First Hong Kong, Now Russia Refuses To Intervene On Snowden

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In keeping with fine Christian values, after Hong Kong slapped the US on one cheek yesterday when it allowed a passportless Snowden to leave the country for Moscow, the US has now turned the other cheek. And RUssia's Vladimir Putin was happy to oblige with a perfectly placed uppercut. As the WSJ reports, the Kremlin said Monday that it won't intervene in the case of former U.S. government contractor Edward Snowden and that Russia had no advance knowledge of his arrival from Hong Kong on Sunday. President Vladimir Putin's spokesman Dmitry Peskov said that a decision about holding Mr. Snowden and sending him back to the U.S. to face charges wasn't a matter for the Kremlin."Snowden did nothing illegal in Russia. There are also no orders for his arrest through Interpol to Russian law enforcement agencies," an unnamed security official told the RIA-Novosti news agency." Of course, the NSA which is actively intercepting every Russian (and global) form of communication, knew all about this long ago...


"It is not a question for us," Mr. Peskov told The Wall Street Journal. "We don't know what his plans are and we were unaware he was coming here."


Russian state media, citing an official in the government's security apparatus, said authorities have no legal grounds to detain and send Mr. Snowden back to the U.S.


On Friday, the U.S. unsealed an indictment charging Mr. Snowden with espionage and had requested Hong Kong officials arrest him and prepare for extradition proceedings.


But his surprise departure from the former British colony, now a special administrative region of China, set off a diplomatic scramble. On Monday, the White House said it expected Russia to "look at all options available" to expel Mr. Snowden to face charges in the U.S.


"Given our intensified cooperation after the Boston Marathon bombings and our history of working with Russia on law enforcement matters—including returning numerous high-level criminals back to Russia at the request of the Russian government—we expect the Russian government to look at all options available to expel Mr. Snowden back to the U.S. to face justice for the crimes with which he is charged," said Caitlin Hayden, a spokeswoman for the White House's National Security Council.

And just hitting the tape, is the SCMP with the aptly named, "China outsmarted US in Snowden affair, experts say"

China interceded to allow Edward Snowden’s dramatic flight from Hong Kong, calculating that infuriating the United States for now was necessary to prevent deeper corrosion to their relationship, analysts and media said on Monday.


Beijing also exploited the former spy’s revelations to put the US government on the back foot. State media called Washington a “villain” for its alleged hacking of Chinese targets, when the United States has long portrayed itself as a victim of Chinese cyber-espionage.


The Hong Kong government insisted that its decision to let the 30-year-old Snowden fly out on Sunday was governed strictly by the law, after a provisional US arrest warrant purportedly failed to meet its judicial requirements.


But for many observers, such a high-profile case - carrying the potential to destabilise Sino-US ties for years if Snowden had fought a lengthy legal battle in Hong Kong - must have provoked intense interest among the territory’s overseers.


Hong Kong political analyst Johnny Lau said he believed that Chinese representatives “must have drained him in depth and exhausted him (for intelligence) before letting him go”.


As for Hong Kong’s role, Lau argued that the local government was a pawn with Beijing guiding the pieces.


“Hong Kong is just part of a chess game. It was the same when it was part of Britain,” he told AFP.


Such speculation took an intriguing twist on Monday with Albert Ho, one of Hong Kong’s most respected pro-democracy lawmakers, revealing that he had been hired as Snowden’s lawyer and that he had relayed a message from a mystery intermediary several days ago.


The intermediary did not specify whether he represented the government in Beijing or Hong Kong, but Ho said: “I have reasons to believe that... those who wanted him to leave represented Beijing authorities.


“Bejing would not step forward to the front stage because it (would) affect Sino-US relations,” he told reporters.

Next up: Havana, and finally Ecuador, where absent a highly-targeted, Tom Clancy-inspired "extraction", Snowden is likely to remain for a long time even if it means disclosing NSA secrets to the media for an even longer time.

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LMLP's picture

"Uncle Sam"'s being slowing bucketed into the kiddie fiddler category and the world's turning their backs


Not that surprising really

Bearwagon's picture

Maybe that's because "Uncle Sam" turned out to be a pagan childmolester and mass-murderer. ..

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

On top of it all, nobody likes a bully.

SilverDosed's picture

"Given our intensified cooperation after the Boston Marathon bombings"


Just had to slip the boston bombing in there didnt you white house spin doctor?

jbvtme's picture

nothing like the bitter taste of a suck pill.

Spirit Of Truth's picture signs that Snowden is an espionage agent here...

(**whistling past the graveyard**)

P.S. It's amazing how so many here @ ZH are hopelessly and perilously self-deceived.

jbvtme's picture

i'd like to agree but every turn this affaire takes is an embarassment to the usa. they can't assassinate him. they can't bomb hong hong or russia.  they accuse HIM of espionage?  snowden is a posterboy of resistance and i wonder if he is finally america's undoing.

Go Tribe's picture

Edward Snowden, Freedom Fighter Emeritus

markmotive's picture

US imperialism is doomed to dilution by rising powers around the world.

This will also amplify the progression of any US debt crisis. Note the pro-cyclicality of the end of empire.

kralizec's picture

They can't assassinate him?  Really?! 

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

they'd have to have very, very good aim because if they hit any foreign nationals who aren't Snowden but are with him, the US will be embroiled in an international incident far beyond their ability to handle. The USA flat out can not allow itself to be caught killing any Chinese or Russians to get Snowden.

Rusticus's picture

Curious  ... does AIPAC pay you by the word or byte ??

Al Gorerhythm's picture

They charge him with espionage.


Espionage noun
the act or practice of spying.

the use of spies by a government to discover the military and political secrets of other nations.

I think that they have shot themselves in the foot with this one. Snowden has released information about the collective of treasonous agents that make up our government, who are spying on America. These spys in government, are without doubt, certainly not a government of the Constitution representing We The People. They are not oath keepers nor guardians of our Libertarian Constitution. They are false representatives, self-promoting careerists and dynisty builders, spying on us. 
Snowden being a free man, an American patriot, has done his duty according to the Constitution. He believes in a Constitutional Government of the people under law and as a citizen member of our real government. Having discovered enemies of the people within its ranks, infiltrating and occuping positions of high office in our house in the capital, his duty was to expose these Quislings. He is our modern day Paul Revere. He is the world's modern day Paul Revere. He raises a clarion call to patriots through his statement, "Im neither traitor nor hero. I'm an American." He got one of those descriptors wrong; he is a hero, in the true sense of the word. He stood up to the machine. He has joined the ranks of the few. The time has come, Americans! Rise up and reject them. Cast them out. Stand up for your Republic. A million strong protest like those in Brazil might do it. Revolt.


GetZeeGold's picture



They charge him with espionage.


......and I charge them with espionage under the 4th Amendment of the Constitution of the United States of America.


Al Gorerhythm's picture

Arrest them. All of us, arrest them.

Ghordius's picture

our beloved family-member and ally Uncle Sam (I mean it) has always used some tactics that were on the dark side, including assassinations, toppling of governments, etc. since it joined the Imperialist Great Game (Spanish-American War of 1898) in earnest

what the drones in the Pentagon and the State Departments often forget is that the goodwill Uncle Sam (still) has was depending for a long time on the fact that we were in a cold war

but who is to blame? Uncle Sam's citizen's like the fairy tale that they are a Republic at home, period - and most of the times react with great jingoistic fervor to anything that looks like an affront to their standing - mostly without acknowlegding the Empire abroad

just a stupid example: burning a Star Spangled Banner outside the US jurisdiction is a crime, punishable everywhere

as long as the US citizenship does not realize the rampant corruption in congress, that's the way it is, folks

(and frankly, a reform of "political money" would not be enough, imho. the US would need a different voting system. but that would be very... there is no word for that... "Un-AngloSpherian"? because the UK has the same issue minus the extreme corruption)

we all have the government(s) we deserve

btw, imperialism is not bad, per se. as so many things and tools, it's about what you do with it that can be looked at on the moral plane. Gandhi realized this and he freed India with this realization - by reminding the British Citizenship at home that their standards and values in the metropolis were not upheld in the empire

PacOps's picture

Have a nice filght Mr. Snowden. We wish you well.

Ratscam's picture

according to he is not on the flight. Plane is now en route to HAV. check flightradar24 for SU150 to see if they deviate from the traditional route, since it would pass through US air space and plane could be forced down.

toys for tits's picture

Wow, thanks for the heads up.

Ratscam's picture

Snowden = Russian payback for not extraditing Victor Bout

Kina's picture

Dont you love just how the USA is acting like a bunch of Mafia thugs dealing with other countried.

They make a request, along with direct threat if you don't do as you are told/requested.

Does the Obama administration think they are sailing up some river with a gunboat point at somebody's Palace making demans??

HK rightly told the US to fuck off, this isn't the 18th 19th or 20th Centuries.


Obama and the USA showing themselves to the world to be nothing more than a bunch mafia thugs, and thus deserve no more respect for their arguments or demands.


And with their stupid behaviour make China and Russia look morderate and reasonable.

Bearwagon's picture

"Does the Obama administration think they are sailing up some river with a gunboat point at somebody's Palace making demans??"

Yes, yes, that's quite possible. I feel reminded of an old tale:

Joseph Conrad: 'Heart of Darkness'

Stunning parallels.  ;-)

Ghordius's picture

why stunning? the Great Game does not change, or, better, the "Logic of Empire" never does. a writer like Conrad could have written a story around the frictions the Babylonian empire had with Egypt's Pharao, 3'000 years ago and the only thing that would have changed would have been the actors, not the actions. nevertheless, it's a good book

falak pema's picture

So Ghordius will the EZ make a Bank Union or not? Moment of truth coming to EU. Deep split in the making here, or not?

As per this article :

as here on the overall monetary front :

Looks like the world ship is not going where FED pretends it is! 

Ghordius's picture

complex theme and my bloody crystal ball does not work. but I think it will go in the direction of a number of banks becoming "ecb-system banks" and the rest tied to the 17 national systems - which would be both a compromise and a smart solution, imho - particularly in the internal/external "shock absorbing" scenario analysis

Martin "GDP" Wolf of the FT came back from the last Bilderberg meeting and he wrote on the June 21st comment section about the need for further reform of the British banking system - good article, and I seldom agree (usually at all) with him so much like there. a lot depends on that - then after all all banking systems are in competition with each other, and nobody is currently expecting a reform in the US

no deep split in the making, imo. after all, Deutsche Bank ought to be slapped around by the ECB and the LandesBanken by their federal state governments, in my view. to each according to it's size. all our megabanks are like dogs too heavy and muscular for their putative national owners

note in Wolf's article how he speaks from my heart: "...the answer is that we have entrusted a private industry with the provisions of three public or near public goods: the supply of money; the payment system; and the supply of credit. But credit is risky, while money and payment have to be safe..."

there is still some hope if Mr. GDP Himself is open to such realizations. we'll see if the UK has the strenght to do what is necessary

onthesquare's picture

Read Conrads "The Secret Agent".  It may give some idea of the minds of some impatient people who just cannot take the uncertainty any more.  It is very dark but typical JC

Coldfire's picture

No offense to Mafia thugs...

WTFx10's picture

Can we get a clarification, Jewish , Russian or Italian "Mafia Thugs" ?

Who gets to break the law but can't be prosecuted because it might disrupt a certain lucrative global business?

thestarl's picture

Yep,remember when Iran hacked and brought down the RQ sentinel drone and Obomber had the hide to ask for it back the BS line being that it had strayed off course.

The guy is a serial liar man.

One And Only's picture

No one respects us a country because we have a weak president.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture

Weak president? WTF?

C'mon, nobody respects the US government because it has become the bad guys. Among the nations of the world, the US is the arrogant, bullying asshole that steals everyone's lunch money and beats up the crippled kids.

holgerdanske's picture

No, that is not why.
You have a government that lies, treats you like serfs and murders indiscriminately.
That your president might or might not be weak is not the point. That he, and his predecessors are criminals, is reason enough, in itself.

Wait a bit, and there might not be asylum for your president and congress members, --- anywhere.

It is starting to get a bit hot.

sumo's picture

No one respects us as a country because our government hates us for our freedom and hates the Constitution.

Fixed it for ya.

Go Tribe's picture

Well, we do have a weak president. I can't see the various leaders of the world warming up to a she-man.

Silverhog's picture

But he has a Nobel Prize! Bet Putin is jealous. 

Arrowhead's picture

Ya. Putin stole his Nobel ring.

CitizenLame's picture

Snowden: Are we there yet? No? OK, in the mean time let me go through my list of leaks to give to the press

Cacete de Ouro's picture

And they're off. S just checked and all.....Flying near NY


Bearwagon's picture

No national airspace above 24500 feet QNH ....

spankfish's picture

Wonder what the Vegas odds are on GunSlinger1 scrambling jets to intercept the international flight as it cracks US airspace?

sumo's picture

or a SAM ,"accidently" launched during a "training" exercise


williambanzai7's picture

Intensified cooperation? Rule of law?

These people have no idea how hollow this bullshit rings when they sing it.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Intensified cooperation? Rule of law?

These people have no idea how hollow this bullshit rings when they sing it.

They seem to think that by virtue of their mouthing of words like "rule of law", "freedom", and "justice", it carries the weight of a magical invocation which renders their statements believable.

Such is the depth of delusion which permeates Vichy DC.

sumo's picture

"how hollow this bullshit rings"

At first glance I read that as hollowpoint bullshit ... heh, different topic

Ribeye's picture

Fckn Bizarro World,

Flee from tyranny to Russia,

Wait, whaaaaaaaaaaat?