Bonds & Stocks Ignore FX, Commodity, And Credit Volatility

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With a 180 point high to low plunge during the day, the Dow underperformed the rest of the major US equity indices which ended practically unchanged on the day. The market appears to be replaying the same opening POMO/EU pump to afternoon dump mode - with today's late-day ramp attempt to scramble back to VWAP. Treasury yields also oscillated but closed +/-1bps. But elsewhere, markets were turmoiling. The USD is up 0.5% on the week with 1.5% drop in JPY today which entirely disconnected from US equities after Europe closed. Credit markets were the voice of reason and equities (once again) ripped and dipped back to their sanity. WTI crude surged up near $100 (+3% on the week) as the USD weighed on gold and silver which are -0.6% and 1.6% on the week. Another day, another failure for the S&P's 50DMA.


Quite a roller-coaster of a day in the S&P... with the mandatory 330 ramp scramble back to VWAP... (and a try for green at the cash close)...


as stocks once again ripped and dipped back to credit's reality...


The nasdaq is outperforming its peers post-FOMC (for now)...


and oddly - Discretionary once again tagged perfectly unchanged from FOMC and then sold off... also notice the pattern of day trading in homebuilders...


Once oil started moving this morning (and the USD was bid on safety concerns from Egyot headlines) then gold and silver slid almost linearly lower...


Charts: Bloomberg and Capital Context

Bonus Chart: Brazil's BOVESPA had its worst day in 2 years... to 4 year lows

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Tylers....just between you and me....It's all Bullshit!!!!

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No it is not when you have to layoff good souls to survive.

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Bitchez. Gold. Bernake. Chart. Plunge. FED. Credit. Silver. Surge. 

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I did, indeed, experience "buy on the dip mentality" in the late afternoon of today's session...and increased my silver position.  

Cdad's picture

And low and behold...the compromise between Morsi and the Egyptian military, rumored by The BlowHorn [CNBC], turns out to be nada.  Whocouldanodeit? 

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Rolling Stones - 19th Nervous Breakdown (Stereo) (3:57)

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CNBC was hyping the fact that hedgies will let you into their little rip off club for as little as $1G( no coke and whores for the muppets though) so you too can massively underperform the S&P but still get the perk of sounding like a massive douchebag when you say you are invested in a hedge fund.

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At 2 and 20?


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otto: stop watching the idiot channel on the idiot yourself...your brain will turn into mush.....

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The USA Locomotive is pulling the train again, YAAAAAHHHOOOOOOOOOO, I gave notice to 15 workers at my metal fabrication plant yesterday to get under 30 for ObamaCare....Sad day folks......

Fuck Obama and Bernanke....(Note: Bernanke's manipulation elected Obama!)

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Ohhh shit, Brother.

With the new liberal castrati contingent on ZH, you just marked yourself as an evil capitalist pig who is only concerned with your own profits.

Expect to be on permajunk status until something shiny and blinky comes along to distract them.

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

Under 50 employess = you're exempt from the employer responsibility portion.  You've either received bad advice, are stupid, or a liar.  Mind you, I think ACA is a steaming pile of shit, but it's the retarded disinfo that actually strengthens the argument for it.

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Stocks and bonds are ignoring everything except QE Infintiy...

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There’s a Fed chief who’s sure

all that craters is gold

And he’s printing a stairway to Hell

When he gets there he knows

if our stocks have been sold

with a word he can get us to buy more

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but he wants to be sure

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Sometimes all of our plans are misgiven


And it makes me wonder


And it’s whispered that soon if we all call his bluff

then the markets will lead us to reason

And a new day will dawn for those who are long

and Wall Street will echo with laughter


If there’s a downdraft in your bond fund,

don’t be alarmed now

It’s just Ben tinkering with his ‘legacy’

Yes there are two paths we could go by

But in the long run

it’s too late to change the road we’re on


And it makes me wonder


{guitar solo, etc., etc.)


And he’s printing a stairway to Hell

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Outstanding rendition!

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+100 brilliant!  "And Wall Street will echo with laughter."

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The hard question on Fridays Jobs report is good news good or bad?  Is bad news only good?  I think bad news can only be good, but good news may or may not be good.... Need more drugs, is it obvious?

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It will be a big beat to the upside followed by a big am rip and then a gradual selloff to finish up 125 on the Dow.

Hedge Fund of One's picture

Whatever the market does that day will determine what the spin will be on whether the news will be considered good or bad.

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Ain't it funny how things happen
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180 point day in the 1970's would have been considered 'armageddon'.

EclecticParrot's picture

Of course, with the DOW under 1000 in the 70s the % whiplash would've been much greater, but even so your point is spot on, Sheep.  TV blathering hosts will suggest "uncertainty" or "mixed Fed signals" as the reason, but we all know the true cause:  algorithmic control of much of the modern trading day, particularly the first and last few hours.  No question today the algos wanted to flirt with the 50 DMA to hit some stops and load up on shorts, but I'm convinced that, even without Egypt or other factors,we'd have headed down after noon.  None of the intraday technicals supported the low-volume ramp, and most every early 15-min candle had big upper wicks, evidence the shorts planned their beatdown quite early.

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The good/bad news good or bad is pure BS as it is always discovered post fact. Never ex-ante. The reality is they reflect fractal bifurcations in the system and can't be predicted ex-ante. Since the reasoning or mental model that drives the prediction is pure BS