Meanwhile The 10 Year...

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Is headed for the moon... in yield terms that is. Because if Bernanke's hope was that the handoff from buyers to sellers would be a smooth one, he may want to conference in Kuroda and get some advice on what happens when the bond market is halted limit down.Good thing Bernanke is not a real hedge fund, or else the $35 billion intraday P&L crash (so far), and $250 billion in the past two months, may raise a few eyebrows.

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paging helicopter ben, paging helicopter ben.

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thank God no other assets are priced off that thing. Bloomberg was just telling me to buy, buy, buy because of this. that was right after saying a 25 billion dollar right down at some "gold miner thingy" was "good news and put competitive pressures on "all those others who didn't have to do that." or else!

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Helicopter Ben is now bladeless.

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Helicopters don't have ejector seats, if they did the blades would shred the pilot! That's why you're fucked if a helicopter goes down uncontrollably.

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LOL, thanks for pointing that out... ;-)

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Imagining Ben ejecting into the blades is pretty cool, ain't it?!  ;)

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Capt'n Ben: The term for your new interest rate management procedure is 'auto-rotation'.

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Obama hit the eject button for Ben -

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Duh, you have to turn off the blades first.... Response courtesy of Rockefeller education. 

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Some ejector seats used to eject downwards.  Useless for failures during takeoff, but entirely possible.

Dubaibanker's picture just BAILED OUT! :)

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Thanks for lowering my property taxes Ben!!

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No, he ejaculated. Done.

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Without coin clipping this market is a smoking hole in the ground... politically unacceptable to stop.

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2.65%....... oh shit.

Training wheels are falling off Benny. 150B/mo overt QE sound about right?

Now .......... you are fucked.

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OMG, we're all so fucked.

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So an almost 1% increase in interest on $16 Trillion of debt much again?

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you realize it doesnt work that way right?  only new paper sees the higher number.  Since they mark to Unicorn any move todate is at best Transitory in nature..... CBO will never account for it in the projections, the moment they do, the real reset begins.

Housing gets vaporized, in a few months... Short term this is extremely bullish for housing as the sheeple will now panic to refi and get into that McMansion before she blows... give it three months to work through the system...

If the banks are paying attention (they arent) it might flush all of that shadow inventory onto the market, but I doubt it.


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only new paper sees the higher number.

Muahahaha.  Yes, well, all of the existing holders of all of that paper are now motivated to change their minds, aren't they?  And markets are (allegedly) "forward-looking", aren't they?  One of the points being recurrently made by genuine free marketers is to point out what will happen when the ten year reverts to historic norms (6%).  Anyone wanna bet whether we'll see that?

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A 6 handle on the TNX equals the end of western civilization as we know it.

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You do realize housing is being bought with cash?  Rental property requires 20% down, and when it's a foreclosure the delays are extensive, so it's cash.  Investors are just flipping those houses back and forth to each other.  There are no end buyers.

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In short, socioeconomic classes are set...

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Well, there's one end buyer at the end of the flipping chain. Question is, are you one of his friends? Or dead meat?

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"... only new paper sees the higher number"


Old paper gets hammered when the price of their "old paper" drops like a rock as interest rates go up.

It can easily turn into a bond selling panic as investors realize that increasing interest rates will make their bonds worthless, unless they can somehow hold them until maturity.

If you are in a bond fund you are fucked!

For a quantification of just how fucked you are read "justobserving's" post which I quote:

"For every 10 basis points move up in the 10 year yield results in a 1% loss in the bond.  Every 10 basis point move in the 30 year results in a 3% loss in the bond"

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Wasn't the crash that started the Great Depression caused in part by the Fed selling treasuries in the open market due to rising interest rates?  What happens if they try to do this again and the people buy up UST because of a good yield?  Does the government then owe its debt to the people and not the Fed?  If that were true I'm sure they'd have no problem defaulting on us because we were greedy for wanting a ROI.  

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Closer to $17T now, any additional paper will add to interest and overall the whole mess gets worse.

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Hay fuckhead go to the nearest courtesy phone , you know the green one with QWERTY virtual keyboard...

Look he's picking his nose, Fifty bucks he eats it,,,,your on.. Look at the cash pouring out of that thing.

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"We've just lost cabin pressure..."

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Seriously, does it take an expert to predict what happens to bonds when Ben stops buying them? Does one need an MBA from Wharton that costs 6 figures to discern this?

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If Bennie doesn't step in, this could be it.  I've been waiting a loooong time for this chit, but Bennie is only playin'; he's got his hand on the wheel (I think).  The next reflate will be truly awesome.  The US has more wars to blame others for, but the gold market has to become screwed up, first.  When I read from some dork that gold is going to $500, I'm all in.

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Ben, you loosing it..once the 10 yrs are at about 3- 3.5% you are done baby...

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"all engines running . . . commit! . . . liftoff!"

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Buicks to the Moon.  Youtube it.  


Seriously though Ben prints it, Obama builds Buicks, and attempts to fling them to the moon with the world's largest slingshot.  StIMuLuS! 

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[KR461] Keiser Report: Global Financial Holocaust
Posted on June 22, 2013 by Stacy Herbert

Read more at SY7azJk.99
fake assets = fraud

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Oh my! I thought Bernanke owned all of these. Maybe some China liquidity problems coupled with spying blowback.

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Bernanke ownes a lot of them. His losses are mounting.

There might be no profit transfers from the FED to the Treasury this year.

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Gave me quite a chuckle. Thx for that.

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My quoted 96% FHA mortgage payment for my manhattan condo has increased $300 per month in the past four weeks.


Its a short sale so we couldnt close fast.


Neither did I rate lock.


I am backing out of the contract this week.

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I recommend backing out just for the sake of f*cking the bank...

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Price stabilliteeeeee... bitchez.

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I upvote you just for raising our battlecry. ;-)

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US Treasuries trading with the volatility of Penny Stocks.  Welcome to Hell, boys (and girls)!

Somebody get me a cup of coffee STAT!

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The fed can overwhelm flow but he has no shot at buying stock to stabilize things if it gets dumped.

This is crazy shit Doc.

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Do you honestly believe that this is a "market" reaction and the Fed is not in the driver's seat?

The Fed wants more blood. Bernanke is quoted as saying "Depositors want higher returns on their money" last year.

They want to have their cake and eat it too. Flooding the world with worthless paper that they control and now they want higher returns on the huge amounts of paper they pumped into the system?