Bolivian President Plane Denied Passage Over French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian Airspace Due To Snowden Suspicions

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Update: Italy and Spain have also been confirmed as states that refused passage above their airspace to Bolivia's Morales on suspicions of harboring a patriot.

Moments ago a rather surreal episode of international diplomacy, or rather lack thereof, took place when the airplane of Bolivian President Evo Morales was forced to land in Austria over suspicions that NSA whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board, a claim Bolivian authorities denied. The reason: France and Portugal reportedly refused to allow the flight to cross their airspace due to concerns that Snowden may have been aboard the plane. It is what international law allows countries to deny their airspace to presidents of sovereign countries, when the only transgression is unproven speculation of harboring a whistleblower. Of course, with both insolvent countries bent over and in dire need of some all too precious Uncle Sam liquidity, we can see how they would do anything and everything to gain some favor with Obama.

Per RT, David Choquehuanca, the Bolivian Foregin Minister, refuted the idea Snowden was on the plane, saying "we don’t know who invited this lie, but we want to denounce to the international community this injustice with the plane of President Evo Morales."

Others in South America are also angry, with Ecuador foreign affairs minister Ricardo Patino taking the lead:


Then again, Ecuador's indignation would carry some actual weight if the country, which originally was supposed to be Snowden's final asylum retreat, hadn't mysteriously folded like a cheap lawn chair following Joe Biden's brief but focused visit.

Expect more indignation from all sides, and more diverted flights, until the Snowden story reaches it predictably sad resolution.

Finally, we would not want to be an international precious metal miner in Bolivia right now (wink wink Pan American Silver Corp, Sumitomo - which operates the third largest silver mine in the world at San Cristobal - and assorted peers).

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    Just drop a few pallets of coke, and it's free sailing.

   Update: The NSA hadn't cleared the aircrafts tail number that was once registered to a deceased [Pablo Escobar].

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They must have cut the CIA out... hard feelings and all.

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That's cold blooded man. Bolivia promised Edward a shot at the Mile High Club on the way to La Paz.

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France and Portugal: Obama's Bitches.

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I'm surprised they didn't pull a Poland and just shoot it down.



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Maybe this should be inferred but did the Austrian authorities board the plane and search for a stowaway?

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does anyone have the email address of the chick wearing the bad idea tshirt?

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I would share that info with you...why?

Game Theory 101. Nash Equilibrium = the girl does me, while you do you.

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"Of course, with both insolvent countries bent over and in dire need of some all too precious Uncle Sam liquidity, we can see how they would do anything and everything to gain some favor with Obama."                                                                                           Lots of people would love to bend over for Obama's bucks, that is the problem; no morals, I knew a man once who used to hire men to sodomize his Mother, he told me he didn't like to do it, but she gave him so much money he couldn't stop! Be careful with that love of Mammon America, that is the kind of obsession which leads to big time heart ache.

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Wow Sparky ... that's quite the story.

Sparkey's picture

Ya! Bringin it, his Mother was `unconventional` to say the least, she need some `extra` stimulation for her satisfaction, the `men` he hired were all pros, he offered to do it himself, so he could keep all the money for himself, like the people mentioned in the article above, there wasn't much he wouldn't do for money, but that was too much of an assault on her sense of propriety and she wouldn't hear of it, that was too bad, if she haden't been such a stickler for conventionality she might still be alive, tragically she died from AIDS , perhaps, if she could have seen reason, she would be alive to-day and they would just be a regular family sitting in the pew, a family with a secret, yes, but what family doesn't have some secrets?

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Yes, Austrian authorities searched the plane. Then dragged the Bolivian president out for a news conference, where the Austrian president proclaimed that he had no idea why the plane landed in Austria.

malikai's picture

Is this the part where we find out the beligerents of WW3?

nmewn's picture

I sure hope so.

I've worn out three pocket knives sharpening sticks ;-)

malikai's picture

When this is all done, I'll trade you some of those sticks for these excellent rocks I've been fasioning into knives.

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"Obama:  Your bitch is our dictator."  -some Egyptian guy holding a well reasoned sign.

PacOps's picture

And now include Italy and Spain. 


When ya got 'em by the balls, their hearts and minds follow.

thisandthat's picture

Portas is definitely a long time US bitch - they don't hand out Congress medals to foreign officials for nothing, specially when they're handed out by no other than Rumsfeld.

max2205's picture

'I won't scramble fighter jets to get a hacker' why wouldn't they just say fuck you and keep flying. :)

quintago's picture

Poor sap, thought his actions were going to change the country. If 9-11 couldn't bring the people of this country around to seeing what's really wrong with it, nothing will.

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Still seems to me Snowden is OK in Russia ... and it is foolish to not stay in Russia if Snowden is genuine

Putin has a reasonable request that Snowden just quickly finish his leak-dumping and publication before entering into formal Russian residency and path of citizenship ... It would be a problem for even a regular Russian citizen to be continuing such an individual operation against a foreign government, so it is reasonable that Snowden's leaking be 'finished'

But Snowden wants to play media games, slow-leak with his friends at the financially desperate Guardian who are trying to sell more Google ads by stretching this out

Aside from Cuba, Latin America is a place where CIA assassins could waste Snowden easily ... not so in Russia

Something fishy here ... Snowden says he is a desperate refugee in fear for his life, he is in a safe country now, the Russian President says he can stay ... and Snowden wants to hurry up and leave, and go where the CIA can easily kill him ... hmmm

But aside from that, these European 'leaders' who are arse-licking US poodles grow more sickening by the day

lostintheflood's picture

Still seems to me Snowden is OK in Russia ... and it is foolish to not stay in Russia if Snowden is genuine.


you assume he wants to be, in your words, "ok."

he has left his home and cut ties with all that is familiar and near and dear to him.  he may be prepared to not be "ok."  being "ok" may not be on his radar...

misitu's picture

It is surprisingly difficult, after the event, after a planned self-expatriation (won't use "exile" here, bit pretentious ¿moi?), to retain any form of mental and emotional stability. Holidays, Employment, even Student Gap Year, one thing. Permanent self chosen chop off roots is a completely nother.

Someone in Snowden's shoes, and there genuinely cannot be many, has to be mentally all over the place right now. If Edward Snowden is for real it will take months to get his head round leaving home. Oh, and the bubble bath salary would not make it easier.

I would say his radar is a bit out of action!

(voice of experience)

thisandthat's picture

He planned this for years - he probably knew it wouldn't be a walk in the park; still, lots of disguises felt over this, today - guess we can credit that to him, as well...

old naughty's picture

bank guy,

reading your posts last couple of days, couldn't help the feeling there's more to your appearing on Snowden's side, speaking of his wellbeings...

When he exited HK, the sovereign-less is for all to see plainly (despite they check travellers at the China-HK border) when China speaks.

And now 'exiting' Russia comes the no landing order given by PISF (Snowden's seat may or may not be occupied); well, sovereign-less.

We are on TPTB stage (there's but one, someone said to think otherwise is spelling Evian backward)

Thanks for sharing,

Totentänzerlied's picture

"The NSA hadn't cleared the aircrafts tail number that was once registered to a deceased [Pablo Escobar]."

So you're saying the plane is a registered Democrat voter?

LetThemEatRand's picture

But, I thought France was pissed about all the spying?  You mean it was all bullshit posturing for the sheep and "international law" continues to be whatever the Dear Leaders say it is at any given moment?  But, but....

YHC-FTSE's picture

I know. The bloody french deserve all the epithets thrown at them over the years. Yesterday Hollande blows a fart over blanket surveillance of his stinking worthless country and today he stops a diplomatic flight over the mere suspicion that the guy who was good enough to tell the world the truth may have been on board.  Lesson: Never do the French any favours.

Disgusting bloody coward. 

Ignatius's picture

The fuckin' French.  Doin' us like that on 9/11 and all.

Oh, wait, that was....

PeterSchump's picture

The Swedes. Please pay attention.

123dobryden's picture

I know. The bloody americans deserve all the epithets thrown at them over the years. Yesterday Obama Urges Youth To Fulfill Nelson Mandela's Legacy and today he starts a diplomatic flight over the mere suspicion that the very same youth may have been on board.  Lesson: Never do the Americans any favours.

Disgusting bloody coward. 

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All the world is a stage... and every actor is merely playing his part (catered to his/her portion of the audience)...

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Careful fella.  The French liberated the US from the English.  But, I suspect you went to public school.

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But, but that breaks the narrative of rugged individualism!!!! You are 100% correct. French navy won Rev war. 

Analyse2's picture

Be more precise : French Navy at the battle of the Chesapeake, also known as the battle of the Virginia Capes, under the command of Comte de Grasse defeated the British fleet and prevented the Royal Navy from reinforcing or evacuating the blockaded forces of Lord Cornwallis at Yorktown.
The result was the reinforcement of the American army with siege artillery and French troops - all of which proved decisive in the Siege of Yorktown, effectively securing American independence.
At this decisive battle, more than half of the fighting troops were French - led by the Comte de Rochambeau.

HelluvaEngineer's picture

Right.  You wouldn't want to just fly over France anyway, because they might insult your lineage or something.  Or fart in your general direction.  Or catapult cows at you.


Now go away before I taunt you a second time...



Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Morales, you shall not pass!
What is the air speed velocity of a laden plane?

thisandthat's picture

France, Germany are pissed they got embarrassed publicly, specially over something they (at least) have also been trying to do privately (Germany, definitely), on their own.

tmosley's picture

Would that be considered an act of war?

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Would that be considered an act of war?

Yes. In fact, in their preparations, the French government had already drawn up a document outlining their terms of surrender to Bolivia before denying them use of French airspace.

Analyse2's picture

Racist comment :
This kind of silly jokes stinks like a stale hate

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My political position is this:  I encourage deficit spending, more tax cuts, and more government inefficiency.  The only hope we have at a peaceful resolution to the obsurdity of today's government actions is government bankruptsy.  Any activity which promotes a faster move to bankruptsy by the government, I support.

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france will torture snowden if the us runs out of waterboards

LetThemEatRand's picture

Dear Alex,

You were right about the NWO one government thing.  Sorry to have doubted you,