Live Egypt Feed As Morsi Rebuffs Military; Army Lays Out "Transition Roadmap"

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Update: the local army has already laid out the framework of what the upcoming "coup" will look like. via Reuters:


"The country is heading toward a clash and a civil war," warned Morsi's political opposition party leader after the President rebuffed demands for stability from the military (or else). As Bloomberg notes, the vaguely worded statement from Morsi's office that they would continue to walk the "path that was outlined" regardless of "any statements that could deepen the divisions between the sons of the nation, and could threaten social peace," is as clear a snub to the coup-threat as it comes without directly addressing them and has merely served to bolster the anti-Morsi protesting crowds in Cairo's Tahrir Square. Growing fears of tensions spilling over - and a closure of the Suez Canal - have pushed WTI crude prices back above $99. With 33 hours to the Military's deadline and crowds swelling even further, the celebrations yesterday are beginning to turn to anger once again.

The Morsi Timer counts down...

And tensions remain high...


WTI is surging...


As the Suez Canal chokepoint fears rise once again...

Charts: JPMorgan and Bloomberg

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I'm fucked ~ It takes longer than that for the yeast to rise for my bread helmet...

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I guess I do not know my meme. The info I glean in this place is priceless. 

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Coupie coupie coup


wait a fucking minute... Egypt is so yesterday, we got Syria to deal with then Iran first...  somebody in the NWo is gonna get really pissed about this ... how come we never have time to do it right the first time but always have time to go back and do it over, again

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They are spinning many plates.

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I'm just glad I got to see Egypt before all this happened.

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Morsi is about to get MUBARACKED.

Wouldn't it be funny if Morsi ended up in the hospital alongside Mubarack and Mubarack woke up from his coma long enough to tell Morsi...

"Karma's a Bitch"

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The Arab Spring was invented to demolish countries. Muslim Brotherhood is too slow for that... so expect a civil war.

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Ouch. I was blinded by a green laser in the video. Can I sue someone?

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"I'm just glad I got to see Egypt before all this happened."


I went there for two days in April of 2012.  I basically went from the hotel to work and then directly back to the hotel.  Wanted to go see the pyrimids but didn't want to risk it - carrying a blue passport and all.  I figured I'd be going back at a later date when things calmed down and I would see them then.  It's not looking good.


If I do go back, does anyone know how to say "please don't kill me.  I'm Canadian" in Aribic?

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Yes, I can help with that.

The phrase, as near as I can render it in Roman letters, is

"U-muck  gahch-bah."

Smile when you say it.

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Bread Helemt? Hey, don't give Lady Gaga any more ideas!

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I junked ya for referencing that evil Statanic-worshiping fucktard ... an icon that embodies everything that's wrong with our society and culture. If people didn't give attention to these creeps, mbbe they'd go away.

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Remember that Bread is always paired with Circuses....

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I hope "Statanic" was not a typo. Can't believe I never thought of it!

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When u 'rebuff" the military, do you shine his medals first or go straight for the general's hubcaps?

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The "GO TO" helmet... [for 'Freedom of Choice'~ers]... They're passing 'em out for FREE [2:10]...


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I recently watched the 1st 3 episodes of the Star Wars saga with my son. The similarities as to what's happening in the modern-day social, geopolitical world are astonishing.  

And the fight scenes are cool.


akak's picture

Begun the drone wars have.

Meat Hammer's picture

That reminds me, we saw Superman (we like movies) last weekend.  The man of steel takes down a surveillance drone that was spying on him and smashes it into the ground.  I cheered.  My wife looked at me with her 3D glasses and shook her head.  

disabledvet's picture

it's full on 24 mode now Meat Hammer. Pick up the re-runs.

pods's picture

Ummm, there are only 3 Star Wars movies.


akak's picture

Ummm, there were actually 6 Star Wars movies, pods.

Did you fall asleep in 1998 and just wake up?

pods's picture

Well after suffering through that UNBEARABLE Jar Jar Binks character some time ago, I have decided that there are only 3.  
Helps me sleep better at night.

Oh, and Han shot first.


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I'm guessing the disney movies will be better than the first 3 episodes...  given the director and their recent success with "real" movies, like tron legacy (which was basically error free...  mind you, it didn't risk anything either, but it didn't fuck anything up...  all in all it didn't push the world of movies anywhere, but relative to its peers, it was really good).

I typically hate pg-13 movies, but every once and a while there is one worth sitting through.  If we get another jar-jar, I'll lose my shit.  Further, the story (including political subject matter) was simply too heavy handed...  kind of like the "dilldozer" on idiocracy (which is much more acceptible because from the audience's perspective, it was meant to be over the top...  not so much for lucas and co)...  While you can find similarities to the present political environment, they are only on the most superficial of level...  If you really want to make a political piece, then do your homework and make a go of it...  don't pussyfoot about.

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Better:  only if they slow roast Jar Jar over a light saber.   The galaxy's biggest frog leg platter.

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"I'm guessing the disney movies will be better than the first 3 episodes... "

Pedophilles do seem rather gifted when it comes to producing Hollywood movies. And I'm not suggesting Goeorge Lucas isn't a pedophile either.

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This is funny as I ultimately had the exact same response. I just started saying there are only 3 movies that episodes 1-3 didn't happen. I even thought about writing plots for the first 3 to fill in the gap.

However, denial must come to an end sooner or later.

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pods, I assume you're referring to episodes 4, 5, & 6, which were released decades before 1, 2 & 3.  If you haven't seen the first 3 episodes, you must.  

Chancellor Palpatine (The Emperor) = Barack Obama.  

LFMayor's picture

I disagree MH.   Palpatine got shit accomplished.  This guy we have, I wouldn't trust him to piss on the campfire before he went to bed.

Meat Hammer's picture

true, but Palpatine did have that whole dark-side-of-the force thing working for him.  

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Good news pods! You've passed the test! I gave up after Wrath of Kahn, Ricardo Montalban's pecks are still seared into my memory.

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I watched all 6 of those movies over the weekend. The similarities were rather shocking.

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Yea, once you have seen one, you seen em' all...

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Don't worry ~ 'Brokeback Mountain 2' will be out as soon as they fing a suitable replacement for Heath Ledger...

Flakmeister's picture

Figures that you would be up on that....

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Recast it.  John Goodman and Danny Devito.  

That right there would be box office gold baby!  GOLD, who loves ya!! <gun fingers> 

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They already have the replacement. It's Manti Teo, and the movie is "Broke Lineback Manti". Manti Teo gives an Oscar winning performance in the unbelievable true story that combines Rudy, Brian's Song, You Got Mail, and Victor Victoria. Currently playing at San Diego venues, and select cities throughout the USA later this year.

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I thought they already made a movie about that guy?

The Truth About Alex.


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« You can't eat sharia » - Egypt's Mohamed El Baradei

Very seriously it is all about bread in Egypt ... they have no solution to feed their people, which is why the military may not even want to rule there


Egypt might be the world tipping point showcasing the horror of out-of-control birth rates by poor people in Africa

For years now Egyptians have been living on food subsidies given to them, while multiplying babies exponentially

But Egypt is mostly desert, much farmland is ruined, and they have no viable large scale economy or industry

And if the world sends them money and food they will just have more babies

In their blind desperate fury the Egyptians are turning on each other, or on differing political groups or on religious minorities, like their 10 % Coptic Christians, or Shia or other minority Muslims

But the real problem is continually exploding over-population, by poor uneducated unemployed people, Egyptians who then mostly cut the genitals of their female children as well as circumcising the boys

Egypt is a crazy place

As it sinks into famine, the world will confront: Is there any other solution to over-population other than measures of repression and dictatorship ?


The rest of the world seems to be able to develop the common sense to limit numbers of children ... but not Africans, no matter what.

A couple decades back, there was famine in Ethiopia, when a large portion of the 40 million Ethiopians were hungry

World poured in money and aid and food, better farming techiques etc.

Now there are 80 million Ethiopians, population has doubled in no time. And it seems there is famine again ...

Demographers are hesitantly pointing out that the last continent of population boom, is Africa, and in fact most of the next 3 billion people to be added to the current world 7 billion, will come from Africa

From Canadian journalist (Mr) Gwynne Dyer, 'The African Population Disaster':

« ... much tutting and shaking of heads over its prediction that we will be ten billion by the end of the century. But almost nobody will have the temerity to point out that this is almost entirely an African problem ...

« The United Nations Population Fund’s own numbers tell the story. Africa currently has one-seventh of the world’s people: just over one billion. But during the rest of the century, the UN agency predicts, this single continent will add an extra 2.6 billion people, more than tripling in population, while all the rest of the world adds just half a billion. ...

« If it weren’t for the African population boom, the world’s population would never exceed 7.5 billion. »

akak's picture

Just make Trav777 the dictator of Africa for a year.

Problem solved.

americanspirit's picture

If there is ever a shortage of tea and sugar you are really going to see some violence.

11b40's picture

...and meanwhile one of the stupid parties just up and decided that life begins with fertilization, and plan to beat back women's reproductive rights.  They just love them fetuses.  Don't care much for the actual babies, mind you, but loves them fetuses.  They offer protection up until the time of birth, then you are on your own.

Race Car Driver's picture

I believed this shit once. I was a brainwashed moron then.

I junked you for being one now.


tip e. canoe's picture

once upon a time, the Nile Valley was fertile to grow enough to sustainably feed its population w/ surplus'o'plenty.  
the fertility of that valley is upon which the Egyptian Empire was built & survived thousands of years.  

now the Egyptian military ekes out the little remaining nutrients in the desert soil to grow cotton for the Gap
as the starving masses erupt at the new & improved puppet show admist the ancient ruins
while the availability of bread is dependent on the Latest, Greatest Empire
whose fertile plains are being desertified to grow synthetic crops for mass consumption.

...same as it ever was...