Coup Under Way In Egypt, President Advisor Says, Warns About "Considerable Bloodshed", "Tanks On Streets"

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The Egypt drama is reaching its inevitable, and largely expected, conclusion. From Reuters:


In other words, if Morsi leaves, you get a Civil War.


As for the US...


 US stocks, in the meantime, at day's highs.

As always, follow the live action below:

and from Bloomberg:

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Bullish, as always....

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The destruction of a foreign nation is always good for American business.

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I guess that's why the powers that be are doing a pre-emptive stock bang-up.


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If war/destruction was unprofitable, we would have a lot less of it.

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How is trading in bits of unbacked worthless IOU's that will never be repayed profitable?

It's the reason the world is in the shape it is.  Lots and lots of IOU's.

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And I will set the Egyptians against the Egyptians; and they shall fight every one against his brother, and every one against his neighbour; city against city, kingdom against kingdom.

Isaiah 19:2

No, we are not "Bible-thumpers", just find it interesting.

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Oh!  That's from the Bible?  I thought it was America's foreign policy.

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Tanks on Streets?


Didn't Hank 'The Tank' Paulson warn everybody about this?

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Who did the US imagine they would use all of this hardware on...Israel?  I thnk not.

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and what do the french press have to say?  morsi beaucoup

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Civil War is what you don't want.  It pits brother against brother.

Revolution is what you want.  It pits you against The Global Criminal Oligarch Cabal Bankster Intelligence Crime (NWO)Syndicate. 

Civil War is exactly what the Globalists want.  Order Out of Chaos.

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Seems like the Puppetmasters, the ones who determine "foreign policy", are well aware of End Times Prophecy and are pulling the pin?

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What do you expect?... They're all fucking cheesepope INBREDS without an original thought among them... All they have to go by is a dusty old playbook... Thanks [Reuters/Rothschild]... we're hangin' on your every move...


Leave the gun... Take the Cannoli...

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it's a race against time.  we got to get them to the colloseum before the lions go extinct

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Self-fulfilling. You're talking about self-fulfilling.

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Well teamdepends,

I find it interesting that the quote is completely out of context. Since that entire chapter had to do with an ongoing feud between the kingdom of Judah (specifically the King Hezekiah), pinned between the Kingdom of Egypt and the Assyrian Kingdom at the time. His advisor Isaiah, tells him to go to war after he lost to Assyria, and tells him Egypt won't attack because of drought and internal strife.

But what you did there was nice.......... That is the kind of journalistic integrity we have come to expect from the news media.



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This is the same kind of stock slam that happened on 6/13. EXACTLY the same, step-by-step process.

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Is the "p" silent in "coup?"


Or do you pronounce it like "chicken coop" in this special case?

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Uncle Remus's picture

Maybe it's a cabriolet...


(it's obtuse I know...)

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Why can't they do what is done here in America to placate the masses?  Just do some QE, print some money, give people free phones or some shit like that!

Go Tribe's picture

Daddy wrecked cars,

Obama wrecks countries.

gjp's picture

Aint nothin gonna stop US traders from doing their rah-rah Independence Day thing ...

Actually, this would have happened on any other day too.  The business of America is ponzi.

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Allah willing, the streets will run red with Arab blood

Or whatever the fuck those damned muzzies say

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Islam: celebrating 1300+ years of uninterrupted violence, chaos, and ignorance. Allahu Akbar!

Ghordius's picture

Christians (me including) have a longer, bloodier record. Meanwhile muslims preserved and copied many books from our antiquity, thus making us a great favour, together with a lot of knowledge from India, including lots of math, medicine, commerce practices,etc.

Allahu Akbar really means "I believe in one God, and this God is great" - and so fitting to any monotheist

meh, not that you haven't had many replies of this kind - so why don't you tell us about your personal experiences with Islam?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Bullshit, bullshit, bullshit. The idea that Christians have a "longer, bloodier" record is total bullshit, completely unsupported by facts.

Meanwhile, 1300+ years of continuous muslim violence, oppression, and atrocities is papered over by armies of apologists. 

Keep parrotting the lies, dipshit.

Try some facts on for size, if your tiny brain can accommodate them.

"One of the most enduring problems of history is the decline of Classical Civilization. How was it that the civilization of Greece and Rome, which had endured almost a thousand years, a civilization which prized learning, science and reason, gave way to the world of the Medieval; an age which saw, for a while, the almost complete disappearance of the rationalist spirit of Greece and Rome? The traditional view was that after their seizure of Italy in the fifth century, the Barbarian tribes of Germany and Scythia had reduced Europe to an economic and cultural wasteland, initiating a Dark Age, which was to last half a millennium. After the Reformation, another suspect was added to the list: Christianity, or, more accurately, Catholic Christianity. In this view Christianity was corrupted beyond recognition after the time of Constantine and from the fourth century onwards a power-hungry Church hierarchy, in cahoots with the Imperial authorities, kept the population of Europe in subservience and ignorance, effectively completing the destructive work of the Barbarians.

In this ground-breaking work, historian John J. O'Neill examines a great variety of evidence from many specialties and reaches an astonishing and novel conclusion: Classical Civilization was not destroyed by Barbarians or by Christians. It survived intact into the early seventh century. The Vandals and Goths who seized the Western Empire in the fifth century had become completely romanized by the start of the sixth century. Artistic and intellectual life flourished, as did the economy and the cities built earlier under the Empire. Yet sometime in the middle of the seventh century everything changed. Cities were abandoned, literacy plummeted, royal authority declined and local strongmen, or "barons", seized control of the provinces. The Middle Ages had begun.

Who or what had caused this? As O'Neill notes, by the 1920s Belgian historian Henri Pirenne had located the proverbial "smoking gun"; but it was not in the hands of the Barbarians or the Christians: it was held by those who, even then, it had become fashionable to credit with saving, rather than destroying, Classical Civilization: the Arabs. In a conclusion that will have resonance for the modern world, O'Neill argues convincingly that all we regard as "Medieval" had its origin in Islam, and that the Muslims terminated Classical Civilization in Europe just as surely as they did in the Middle East. O'Neill shows how the sudden relapse of Europe in the seventh century was due entirely to the economic blockade imposed by Islam's war against Christendom. The Mediterranean, which had previously been a cultural highway, now became a frontier, and a very dangerous frontier at it. Prompted by Islam's doctrine of perpetual war against nonbelievers, Muslim pirates scoured the Mediterranean, effectively ending all trade between Europe and the great centers of civilization in the Near East. The flow of gold ended, as did the supply of all luxury items. And so too did the supply of papyrus from Egypt, without which Europeans were forced to rely on expensive parchment. Not surprisingly, literacy plummeted. Worst of all, the great cities of the West, which depended upon the trade in luxury items from the East, began to decline.

As the dominant power of the time, ideas originating in the Islamic world now began to penetrate Europe. From their Muslim foes Christian Europeans began to think in terms that would have been unimaginable a century earlier. The idea of "Holy War" entered the mindset of Christians, and, under the influence of Islam, the rationalism of Greece and Rome began to be replaced by a literal and intolerant interpretation of "The Book." Classical civilization was dead."

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Ahaahahahhaha.  The barbarians were fully romanized, and it was the Arabs fault that there were dark ages! LOL

Published in our modern era no less.

No one is saying the Ottomans were exceedingly civil, but if I could be so bold to suggest a rethink.  Russian mathematician Anatoly Fomenko has a different view on the 'Dark Ages', and while its unlikely he is correct about everything (no one is) he has put together a very coherent case for DOCUMENTED HISTORY only starting around 1300.   Clay tablets, papyrus, no older than 700 years according to Fomenko.

So he's not saying the Dark Ages didn't exist, but that we have no verifiable facts from the era.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Oh yeah, he also says the Mongols were Turkic/Slavic (thats right, both), not Oriental.   One anecdote he relates regards the name of Genghis Khan's capital, the still never found Karakorum, which he says suspects is derived from the Slavic "Khan Khoromniy", the Khan's Abode.

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The families that caused the Dark Ages in Europe are the ones in power in the USA now.  Laugh at that!

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interesting mixture of truths and lies, this one. do I get it right? Islam blockaded the gold against luxuries trade and so Europe collapsed in the 7th century? what about wheat from Egypt?

Uncle Remus's picture


I love the smell of revisionist out-of-context history in the morning. It smells like the former Pope's Pradas.

Cortez the Killer's picture

can we start w pressure cookers and sneaker bombs?

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More Muslims have been killed by Muslims over Sunni and Shi'a bullshit than have ever been killed by other faiths. Islam is a idea based on violence and the total elimination of all of faiths by deadly force or submission to slavery.

Your attempt to paint it different is why Islam always fails. It is based on lies.

Uncle Remus's picture

Shi'a - arguably it has evolved to be the Muslim version of the Catholic church that originally was about a family/Tribal (ostensibly that of the Prophet) bloodline Caliph (in the glory days).


That said, the Sunni/Shi'a rift won't be allowed to heal. It's too valuable to the reptilian overlords for it's divisiveness.

thisandthat's picture

Still plenty to go to match Christianity. Praise God!

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Any day Islamists kill other Islamists is a good day in my book.



Those people are like wild kneegrows in a race riot

Proofreder's picture

The Morsi supporters are akin to christian fundies - unyielding in every way.  Total resistance to change and, like several current CONgress critters, they delight in 'just say NO'.

This is the attitude in the streets of Cairo - a small band of fundamentalists, using religion as a cover for personal and political gain, are not willing to let go of seized power and control.  And now they threaten to kill.

However, in the larger scheme of things, being grossly outnumbered and opposed by the military (100 % trained and educated in the U.S.S.A), only those true fanatics will indeed die in the hope of achieving recognized martyrdom.  And try to take someone else with them.  That's the real issue.

Religious fundamentalists of all brands are batshit crazy people - now how to convince them to suicide??

The lady ambassador needs to resign, now, for a start to ease the building hatred against the 'states.

McMolotov's picture

Oh yeah?! Well my god can beat up your god!

Proofreder's picture

Ahhh, that one - the god on the Dollar$ - looks like a pyramid with an eye, correct?

Obviously NSA.

McMolotov's picture

The Fonz. He can hit a jukebox and make it turn on. He can snap his fingers and get chicks. He jumps sharks. Ayyy-men.