NSA Strikes Again?

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A tweet from Gehad El-haddad, the media spokesman for the Muslim Brotherhood & Senior Adviser to Freedom & Justice Party, indicates that the NSA (or Snowden) may be busy.

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It's that hacker Snowden!

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NSA: All your internets are belong to us.


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so..., NSA wrote that tweet or he? I am confused

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To hell with NSA!  $hit!!

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bet the credentials for those accouns were muslimb or adminmuslim...

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ROFL.  every time... this reminds me of the movie "Stripes" where Ramus is the English as a Second Language teacher and he asks the class of new immigrants if any of them knows any English.


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I met her on a Monday and my heart stood still...



and here's your clip... This is Basic English...


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Did I miss something or did he state, on Twitter, that all of his internet accounts (Twitter included) have been hacked.

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No, you didn't miss anything. But apparently a lot of other people did, especially the 163 re-tweeters so far.

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Please withdraw your consent for this system, this system dies when you choose not to support it.  Close your Facebook, Gmail, Hotmail, Skype, etc, etc. Sell your remaining Benny Bux for physical silver and some Bitcoin.  Tell your friends and family too.


- Download the Tor browser

- Download the Bitcoin-QT client

- Sign up for Tormail


"I am the path the truth and the cyberchrist"


                                           - Satoshi Nakamoto

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TOR is a Darpa-product.

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TOR and the public internet are both DARPA biproducts.  Just like old rifles, technology makes it into the public's hands eventually.

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Sometimes the Law of Unintended Consequences works in your favor.

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"Sell your remaining Benny Bux for physical silver and some Bitcoin.  Tell your friends and family too."

In the last 2 months you've managed to...


- Toptick bitcoin

- Apologize for 'topticking' bitcoin [by saying, paraphrasing, that you weren't really that heavily into bitcoin as you were physical silver (when it was at $30)]...


Maybe the 3rd time is the charm...


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So is the internet, and I assume both are compromized in terms of security. Tor especially, which is anonymity through obscurity, yet the NSA probably has a massive Sybil attack going on it.

Strong encryption is probably fine. I wouldn't assume location anonymity though. Set up proxies. Use CryptoCat etc.

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are you sure his name is Geehad and not maybe Jihad, you know this spelling thing means it's getting a little sloppy out there

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That's fucking funny.  Well done.

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Uknowho religious deity's birthday

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1-2-3-4-5. Bet it's on his luggage, too.

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That's the kind of combination an idiot would use on his luggage!  We're so fucked that we aren't even allowed to lock our luggage anymore!



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Dude, everything on the internet is being hacked at the same time ... all the time ... by the NSA (and GCHQ, and BND, and FSB, and....). Get over it.

Oh, and -1 for having a Farcebook, Twatter or Linkydink account ... and -3 for having all 3! Sheesh.

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tee heh... how many people don't get it yet, is just plain fucking beyond me.
They done went and told us outright of the magnitude and scope of the thing and nobody listens!
If it's on line or broadcast through the ether, or can be heard... they own it, period, end of conversation, encryption or not, Tor or not....

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i'd believe it, if he were Tea Party.


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NSA SOP:  If unsuccessful at hacking an account during a critical political event, initiate DOS attack on all news media outlets which do not align with NSA mission.

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NSA indeed. Looks like Obama has officially hung them out to dry. He raises them up just to watch them fall.

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,... and with 'Hillary-the-Hun' running unapposed as our #45, the die[nasty] continuum goes on unabated?

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Diebolt will really earn a huge bonus if they can get that bitch "elected."  One way or another, methinks Obomba is our last "presidente."

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last president, last pope, last Fed chairman...

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It's called coordination, what's so strange about it ?

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I guess that means he should change his name to Egads Al-Hacked.

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Gehad El-Haddad Shonizzle De-Fizzle Bim-Bam-Whammadam Shazzaam!

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Its heatin' up all over folks,

The king of Belgium is abdicating today on top of this push for the 99%.

We is on a roll bitchez, step this fucker up a touch.

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No shit?   Did he get caught with a dead boy in bed, or what?

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No idea LFM,

Radio 5 live announced it this afternoon.  I have no doubt all these incidents around the world are intertwined.  Lets see if it kicks off here, or in America???

I have a strange feeling in my gut somethings getting well out of control.  Who knows mate?  Lets hope this game on.

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No he has a daughter from another wife and she showed up in the news just weeks ago. I'm not kidding.

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Yes, thanks for the reminder.
Was a brewing scandal for a while....

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He is 79 and his kid Prince Phillip is going to take over in a couple weeks.