Chinese Politburo: "The United States Has Turned Out To Be The Biggest Villain In Our Age"

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You know the U.S. has hit rock bottom not so much when the official mouthpiece of the Chinese politburo accuses America of being the "biggest villain in our age", but when more and more Americans think it may be 100% correct.

From BBC:

China's official Xinhua news agency has condemned the US over continuing revelations about Washington's surveillance activities by intelligence fugitive Edward Snowden.

In a commentary, it said the US had turned out to be the "biggest villain in our age".

Xinhua says the latest allegations in the South China Morning Post, along with previous disclosures, are "clearly troubling signs".

"They demonstrate that the United States, which has long been trying to play innocent as a victim of cyber-attacks, has turned out to be the biggest villain in our age," says Xinhua.

"It owes too an explanation to China and other countries it has allegedly spied on. It has to share with the world the range, extent and intent of its clandestine hacking programs."

Xinhua says the Snowden developments provide support for China's position on cybersecurity.

"Both the United States and China, together with many other countries, are victims of hacking. For the uncharted waters of the Internet age, these countries should sit down and talk through their suspicions," says Xinhua.

"With good intentions, they can even work for the establishment of certain rules that help define and regulate Internet activities and mechanisms that can work out their differences when frictions do arise."

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LetThemEatRand's picture

Count me among the Americans who think it is 100% correct.   I don't feel the slightest bit safer for all of the spying, and it seems clear to me that the objective has nothing whatsoever to do with safety so that kind of makes sense.  But even if I was slightly safer, I'd rather live in a free society.  

LawsofPhysics's picture

Fuck all the motherfucking paper-pushers (in every country), their labor is of no real value anyway.  Please, the inbred "elite" in China and the U.S. have been on the same page since the early 70's.  This is not about free societies, this is about everyone working for Chinese wages, period, hedge accordingly.

Pladizow's picture

So, the Axis of Evil can pivot!

Oh regional Indian's picture

Pot (us) carring kettre brack o  bama.


Spirit Of Truth's picture

Of course the Communist world vilifies America before destroying U.S.  Tis the plan...

Rusticus's picture

Like all Spirits, yours is only in your head.

The Navigator's picture

The irony of it is that (thru taxes) we are funding our own demise. How fucking stupid is that.

BoNeSxxx's picture

+1 for proper use of 'irony'

Anonymous peon's picture

Yes, but tragedy would have worked just as well.

kralizec's picture

There is a grain of truth there...there are NO "innocent" governments...Communist, Socialist, Crony-Corporatist/Socialist/Quasi-Democratic Hybrids...whatever...there is no difference in the end...pot/kettle?...sure, so what?  They all look to enslave, manipulate and control.

falak pema's picture

you know any "innocent" anarchies living without rule of law?

We have left that garden of eden way back then, if we were ever in it! 

fourchan's picture

pretty ungreatful, to a country that gave them all our jobs, and made their leaders rich for enslaving their own people.

kralizec's picture

The laws of man are fungible.  What is left of the Founders original creation in America?  Very little if any.

imapopulistnow's picture

I used to think that those who constantly preached the Constitution were a bit wacko.  Now, not so much...

RaceToTheBottom's picture

In Seattle, the anarchists drive Daddies BMW

NidStyles's picture

Anarchy doesn't mean without Rule of Law chief. It means without hierarchical leadership.

Anonymous peon's picture

More than a grain, every government is doing it, and to the greatest extent that they are capable.

I have no problem with our government trying to keep track of what the Chinese government is up to. I just don't think they need to record every breath I take to do it.

falak pema's picture

the oligarchy world of america seems to be doing a better job at it right now than any communist country has been able to do in the past, present and probably would do in the future. 

The plan to outplan any Gosplan traffic jam without jam or toast is being used by those who have always said : what plan? 

Like Moody and S& P have always said : what regulatory scam?

Like Dimon and the Squid have always said : what derivative hole, what HFT black pool, what lIbor cartel?

Like the FED have always said : what monetary overdrive in our bee hive?

Like the Supreme court has said : what hanging chad? is that our bad?

Like the foreclosure courts have said : what false foreclosure raps concocted  by those TBTF claptraps?

Need I add more to the wonderful score of free markets on the roar?


OutLookingIn's picture

How the mighty have fallen.

Fleeing the US of A? To escape despotism and lack of freedom?

"They hate us for our freedom and liberty." I don't think so!

When people fear their government, you have tyranny and dictators.

When government fear the people, you have freedom and democracy.

Colonel Klink's picture

Need to remove the "and democracy" part, we are a republic.

V in PA's picture

You need to re-read the 17th Amendment. We are Constitutionally a Democracy since May 31, 1913.

buyingsterling's picture

They hate us for our freedom and liberty.


If that were ever true, it can't be true now. If the object of terrorists was to destroy our liberties, they won (even if they had little to do with it).

Satan's picture

Fuck that made me belly laugh

Fish Gone Bad's picture

The US is the biggest, baddest dog in the fight.  It has been that way for a long time.  The US military is larger than all other countries combined.  What exactly do you think they have (not) been doing?  Oh like anyone really thinks the US is trying to make friends on Facebook.

JimBowie1958's picture

The US has the biggest defense budget, but that doesnt equal more boots on the ground, more aircraft, more tanks, etc.

We have neglected our military reserve system and now PRoC and Iran have larger numbers of troops available than the US. I think the Russians still have more tanks and APCs, though most of them are designed in the 50s and 60s.

But there are a great many situations where their quantity  has a quality all its own and counters our expensive technologically superior military.

Parrotile's picture

How much US hardware was also designed in the 50s and 60s??

Russian design has always been pretty good, and they are just as capable of design upgrades to existing hardware as anyone else.

Their capital kit "may" have been designed in the 60's - 70's (in reality), but you better believe it'll be fitted with C21st technology where that technology matters.

And in any conflict that will be what counts, won't it.

caconhma's picture

Russia has plans to bomb Qatar and Saudi Arabia



A high-ranking official in the Russian Air Force said that Russia has plans to bomb the Gulf monarchies specifically Qatar and Saudi Arabia.


"It is absolutely no secret these plans were developed back in the SOVIET UNION. Since then, these plans were somewhat changed replacing the landing in friendly at that time Iraq by an air refueling over the Caspian Sea," the officer said.


He noted that such mission will be performed using Su-27 and Su-34 bombers with additional fuel tanks accompanied by a Su-27 escort.


"Today the situation is such that even if the Su-34 will be capable of reaching Iranian airspace on its return flight and to land right there" – he added – "Su-27 combat radius allows to fly to the capitals of these monarchies and back but Su-34 combat radius is less."


Replying to the questions why and when such plans were developed, the officer replied: "Saudi Arabia is the key ally of the United States in the region. Many believe that the Saudi regime is willing to get involved in whatever their American masters pleased. Naturally, the USSR prepared plans for the destruction of this regime since without it Saudi Arabia will cease to exist as a single State and Washington will face hordes of barbarians who will destroy American bases using American supplied weaponry ".


The source also reported that the air operation to destroy these ruling monarchies will last less than 24 hours.

stock trout's picture

And I'm sure the US has contingency plans to bomb Canada and Lichtenstein. That's what militaries do. Also "high ranking officials" like to brag about such things after a few beers. 

Mugatu's picture

Yes the Americans are spying, but Google and Facebook allowing the US access to their data is not technically hacking since they gave the US permission to do so.  Now, I am not so naive to think that the US does not hack into computers, but technically the giant information gobbling machine making news is not hacking - its information harvesting.

Having a military unit that just hacks into American companies without their permission is hacking and the Chinese know all about that.  

In addition, did all these people who put pictures and content on Facebook, Linkedin, Google think nobody was going to take this information and use it for other purposes?  If they did, they were the stupid ones.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Exactly.  In a society that values people, we would be dedicating our capital and resources to reducing the amount of hours humans work while simultaneously increasing their standard of living through automation and mechanisation.  Instead we have allowed a very few families to get absurdly wealthy and powerful.



Real Estate Geek's picture

Yes, for the children! And it sounds like a job for centrally-controlled bureaucracies.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

I'm not saying that everyone should get the same "stuff". Far from it. My point is that at the ultimate logical extension of our society, where everything is automated and handled by robots, there will be very little work left to do!  This is the natural progression of technology, which I argue we are intentionally disrupting.

Widowmaker's picture

Nice try.  The "society" you reference is only interested in false capital. 

The only time humans are valued is to monetize them, too.

Decency has nothing to do with markets, nor a society addicted to those that are broken in good faith.

History is laughing.

Shizzmoney's picture


The Chinese better be careful.  After all, they are the slaves to the AMerican Capitalist system.  The minute the corporations find another "less dirty shirt" when it comes to cheap labor....they'll bolt. 

Parrotile's picture

There aren't many "Cheap but skilled" labour countries around these days.

Also, remember to whom the US "owes" money / asset "value" to in terms of T-Bills. I believe China is the US's major creditor, and they too are nuclear armed (with a very cosy relationship with Russia - the Russia that is certainly not a particularly great fan of the USA)

disabledvet's picture

throw the United Nations under the bus at your own peril Earthlings. "it's not like they don't have the votes"! the irony that New York City itself has torpedoed that institution as well is not lost on me either. hmmmm. "i wonder why that is." in the meantime "the bidless Treasury market" gets a "surprising bid!" as the Great Unwind turns into a full scale rout and the possibility of Mr. Market deciding "the best medicine for all is to double dip this so called recovery." still want to see QE thrown off the cliff ZHer's ? Bad news still not bad enough yet? IT'S ABOUT TO GET A LOT WORSE.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

The biggest villain of our age? Be serious. Stalin killed 30 million, Mao killed, what, 20 million? Hitler, Pol Pot, the list goes on.

The Chinese have a lot of nerve talking shit like that.

That said, this is the absolute worst government that the USA has ever had. It is truly mind-bogglingly corrupt and useless.

But to compare it to the villains of the 20th century is absurd.

fightthepower's picture

How many did the USA kill in Vietnam, Iraq, Lybia, Syria, not to mention other CIA funded civil wars in countless countries. 

LetThemEatRand's picture

And we're still the only country on earth to use the Bomb, lest we forget.  I'm too lazy and busy to put up links, but a LOT of very smart people have made the case that the bomb was dropped not to end the war because it was already going to end, but to impress upon Russia that we are badasses.  The start of America World Police.   And to me the argument "hey, they are worse" is not the point anyway.  I don't want to be the lesser of evils.

Freedom In Your Lifetime's picture

It made me physically sick when I finally allowed myself to look into the facts about why we dropped the bomb in Japan. All I could think about was the hypocrisy spewed to me through the education system and the fact that the govwernment I had unwittingly worshipped the past 13 years (via plegding to the flag) was evil. I now understand that this was really just one of the many expamples, but it was the example that knocked me out of fairy tale land and in a path generally directed towards reality.

Bearwagon's picture

"With such power, given to us by gods hand - we cannot be wrong!"

Sound familiar?  ;-)

kridkrid's picture

Unlearning the history you've been taught is like the scene from Fight Club when he finally realizes that he was Tyler Durden all along. Here you are, minding your own business, thinking that reality is reality. When it hits you, you need to retrace all of your steps... all of the way to the very beginning.

kridkrid's picture

We pushed Japan into war and we used the bomb when we didn't need to. History is written by the winners... or... History is a set of lies agreed upon. But as others are saying in this thread... it's never good vs. evil... it's always evil vs. evil when people send other people's children to war.

FeralSerf's picture

Not to mention the real biggie:   The entry of America in WWI was the proximate cause of Stalin, Hitler, the spanish influenza epidemic and deaths of 100s of millions.

One should never forget the real reason Wilson entered WWI on the side of the undeserving British and Frenc:, to save the bankers (and their money) that were guilty of crimes against humanity.  The official reason, the sinking of American ships that were delivering guns and ammunition to the British and French by the Germans, was justifiable then just as it would be now.  Wilson and his war mongering pals were not demonstrating neutrality before America's entry into WWI and were a major cause of the casualities and the rise of the fascist dictatorships that led to WWII.

What Americans learned in their high school history classes are mostly  lies.

kridkrid's picture

Bingo. Not to mention, WWI also gave the newly created Federal Reserve a reason to fund deficit spending and the newly created income tax a reason to be raised in order to fund the interest on that deficit spending. A former congressman wrote an interesting book, "Shadows of Power" in which he highlights Wilson's rise to political prominance. He may have been the first fully owned president... not the last, obviously. He sold his soul... may have even realized it after the fact.

All Risk No Reward's picture

Netflix "A Film Unfinished" and "Empire in Africa."

Then consider if most of the third world has been engineered along the lines of Hitler's ghetto model - except at the nation state level so no fences are required.  Otherwise, it is hire someone to control the people and deny them resources to the point of starvation.

If true, the banksters are murdering 20-30 million people a year right in broad daylight.

Hitler couldn't dream of such a death toll.

jimmytorpedo's picture

The Japanese tried to surrender as long as they kept the Emperor.

The US said "no way", dropped two big ones and let them keep their Emperor.

We won't talk about the millions of Germans deliberately starved in 1945.

Uncle Joe and Pol Pot were kittens.