Morsi Is Now "Under The Protection Of The Army"

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Game Over?

Courtesy lf Zaid Benjamin

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Level 1 - Complete, flawless victory

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Yes, he's getting the bungholing he so richly deserves.

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The Black Swan of Cairo just got a little darker!

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The real black swan is that Benjamin Fulford called this one and got it right!  Hell hath frozen over....

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And so the peoploe danced in the streets to celebrate the military take-over of their country.

In the most militarily tense time in history
(well, known history anyways) in the region.

Surely this has to be the perfect victory for the boyz at the Royal Institute of International affairs and the tavistockians.

This is huxely on acid. People with a dad life will welcome a dictator.

Endgame has begun....


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I heard someone say "I hope the military gives the power to the people"...

Well, power and money and the economy are all interconnected, and while the nominal head of the government may have changed, has the structure of the economy?

Not that I know of.  This applies to the scheduled revolutions in North America and Europe as well.

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It appears as though the military doesn't really want the power, but wants to be the enforcer if things turn sour.

Look at when Mubarak was given the boot. The military didn't stay in 'power' for long, and seemed eager to hand it over, which is actually pretty clever. These generals have a lot of money, a good life and don't want to screw that up. If they "go with the flow," assist regime change, then step away from the leadership role of the country, the people won't blame them if something goes wrong. This scenario played out perfectly after Mubarak was ousted. These generals are really sharp, and it seems like they value a good life more than power.

Of course, we'll have to see what happens in the near future, but I believe this same scenario will play out with Morsi's ouster. Hopefully they will only allow a secular leader/constitution. They seems to be drawing momentum from Turkey, so hopefully it will be a good turnout.

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The military wants to keep their considerable external funding flowing.

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Right. If a general takes power, he'll be the next guy to go if (when) the shit hits the fan again. They don't want that. Similar to how the Praetorian Guard behaved in ancient Rome. Not saying it's right or wrong, but it's a smart way to keep the heat off yourself.

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Fecal excrement if officially to come in contact with rotating blade of air movement device. Boris is write limerick to celebrate:

There once is spring time in Cairo

Where it did went, I don't know,

Even Morsi put on big smile,

But is all be in denial

(see what Boris is do for humorous word pun - "denial", "the nile" because is long river in Egypt)

Because military general is real leader of country and democracy is poor to take root in radical islamo-fascist regime where citizenry are more comfortable to take order from kleptocracy above than is to govern self below.

Sorry, Boris is still amateur in create tempo of limerick, is prefer iambic pentameter.



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LOL +1 for air movement device





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From what I can tell, he's just taken some current events and tied them to his incoherent theory that the masters of the universe are being opposed by the White Dragon Society.

He makes for a fun read, but one does not have to be a genius to see the insanely giant holes in his logic. Like back when he predicted W was going to be removed in a coup, with the Dragon's installing Al Gore as the world's savior.

You'd think that David Rockefeller could afford decent disinfo agents, but obviously not.

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That's his typical game, yet this time his prediction (made on the 24th) came true.  But yes, he is full of blatant dis-info.  I come across his fiction on occasion at Veteran's Today.  VT is a bit on the "I'm not saying it's Aliens.... But it's Aliens" mentallity.  Even so, they often have good articles by people such as Paul Craig Roberts.  Roberts is the real deal.

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Turmoil from Egypt is spreading throughout the world.  A Middle Easter crises is alway good for oil prices and the consequences therewith.

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"For the love of God, please click my link! I've got a wife and kids to support."


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I wonder if blog pimps realize that they're considered the lowest form of life on the net?


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Just wait until 'the brotherhood' starts taking care of business their way.

They know how this works.

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Obama: Your bitch is our bitch now.

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You are falling victim to the zio-desinfo.

Mursi was a result of elections, a result that didn't fit into the globalists plan.

Now the CIA is correcting this "error" of the Egyptian people.

Don't forget, Zion wants to eat Iran and therefore Mubarak and now Mursi had to "go".


If these idiots call Mursi "Obamas bitch", how will they call the army-generals, which will very soon really please USrael?

The same facebook-mob is being used in Egypt, that has been used in the various CIA-color-revolutions in the last ten years. Just look at the slogans of the transparents and how they are written, painted and hold into the cameras. The professional handwriting in this is so obvious.

Shylock is hungry!


ps: pay attention how "upset" the western zio-democrats are about this military takeover.

I bet they will not send their troops to protect the Egyptian democracy and force the military unelected dicators to fuck off!

And also pay attention, how friendly ziomedia is reporting about this takeover.

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1.  The globalists wanted Mursi becuase they want to throw the Middle East into chaos.  From Chaos, Order.  That's their motto.

2.  The Globalists/NWO are not Jewish, and Israel is just another puppet state to the occult Globalist/NWO.

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re: #2

They sure have a surplus of 'Jewish' apparatchiks though...from a people who supposedy only represent 2% or less of the world's total population.

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SMG, you mean well, but I don't know how some one can say the globalists are not Jewish.

I myself recognize that powermongers and sociopaths are not known for their appreciation of spirituality.

But surely, evidence suggests many of those in positions of power (in banking, media, government, law, education) are ethnically and culturally designated as Jewish.

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That is only their public face.  Many of the Elite say they are one religion, the Bush's for example are supposed to be Episcopalian, but are Luciferian/Occult.  They take part in the Magick rituals, the demonic sacrifices. That is their true face.  True Jews oppose the demonic, (I've asked some Jewish people about this, who are aware of the Elite and they confirm this.)

I don't want to see innocent people who are on the side of good, get swept up in the blame for all this evil being done.  (see WWII)

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Obama-McCain RINOs support Israel, Saudis, Muslim Brotherhood, CAIR, Al-CIA-da, Quatar, Hamas.  They are all the same people or allies.  The House of Saud are supposedly Iraqi "chosen people" installed by Rockefeller Esso/Rothschild BP back in the 1940s.    

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Seems you are a Shekel-blogger.

Next thing is, you claim that Iran was not Zion's target...

Mubarak was a strict opponent of the war ambitions of USrael against Iran. That sealed his fate.

But the result from the zionist inspired riots, did not turn out as they wanted. Not the facebook-porno-mob is representing the majority's will in Egypt but traditional people who believe in god, not greed, in marriage, not prostitution, in traditional and natural roles of men and women, not homosexual perversion and the zionists puppets did not succeed against the religiosly motivated muslim brotherhood party.

Mursi immediately began to work for peace in the region. Btw, he started talks with Iran and the relationship improved immediately. "Warmongering" Iran reaches hands, while the "peacebringers" only create chaos.

Improving realtionships built on mutual respect. A deadly threat for the Zionist warmongers who get their energy from inciting the parties, nations, people against each other, by spreading lies with their media and creating unacceptable situations of injustice to force one side to a reaction they need to excuse their wars. Always the same. Since hundreds of years.

Now the military has taken over Egypt and we all will recognize the result in one, two, or latest three years: the Suezcanal being safe, and Egypt will make no troubles, when the zionist warmongers will attack Iran.

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Considering both the US and Israel were at least up to as point very defendant of Mubarak's regime and definitely against his overthrowing, I find that highly implausible, or at least oversimplifying

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Againstthelie- I agree. This guy was supposedly democratically elected. Just because everyone in Egypt doesn't instantly have an Obama-phone, they want to dump him? If we dumped presidents every time we were disatisfied, we would have collapsed 150 years ago. They would be much better served to survive his 4 years then boot him out, LIKE WE SHOULD HAVE DONE WITH OBAMA.

This is clearly an operation. Things have to be really bad to celebrate a military coup. And the fact the media is not whining about a military coup, like they did with Aristride, in Honduras (where it was probably constiutionally justified), etc. is quite telling.


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"If we dumped presidents every time we were disatisfied, we would have collapsed 150 years ago"

I cannot even imagine Americans having the courage to do that, but I so wish they had, it would've saved the world an awful lot of trouble since.

They are celebrating the military coup, just like last time they celebrated the military coup (I don't give a single flying fuck if someone disagrees that is what happened), because they are destitute FOOLS with absolutely zero comprehension of political economy. They want the good times to roll and don't care how it happens. Sound familiar?

Fool me twice...

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I don't know about their election process, but judging by the the current state of affairs, the Egyptians aren't happy with the results.

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all your bitchez are belong to us

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Why can't the US do this FOR OUR SAKE.  


Jail the bankers, restore the Constitution, and skull fuck obama while you are at it.



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Um, would that really be torture for him?

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If you fly Old Glory at your home, take it down tomorrow and fly the flag of Egypt instead.

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The army taking over would be a good outcome

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Fuck that, I'm still flying the 'Stars and Bars'

I'm a northern (Ohio) born neo-Copperhead stranded in south central Indiana.


The most famous of the Copperheads was Clement L. Vallandigham of Ohio

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Fly the US flag tomorrow.  It represents Americans, not US government. 

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Nothing represents anything. It's all just a figment of your imagination.

The fact that it's a shared hallucination means nothing, either.

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We assign meaning to things, including paper money.  I know it's just cloth, but to me the flag represents what our founders believed in in 1776.  The ideas of freedom.  I'd like to get back to that.

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Great point.  How bout flying the 2 flags side-by-side?

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Information is power. Nothing material in this world moves but what is directed by information - including that which is stored in minds, devices & patterns of energy.

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The people must do that ... the government is all bought and paid for.

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"Moose, Rocco, help this man find his checkbook."

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Tell us where your gold is......NOW!!

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What will "Opama" say?  

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Now I know why Tigers eat their young!