Bolivia's Air Force One Finally Granted European Overflight: Currently Above Spain

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It appears that all it took for Spain to finally grant Bolivian president Evo Morales a green light to fly in its airspace was a thorough Austrian check of its cargo hold, a la Millennium Falcon, to make sure it does not hide Barack Obama's public enemy number 1. Sure enough, the plane has left Vienna and at last check was about to fly over Madrid in a few short minutes.

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Word is Bolivia isn't planning to go back there anytime soon.....those guys are a bunch of a$$holes.

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Obama has given permission to Spain to let the Bolivian president overfly Spanish airspace. Of course Obama doesn't need Pakistan's permission to fly armed drones in their airspace.

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A Fuehrer doesn't need to ask permission.

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Putin is no dummy... This was a test run.

Now that they know the US will subvert ANY and ALL law to get at Snowden if he flees using diplomatic avenues, they will sneak him out on a commercial jet wearing a fake nose and glasses disguise...

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Beware the Bermuda Triangle!

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You guys just don't get it. This is simple protocol when it comes to run of the mill 29 year old hackers.

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"a green light to fly in its airspace was a thorough Austrian check of its cargo hold, a la Millennium Falcon"

This really is just like Star Wars isn't it.  Emperor Palpatine will make Mein Fuhrer look like small potatoes when all is said and done.

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Further thx to EJS for continuing to expose the order of things, the rot, the stench...

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Judging by the level of effort to grab Snowden, he must know some really serious shit. What I don't understand is the lack to discussion about inalienable rights, ours or the governments. 

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Someone in a high position somewhere in the US and/or allies governments is really afraid of something they suspect Snowden has.

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This event reminds me of a saying attributed to the neocon shitheel  Michael Ledeen: "Every ten years or so, the United States needs to pick up some small crappy little country and throw it against the wall, just to show the world we mean business." I'm reminded of it because it portrays the reckless arrogance that we see on display here. The US has no friends in the world at this point. Only enemies and lackeys, with all the rest composed of whoever they can threaten or blackmail. I look forward to the day when someone will step up and slap the shit out of the US. Sad, because I'm a US citizen since birth. I am ashamed.

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He's gonna need to do the Kessel Run in under 12 parsecs...

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"We're not gonna scramble fighter jets to catch a 29 year old, uh, uh... hacker" - Obomba to Public

"BUT, we will encourage Austria to threaten to scramble fighter jets to catch a 29 year old, uh, uh... hacker" - Obomba to CIA

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not gonna be seen scrambling =

"not gonna scramble"



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"We're going to 'scramble' a drone fleet to do it, instead."


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They also jumped at the chance to humiliate Morales. Neither Bolivia or Ecuador could keep Snowden safe , so its very unlikely that he would even be offered. .

Its too easy to blackmail officials who have family in USA.(see saga of Greg Caton) he should've grabbed the  1st available flight to Cuba, except he probably would've died from an accidental pen jab by one of those "journalists"

The USA has blown a lot of political capital on this.  Doubt its worth it. At this point, if they get Snowden, it insures a maximum info release.

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fucking Francis, thanks for my first laugh of the morning


aside from this Patrice O'Neal documentary

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"Talk about the stock market, assholes."

fucking classic, thanks for sharing.

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It's not like the U.S. is trying to execute Snowden ASAP to send a message to the other million+ people with similar information.

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They will when all other methods fail. Greenwald is probably also on the retaliation list if they can't get him legally into prison over something else. Obama and his backers are thugs plain and simple not nuanced sociopaths that knows how to play the game. This is how a common street thug acts when you punch them in the face.

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All you tin foil hat types getting your knickers in a bundle, this is just a simple governmental screwup. They just forgot that the no fly zone was supposed to go over SYRIA

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No, no, no, no, no. They should have checked the wheel wells. He's hiding in there right now with a pressure suit and oxygen! Quick Obozo, shoot him down!

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Fuck you, Spanish "Fly" Government!

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The Austrians searched the plane, thus violating diplomatic law.

Are we still Austrians? Or are we now Classic Austrians, rather than Neocon Austrians that have been annexed to the American Reich?

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I don't think you need any 'con' with your neo. The correct form would be neo-austrian.

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is it so? Searching the plane violates diplomatic law? I agree with you that this is so if you force a plane to land - but has the plane been forced to land or could have returned to Moscow after being barred to cross several countries? sounds like a technicality to many, but laws often are this way

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You are a sniveling European bootlicking knave. That is all.

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mmmh... who's boots? Not yours, from your ad hom

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You're oversimplifying the situation.

He's not just any 29 yo hacker....not a 'hacker' at all...don't know why you've elected to use that title.

Exposing the wrong doings of an imperialist regime is more important to me as a citizen then the sanctity of state secrets. They did in fact violate the constitution.......and apparently they don't car that they did.

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he also joined a spy outfit, making him a spy. he probably signed several papers to get permission to see state secrets that pointed out that if he spills them this makes him a traitor, and most probably he delivered an oath of service, so he is also an oathbreaker

oathbreaker, rebel, traitor... three charges that were leveled at the British Subject known as General George Washington, who would of course been hanged if catched by the British authorities

though the dear General would possibly have protested here, and said: spies are a different matter, they aren't gentlemen

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My comment was sarcasm. Those are Obama's words as he was trying to downplay Snowden leak that we are all being spied on.

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indeed. Invisible /sarc has many shades :D

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Best to black him up and fly him out on Air Force One during the Sochi Games

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What goes around, comes around. One day AF1 may be refused flyover rights with this precedent cited.

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The official that got the underwear bummer on board without luggage and passport needs another job, but that depends on the side you are on.

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This story is outrageous on so many fronts.

Aside from the obvious overreach by the United States, the idea that a 3rd world country like Bolivia has a presidential plane is an indictment of the political class globally.  

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For sure. That dude should be flying Southwest. Do they go to Moscow?

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Business class on Air Europa with one stop in Madrid. ( $3K)

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Aside from the obvious overreach by the United States, the idea that a 3rd world country like Bolivia has a presidential plane is an indictment of the political class globally. 


Get real, 6 months out of the year, you,ve got to use a plane to get around Bolivia. Those who need to do..

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Aaaaaaaaaaannnnnnnnd - it' gone!!

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His name is Edward Snowden

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Cue the AN124 spooling for for preflight.

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I was watching CNN this morning.  I think I saw George Zimmerman in court today following this story on his iPad during his trial.

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I thought I saw him googling weight loss products

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I'm pretty sure he was looking for a funnier lawyer.

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Talk about funny, yer avatar still makes me chuckle!

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Seat for Snowdon confirmed not occupied.

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Did they check the plane's toilets?