Fed Tells E-Trade Baby What To Do, Jeffrey Lacker Edition

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Another faux-hawk takes the dovish tone and walks back the new normal 'template-less' Taper tantrum that Bernanke created...


So no tightening (duh). But Lacker, once upon a time a hawk too, just like Plosser and Kosher-Lakota (sic), tries to regain some credibility as follows:


Equities jerked higher by 3-4 S&P points (bonds didn't) - so it looks like the impact of the jawboning is fading.

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Folks. BTFD. the earlier you do it the better. Even the hawks got scared. Next meeting they might be talking about expanding the balance sheet.

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Where do we go to see these Fed announcements? Is there a web site or is it on Twitter or something? How do they announce these things?

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They must have Bennie all drugged up locked in a room at Princeton with LIESman blowing him

CrimsonAvenger's picture

The good thing about Liesman blowing you is that you can rest your drink on his head. True story.

TheTmfreak's picture

Zero credibility.

You dont' have credibility if you say one thing and use the term "we" in claiming something and then use "I" to say the exact opposite.

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Market is back to full retard mode....AND PM's getting monkey-hammered.  Fucking Draghi must be blowing it in his shorts right now.

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Through the network of primary dealers first...

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back to bad news = moar good news...   the weak GDP number today was just what the money whores needed...

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Buy this market? No thank you. All of these central bankers are scared that they are losing control. Like I said before, once people lose confidence in the narrative that central banks are omnipotent, and proven that they are incompetant, we will have a repricing of risk assets like we saw back in 2008. It's already started.

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Dudley tomorrow.  ES 1624 test of lower trend line on Dudley tomorrow.

Aknownymouse's picture

In addition to a huge POMO injection tomorrow. Good luck with that if you are short. Cover now or cover 3% higher.

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Thursday is the new Tuesday.

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I think I am just going to sit back in cash... ignore all the crap... and wate for the correction and then ride it back up.    PM and miners as well.

Ronaldo's picture

Excellent plan.  I am with you.

FieldingMellish's picture

I guess that chimes in with the talking heads explanation of why gold is dropping like a stone on the back of the taper... oh wait.

gjp's picture

They'll trot out all sorts of explanations for this, but nothing washes except 'this is where the authorities want it to be'

BadDog's picture

That the idiot public would believe anything that comes out of the mouth of these sociopaths is beyond me.

Aknownymouse's picture

Those sociopaths are the ones deciding how much interest you will pay on your loans and ultimately how much taxes you will be paying. Ignore them at your own peril.

NotApplicable's picture

Well, somebody doesn't seem to agree with that sentiment.

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Unfortunately it is not just an opinion. It is reality. People should either accept it or change it. Just insulting those people will not change anything. Elect people that will change things.

ForWhomTheTollBuilds's picture

Thats the most damning thing of all.  They don't belive it either.  They think that other people beleive it and so they will take a position in front of them.  Only they know the truth and will be able to get out of the way before things turn.


It was the same during the housing bubble.  Lots of people buying condos on margin saying, "real estate never goes down".  When pressed they say, "well a crash would be so devastating the govt would have to bail us out anyway".


These arent just the finance psychopaths (who you must admit do pretty well living this way).  These are many of our neighbors and co-workers.  They are OK with taking advantage of the stupidity of the people around them and are OK with lying to them or at least not helping them see the truth.


See how much respect they have for your property or privacy rights when TSHTF.

SheepDog-One's picture

Well, Homo Sapiens love being told what to do and what to think by 'authorities'....TPTB discovered this and have been using it for thousands of years to control the world.

venturen's picture

Printers full steam ahead...there will be not stopping....

buzzsaw99's picture

lame compared with fisher.

here's what he should have said:

If you don't buy stocks you are a big poopie headed ninny muggins!

pods's picture

We need Banzai to rework the old "If you don't buy Windows Vista we'll kill this dog."




Aknownymouse's picture

Now it might be time for the vix to reverse spike. Revisit the 90 s days of single digit VIX.

fonzannoon's picture

This is now a coup against an eviscerated Bernanke.

good theatre

Al Huxley's picture

Yeah.  You know, I can never quite decide what to think about Bernanke, but I generally lean to the opinion that he actually pretty much is just an academic who really believes his own bullshit - who REALLY was 'puzzled' by the sudden spike in yields last week, who's even more puzzled now - like 'but if the economy's getting better then rates should be rising, but then so should stocks, so why do stocks only go up when the economic news is bad, and why do bonds only go up when we promise to buy more of them?  Most puzzling, I must consult my textbooks'.

NoDebt's picture

I agree, Al.  I'm nothing special when it comes to 'reading' people but I'll be damned if that man's face didn't tell what he was thinking.  "This shouldn't be happening."  He really did not understand.

Quick reminder: It was Bernanke himself who said he was going to leave "cleaning up the mess" to the next guy.  I take him at his word on that.  He will exit the chairmanship with a perfect, unblemished record of never tightening monetary policy at any point in his term.

Dr. Engali's picture

These people are going to fall over each other posing as the biggest printer while they are publicly applying  for the Bernank's job.

Dr. Engali's picture

Yep no tappering ever, no run off the balance sheet ever..there will only be moar.

fonzannoon's picture

one month 125 billion, next month 40 billion, next month 95 billion.

Only those on the list get to know in advance.


pragmatic hobo's picture

it's quarter end ... market will jerk higher if bernanke farts.

slaughterer's picture

bernanke wil fart tomorrow...

caimen garou's picture

I hope he farts so hard that he blows the gasket out of his ass and all he can do is shit himself

azzhatter's picture

The desperation of these thuggish cockknockers is laughable

thismarketisrigged's picture

why are these assholes talking during market hours? just shut the fuck up u fucking piece of shits and let the market run its course.


also, if they wanted to talk, why today of all days when the market is up already?


save it for another day.


only in the u.s can markets be up 1 plus percent on a horrendous gdp print. i guess gdp means nothing now. lets wait for real data like consume confidence, that is a reliable data, lol.

yogibear's picture

The Federal Reserve has become a reckless ponzi  game.  Keep Juicing equities and housing until the US dollar crashes and burns. 


azzhatter's picture

GDP is only important if it's very good. Otherwise it's irrelevant and not accurate

JFKFC's picture

Do you know what's even more full-retard than full-retard?
Consumer spending is 70% of GDP.
How the fuck is consumer confidence raging high with a -0.5% Q1 GDP revision?
Jesus, Mary & Joseph... John, Paul, George & Ringo too.


Xibalba's picture

got gold pummled, now they can talk about destroying dollars and savers again

yogibear's picture

Dudley and the other Fed members get on and keep juicing the stock market tomrrow.

It's QE until the US dollar dies.  

The Fed is has become the casino boss. Deciding the winners and loosers. 

Talk of increasing QE soon? Place your bets. 


fonzannoon's picture

let them ramp up stocks at the close of the quarter. People will see the pain only in their bond funds and dump them en masse next two weeks.  Yields go higher and we keep living the dream.

Frank N. Beans's picture

Taper on

Taper off

Taper on

Taper off

-- Karate Kid

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

Flow vs stock.  I bet on flow.  If the flow ever starts subsiding, it is game over for the economy.  Way too much leverage in the system.

NotApplicable's picture

In a market economy, sure. But in a political economy, the lower the flow, the easier to maintain the quo.