JPMorgan Out-Squids Goldman As Frenkel Tentacles The Bank Of Israel

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Following the 'coup' that led to JPMorgan's Matt Zames running the TBAC (and implicitly the US Treasury and Fed if one were inclined to believe that is where the real smarts are), it seems Goldman Sachs has once again been out-'vampire-squid'-ed as Jacob Frenkel - Chairman of JPMorgan Chase International - is set to take back the reins of the Bank of Israel.

As The Jeruslaem Post notes, aside from his time at JPMorgan, Frenkel was also vice chairman of insurance giant AIG, and chairman of Merrill Lynch International. Intriguingly, in his prior term at the Bank of Israel (13 years ago), Frenkel "was known in his time as having fought inflation, even at the expense of growth."

Replacing Fischer, who Bloomberg notes educated Ben Bernanke and Mario Draghi while at MIT, Frenkel holds one other key position - Chairman and CEO of the all important Group of 30 (G-30) - which is basically the shadow central planners of the world (don't believe us? check out the roster of current members) and do not forget what they have proposed in the past.


Via The Jerusalem Post,

... “It’s important to note that the problems the economy faces today are totally different than those Prof. Frenkel dealt with in his previous term.


The biggest problem today is slowed growth. [Frenkel] was known in his time as having fought inflation, even at the expense of growth.




[The opposition party noted] the decision proved that, despite Frenkel’s previous achievements, Netanyahu “is unable to think outside the box. What has been is what will be.”


Earlier in June, Netanyahu hinted that he was seeking to replace Fischer with a candidate residing abroad, saying at a Likud Beytenu faction meeting that his next nominee would “continue the impressive list of Frenkel and Fischer”

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The financial take-over is complete...this video leaves me speechless, just WOW!!

"The Biggest Game InTown" about the Government CAFR wealth shell game

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i like the 1 guy who didn't bother to put on a tie

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

+ $55,000!  I am sure he will be by with a comment or two, I enjoy his posts.

francis_sawyer's picture

Some things speak for themselves...

knukles's picture

This is fucked up.  When I was in big biznez, people got fired for this shit.  Today I would be promoted to Master of the Universe on the Right Hand of God, FFS

Political_Savage's picture

That's all we get... The Cheesepopes have won.
Francis has been silenced.
What's next? A conversion to popedome?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

The two biggest & nastiest scorpions on Plant Earth fight it out, I hope to see it!  And over Israel to boot!  LOL!

NidStyles's picture

What comes out of Israel that is worth the sauce spilled over that shitstain of a country?

otto skorzeny's picture

some book written thousands of years ago guides them on their heartwarming journey through life.

awakening's picture

written, re-written, then again some more for good measure. Got to make sure we, the chosen few, are the only path of salvation for the masses from the wrath of god. Money and religion, nothing more than tools to control and govern the dumb masses.


edit, typo corrections and mandatory greets (of the unwelcoming kind) to the plebes of Op PrISM.

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

So, these are the 3x10 'wise men' who have come to pray to baby Mammon?

And are these the guys who steer/direct the CB's of the G20 -- who in turn get to tell the rest of the world how to bank and govern?

Seasmoke's picture

a very good man once hated the money changers .

Hedgetard55's picture

Ironic that God, the Eternal Spirit, would incorporate Himself as a member of the tribe of Judah (well, his legal father, Joseph, was of that tribe), the "Lion of the Tribe of Judah", and yet today no people disavows Him more than his own people. Yet, it's all good.

francis_sawyer's picture

Lucky for Spartacus, he only had to battle Crassus & the Romans...


There were no 'Gospels' written by his followers because they all ended up hanging on lampposts along the Appian Way...

Ted K's picture

I hate to bring up such "petty details", but Jesus mother was Jewish also. And he was educated deeply and broadly in the rabbinical tradition from roughly age 12 (when Mommy wondered why he didn't want her rubbing his bangs anymore). He was also circumsized 8 days after birth which last time I checked is not an Irish tradition. What you and all KKK/Tea Party illiiterates fail to get is the Son of God as depicted in the Bible  (Old AND New Testament) was Jewish to the core. As was about 85%+ of ALL major characters in the Christian Bible.  They are hated and reviled around the world, as nothing disgusts people more than a minority group that like "the cream of the crop" rises to the top of every nation and career choice they wander to.

"Disgusting" isn't it??? I say all the above as someone with 0% Jewish blood (that I am aware of). Why don't all you people who find Jews success/thriving "disgusting" find a good punching bag. At the end of a 20 minute pounding of the punching bag, you'll still be what you are, and Jews will still be what they are. If it wasn't for all the persecution and crap Jews take from the world, I'd gladly like free membership to "the tribe" as I feel my IQ must jump 30points at the instant of transformation.

bunnyswanson's picture

Predatory methods of doing business leave a bad taste in one's mouth, if you know what I mean.  It's like being forcibly made to give a blow job, they call that rape.

Rather than defect the men who appear to predominantly be Jewish in the banking sector (has there ever been a non Jewish person seated at the table of the Federal reserve?), why not plead with the Jewish businessmen ,who count of a ponzi scheme to maintain their grande lifestyle and illusions, to be stand up MEN rather than scoundrels and thieves. 

A million lives have been destroyed by the games these men play.  Expect to get bad reviews when you have money in your pocket that rightfully belongs to someone else.

francis_sawyer's picture

"I feel my IQ must jump 30points at the instant of transformation..."


So ~ a person's IQ 'jumps' 30 points the moment they learn how to use the Ctrl+P button on a keyboard?...



Maybe someone with an IQ 30 points higher than mine could solve the riddle of how 'Immaculate Conception's' apply to the 'mother/father' dynamic... Is there some kind of clause written about that on one of those stone tablets that Moses broke because he was mad that his tribe were worshipping golden calves?...

RichardP's picture

If the God of the Bible made Adam out of dirt, and made Eve out of something taken from Adam's side, do you suppose he could make something out of one of Mary's eggs?  According to the Bible, the thing that all three "creations" have in common is that they were all three infused with the breath of life, blown by God.

If the God of the Bible doesn't exist, none of this matters.  If the God of the Bible does exist, he can do anything he wants to, whenever he wants to.  In either case, nothing is gained by you fretting over it.

francis_sawyer's picture

Whose fretting?...


This is a source of non-stop comedy for me... It's entertaining as hell to watch people fight each other over tiny nuances in 'religion'...

I mean... Why stop there?... Let's see... If God made Adam out of dirt, then he must have made 'dirt' first... I wonder what he made before dirt?... In any case, based on all the great storytelling, it doesn't seem like he had much of an imagination early on...

francis_sawyer's picture

Yeah ~ The picture is becoming clearer & clearer as we go along... There's God up there in his cloud one day & he just decides to make up all these nucleons... But nucleons are boring, so then, the 'tinker toy master' himself decides to make some dirt out of them... & pretty soon thereafter, he fashions "God's Chosen People" out of the dirt [by way of some baby back ribs (which his 'Chosen Ones' decide later, to refuse to eat) ~ but which, in the case of God himself, I'm sure he also thought to make some barbecue sauce for]...

Fast Forward... & now "WE'RE ALL GOD"... Why?... Because we're all sitting on a cloud [on a computer in Utah], & printing money out of thin air...

Can't wait to see what's next... All u gotta do is sing...

"Like a good neighbor... State Farm is there... [with a sandwich]!...

Disenchanted's picture

That's my be "blown by God."

The Abstraction of Justice's picture

Mary was merely a surrogate for the seed of Christ, really you think Jesus had human DNA?


'I'd gladly like free membership to "the tribe" as I feel my IQ must jump 30points at the instant of transformation.'


The way they achieve that is by poisoning the water supply of everyone else. Look at what the West produced before it was retarded with Zionism.


JSBach > Offenbach.

Wagner > Bizet

Mozart > Mendelsohhn

Beethoven > Mahler

WS Gilbers & A. Sullivan > all Jewish musicals ever

Shakespeare > all Jewish literature ever

Newton > Einstein

Mr. Hudson's picture

: "and Jews will still be what they are."

That's the problem.

Dr. Engali's picture

Fucking revolving door of capital destroyers makes me sick. Ruining companies is like a badge of honor with these people.

FinalCollapse's picture

...AIG and Merrill Lynch - great fucking resume. He was at the streering wheel of the worst run companies. Who needs terrorists to destroy Israel when they have their own 'geniuses'. 

ziggy59's picture

Recycling crook at a time...

SafelyGraze's picture

tylerz -- love your posts. Am a fan. SG

ebworthen's picture

"...aside from his time at JPMorgan, Frenkel was also vice chairman of insurance giant AIG, and chairman of Merrill Lynch International."

Wow - that's like - the Trifecta of corrupt crony institutions.

Hedgetard55's picture

eb- love your posts. Am a fan. Hedgetard55.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

I am a fan of both of you guys!  + 1 each!

czarangelus's picture

There's war brewing in Heaven between the Jötnar and the Æsir. I wonder how many peasants will die or be enslaved for this one...

otto skorzeny's picture

Shocking. Call me crazy but there seems to be alot of Jewish people in the banking industry- just a coincidence I'm sure.

AllWorkedUp's picture

You're NOT crazy. These are the same parasites that infect and destroy countires and have for centuries.

Parisnights's picture

Too true. Not unlike all the luciferians, skinheads, anti semetics, warmongers, and the rest who get "all worked up" about nuthin.

The Abstraction of Justice's picture

The only skinheads I see are either in the army, fighting the Zionist war of terror, or on some Gay pride march.

NoDebt's picture

Hose of Morgan, House of Goldman.... he's still in "The Club."  Which means, expect more of the same.  I think I agree with the "opposition" about this- he brings nothing new or interesting to the table.  A nice, safe "status quo" choice by the "status quo."  Unsurprising, which is, I'm sure, the reason he was chosen.

buzzsaw99's picture

Bank of Izreel, like it matters.

giddy's picture

...ummmm...Bank of Khazar...nice ring to it...

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

I noticed that "It's a small calub, and you ain't in it".


fukidontknow's picture

... vice chairman of insurance giant AIG, and chairman of Merrill Lynch ...

What a resume!

Colonel Klink's picture

Criminals rotating around the revolving door.

Cacete de Ouro's picture

Ahhh Frenkel, you joined the Rothschild Bank of Israel, the central bank that hasn't got any gold reserves (hehe), just like the State of Is-a-rael that doesn't have any nuclear weapons, except the 150 or so warheads that Jimmy Carter confirmed they have when he was at that book festival, of all places....:opps:)

q99x2's picture

I saw the JP Mrgue employees climbing the walls of Isreal in a movie yesterday called WWZ. It takes place quicker than you think.