Weak Close Leaves European Stocks Red Year-To-Date

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The last few days in Europe have been marked by a bounce off the post-FOMC plunge lows (just as in the US) but today's weak close in all the highest-beta most-levered momo trades suggests things are not done with yet. As the following two charts show, once the 'taper' uncertainty began (and US Treasuries started to leak), Europe has been (almost) a one-way street worse...



and European banks remain stuck at 10-month lows...


Charts: Bloomberg

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Surprising they did as well as that.

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We're not going to make a double top before the next substantial leg down. Time to short this puppy EOD.

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Ich bin eine Roadkillmuppeten.

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The EU didn't agree on bail-in legislation and give people time to GTFO. This weekend could be interesting.

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Hey Tyler's, this is an interesting story.

Maybe you guys could look into?


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E Holder--arch criminal  ---where is Batman when you need him?

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Not sure if true. World Bank supposedly receives a royalty from every barrel of oil sold in the world. Somehow the funding for World Bank is directly tied to the production of the single most important commodity. Now we pay carbon taxes. Where do those funds flow exactly? Nobody responsible for the collection of those taxes knows exactly. World Bank is a behemoth to enslave the people across the globe. New World Order is in full swing.

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They could just mint a trillion dollar Euro Coin or pretend aliens are coming and be out of this mess in 18 months. http://tinyurl.com/qhxpkyn

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Let's see...The Fed is ECB's primary source of fiat....

Make's sense

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Everything is going to be fine as after 7+ years of recession/depression the kleptocrats are on the case...

EU 'first step' to help Europe's jobless youths

"The BBC's Matthew Price says the money will be used to help people in the first four months of unemployment

EU leaders have ended their summit in Brussels by agreeing to put 6bn euros (£5bn; $8bn) into youth training schemes amid record unemployment.

They also agreed to promote lending to credit-starved small businesses, using an extra 10bn euros in funding.

Nearly a quarter of jobseekers aged 18 to 25 in the EU have no work."


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And US stawk pumpers jumped on the Europe close faster than a pit bull on a toddler to ramp it all back to green.

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just my view but i fail to see how "two speed Europe" is sustainable. this is especially true give the size of Germany relative to her "competitors." great for Wall Street and New York City banks of course. We'll see if Citigroup wants to hang around the Party though. they've always had a more "Eastern" bent.