Clashes Between Foes, Supporters Of Mursi In Cairo Caught On Tape

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How the times change: two years ago, the victorious, resurgent, and US-supported, Muslim Brotherhood seemed unstoppable and was literally and metaphorically wiping out all obstacles in its way to the top, often times violently. Today, it is on the receiving end with the Egyptian military having somewhat curiously flipped its allegiance in a matter of days culminating with the overthrow of the "democratically elected" president Mursi in a largely bloodless coup over the past week. The video below from Al Arabiya shows how yesterday's winner can easily become today's recipient of mob scorn, not to mention punches. A far bigger question is just how will the "brotherhood" take its dramatic overthrow from power: quietly, with the occasional flaring of anger as the nation peacefully recovers from its second coup in two years, or with ever escalating protests that eventually morph into constant civil strife and/or all out civil war.

Full video after the jump:


Clashes have been reported between Egyptian military forces and supporters of ousted President Mohamed Mursi near a sit-in for Muslim Brotherhood’s supporters in Giza south west Cairo, Al Arabiya’s correspondent said.


Meanwhile, a security source told Al Arabiya that the military is sending 25 armored vehicles to Zagazig, the capital of the governorate of Sharqia.


The news comes after an Islamist coalition led by the Brotherhood called on people across the nation to protest in a “Friday of Rejection” following weekly prayers, an early test of Mursi's ongoing support and how the military will deal with it.


Mursi’s removal after a year in office marked another twist in the turmoil that has gripped the Arab world’s most populous country in the two years since the fall of Hosni Mubarak.


Army intervention was backed by millions of Egyptians, including liberal leaders and religious figures who expect new elections under a revised set of rules.

How long until the vagaries of flip flops on the ground (and well funded offshore bank accounts) shift the aliegiance of the military once more and those being beaten up on the clip above are the ones doing the beating?

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That's it? a 17 second video. What a tease.


Muslims killing Muslims, it's all good.

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Grow up.......and get a brain while you are at it.



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Did I offend you Mohammed? Tough shit.

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Fight!  Fight!  
Hit him when he's not looking!

Listen a call to prayer.... look! 
Slap his turban off.
Kife his Goat!



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Here's a prediction. The Brotherhood won't take this well. With no strongman in power to keep them in line, the suicide bombings will commence. Egypt relies on tourism for a big chunk of its economy. Nobody will want to see the pyramids if they think the price of doing so is getting blown up. The brotherhood knows this. The economy will continue to crumble.

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Yes, they call them "radicals" for a reason. Just wait until the D.C Red/Blue Brotherhood power structure is threatened, they will be laying down suppressing fire from Apache helicopters on cub scout dens.

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In this video Al- Arabia clipped the first few seconds. Please check the video I posted few hours ago in which a demonstrator snatched gun from the soldier.

Unfortunately the link is removed but I do have this video. Should I send it to TD?




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If the economy degenerates even more because of MB attacks, then Egypt will plunge into civil war. Obama will be full gray inside of a month after that.

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Nobody wants to fight anymore, especially over the nazi, "democraticallÿ elected" brotherhood ;-)

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PPL are more keen for the support of Israel, that will be the consequence now, Shekelblogger?

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Brick MohammedTamland: Yeah, there were horses and a man on fire, and I killed a guy with a trident.
"Ron" Mohammed Burgundy: Brick, I've been meaning to talk to you about that. You should probably find yourself a safe house or a relative close by. Lay low for a while, because you're probably wanted for murder. I'm proud of you fellas. You all kept your head on a swivel and that's what you're gonna do when you find yourself in a vicious cockfight.
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Wow.  Classy.  You sir, are an idiot.  

FieldingMellish's picture

The military was never really on the Brotherhood's side. Most Egyptians did not support the Brotherhood. Morsi was elected simply because the only alternative to him was Shafiq, Mubarak's old PM. It was either a douche or a turd sandwich.

Totentänzerlied's picture

Not just any douche and not just any turd sandwich, Uncle Sugar's douche, and Uncle Sugar's turd sandwich.

Dadburnitpa's picture

"It was either a douche or a turd sandwich."


I get it.  Sort of like Obama v. McCain.

FieldingMellish's picture

Sort of, except exactly like that.

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The thing that struck me when I heard the commentary on the news is that the people are actually holding Morsi to his election promises with the subtext being that if you don't uphold your promises then you lose your mandate -and we demonstrate in the streets until you leave or get taken down. Maybe we in the West could do with a bit of that.

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Make no mistake, this only happened because Egypt is an economic wasteland. When there is shortages of practically everything, it doesn't matter that you've only been in office for a year and inherited the problems - you will get shit thrown on you. The Egyptians recently managed to get rid of a dictator, getting rid of a weak recently elected leader (as it turned out) was a cakewalk.

This won't happen in the west because despite everything, the economies are the strongest in the world. Most of the people eat well and have access to luxuries.

sherryw's picture

True that, but we are both right!

forward ho's picture

Yes, the old saying; when people have lost everything... they loose it

Hunger is prime motivator, Just imagine watching YOUR kids stave to death.

Little will change here in the land of milk and honey, till there is no milk and honey.

Why do you think the foodstamp population has exploded? How many of the free shit nation will bite the hand that feeds them?

Control the food and medicine and you control the population.

When folks start going hungry all bets are off, a starving human is a cunning ugly annimal.

Our current reality has us on a collision cource with mass liquidation of societys unfunded liabilitys.

IridiumRebel's picture

So this is not over? You mean there may be more?










Yes, there is more to come.

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" US-supported, Muslim Brotherhood" What a f*cking joke!

"The United States hold, in regard to Mexico, the same principles that they hold in regard to all other nations. They have neither a right nor a disposition to intervene by force in the internal affairs of Mexico, whether to establish and maintain a republic or even a domestic government there, or to overthrow an imperial or a foreign one, if Mexico chooses to establish or accept it. The United States have neither the right nor the disposition to intervene by force on either side in the lamentable war which is going on between France and Mexico. On the contrary, they practice in regard to Mexico, in every phase of that war, the non-intervention which they require all foreign powers to observe in regard to the United States."

William H. Seward September 26, 1863

America, time to forget the world.  You need to heal the problems at home. 


knukles's picture

Gosh, just think about America's heritage for a moment,  here, on the 4th.
The bastard child of Canada and Mexico.


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It worries me, if ZH is beginning to spread ridiculous zionist propaganda.

Imagine Mursi would have been supported, what Obama and the united western ziozone would say about the military takeover.

It's so obvious what happens:

The Brotherhood was way too strong and the zionist puppets to weak. They had to wait some time, until ppl begin to become unsatified again.

Now they are on track: Egypt on track to stay quiet when the Zionists will attack Iran. And the Suezcanal will be safe.

The US-sheeple can already begin to train for another big war...


Fist full of CDOs's picture

Looks like a typical wedding cermony from here... 

Schmuck Raker's picture

I was thinking they'd caught a woman, imitating a man, to attend a stonin'.

Judge Crater's picture

Looks like Obama's bitch Mursi will have to apply for a high paid teaching job at NYU.  Maybe the course title will ne "How To Lose A Whole Country In One Short Year."

Escapedgoat's picture

I am with you on this .

The former Greek-American Prime minister GAP is in Harvard.. Teaching how to fuck a country with at least 4K years of history in 6 short months.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

Military handled it well; as coups go, it ranks in the top #3 for bloodless lack of death measured against % populace. If they could reduce the sexual violence against women, that'd also be a plus. Again: given Egypt's position (and the total cluster fuck of Libya and Syria) it's rather reassuring that the Pyramids got involved. (Parse it, it's fucking obvious). Of course, the future is an unknown known at this point.

33,000,000 protestors on Independence Day. Compared to, well, shucks!, Bin Laden death announcement on that day, or Boston-Terrorists-Dying-in-a-boat-in-Water-Town on the anniversary of said massacre. Or, you know, 9/11. Synchronicity that my account rolled over from 33 > 34 weeks then as well.

QM weapons. Hmm.  If we're judging by simple terms like "positive energy", well, that was rock and roll and love all around; the USA for the last 100 years: much less. You've got that little Tower of Babel meme going in that big old storm, and you've been using fear, horror and death as a weapon for a century or so (4,000 years). I'm going to go with my gut on this one.

Spoilers: if you want to meddle with fear, death, horror and the dark, you should probably listen to the fucking anthem you worship:

On the shore, dimly seen through the mists of the deep,
Where the foe's haughty host in dread silence reposes,
What is that which the breeze, o'er the towering steep,
As it fitfully blows, half conceals, half discloses?
Now it catches the gleam of the morning's first beam,
In full glory reflected now shines in the stream:
'Tis the star-spangled banner! Oh long may it wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave!


Top tip: you don't get to claim you're cancelling the apocalypse when you're running the horror-show. You have debts, the people who ran those OPs, real debts. Made in Blood and Spirit and Numbers. 3 for 3. Don't fucking summon ancient ones if you're pissy about getting eaten, especially when they tell you not to.


You're fucked.

tony bonn's picture

it's nice to see the nazi muslim brotherhood take it up the ass for once.....too bad those scum aren't wiped out...

jmc8888's picture

Well given that Al-Qeada has pledged their support of the Muslim Brotherhood, by virtue of our illegal arm shipments we will soon be responsible for the weaponry used in Egypt. 

No doubt some of those 'rebels', in reality known as Al-Qeada or Al-Qeada pledged terrorists and their arms from Libya and Syria will now flow to Egypt. 

Because, when you arm Al-Qeada, like Obama with support from the neocons, then not only are you making a mockery of the faux war on terror and every institution, rule, and right that has changed due to it, but also will be the focus of hatred from all that come under fire from these weapons for decades.

I'm sure Egyptians will surely tone down their anger towards us when they realize the weapons used against them, once again (like tear gas earlier), have come from us and other monarch controlled entities, except this time it's guns and manpads fueling an Al-Qeada inspired civil war.

...and it adds more weight to WHY besides every other reason Obama needs to be impeached, that his illegal gun and manpad running has been an utter disaster.  That we take away their food and in place give them weapons.  Now that's what I call humanitarian interventionism worthy of a nobel peace price winner.


Bringin It's picture

...making a mockery of the faux war on terror

for which we're supposed to surrender our liberty!?!?

dick cheneys ghost's picture

Egypt will be partioned into 4 smaller states.......this is the foreplay

BigInJapan's picture

Partitioned? You mean like Iraq was?

Yeah, sure. I've seen that movie before.

earleflorida's picture

'surrealism best epitomizes the ephereal past made present, as if by a matter-of-carbon-myrmidon, cast its weight'd grisaille feckless... faceless lead'd shadow, down to be trampled upon once agian, by an amnesia laced complacency,... champion'd by the chariot's nihilistic misanthrope's whited`sepulcher'   "Please to meet you, Hope you guess my name?"


Morla's picture

I saw some video of those Morsi supporters before the "coup". Funny how a bunch of them had clubs and shields, wonder what their day jobs are..

dunce's picture

At the time of Maburaks ouster, the muslim brotherhood was the only large politically organized group. The other groups were all much smaller and had little organization. It seems that they recognized a common enemy and have put their differences aside and concentratrated on common interests. Morsi revealed his agenda and his weaknesses quickly solidifying the opposition instead of gaining their support.

Duude's picture

Morsi garnered just over the majority in Egypt's general election. But he failed to realize the only reason he was able to even get that much of the vote is because his opponent was seen as being closely tied to the former president (dictator). They weren't voting for the type of Egyptian theological government Morsi has shoved down their throats. They were voting against ties to the former president. Morsi would have served the Muslim brotherhood well if he had instead pursued a strong economy and only later sought to change the government to a theological theocracy slowly. Fortunately, Morsi is the imbecile he is and the people took to the streets. Hopefully we can call this a mulligan for the Egyptian democracy and move on.

zipit's picture

Can someone post a translated transcript, please.