Even A Pawn Star Knows "Governments Can Screw Up The Currency"

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Day after day we are force-fed the typical mumbo-jumbo jargon memes from strategists, analysts, and asset-gethering commission-takers. Today we get a breath of fresh air from, arguably, the man on the street - whose perspective seems very prescient. 'Pawn Star' show business owner Rick Harrison explains to CNBC - in words that we can all understand - why gold remains a crucial insurance for people because "governments can screw up the currency," how our economy is based purely on printing money, physical gold and paper gold disconnects - "I'm having a real difficult time right now getting physical metal. It is the crazy world of gold and silver; sometimes the paper market is going down, but you can't actually find the physical items," and the increasingly bubble-like reality of our housing market (especially in Las Vegas).


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Fuck you Bernanke! 

Canadian Dirtlump's picture

in fact, while on the topic of pawn stars, Chumlee can fuck him in the ass taint deep first stroke no lube with his hat on backwards.

fonestar's picture

This dickhead brings up the 1930's?

It is not the 1930's!  And in the 1930's we were on  a **GOLD STANDARD**!!

francis_sawyer's picture

They should have brought on Bo Diddley...

ParkAveFlasher's picture

+1 ... I'm really surprised they don't trot out Lil' Wayne to talk about his "THUG" and "LIFE" four-finger rings.  See?  Gold is for pimps and savages.  And, kings.

Lord Blankcheck's picture

Bo Diddley was the pawn broker in "Trading Places"

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"Who better than to talk about gold than...."

This is the kind of shit that passes for gold expertise on the BlowHorn?

Moar Full Retard Friday propaganda. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Who better to talk about gold then ... gosh, he's everyone's favorite ... RIP TORN!

FEDbuster's picture

Might as well ask Mr. T his opinion, wtf? 

"I pity the fool who believes Obama and Bernanke."

francis_sawyer's picture

'Full Retard' isn't strictly reserved for the BlowHorn...


Last night... in the wee hrs... Some hotshot daytrader whose been on ZH 2 weeks wanted to make a mark for himself talking about "that moment" [of the bottom for Gold & PM's]... He was rolling out the same tired old 'CATHARTIC MOMENT' bullshit & saying we're nowhere near that point because it hasn't shown up on the magic charts yet...

So I call him out on his BS [mainly pointing out that all you have to do is look at the 2008 'bottom' of the Ag & Au charts to see that the  'CATHARTIC MOMENT' theory was not present at all, [you'd be 0-1]]...

Full Retard Friday started early...

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Haha, I always appreciate francis_sawyer coming in low and hard in his F-16 Fighting Falcon and blowing some schmuck out of the water.

This old Gold Troll sniper gets tired sitting on that ZH wall sometimes.

MedTechEntrepreneur's picture

F_S is a dumbass...and FYI...F-16's dont come in low and hard...they are not designed as ground attack aircraft...An A-10 would fit that description much better...

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This is the kind of shit that passes for gold expertise on the BlowHorn?

I think it's great!  .. the retail sector talks gold and silver! real voices on real sales numbers and supply. 

 I bet would you rather have Charlie the munser, Warren's trusty colon polyp, explain the physical gold and silver markets?

Bay of Pigs's picture

You missed my point. Nothing against him personally, but he is a pawn shop owner, not a gold expert.

How about John Embry, Richard Russell, James Turk or the GATA spokesman, Chris Powell? Oh that's right, they don't allow those guys on the BlowHorn, and for obvious reasons. They are terrified of the truth getting out via their little propaganda machine.

dmger14's picture

I heard Russell rolled over like a cheap Vietnamese ho and is now a gold bear.  Where was the blow off top, Rich?

Bay of Pigs's picture

Wow, that's news to me. 

Just we need, moar flip floppers.  

caShOnlY's picture

You missed my point. Nothing against him personally, but he is a pawn shop owner, not a gold expert.

You missed my point: He's a retailer and he said what he is seeing: Short supply and prices decreasing.  He didn't advise anyone to buy or sell PMs.  We'll leave that to Jim Sinclair.

Did you hear Carl-the-bunghole defend the FED as he asks Rick "don't you agree that back in 1930's the Fed tightened too quickly?".   REALLY? he just had to throw that shit in there didn't he?!!  This is a chump station that usually parades the pumping chumps.  Your never going to get KWN regulars, Turd Ferguson or Jim Willie on CNblowme.

So in that matter I'll take Rick and his "on the street view" over a FIAT pumper any day.  

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"Full retard propoganda"  is right

...I also love how CNBC strokes this "fellow TV star" as an expert on "the global economy"

Its funny that he closes his commentray by advising people take short term capital losses on gold now and time their buyback after 30 days(Now this guy is a tax expert & market timer, I guess)

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For those that downvoted fonestar, he wasn't talking about the pawnstar guy.  Watch the video.  The nitwit anchor cautioned that tapering by the fed is the same mistake made in the 30's.


I was hoping that Rick would have knocked that one down the smarmy anchor's throat....    I have to wait for the moment when someone will educate cnbc that the market is supposed to move in 2 directions and not be cheer led into the next bubble.   I'm not holding my breath.

fonestar's picture

No, I was not talking about Rick.  I was talking about the other guy.  Rick is AOK!

Gringo Viejo's picture

Actually, I wouldn't mind seeing Chum as the next Chairman of the Fed. Hard to see how he'd do any worse.

The Shootist's picture

I respect the old timer on the show because he's a silver bug. They know the value of sound money.

ejmoosa's picture

That's because they are making decisions with their own money at risk.

Sofa King Confused's picture

Everyone should check out the headline Business Insider used on their site about this.

Dr Benway's picture

Some classic quotes from the old man on silver.

"We don't sell silver, Rick"

"I'm keeping this bucket of coins"

But in the episode where the old man was squirreling away bucketloads of silver everywhere, they finally forced him to sell it.

StychoKiller's picture

Hope he turned around and bought some Kruggerrands with the proceeds...

Yamaha's picture

Absolutely - we would be much better off!

Go Tribe's picture

At,least everyone would have cool shoes.

SheepDog-One's picture

'Even' a pawn star'? I'd bet that paw brokers are 100X more wise to how shit actually works than any Wall St banker who only know to keep their hand out and demand money be placed in it!

Mike in GA's picture

Rick is one smart guy, too.  He's well-versed in history and that alone is enough to make on appreciate fiat currency failure and gold's value.  I'd rather hear Rick's thinking than, say, Jim Cramer's.

Freddie's picture

Chumley is more deserving of a Nobel Prize in Economics than the douchebag Paul Krugman.

Shermanium's picture

yeah sure, he looks good in a suit coat, but do they have "Battletoads"?

Dr Benway's picture

They ARE battletoads, swollen and warty with toadlike physique and packing plenty guns.

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should check chum-lee's shorts. 

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Is it me, or is TV starting to sound like ZH ... now and then at least ...

CPL's picture

Because the media owners are starting to feel the fire under their own toes and it's going to get hotter.

disabledvet's picture

as media itself goes "we're it." having said that i don't think i'm ready for my close up. how 'bout all the rest of you?

CPL's picture

Eventually everyone has to step up and take ownership of their own lives if this is going to get fixed.

StychoKiller's picture

Even a blind sow finds an acorn once in awhile...

So Close's picture

About as valuable as the other "experts" they trot out.  

oddjob's picture

The simple fact that he did not even wear a tie makes his opinion more valuable.

Sabibaby's picture

He's in the business of history and get's paid more than most history grads...

silverserfer's picture

bitches about not being able to obtain physical... then quit offering people 70% of spot fuckface!

ebworthen's picture

Well, he has the cash people want for their shiny - and he has to take the risk that it isn't a tungsten cored Chinese knock-off.

MeelionDollerBogus's picture

He has the means to test metals to ensure they're real.
Oh wait, he has CHUMLEE doing that and training the next guy... nevermind.

frippy's picture

That asshat Denninger was mocking Gold yesterday, that might be the bottom right there.

oddjob's picture

That thing he wears on his head should be called a hairy asshat.