Visualizing When Higher Education Doesn't Pay Back

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College is usually a good investment, but that is not the case for every single school in America. As the following infographic shows, you may want to rethink your decision before handing over that big tution check.


When Higher Education Doesn't Pay Back
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bjfish's picture

And you expect today's kids to apply rationality when making decisions ... WTF

Just go to school, vote for Oblamer, and everything will be cool ... "it's what plants like".

P.S. I'm a college prof.

Motorhead's picture

I don't understand.  I mean, I learned that Abraham Lincoln freed the slaves, Sydney is the capital of Austria, and that the USA is supporting the al-Queda rebels in Syria.  It's all true, right?  RIGHT?!

Bear's picture

No ... a Constitutional amendment freed the slaves (Lincoln got shot in the head) ... Sydney is just a seaport in Austria (near Klagenfurt) ... and we don't know who the f**k we support in Syria (or Iraq, Iran, Yemen, Libya, Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria, Nigeria, UAE, Qatar, Lebanon, and Afghanistan)

Ask for a refund 

francis_sawyer's picture

"College is usually a good investment"


BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAH... <stopped reading there ~ & the rest was fucking pictures>


Visualizing When Higher Education Doesn't Pay Back

<ladies & gentlemen ~ I present you Edward Snowden>

max2205's picture

100 million people on welfare can't be wrong

prains's picture

The Art Institute of Pittsburgh has got to be an oxymoron

James_Cole's picture

I've worked in a variety of offices where people are predominantly 25 - 35, median salary I'd guess ~70k - ~100k, specialization going into multiples of that. Almost everyone I've come across has at minimum a college degree (outside of management). Occasionally there's someone who's a genius and didn't go that route, but otherwise a basic education is the minimum. 

Everyone on here laughing at college - I'd be curious where all these great jobs are that don't require a degree, other than some Godforsaken resource extraction project. 

prains's picture

I'm not laughing at college, spent the best nine years of my life in college, didn't go broke doing it, worked in a steel mill summers to pay for it. Liked it so much I stayed for two degrees, but not for the pay. That's the difference University is not about the pay, it's about the experience and the gift of being taught how to think critically. Now the proviso being mine was not an american experience and my first year of college tuition was $800. The best advice I ever got from a prof was; " don't let them niggerize you" best advice you could give anyone.

caShOnlY's picture

 The best advice I ever got from a prof was; " don't let them niggerize you"

after 9 years of paychecks from you, you became the "prof's ngger".   He then took a sabbatical to study female aboriginal sexual habits in australia.  From there he went to Thailand to study " the sexual tendencies of young men and older men".  Hope he thanked you.

9 fucking years? really? and you don't feel like a ngger?  a fucking professional student telling me the world is great, wonderful!


RKDS's picture

I agree.  Most of these people probably started working in the 1970s.  Try getting your foot in the door today without a college degree.  In IT, they've outsourced so much of the entry level work that it's difficult enough getting over the no-experience hurdle.

spine001's picture

Education is one of the very few things that you invest in safely , without the risk of it being taken from you by expropiation oir devaluation. For what is coming it will be what will save you. He who can provide value to his fellows will be provided value back. He who can't won't. Imagine a financier in this new environment or an in vestment banker? Now imagine a Doctor or a nurse or an expert in Agronomy? Who would be provided value back?

InvalidID's picture


 I know quite a few debt collectors collecting on defaulted student loans that don't have a degree. In fact a few have GEDs. They're making pretty good money right now...

CheapBastard's picture

Agree. Two of the wealthiest men in my neighborhood are both high school drop out; one is a tow truck operator and has the city contract for towing with his fleet of ~25 tow trucks...the other intstalls sprinkler systems, mainly commerical stuff but also has nabbed most of the local Gubmint contracts.


Not for everyone, but there are other [very good] choices besides being in school for 86 years [and in debt $100k] to be a Brain Surgeon.

prains's picture

your theory only works if you're the One dude who owns the joint and gets to tell the rest of the bitchez to gets to work. For the other 99 who have to suck on actually hanging the sprinkler pipe day in and day out, being uneducated and trapped IS NOT the answer. Try hanging the pipe for a living first before you hypotho-size, you'll have some pretty skinny kids.

ExpendableOne's picture

IT Data / Programming / Admin droid here.  Making > 6 figures for the past decade with no degree.  Just skills and the ability to learn on the fly while solving problems.  College != success.  Hard work, curiosity and communications skills will take  you far.  Maybe you learned that in college, maybe you picked it up before or after.


spine001's picture

Doesn't matter how you learn, the key is to learn things that help you provide value to others. In mho having been in both ends of the teaching equation, Thus knowing that learning enough to teach a good new subject in College took me 1week  per hour of class, I find most efficient to learn from good masters rather than goin at it alone and without guidance, again in mho in this way the learning is much faster and a lot deeper. I am back in College now and very happy for it. Please also remember that even now not all is measured in terms of fiat money.

chubbyjjfong's picture

Speaking of oxymoroms..  "You gotta lose to know how to win" does not apply anymore.  You just "lose".


Lincoln only freed those slaves in the Southern states that were in rebellion. He didn't free those in the 4 slave states that hadn't seceded. They weren't freed until the 13th amendment and slavery is still a possible punishment for crime

Never One Roach's picture

Butt mie college advizer sent me a e-male telling me my Aromatherapy Degree wood pay off easilee my $78,000 laon...inn know time!

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

I should have gottten a degree in Breast Examination!! Could have changed my name to Dr. Feelgood!! Might not pay off my loans but that would be OK

YC2's picture

Since when is ROI a dollar figure and not a percentage? Should I have gone to FMU?

Stuart's picture

Don't Forget about the Germans who attacked Pearl Harbor on Dec 7th, 1942.

Bobportlandor's picture

The capital of Australia is Canberra.


Parrotile's picture

Chilly Canberra please.

You'd have thought with all the hot air our Politicians generate Canberra would be permanently sub-tropical (and the brightest IR target in the Southern Hemisphere).

Obviously the "Centre of the Australian Political Universe" just needs to work harder . . . . . . . .

francis_sawyer's picture

The 'Fightin' Phonecians'...

puckles's picture

to bjfish:

Then I'm sure all of your kids, assuming you have some, have used the tuition exchange system.  75% of those eligible in our family have done so, despite our atavistic desires to see our kids go to the ivies/7 sisters, as we did.  We didn't even discuss ivies, etc. with kid #4, who was academically the strongest after kid #1, who was a standout. (Note: this is a blended family,  2+2 kids; the younger 2 were raised in DC burbs, the older 2 in NYC burbs) It was tuition exchange all the way. And they agreed, except for #3, who is now on food stamps, etc., but no debt; also virtually no employability, mainly due to attitude. She's quite the princess. It's always her way or the highway. So she gets part-time "gigs." This means she is eligible for free medical care as well.  Is this a great country, or what?

Dingleberry's picture

I went back to grad school not too long ago. These kids are intelligent, but complete idiots.

Nearly every single one of them.

BJ is correct. They 100% voted for Obama. They are truly clueless about what happens when the gov takes over anything, and what it does to costs. Even though they are being gouged because of gov backed student loans via incessant and massive tuition hikes.

Do not waste your time with any of them. Talk to your dog.  It will have more effect.  The faster they feel the pain of their grandiose visions, hopes n' changes, dreams, etc......the faster they will pull their heads out of their collective asses.

Whether they want to (highly unlikely) or not.

Reality is a bitch.

RKDS's picture

Can't see how they voted for Obama over an idea-less draft-dodging industry-gutting robot who likes to fire people and _they're_ the idiots?

One And Only's picture

College is no longer about education and I don't care what anyone says about it. It's a business and it's a business in bed with the government.

Look how much some of these fucking college sports coaches make per year.

This is how the scheme works: Government provides loans to anyone depsite some having the IQ of a gerbil. Students take money and spend at college. The more students the more shit faculty etc etc get. School now has teachers that promote big government liberalism onto malleable minds. The bigger the scam gets the richer the teachers get and the more pion voters are churned out for the dictaorial regime.

Stalin had some quote about brainwashing people at a young age and having their allegiance for the rest of their lives. This is the same concept of a different shade.

Rainman's picture

I got a pal < law enforcement > who got a Ph.d in public safety sciences from some hairball college for 16 grand and didn't have to do no book larnin or nuthin.

Praetorian Guard's picture

Not much "thinking" in LE, I guess as long as you can fog a mirror, you're hired... hahahahaha

StarTedStackin&#039;'s picture

It depends on which college you go to

Renfield's picture

<<It's a business and it's a business in bed with the government>>

That being so, I wonder if we'll soon start seeing "Return On Investment" calculations, like the one posted above, published regularly comparing university grad employment stats?

I like this measure, but I think a lot of colleges would oppose its publication, either to prevent embarrassing truth being known or to discourage people from thinking this way in the first place. There's a reason economics has disappeared from most public schools in many 'western' countries.

I can't think of a better measure for anyone considering college, than ROI.

The Invisible Foot's picture

You'd be surprised at how many people say "You're not going to college?!!"-same people who think voting matters

P.T.Bull's picture

Just feel shame all the way to the bank, to modify a saying... ;)

Stuart's picture

Grade 10 was the best 4 years of my life!  just sayin'......

Praetorian Guard's picture

I agree. Public schools lack, seriously. Public school from K-12 should focus on BUSINESS and an understanding of finance. Perhaps, every student in grade K gets 100 chits, they use these through your entire 12 years, with different mock programs designed to use said chits for mock businesses, mock investments, whatever - purpose is to see your chits grow, and a basic understanding of MONEY and ECONOMICS which runs the fucking planet and most households (unless you get free gibbme dat shit). At the end of the 12 years I can guarantee you that every student would have a basic understanding of MONEY and finance. Shit, you could reward students with scholarships based off of this - real, tangible, concrete "works" and not bullshit sports, or other inane educational experiences that do not translate to the real world...

P.T.Bull's picture

The problem I have with public american education, and all colleges, is the teach followership. They teach the green religion, submission to the all powerful state, and demonize non-statist views, as well as demonizing christians and republicans (despite their statist and liberal views). Look how passivated our entire population is--the re-election of obamugabe, in the face of his manifest failures, told me that america is past a tipping point where the active and dynmac are outnumbered by the dependent, the passive, the freedom-adverse voters.

Praetorian Guard's picture

Never had that issue when pursuing my engineering/mathematical degrees. Sounds like a lib arts type indoctrination...

francis_sawyer's picture

"Perhaps, every student in grade K gets 100 chits, they use these through your entire 12 years, with different mock programs designed to use said chits for mock businesses, mock investments, whatever"...


They already tried that... fonestar 'blew' all of his on BITCOINS, & parlayed his success into becoming a cult favorite & 'Legend in his own Mind' favorite on the 'Cheers with a Bloomberg Terminal' blog...

prains's picture


it's not even a fair fight anymore

dwdollar's picture

School is BS... period. Especially in the Internet age where information is practically free.

Why did you need to pay for an engineering/mathematical degree when all that information is freely available in libraries and on the Internet?

If STEM degree holders are so smart why don't they build businesses using their talents instead of grinding out a BS, MS, or PhD to work for Uncle Scam or one of his subsidized whores?

School is just a key to open establishment doors. The problem is Uncle Scam has been handing keys out like candy to buy allegiance, and now there's not enough establishment doors.

StarTedStackin&#039;'s picture

I didn't pay for my Engineering Degree, my employer did

RebelDevil's picture

And those were the days of good will man!

Bobportlandor's picture

Farmers,  planters, and shopkeepers in the American colonies found it very difficult to hire free workers, primarily because it was so easy for potential workers to set up their own farms.

Consequently, a common solution was to transport a young worker from England or Germany, who would work for several years to pay off the debt of their travel costs. During the indenture period the servants were not paid wages, but were provided with food, accommodation, clothing and training. The indenture document specified how many years the servant would be required to work, after which they would be free. Terms of indenture ranged from one to seven years with typical terms of four or five years.

RebelDevil's picture

Totally agree man! but I have to add this.
Sometimes, an intellectual will be consciouslly aware that it will take him either a long ass time to earn start up capital he needs for a new business idea, or that he is otherwise a slave to the demands of a venture capitalist if he took their money.

It's much easier to study and work for the government and big corporations like GE and Lockheed Martin (popular employers for STEM degrees) than it is to build a business from scratch, though I regard the latter as more rewarding. :)

sun tzu's picture

Many STEM majors do start businesses. Nearly every tech or biotech company was founded by STEM majors or people who studied STEM.

Not every STEM degree holder can start a business. Being smart doesn't mean you have leadership abilities or have the desire take the risk.

dwdollar's picture

"Being smart doesn't mean you have leadership abilities or have the desire take the risk."

Risk... is that the shit those STEM degree holders working in finance calculated so well leading up to 2008?

PT's picture

Hmmmm, risk ...
"The problem is that these young people are no longer willing to take any risks" ...
"Young people need to learn how to manage risk" ...

How do you manage risk?   By finding a sucker who will offload all of your mistakes?
What is risk?  Isn't that where you bite off more than you can chew?
Oh, but you just need to manage your risk ...

Yeah, right.

Don't worry, as soon as I assemble an adequate portion of capital and knowledge, I'll start my own business.
Hey, it took me half my life to get this far.  Don't expect progress to be too quick ...

I'll probably be beaten by someone who is willing to take on more risk ...