Game Over? Morsi Under House Arrest, ABC Reports

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Just out from ABC.

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Cell-mate: Snowden. 

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Cell-mate: Mubarak

Check-mate: Morsi

Fuck-mate: Obama

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How long do you think it will take before Eygpt finally realizes the idea of government is insane and refuses to let anyone take control?

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They are much closer than USA is. If all the people that are out protesting in Eygpt right now got the right idea through their bread helmet clad skulls they could become free. I still think that is a long ways off though.

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and back to the military dictatorship. Mumbooboo

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Give this fuck Morsi one bullet in the back of the head.

Ditto for any other western stooge they try put in place.

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Which part of "Muslim Brotherhood" is "western".

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SHouldn't you be asking MI-6 or the CIA?

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But no one wants him as a fuck-mate. He's selfish and whines all the time. And he's definetely not pretty enough to be as dumb as he is. Plus think of everyone that would watch... Might as well post it on youtube since half the government would be recording/watching and we all know the SEC would definetely be watching. All those awkward looks the morning after during the walk of shame.

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American trained general Abdel Fattah el-Sisi runs the curtains, America supplies the puppets, Israel pulls the strings. Same shit, different day.

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All of your Obama bitch are belong to us.


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+ 1

Like America, Egypt got what they wanted..., and voted for.

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Free Zimmerman!  Wait...Free Corzine!  Darn...Free Cheney...I just can't get this right

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Let me help you out, FREE EDWARD SNOWDEN!

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No, no no you need to brush up on your Doublespeak.

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Obama is probably playing golf with US generals and admirals plus Alexander and Clapper. 

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Send in the F-16's Barry

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Damn it must suck being a sock puppet when the puppet master abandons you.

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It's not the hand up your ass that hurts; it's when they pull it out with a fistful of your innards that smarts!

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It could feel good to have someone's hand out of your ass, so long as you had advance plans for getting around, ya know?

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Time to hang the socks to dry.

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How long will it take for the next puppet to be put in place?

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Musharraf is available, I believe. He's got plenty of experience, too.

A real win-win.

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Probably a few language and cultural barriers that need to be addressed, but nothing the CIA can't handle!

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One of the 3 best documentaries I've ever seen was called, "Dinner with the President".  Filmmakers traveled around Pakistan asking people from all walks of life, all over the country what they would ask the President if they could.  That was the 1st hour of the film and in the 2nd hour they had dinner with the President and his mother (yes, that was a little odd.)

But, I remember Musharraf basically said he took over the country (again) because he didn't like the way it was being run.  He was going to stay in charge for about 2 more years (at that time) and then have popular elections.  He said, more or less, that if the Pakistani people then chose some shitheads to run their government, it was their problem. But, he said his goal was to get to a point where there could be at least one set of free elections and he could walk away.  

They, like us, elected shitheads.  There's something to be said for what he did, or tried to do, for the average Paki (or Stanley - I don't know the proper way to refer to someone from Pakistan.  Help?)  /\sarc -- but only the last dozen words or so.

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Reminds me of "Bat fight".... a bunch of build up and then the end.

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Arab Spring 2.0 is much faster than Arab Spring, Classic Version.

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If people think about it this fact says a lot.

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It says it's a lot harder to throw a guy out who's had 30 years to consolidate his power than it is to throw out a guy who's only had 1.

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Attention U.S. Military... please do the same thing here.


It's high time to do your sworn duty and protect the people from the domestic terrorists in Washington,

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You really want Russian troops over here to help out their "American partners?"

SheepDog-One's picture

'A rifle behind every blade of grass'....meh, I say bring em on! 

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Your confused, the military and police are WITH Obama here!!!

We are the end user as they say, we're the consumer, Egypt and its neighbors are the producers! Maybe you need to visualize it like this!

America is the tourist in Beverley Hills that wants to pay $28 for a bowl or strawberries! Egypt is the illegal farm worker that is paid $8 a day to pick those strawberries!! The American military get $12 a bowl of the $28, Obama is the hotel manager who splits up the rest with his staff!!

What fucking world do you live in, that you think the MIC, CIA, NSA, and the Generals in America are going to turn on their Boy????

The only way this changes, is if that bowl of berries is suddenly only worth $2, then shit will get hot, but it won't be so you can get more freedom or liberties back, I can promise you that!!!

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If you spent a day in uniform... maybe you'd understand. Some things matter more than money, and duty, honor, and country are far from dead in the U.S. Military...

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LOL!  The U.S. military has a long history in selling out the American people and the enlisted troops, sailors and airmen.   The Joint Chiefs loves their whore like Jill Kelly-Abdullah, weapons systems, pensions, perks, cheap booze and on and on.  Third world countries have far more honor in their military.   The Egyptian people and military have far more honor than Americans except Edward Snowden and a few other whistle blowerrs. 

The Pentagon loves Obama.

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You want the fucking military to run this country?

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"Mr. Morsi's circumcision was found to be insufficient for the office he was holding at the time.  A new one, initiated just below the chin, will be implemented by the Egyptian Women's Auxilliary Force.

We expect a full recovery..."


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"Attention U.S. Military... please do the same thing here.


It's high time to do your sworn duty and protect the people from the domestic terrorists in Washington,"


Sorry, they are a little tied up at the moment freedoming the shit out of the rest of the world.......

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They're freedoming the FUCK out of the world!

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The brass in the U.S. military loves Obama.  They won't do shit.  We have a bunch of cowards.    They all want govt contractors jobs and cool Operation Mockingbird Hollywood sppok jobs.  F them.

Oh and bring it on with Russian troops.

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I must pick up a new 'Dictator Trader' magazine at 7-11 at lunchtime.

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This needs to happen in the US. 

I would love to see Obummers face as he's taken away in handcuffs.

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Let’s start with Cheney, Rumsfeld and Bush first.

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The US won't invade; Unlike Lybia, Egypt doesn't have enough gold to cure the cartel's leasing/hypothecation problem.