Guest Post: America - Government By Terror, Torture and Tyranny

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Authored by Stephen Lendman, originally posted at Jim Quinn's Burning Platform blog,

America governs lawlessly. Out-of-control rogues run things. Conditions go from bad to worse. Tyranny threatens everyone. So does possible global war.

Fear-mongering, saber rattling, hot wars, proxy ones, drone ones, geopolitical ones, financial ones, anti-populist ones, mass incarceration, censorship, lawless sanctions, subversion, sabotage, targeted assassinations, mass murder, cyber-war, and horrific draconian harshness reflect out-of control governance gone mad.

Lying is official policy. So is state terror. Independent governments aren’t tolerated. They’re targeted. Regime change is prioritized. World peace is threatened. Humanity’s menaced. Survival’s uncertain.

Daily revelations explain more. War is called peace. State-sponsored assassins are called freedom fighters. Real ones are called terrorists.

Capital has divine rights. Monied interests run things. Plundering the earth for profit is prioritized. Popular needs go begging. Social America’s dying. Poverty, unemployment, hunger, homelessness and human misery go unaddressed. Corporate rights alone matter.

Democracy’s a four-letter word. Out-of-control power is unaccountable. Rule of law principles are mocked. Tyranny’s the law of the land. Advancing America’s imperium matters most.

Workers are exploited. They’re unprotected. Human and civil rights are sacrificed. Wealth, power and privilege are served. Militarized control supports them. Nonbelievers aren’t tolerated.

Torture is official policy. Gitmo is America’s public face. Innocent detainees suffer. So do many others. Thousands of political prisoners fill America’s gulag. It’s the world’s largest. It operates globally. Mercy isn’t in Washington’s vocabulary.

Diktat power rules. Police state terror threatens everyone. Freedom’s fast disappearing. Dissent’s not tolerated. Heroic whistleblowers are criminalized.

Even retired four star generals aren’t safe. More on that below.
Journalists are spied on. So is everyone worldwide. Big Brother watches everyone. It’s no longer fiction.

Censorship prevents truth and full disclosure. Managed news misinformation substitutes. Students are debt entrapped for life. Millions have no futures. An entire generation’s lost.

Madness substitutes for sanity. Unconscionable wrongdoing persists. America’s unsafe to live in. Oblivion awaits. Most people are too out of touch to notice. Others are dismissive.

Failure to act responsibly matters. It lets Washington get away with murder and much more.

Rogues running America take full advantage. Who knows what’s next.

The Pentagon’s former second in command’s being investigated. General James (Hoss) Cartwright allegedly leaked information higher ups want suppressed.

Cyberwar is official US policy. In spring 2010, Iranian intelligence discovered Stuxnet malware contamination. Its Bushehr nuclear facility was affected. US/Israeli cyber-war bore full responsibility.

Cartwright perhaps explained. He ran cyber-operation Olympic Games. Obama ordered stepped up attacks. Targeting Iran is prioritized.

Perhaps there’s hope if retired four star generals become whistleblowers. Maybe other insiders will be emboldened to act. Legions more than ever are needed. Hopefully many will come forward responsibly.

Edward Snowden provided a vital service. He’s a hero in his own time. He’s globally recognized. He deserves praise, not prosecution. History won’t forget him. He revealed what everyone needs to know.

Unprecedented global spying is official US policy. It’s lawless. Spies “R” us defines it. Police states operate this way. America’s by far the worst. It’s unmatched in human history. No one’s safe anywhere any time.

Shoot the messenger. Snowden’s hunted. He’s a wanted man. Washington wants him arrested. It wants him prosecuted. It wants him imprisoned. It wants him silenced. Perhaps it wants him dead.

It wants information he knows suppressed. London’s Guardian revealed it. It plans telling more. On June 28, it headlined “US army blocks access to Guardian website to preserve ‘network hygiene.’ ”

It wants truth suppressed. It wants its message alone circulated. “The US army has admitted to blocking access to parts of the Guardian website for thousands of defense personnel across the country.”

“A spokesman said the military was filtering out reports and content relating to government surveillance programs to preserve ‘network hygiene’ and prevent any classified material appearing on unclassified parts of its computer systems.”

Pentagon officials lied. Censorship is official US policy. NETCOM On-Line Communication Services operates from San Jose, CA. It’s an Internet service provider.

Spokesman Gordon Van Vleet said it filtered “some access to press coverage and online content about NSA leaks.”

“The Department of Defense routinely takes preventive ‘network hygiene’ measures to mitigate unauthorized disclosures of classified information onto DoD unclassified networks.”

An Army Network Enterprise Technology Command (NETCOM) spokesman said policy affects hundreds of defense facilities. Doing so suggests far worse future policy.

Washington may block anti-government content. It may do so routinely. Alternative media sites may be targeted. Vital truths more than ever may be suppressed.

Revealing them responsibly risks being criminalized. So may discussing what’s already known. Pointing fingers the right way is dangerous. Doing so risks being charged with aiding and abetting America’s enemies.

Van Vleet added:

“We make every effort to balance the need to preserve information access with operational security, however there are strict policies and directives in place regarding protecting and handling classified information.”

“Until declassified by appropriate officials, classified information – including material released through an unauthorized disclosure – must be treated accordingly by DoD personnel. If a public website displays classified information,” blocking it will follow.

“Classified” includes vital information people have a right to know. Suppressing it reflects police state harshness. Rogue states operate this way. It bears repeating. America’s by far the worst.

According to an unnamed Pentagon spokesman:

“The Guardian website is NOT being blocked by DoD. The Department of Defense routinely takes preventative measures to mitigate unauthorized disclosures of classified information onto DoD unclassified networks.”

On June 25, Guardian editors headlined “Edward Snowden: in defense of whistleblowers,” saying:

He’s no traitor. America’s First Amendment matters. It “prevents prior restraint and affords a considerable measure of protection to free speech.”

Obama violates its letter and spirit. He’s done so by “show(ing) a dismaying aggression in not only criminalizing leaking and whistle blowing, but also recently placing reporters under surveillance – tracking them and pulling their phone and email logs in order to monitor their sources for stories that were patently of public importance.”

Thanks to Snowden, we know more about what NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake called “a vast, systemic institutionalized, industrial-scale Leviathan surveillance state that has clearly gone far beyond the original mandate to deal with terrorism.”

Snowden is today’s Daniel Ellsberg. Releasing the Pentagon Papers got him targeted. He also faced Espionage Act charges.

He might have gotten life in prison. He was lucky. Gross government misconduct saved him. His 1973 trial collapsed. At the time, judge William Byrne, Jr. ruled:

“The totality of the circumstances of this case which I have only briefly sketched offend a sense of justice.”

“The bizarre events have incurably infected the prosecution of this case.”

Federal judges today don’t speak this way. Ellsberg later said:

“The public is lied to every day by the President, by his spokespeople, by his officers.”

“If you can’t handle the thought that the President lies to the public for all kinds of reasons, you couldn’t stay in the government at that level”

“The fact is Presidents rarely say the whole truth – essentially, never say the whole truth – of what they expect and what they’re doing and what they believe and why they’re doing it and rarely refrain from lying, actually, about these matters.”

Ellsberg’s a modern day hero. So is Snowden. Washington fears ugly truths revealed. Doing so arouses public anger.

Perhaps it emboldens others to tell more. Coming forward threatens America’s imperial ambitions. Preventing them responsibly matters most.

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LetThemEatRand's picture

"Lying is official policy."

Thought until I was 40 that this is new.

"history shows us that progress is only possible where governments exist to serve their people and not the other way around," said Obama, in a line that drew loud and prolonged cheers from his audience of more than 1 000 people."

Pants on fire yet?

booboo's picture

yea, yea, yea, we got it, (ad infinitum)

If ten million folks got off their ass it would be over in the time it took to boil an egg (or a frog)

ACP's picture

Here's a frog to boil...the first modern example of "Generational Punishment."

Now the youth who had absolutely nothing to do with acts of racism in the past are being PUNISHED. This is truly the end of the rope.


If none of these students lawyer up and sue the FUCK out of the school, today's youth is DONE.

LetThemEatRand's picture

From your link:  "At small, private and notably business-focused Babson College in the suburbs of Boston, school president Leonard A. Schlesinger apologized last week for some anti-Semitic antics surrounding a 1978 soccer game."

That's fucked up for the frat boys.

sunaJ's picture

In March 2009, President Obama stated in a special meeting  with the CEOs of the 13 largest investment banks in the country:


"My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."


I think he perceives that statement as a badge of courage, but all it demonstrates is that he has run behind the freedom-stomping legs of tyranny and centralized power, completely siding against justice, fairness and individual liberty.

ACP's picture

Or maybe that was just a bone thrown to the media to allow them to attempt the appearance of being balanced. They (Edit: the banks) have the power to push Obama out of office by tanking equities, but they won't because Obama is the best TOOL since sliced bread. Holder will not dare go after the criminals of Wall St because that would bring the gallows upon him.

The leaders of the media just love the booty that's being thrown their way by this pathetic administration, and the unpaid fools at the various left wing media outlets enjoy being the fruits of unpaid slave labor.

"Yes, HuffPo, I'll work for a dozen clicks a month because it's for a good cause!"

markmotive's picture

Foreign powers are now throwing their weight around over the Snowden issue. First China and Hong Kong punked Obama by letting Snowden leave (over his middle name), Ecuador gave America the finger by granting Snowden asylum and Russia is ignoring US requests to stop Snowden from fleeing.

Sounds like American power is waning.

Putin talks NSA, Syria, Iran, drones in exclusive RT interview (FULL VIDEO)

Bastiat's picture

And what's between Obama's adminstation and pitchforks?

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Here are some tricks to play on NSA eavesdroppers.  One is the "list of bad words" that I saw a bit earlier, but I include a random number generator (to make it LOOK like you are sending a coded message) as well as some info to get you started on "PGP", whether you use it, or whether you just want to fake 'em out!

Look, I am likely on every list so far, yet I am back in America from our Canada sojourn.  So, have fun and live it up!

Baffle 'em w/ bullshit!  LOL!



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(but break that up (Excel does it automatically with the above formula) into blocks of five digits, see above link).
DoChenRollingBearing's picture

Yes.  And like the English guy said last night: act really dumb when confronted with authority, like you have NO IDEA what's going on...

"Huh, officer?.  Uh, I don't understand..."

Mike in GA's picture

A fuse.  What ignites it remains to be seen. 

I get a sense that things are unraveling more quickly than the spinmeisters can unspin 'em.

Fuse, meet ignition.

Ignatius's picture

When it became apparent the torture was official US policy, it was over for me.

shermacman's picture

"And what's between Obama's adminstation and pitchforks?"


The Kardashians. 

Jumbotron's picture

Bastiat said...

And what's between Obama's adminstation and pitchforks?

The will of the people and the courage that was displayed by the Founding Fathers and the men who took up arms.

Jumbotron's picture

Let me fix it for myself.....

The LACK of will of the people and the LACK of courage by the people that was displayed by the Founding Fathers and the men who took up arms.

Taint Boil's picture



…..That whenever any Form of Government becomes destructive of these ends, it is the Right of the People to alter or to abolish it, and to institute new Government, laying its foundation on such principles and organizing its powers in such form, as to them shall seem most likely to effect their Safety and Happiness.. 

End of story really …. Isn’t Snowden practicing his right stated above? Has anyone one in the MSM mentioned this even one time … anyone? No one else sees this (other than Ron Paul) seriously WTF?

Ignatius's picture

Just finished reading Sibel Edmond's book Classified Woman.

Highly recommended -- it answers a lot of questions of where we are at.

KashNCarry's picture

Although I don't have definitive proof of this, I suspect that after 'Brand Obama' was elected the first time, he was ushered into a private screening of the Abraham Zapruder film of Kennedy' assassination.  I'm sure that nothing more would need to be said.  After the second time Obama was elected I suspect he was reminded of MLK.  

CIA analyst Ray McGovern mentioned on a radio show as reported by Philip Weiss on June 3, that 'Obama told friends he reneged on progressive promises out of fear of assassination'

The way I look at it, he never had much wiggle room to begin with...

calltoaccount's picture

the video i saw was a clamation- where they called clinton into the board room.  watched the assassination video, jfk's clamation head flies off, the film winds down. lights come up. bossman turns to clinton says:"any questions?"   the clinton characters blinks a few times, then says something like "just tell me how i can help."   

great video.  now can' find.  thanks in advance if anyone has a url for that video.

aka Gil's picture

Cowardice as a plausible rationalization for neglecting the duty of oath and office? Seriously, who's buying that bullshit? Obama is an accomplished liar who knew exactly what he was signing up for. Nobody had to hold a gun to his head.

hivekiller's picture

Really????????????? Give me a break. How does a nobody from Illinois, a freshman senator become President? With backing from all those who planned to benefit by having their guy in office. Obummer is a fascist from the get go. Another Mugabe on the make. To think he was anything else is stupid.

Dr. Sandi's picture

Obama is a product.

They rolled him out and we bought him.

(By WE, I mean those poor sad bastards who still believe in 'the dream' enough to keep voting)

kralizec's picture

"...reneged on progressive promises...


Last I checked the porg's haven't had this good of a time since fraking FDR!


NaN's picture

Calling Obama progressive is believing your own b.s. How progressive is Obmacare when the core idea came from the Heritage Foundation? Obama and team thought they could have a slam dunk by adopting the other side's ideas. The reaction from the red team instead was to disavow and complain endlessly. 

Moreover, the first time Obama was elected, people danced in the streets. The second time, not.

Obama is mostly an auto-pilot. It could be worse. By contrast, remember when Cheney floated the idea that a terrist event might delay an election? 


Cloud9.5's picture

Horse s#%t. The Chicago mob eats ivey league frat boys for lunch.

cynicalskeptic's picture

"My administration is the only thing between you and the pitchforks."


He should get out of the way.  

What happened to 'give me the support I need to take action'?  FDR didn't move until there were demonstrations.  Obama GOT the demonstrations he sought to 'force him' totake action in the form of OWS and he coordinated the crackdown on the DEMONSTRATORS.  Peopel were arrested for pointing out that NOBODY in the financial sector had been arrested for REAL crimes.

Ignatius's picture

Corporations and the deep state run this show.

franzpick's picture

In building his marginalized, dependent and loyal "base', go-bam-bam will destroy the economy and the corporations: He may be standing betwen the companies and the citizen torches, but he is Pitchfork #1, hiding in plain sight.

alibi's picture

I'm sure the CEO's reminded him that they were the only thing between him and a hollow point.

quasimodo's picture

If any of those students and/or parents are smart, they would give a big fat FUCK YOU to the admins there, pull the kids out or not go back for any further classes. 

I won't hold my breath.


EDIT....what the two guys before me said.

BLOTTO's picture

The spell over America is older then religion(s).


America is just an extension of where the real problem and control lies...where civilization started.

franzpick's picture

A hopelessly indebted, endlessly un or underemployed student population is exactly the marginalized type of group whose financial crisis will not be let go to waste when NoBama signs the Affordable Student Debt Jubilee Stabilization Act, gaining their allegiance to the lib-dem base, and a big IOU from the Hillaryious 2016 campaign fund.

O'Pitchfork is planning this, at the expense of the financial chaos and anarchy that our children and grandchildre, and maybe even us, will eventually try to endure and survive.


otto skorzeny's picture

Will they inform the students of how the "innocent" Jewish youth "price tag" in Israel

Dre4dwolf's picture

The sins of the father unto the son and such.

Its a sick world we live in.

If we are going to live in such a sick sick world, we might as well have an eye for an eye and survival of the fittest, atleast everyone would have a fair chance to climb the ladder.

Just do away with the laws, give us mob rule and wild wild west, it honestly would be soo much better at this point and it would make a hell of a lot more sense too.

James_Cole's picture

Just do away with the laws, give us mob rule and wild wild west, it honestly would be soo much better at this point and it would make a hell of a lot more sense too.

Many countries give you this opportunity presently - if that's what you want go for it. 

bonderøven-farm ass's picture

".....and in this corner, representing the emasculatd men of material wealth, the fearful, cognitive dissonant faint of heart, statists of the West, Jaaaaay Ceeee!"

IMO, we're way overdue for a little self-determination & cheerful self-reliance....natural selection has been undermined for far too long.

LongBallsShortBrains's picture

Look around you, we already live under mob rule. They do a hell of a job of idi g it though.

jbvtme's picture

boiling frogs at babson

the jews are not semites. read arthur koestler's "the thirteenth tribe". they are huns (khazars) who originate from the caucasus mountain region..

Dr. Sandi's picture

And this changes things how, exactly?


Croesus's picture

@ Dr. Sandi

Book of Revelations 2:9

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

one observation for all on ZH....Am I alone in observing that there (in the west MSM) is very little reporting on the UNITED NATIONS and it's actions or in the current terror wars - no actions..what is going on at the UN?? this is a big change from even 20 years ago. One knows the tactic of look over here used to control us for decades is in full force vis a vie the united nations.

Ghordius's picture

well, there is simply not much "newsworthy" going on in the UN at the moment. a lot of it has to do with the fact that the US itself is using much less this channel since Bush junior went on his "coalition of the willing" path instead of convincing the UN about each war, as his own father did

I'm sorry, but I often get the impression that in the US there is a less-than-world-average reporting and understanding about the UN's setup, capabilities and functionalities

as such, I have never heard about an involvement of the UN on the "war on terror" - or do you mean something different with "current terror wars"?

specifically for Syria, the permanent members are anyway at loggerheads, and so paralyzing the UN on this issue. as good an example as any that the UN needs a consensus in order to act

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

ghordius, not that you should know (I don't) but all those debates in the UN security council used to be on the tube daily years ago? today with ex spooks fleeing across the globe - USA spying on all and such, seems the UN would do something? Why have a UN at all?

Ghordius's picture

LOL - the short of it is this: "Why have a UN at all?" is a Bush Junior policy that has been followed through since the Iraq war, and it's main thrust is to push it into irrelevancy

after all, the whole reason why you watched those tube debates was because the French, the Russians and the Chinese (all permanent members of the council - i.e. with veto powers) wanted to avoid the Iraq war (and of course Afghanistan)

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

look ghordius, this back woods hick American's fear of a UN controlled NWO (with black helicopters and all) is in doubt, stop it.

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

Ghordius, Bush ain't been president for lo these many years, and HE did send Gen Colin and other adm types there (UN)to debate the Iraq and Afgan "show wars"..are you saying the current Obuma adm is just a dark reflection of lilly white BUSH JR. doppelganger, or does the elite reptile meme have some truth? We all are ruled by a small group of those in the club..who remain unknown and protected from public awareness. Will Snowden  name names? or will this unknown powerful group remain secret to most of us..It's obvious that an unseen hand is moving the world towards some goal, that none of us have a vote in it. Vote a word with as much meaning as marriage in homo gayus America.

Optimusprime's picture

Well, if true (and much better known), it might have an influence on Christian Zionism, a rather influential attitude in large parts of the populace of the US.

IdiocracyIsAlreadyHere's picture

Chistian Zionists are the last people on earth I expect to start anything resembling positive change.  Hard core authoritarians, the lot of them them, and "Christian Zionism" itself is nothing more than a creation of the TPTB to delude the easily deluded.  The Christian Bible (all the many versions) is in itself a mass of contradictions but Christian Zionism and Premillenial Dispesationalism take it one step further (or more) by JUST MAKING SHIT UP.  That fact that this is a rather influential attitude in the US is one of the MAJOR reasons I really see no hope for this country.  For most of these assholes, if the "Red Team" was employing these tactics against people THEY didn't like they would be cheering it on like crazy.  Sickening and worse than useless.