba) are increasingly seen as the paragons of liberty, virtue, and civil rights and the US is slowly but surely sinking into the role of the turnkey totalitarian tyranny antagonist, we just go this from House Intelligence Committee Chairman Mike Rogers: "Edward Snowden's reported choice to fly to Cuba and Venezuela undermines his whistleblower claims... Everyone of those nations is hostile to the United States, the Michigan Republican said on NBC's "Meet the Press" news talk show. "When you think about what he says he wants and what his actions are, it defies logic," said Rogers.

Actually, Mike, when "you think about what he says", his actions make all the sense in the world, and certainly validate his "whistleblower claims."

Rogers added that the U.S. government must exhaust all legal options to get Snowden back to the United States, Rogers said. Of course it must: like any totalitarian emperor state exposed before the entire world with no clothes on, it only makes sense to focus on the messenger, and not on the underlying message.

And now back to a panicking administration which is forced to come up with escalating PR responses to a global scandal that is changing by the minute, on a completely ad hoc basis.

Next up: how to punish Hong Kong for not only flagrantly ignoring US orders, but humiliating the US before the entire world with its insubordination.

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Indeed. The IRONY of it all is the other 800 pound gorilla in the room.

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"US government's actions defy all that is moral and decent." -- Rest Of The World

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Insubordination, Indeed!!


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Every single one of these politicians calling Snowden a criminal and for his arrest have betrayed their oath to defend the constitution, the HIGHEST law in the US.   THEY are the criminals.  THEY are the ones who should be arrested.

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Obama. Credo Mutwa. 2009  <<-- Fill in the gap about African trip that the MSM so cleverly disguises.

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Next up: how to punish Hong Kong for not only flagrantly ignoring US orders

I know!  Let's sell them all of our barbarous relic!  That'll show em!

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It's good to see you commenting around here these past few months.

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These nations are flagrantly ignoring US law. Lets see who they come running to, once they're under threat from terrorists!

Today, friends, we're really finding out who our allies are. Just like me. I'm here, not to gather information to report to superiors - no! I'm here to open a dialogue.

Zero Hedge readers need to understand how government operates. We're not interested in what you do or what you say - ONLY WHAT THREAT YOU REPRESENT. Therefore I see no harm in surveillance and monitoring. I've been watching this site for several years, not exactly in an official capacity (but it could become that way). I have made mental note of certain posters - yet thats all. They have nothing to fear, so long as they stay within the law, as all I'm doing is monitoring.

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If you weren't just a troll, I'd tell you to go fuck yourself.

Actually go fuck yourself anyway :)

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Remember this gem?  House Intelligence Committee's Mike Rogers: "High School dropout Snowden is lying"


Mike Rogers hires flunkies, dropouts, and now....... those that can't use logic?  Of course, these are only positions inside the agencies of US National Intelligence.

Mike, you're a fucking idiot!!  Everytime you open your mouth, the hole you dig goes deeper.



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Who ever heard of this asshole before this story broke?

Michigan? Hey Mike, maybe focus on the plight of Detroit instead of Ed Snowden?

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Still no evidence he released anything that was already out there anyway. More BS from a gov/media/polical cluster.

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you know that mike rodgers gave all the american people an answer to all this. he said that snowden had stolen documents that belong to the "american people." so we should all throw his words back at him. go to and find the intelligence commitee and tell them to release all "our" documents. i have. have you? cram this clowns words back down his wind pipe.

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Good point. Doesn't seem like "The People" have any access to anything that actually belongs to us, except maybe the prison system.

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Trolling for down votes to sustain your sickness again? Fake bureaucrat legend and douche bag extraordinaire: theMAXILOPEZpsycho

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I reject your rationalization of authoritarian rule and find you constitutionally abhorent.

I love the "flagrantly ignoring US law" comment. Who are we to dictate the laws of other countries? By that rationale, if a country where beheading for perceived social / religious deviance had the military might to enforce such an agenda, they'd be completely correct in pursuing said goal. They would also be totally justified in all possible actions necessary to enforce your compliance.

There are, I believe, appropriate actions to take with regard to true humanitarianism. The problem is, who decides such a thing? Who is to say that the guy holding the launch codes or the power to put Iowa farm boys in harm's way isn't out of his fucking mind? Who's to say he doesn't have an agenda of his own that, were it known, would be in direct contradiction to the stated reasoning behind such an action? 

The idea that we set the standard for freedom and act as a beacon of hope to the downtrodden masses of the world, flies in the face of the evidence to the contrary.

I love my country. I love the idea of America. It sickens me to see our government fucking it up. 

If we were acting by example, rather than coercion, we would live in a much safer world. 

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You are no Million Dollar Bonus, yet, but keep trying.

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You are a fool.

Zero Hedge readers like all Americans need to understand the Consititution and the Federalist Papers.  All that are in violation of the Constitution and their oath of office should be tried for treason and if found guilty should swing from gallows.

As far as your mental notes go, you may want to write things down seeing as you dont even posess the mental capacity to understand the very simple writings of the Constitution and Bill of Rights!

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Sir, I believe you have taken retard to a whole nother level past full-on.



Basically what you're saying is, that when a govt spies on it's population, it's a good thing, because we might be doing something wrong that they need to know about, but when the people spy on the govt, ya know, to see if they might be doing something wrong, that's a bad thing. You believe that a government caught up in scandal after scandal throughout history is more trustworthy and deserving of secrecy than the innocent people they claim to represent. Talk about hiring the fox to guard the hen house.........


After typing that paragraph and havig a few seconds to think about it, I would like to retract that first sentence. You're not retarded. You're just a cunt.



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<These nations are flagrantly ignoring US law.> It is indeed a very bad news for the US Empire. More and more countries do not give a shit about America Empirical rulers. It means that the US Empire will have to go to an open military conflict with more and more formidable countries.

Taking into account that the US Empire has lost recently in Afghanistan, Iraq, and now is losing in Syria, things are not looking too good. No doubts the Nobel Prize winner Obama does not mind starting a new war but it will even further exhaust whatever military capabilities are still left in the dying Empire.


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I feel sick to my stomach when I read your post, the mirror image of the unified US media campaign to crucify this guy. What ever happened to people being encouraged to do what they thought was right? You want proof you are on the wrong side? Dick (head) Cheney is literally calling for his execution. A fucking nerd that was WRONG on perhaps the defining action of our government in the last 100 years is front and center giving his opinion calling this guy a threat to our security. Waiting for George Bush to come out next that he knows the location of the Weapons of Mass Destruction that have proved so elusive. There's a reason our constitution says we have to have arms. It's because people like you are running around.

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Helllloooo Mike Rogers, you fucking files charges against him. Who's being hostile again? What the fuck do you expect him to do, go somewhere you can get your filthy fucking hands on him you authoritarian prick?

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Don't hold back here. Say what you mean...  :-P

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Yes, then they show themselves.

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When a so-called "major power" nation's "laws" are ignored by other nations, it should tell the world that the "major power" has become a pariah on the world stage. Similar to the Soviet Union during the Cold War or Nazi Germany. Perhaps this can be an indication to the US citizens still under the impression that they live in a legitimate nation. The people of this country are being entertained to death and need to awaken. Once they do, the heads will begin to roll. This is an issue that transcends the left-right paradigm. People are beginning to awaken! Snowden is a hero!

The mainstream media keeps pushing this lie that Snowden is some sort of spy who is on the government's hit list because he stole sensitive documents or something. All Snowden did was expose the fact that the NSA is spying on every single American citizen, without warrant and without probable cause.

Edward Snowden should not be the story here - it should be the NSA and other government agencies who use their technology to violate the rights of American citizens. You cannot violate the fourth amendment every day and blame it on "keeping us safe." This scam doesn't work anymore now that everyone in America knows that there is no real threat from "terrorism" except the terroristic acts of our own agencies against us.

All Snowden did was expose the truth and I think he should be commended for it instead of being black-bagged and kidnapped. The lid is finally blowing off of the government corruption now and there's no holding it back. They can assasinate the whistle blowers one by one, but it's like a boiling kettle now. The steam is escaping, there's nothing they can do about it, and they're in a blind panic trying to control the narrative of information.

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His name is Jason Bourne

His name is Jason Bourne

His name is Jason Bourne


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He shined a light on both the Democrat and Republican roaches.  Look at them scatter!  

1) like the terrorists we need to worry about don't know this stuff already?!?!

2) Technology has advanced the data mining technology far beyond what can be trusted to mere mortals. I've lost count of how many of these bastards have lied in front of Congress already!  Fuck these guys with their self-righteous ignorant claims that we need this shit to stop terrorists.  

Where do you draw the line on this shit?

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I know, they should be arrested and doing a long time in prison.  The rest of the world is becoming free and the US is becoming a police state.

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Executive Order 13526:

Sec. 1.7.  Classification Prohibitions and Limitations.  
(a)  In no case shall information be classified, continue to be maintained as classified, or fail to be declassified in order to:
(1)  conceal violations of law, inefficiency, or administrative error;

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It isn't a crime if the government does it.

tyr·an·ny cruel use of power: cruelty and injustice in the exercise of power or authority over others


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I'm sure glad we have that Constitution.  It sure keeps government in check.

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The Constitution is just a social contract. It still requires enforcement by the two parties.

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Ya mean kinda like your Facebook contract?

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+1 Sam


ZeroHedge for Fukushima, no fix only mitigation....Black Swans abound.


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Too bad the average American hasn't read it...or the first ten amendments. Most people would not understand it! Or the declaration of liberty. 

Have you seen the new x box?

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Most Americans think the Bill Of Rights means free rent, free food, and other entitlements. They completely misinterpret what "Land of the Free" means. You mean "free will"? Errr, I thought "Free Sh*t"!

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Is that you Nixon? Someone get out to San Clemente and check that grave!'s picture

San Clemente was Mark Twain, not Richard Nixon. Geez!'s picture

Yep. Mark Twain was what they call his pen name.

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You are digging the hole deeper.'s picture

How else you gonna find out who's in San Clemente's grave? Probably just come up with George Sand.'s picture

Just havin' a little Huckleberry Funn.

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The funny part is the up arrows...


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That was Goering's winning argument in Nuremberg circa 1946. The US couldn't answer it having rejected natural law itself during the New Deal. So they were going to hang him for pointing that out. 

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They were going to hang him anyway, but he cheated them.

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The new and improved "United States of Secret Repression" better hope and pray that Edward Snowden does not suffer ANY type of mishap, no matter how innocent it may very well be! ANY occurence that harms him in ANY way, will be seen by the rest of world as being instigated by the new and improved USSR.