It's All About The Fundamentals

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Presented with no comment...



(h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer)

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Looks like GDP could rise rapidly from here on out.. The markets are always looking forward I understand...

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Markets are not looking anywhere, unless you have noticed that the general person on the street has lost his short-sighted nature and suddenly started going long gold. Then I would be asking where you are seeing these folks, because where I'm at they are rare.

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It's much worse than that chart implies.  Half of "GDP" is government and transfer payments.

Real GNP stalled long ago.

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It's actually much worse than the "much worse" you imply the chart implies due to the of levitating effect on GDP of out-of-control government expenditures... if you can follow me...

They are intentionally unreporting inflation (GDP deflator) and thus overreporting GD fucking P .

Heck... there hasn't been any real GDP growth at all this millenium since one lousy quarter way back in 2004...

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You guys clearly aren't smoking enough hopium....

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I should remember to define terms.

GNP is gross National product - includes interest income and expense/dividends, royalties, etc. between nations.

Probably a better indication of financial and currency health.  Harder to fudge inflation and trade balance, so the government hates it.

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Forgetfulness is a sign of hopium puffage.  Good man!  The government also hates metals, at least when in the hands of the citizenry, so it was interesting (enthralling actually) to watch gold and especially silver rocket skyward while stawks generally declined today.  History will say Ben Hanke Panke fumbled/puzzled the ball last week.

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I agree with yourpoint but your use of teh word millenium (thousand years) retracts from the point. You should have used decade (10 years).

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Sure they are- the are nose deep in Bernanke's navel.

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The Market is a junkie the only thing they're looking for is the next fix and without it they start falling down and foaming at the mouth.

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What is a 'Market', and where can I find one? 

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"Looks like GDP could rise rapidly from here on out."

Tee-hee.  That's a joke, right? 


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GOLD BITCHEZZZZ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

kito's picture

thats right in.....since yesterday....

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I may have missed more than something but were
you not always in on dca?
well before yesterday, never mind.

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Kito is screaming it.  Must be a market top.  Heard my cabbie and barber yelling the same.


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Everyone note, that since kito was in at $1180 18 hours ago.  Gold is up $55.


Kito is behind this ramp... caveat emptor bitchez 


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im the anti-hindenburg omen for gold BITCHEZZZ!!!!!

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Shoulda' bought Thursday night at $1,180.


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Vey sustainable. 

disabledvet's picture this guy has been running a tight ship. interest rates are at record lows and commodities have collapsed. the financially driven part of the economy has just be hit by the whacked by the Fed's "taper" debacle (meaning growth numbers must be taken down.) the Government has put itself in a position to act and act in a VERY large way should it wish...and i think it will.

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"the Government has put itself in a position to act and act in a VERY large way"

with bullets, tear gas, fire hoses and tanks from those in jack boots?

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The differences between qualitative and quantitative are rather large in economic terms. So large that most people can not grasp the meaning between the differences.

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Quantitative easing = Contol-P

Qualitative easing = Obama or Romney

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I don't know about you guys, but all this graph tells me is that there's never been a better time to buy stocks!

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Yah...I keep reading equities are cheap, cheap, it must be so.

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I'd prefer buying GDP. Just my thought.

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you know how to buy gdp?

here's an idea:

go work for or own a company that produces "real stuff" that other businesses/people want.

services don't count...

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+1 for the wry sarcasm.

Stawks are taxed and will crash when they decide it is time.

Not such a great deal.

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I haven't seen a line that ugly since I checked the odds on the Cubs winning the World Series.

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coincidence only implies causation.

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From Daddy Bernanke-> "Remember, correlation is NOT causation, because I control inflation and unemployment."


From TrustWho-> " But Daddy, if you have no correlation, how can your models demonstrate causation. Without causation, you have NO control."


From Daddy Bernanke-> "Son, we use complicated mathematics that you could never understand, so just TRUSTME.


Fuck you Bernanke 

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Rick Santelli Rages: "What Is Bernanke So Afraid Of?" | Zero Hedge

Now we know ;-)

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What is a free market and where can I find one.

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Precambrian when there was enough rainfall for Gymnosperms to rule the planet with motile sperm.

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Your best bet right now is China and Russia if it's also the place to flee to from whistleblowing charges.

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How can they come off saying that things are growing when the overall wealth of the system is declining and will actually result in collapse because of their premeditated fucking crimes.

Arrest Bernanke. End the FED.

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A picture is worth a thousand words. [no need for further sentences]

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This chart looks exactly like the global warming models (=FedRes/Equity) vs actual observed temperatures (=GDP).


Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Here you go, actual temperature map of the USA 1970-2011.

Spoilers: It's rising in all States.


Drought Monitoring USA - 2000 - 2013. You'll want to compare similar seasons:

Drought Condition (Percent Area): United States Archive

Date    None    D0-D4    D1-D4    D2-D4    D3-D4    D4

06/06/00    68.60    31.40    17.97    10.71    4.52    0.25
06/04/13    50.45    49.55    37.20    23.82    9.56    4.00

2012 Drought animation.


And so on, and so forth. But hey, when you're on a roll, why bother looking at data.

monad's picture

Data collected by paid greentards, who measured data temperatures in parking lots, on rooftops in full sun, and just made shit up. They lie about everything. Take your own readings and you can prove it yourself.

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gdp crashed in 2008 and didn't grow but slightly recovered.

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Fundamentally, follow the Fed.

involuntarilybirthed's picture

When the shoeshine boy says BTFD??????????????????

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China's chart would be the exact opposite.