Good Is Bad - That Is All

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It's been quite a morning. Beats across the board at the macro headline level. Housing (prices and sales), check; Durable Goods, check; Confidence, check; Richmond Fed, check. So why are stocks not surging?



The problem is that bad is also not good anymore (as we noted yesterday).

Though, of course, it's early yet - and it is a Tuesday...

Please bear in mind the implicit message from the Fed:


Charts: Bloomberg

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Can someone explain why higher home prices are a good thing?

I guess if you still think a house is an “investment” then it is a good thing.

But if a house is a place to live and raise a family, than I suppose it’s not.

Keep in mind, tax collectors love higher home prices.

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Man, how easy. Bad is good! That's why.

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Of course, just look at these S&P performance when correlated to high unemployment:

Bad = Good for the bankers, corporations.  Just not the government; but their paid to deal with "the problem".