Which Households Have Incomes Below $30,000?

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Looking at the demographics of households with less than $30,000 a year in income, it appears they are mostly headed by retired people. As Visualizing Economics notes, households with incomes below $30,000 are more likely to be located in rural and urban areas than the national average...


and looking at the the poverty rate by county, very low income households (under $23,000 for a family of four) are concentrated in places like Mississippi, Texas, and South Dakota.



Charts: Visualizing Economics

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Paula Deen country yaaaallllll.

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It always amazes me how some white people flip a lid when you talk about having children with a nice asian woman. The white man ain't doin so hot, 63% vs. 3% asian. Tell me what genetic stock we are preserving again?

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Now look at the all households circle and figure out why they're close to each other, you stupid cunt.  

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The heatmap clearly shows that the best places in the United States to live and raise families are the Chicago area and the Corridor that is centered around the area from DC to NYC.  So now the truth has been brought to light there is no more reason for any misunderstanding or contemplation.  If we merely follow the recommendations of our best Ivy League trained Leftist eCONomists, we can move to transform those southern rednecks who just don't get it so they too can get a taste of the good life.

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Lawdy lawdy!...we saved I tells ya!

Because clearly, the NE has always had our best interests at heart since our founding ;-)

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Oh yes! A bastion if morals I tell ya! I can count on my thumbs the people in my wife's hospital that aren't having affairs. They all are fucking each other and then go buy a 55K Escalade they can't afford to feel better about themselves. The patients are worse. One gal came in yesterday. 26 yrs old pregnant with her SEVENTH child. Complained about stomach cramps cuz su esposo hit her in the gut. She smokes too. My wife let her have it. She can't even work amongst the filth anymore.

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the solution is as simple as it is obvious:

create more branches of the fed

lots more

the chart illustrates the fact that, generally speaking, fedResNotes (aka 'bankingmedium') don't make it very far past the fed branches

electronic banking helps push some of the loaned currency into employees' hands. interstates help a little, also.

but the best step would be to celebrate the centennial of the fedres by launching a fedres^squared initiative

instead of 12 branches, place 144 of them across the landscape

and then see the green shoots grow and grow and grow

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Quite a genius idea my friend.

I don't know how many FRNs are in circulation at the moment, but imagine squaring that quantity. A billion squared (10^9) is a billion billion (10^18). Now imagine what the means in derivative land! We're talking about digital money in the order of 10^24. That's a mole of money man, a whole fucking mole.

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I'm the other upvoter here, on the grounds that I've said before that the USA will undergo a Soviet-style breakup but as icing on the cake will have plenty of FED branches to administer "monetary" policy over the new states. Possibly a new second-tier currency just for what-amounts-to FEMA camp laborers (which conveniently they will use to buy up dollar debt, restoring dollar strength and squarely segregating nearly all existing debt into the laboring class once and for all).

I saw you said you're 25 -- I'm 27. We got some work to do, bud.

(Not a skater, but I have a wonderful history with them. Broke my straight-edge to brew beer.)

Skateboarder's picture

Sounds good man, played well. I grew up on all varieties of blues, rock, punk, and metal, as one would expect. You use software drums? I play the guitar also, really hope I will get to keep doing so through the rest of my days... Homebrewing is an art/craft/science for those of us blessed with good palates, I've had some good success with brewing before and will most definitely jump back into it as I ease out of being an engineer and into a farmer/teacher in the next chapter to come. Prices of all ingredients have essentially tripled or more since I first started brewing.

The idea of a second-tier currency is pretty immense. Mention it to anyone on the planet now and you'll be laughed at. Post collapse? I think not. One currency for the ruling class and another one for the rest doesn't seem out of scope. You know damn well there aint gonna be a restoring the USD/EUR. Like most other ZHers, I'm expecting (but not counting on... big difference!) a return to at least a partial gold-backed standard on the global scale, with China and India leading the way in terms of personal bartering freedom. You're totally right though, we have a lot of work to do in preserving what we know and teaching kids how to be free self-reliant humans who won't be held captive by debt.

ZHers should form a country.

Listen to some Blut Aus Nord:


1C3-N1N3's picture

Thanks. Ya, I don't own a drum kit so I use "Hydrogen". Awesome freeware.

That Blut Aus Nord is right up my alley. Thanks for that. Keeping with French artists, I've been digging The Algorithm and Igorrr lately.

My old man's an engineer, but I still haven't gone to college yet -- not a buyer at this time, my decision. Was straight-A's in high school, though.

One currency for the ruling class and another one for the rest...

Only place where I differ from you here is that I think at least gold will be freed-up as the top-tier element above currencies, used in deals-too-important-for-currency. So one currency for the "creative/organizational/entrepreneurial" class, one for the "laborer" class, and metals for the "master" class. My own speculation. (I hear FOFOA says something somewhat similar about severing gold from fiat but I've never read him.)

Ultimately, "stay outta debt" is the best thing to tell the young'uns. They might do it if the guy screaming his nuts off on stage says so, but then that opens up a whole new can of worms re: obeying perceived authorities...

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The problem with all the healthcare workers in the US is the bad shoes.  It all starts there and goes downhill.

for an alternative


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Mississippi. QED.

Rick Perry. One should not laugh at the handicapped.

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Actually, look at Minneapolis/St. Paul. It clearly shows that the best place to live is the suburbs. Atlanta and Chicago also kind of show this but the counties in Minnesota just make it obvious with the light center and darker blue ring. 

I've driven through big chunks of the red in south Georgia and Alabama. It is like another world. What I imagine 3rd world looks like. Is that what tomorrow will look like? I'm not sure. I figure people won't be so damn fat when food becomes truly expensive and is home grown from necessity.

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Spoken as could be expected from a LibUSRat, good show sir.

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the worst state to live is clearly DeLusion

ATM's picture

It actualy looks like th ebest place to live is Wyoming or most of the intermountain West less the Indian reservations.

If you think the South looks like the 3rd world you really need to travel more, or at least some. You cannot beleive how bad the reaL 3rd world looks, but the people all smile.

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The Asian population in the U.S. mostly consists of recent immigrants who were some of the brightest in their country with the best aptitude, attitude and ambition to start a new and better life for their family. 

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Here is Microsoft land, the cheap (smart) labor USED to be India, it is now China 

Skateboarder's picture

Indian education got so watered down that you're better off hiring a Mexican gardener to design your newest chipsets.

ATM's picture

That's why we must stop immigration. We can't be haivng smart, ambitious risk takers move tot he US. It will upset the apple cart.

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Asian women are marvelous, particularly those who are first or second generation immigrants.

They understand the definitive male and female roles are are happy with their part.

Most tend to be highly conservative and have little time for bullshit.

They understand and celebrate masculinity in men.

In most Asian cultures the women understand that family is central to everything and 2, 3 and sometimes 4 generations under the same roof is the norm and expected. They understand that you take care of elder family members in their old age, not shuffle them off to retirement communities or nursing homes.

As a result of their cultural experience with 2nd and 3rd world agrarian societies, Asian women also grasp the extreme importance of higher education, pushing the children in their studies and they have little tolerance for mediocrity, substandard or average performance.

None of this mamby pamby gentle childhood, everyone is a winner bullshit.

Asian women rock.

American women are OK, but in the current day and age, one has to be exceedingly careful. Sense of family is greatly reduced, loyalty is increasingly thrown overboard for the 'divorce and go it alone' strategy, expectations and demands in many cases are unrealistic, etc...

Just my take on the matter.


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Michener wrote about this in what I think was his first book: The Bridge Over Toko-Rio, or something like that.

macholatte's picture


My geography is a little rusty. By Asian do you mean Russian, or Indian, or Polish, or Turkish, or Bulgarian or Pakastani?  I get confused.

Harbanger's picture

All women that were'nt brainwashed by the social engineers and marketeers of the West are marvelous.  Especially women that lived thru the cultural upheaval and managed to maintain their values.

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Very good analysis. Here are my 2 cents. Asian couple understands that a car cannot go straight if it is driven by two drivers at the same time. one drives, other plays navigator.

otto skorzeny's picture

Asians can't drive worth a shit.

Colonel's picture

 Lol, that is a bad analogy he's using there. DWA - Driving While Asian, should be an offense.

samsara's picture

I think some Licenses should be stamped

RLO   Right Lane Only

Bear's picture

I live next door to Korean family ... Mother, Father, Son, Daughter (both teens) ... they own four BMW's ... total dent count 24. Father's car has zero, the rest mucho. Fortunately they have only hit my car once.

post turtle saver's picture

that's because dad appreciates his ride and the others have their bimmers as status symbol trinkets that they didn't earn... this is regardless of race/creed/color, you can tell when someone has earned their ride because it will be well maintained in general

post turtle saver's picture

I see that guy's wife reads ZH lol - about the reaction I'd expect from a housecat being called what it is

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Excellent post Divine Wind.  I wince when I read the FT articles which provide such timeless wisdom that the only solution now for the Japanese are to abandon their culture and get their women to work, pronto.  They have not taken the bait, something tells me they may not be quite so malleable as the West in this matter.

Totentänzerlied's picture

You should check the statistics, Japanese women are rushing into the workforce and have been for decades, though only relatively recently to actually replace men, who cost too much and have started to realize that they have no future and that their entire society is utterly doomed in its current configuration.

Like every other industrialized country, first they turn the women into consumerists, then as the Ponzi progresses, they convince them that they deserve to work and should desire to, to increase the Ponzi participation rate.

Their culture like all others was far from perfect, but it was well-adapted to its circumstances - as all cultures necessarily must be or they quickly die off, which brings us to today...

Magically Delicious's picture

Well said.  I'm dating a Japanese woman over here in the states on business.  She's described to me the deep malaise in her country (especially amongst men) in great detail.  That said, her observations are always interesting to me. She observes that our welfare class is in control (we live in Maryland, ironically the wealthiest state) and that the costs for every service are inflated.  More importantly, her impression of white&black "american" women is that they are generally mindless consumers and very un-feminine.  She feels that the aforementioned mindset has taken root in Japan and that it's time for her to get out.  Can't say I disagree...

Colonel's picture

Take that BS somewhere else. Asian women are the biggest gold diggers around they make white women look like Saints. The Phillipino variety are too tabasco hot for the white man and commit adultery on the poor saps all the time before they rob him blind. Had a friend in a support group for white men married to Phillipino women most pathetic thing you ever saw. But if white man "have good guvmint check" etc.. (said in faked broken english) Asian chick love you long time... or more likely for a little while before she gets the goods. Just ask Farcebook founder Suckerberg.

nmewn's picture

lol...there support groups for "macho white men" taking Phillipino women as wives and then getting taken advantage of?

What happened to kicking her ass out, buying a bottle of scotch and calling it a "life experience"?

I'm clearly out of my element here ;-)

Colonel's picture

"lol...there support groups for "macho white men" taking Phillipino women as wives and then getting taken advantage of?"

There is. Happens all the time to dumb white guys that end up in the Phillipines for one reason or another. Military,peace corps etc... Some get roped in the states but most when they're over in Asia. Those "women" there know which side their bread is buttered on.


nmewn's picture

Looking for love in all the wrong places...if they're that stupid I don't know of any support group that can help them.

In fact, I'm not a big fan of "support groups" in general...if one can't figure out how one manipulated oneself into believing someone loves you because you are the breadwinner (in this case) you're pretty fucked up and no amount of ego stroking support is going to help.

But thats just me.

Hedgetard55's picture



     From experience, I can tell you that you cannot convince an 18 or 19 year old sailor that his hooker is not really in love with him, and will get him caught up in "legal hold" when the ship sails for home, in order to make a few more Phillipine pesos.  :~)

20834A's picture

+1 Been there, seen that. Really quite sad hearing a fat, pimply young male gushing about how much the pretty little fillipina hooker down at the Owl's Nest loves him.

nmewn's picture

"I can tell you that you cannot convince an 18 or 19 year old sailor that his hooker is not really in love with him..."

lol...thats probably true. Just seems like the ick-factor would kick in at some point, like when his dick started burning when he took a leak in a week or two ;-)

sgorem's picture

remember the song of Tony Martin? "Left My Heart And Wallet In Olongapo City", or "I Caught The Clap Under The Moon At Subic Bay", or, "I Got Married On The Bridge Over Shit River"? Spent a CENTURY there one year, LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. just didn't get married......................

Bendromeda Strain's picture

Banca boats, jeepneys and monkey meat. Let's all go to barrio for some mojo and painted label San Miguel's!

Dingleberry's picture

Over 1/4 of white women are on psych meds. They have truly and collectively gone insane. They are the ones that tried to make a dog a cat and vice versa. Hence, the destruction of the family unit and of themselves and their children. Especially since the force of law is behind them completely when it comes to divorce and family law.


They drank the feminist Kool-Aid and let their egos run wild.

It has turned into vodka and valium.  

20834A's picture

All this parsing of womens failings and not ONE PEEP of analysis about men?  So much for personal responsibility... What a bunch of whiners.

Ballin D's picture

That would be an irrelevant peep that adds little to the main point but serves to distract and incite an argument. Doesnt sound very masculine to me.

sgorem's picture

i see NO failings in the "weaker ?" sex. love em ALL! two tits, a hole, and a heart beat if things turned really rough:)

Caveman93's picture

Same can be validated for most Persian women as well.

noless's picture

Reparations y'all, funny how it all hit at once data wise, still not sure if I'm reading the graph wrong.

Sorry though, still hoping on red hair green eyes. But black and blue will do too.

Just what it is i guess.