Which State Drinks The Most (And Least) Beer?

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On a day when the underlying reason for celebration in the US is often washed away by a few gallons of alcohol, we thought it timely to see just which states are the biggest soaks. It is likely no surprise that Utah is the driest state but the top 4 states seem head and shoulders above the rest with North Dakota topping the list at 45.8 gallons of beer per capita per year (or an average of just over 1 pint per day - which seems very reasonable?).



Only 4 states have seen consumption per capita rise in the last 5 years - Vermont (+8.34%), North Dakota (+7.5%), Maine (+3.45%) and New Hampshire (+0.34%) - while Nevada (-16.42%), Washington (-15.24%), and Florida (-15.01%) are sobering up the fastest...


Source: Bloomberg

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Hey... Oil boom jockies get thirsty!

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An ale a day keeps the lager away.

WayBehind's picture

Even North Dakota is WayBehind Czech Republic and Germany :)

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Don't know what is wrong with Washington. I feel like I am doing more than my fair share. Yuppies and their cosmopolitan... 

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Three out of the top four states are the members of the tri-state militia.  I kind of miss Montana: that's some pretty country; with the micro-brew revolution that has transpired in the States as well, it seems like it makes for a decent place to visit.  Not to live, mind you, but surely a nice visit.

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While the survival types tout montana, man there are some dumbass people there.  And working fast is apparently against the law.

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I thought that was funny.  I grew up for 11 years in Coeur d'Alene.  After my family moved there when I was a small child, I grew up occasionally hearing my mother's sarcastic impression of the locals: "I don't know, I'm from Idaho".  Beautiful place, though.  Spectacular, really.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Let's get a World Wide Alcohol Consumption perspective.....


The only way Putin can maintain control is to keep his populace drunker than shit!

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That's because the power of the beer lobby in places like Bavaria is such, that beer does not count as 'alcohol', and is therefore consumed regularly by workers on their lunch breaks.

Clearly this has NOT impacted their productivity or the quality of the Bavarian made cars (Audi, BMW). And many parts of their Autobahn still have NO speed limit.

Interestingly, Germans will tolerate high cigarette and gasoline prices (highly taxed), but not high alcohol prices.

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Compared to most of the rest of Europe, German gasoline prices are not high.

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"Source: Bloomberg'





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The North Dakota figures are distorted because of the massive beer consumption of the Indians who live on the reservations there.   Not politically correct to point it out, but LAWDY those red skins can drink.

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does whizkey count as beer?

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Notice South Dakota close behind.

G-R-U-N-T's picture

Hey... Oil boom jockies get thirsty!

Don't you ever call drilling crews "jockies", them roughnecks, WORM!

and "jockies" is spelled "jockeys", look at your g-string label fer cryn' out loud!

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Now I know which states are most FREE! Thx!?

EDIT: Now I know a drunk man is a free man, lol.



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New Hampshire - who woulda thunk?

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It's all the Mass-holes going north to party.

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i hate all massholes, even the brewers of Sam Adams that forgot a part of the declaration in one of theif recent ads...who do they tjink they are, the president.




merizobeach's picture

Dude (dumbass), even in the link you provide, it is acknowledged that Sam Adams did not forget to include the words 'by their creator', but didn't include them because of industry guidelines--also published in the link--(and perhaps also because of some intelligent people in their marketing department).  Furthermore, the DoI was not being quoted--it was being paraphrased.

The shitheaded writer at 'theblaze' claims, "rights granted by God shouldn’t be taken away — rights given by man can change with the wind."

So, mofreedom, considering that your own so-called 'god' was created by uneducated people's small imaginations and fed to you as a baby, I'd say that any rights granted by such a 'god' don't actually exist at all.  But you delusional types are just fucking hopeless.  If you'd at least just stop materially and ideologically supporting the war machine (with your taxes and voting), then despite still being a blight on history for your stupidity, you would no longer be guilty of continuously committing crimes against humanity.  By the way, I'm just trying to gauge your cognitive dissonance: how does your life-long contributions to genocide morally stack up with the fictional god you believe in?  Or is it ok, because the people you help destroy believe in your god's fictitious cousin deity?

mofreedom's picture

the decleration is not religion...paraphrasing it  is treasonous...the rest of your crap is crap.

merizobeach's picture

Aren't you far too illiterate to be on this site?  GTFO of here, you stupid motherfucker.

mofreedom's picture

i hate all massholes, cause they gave us ted kennedy and john kerry and the pussy red socks with those fucking beards.


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It's pahty, not party. Fuck'an retahd, don't knah hah ta fuck'an tahk.

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I rather get baked.


Its good medicine.

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american beer is brown water

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I own property next door to a 250,000 sq.ft. building being built that will supply NH's liquor stores. They are anticipating 75 tractor trailers in and out of there per day. The building is massive and hard to imagine NH drinks that much liquor........and this doesn't include beer which can be bought just about anywhere.

I want to dig some tunnels to the warehouse....

Harbanger's picture

It's not that they drink more beer.  The shitty tax laws in MA make people go to NH to buy their booze.

Oleander's picture

Mass. Eliminated the sales tax on liquor, it  caused a drop in sales in NH. The traffic on 93 and 95 is so bad it would not seem worth the trip for most. 

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New Hampshire is the only New England state with no deposit on carbonated beverage containers.

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Yea but Californian's drink micro brews and the have higher alcohol so actual alcohol intake may vary.

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I had a liter of Lagunitas IPA (6.2%) and a liter of Stone Ruination IPA (7.7%) last night. Surely felt like I had three liters... ;)

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What's your average US beer? Aussie beer is usually around 4.5%. Some of the popular beers are in the mid-high 5's.

Skateboarder's picture

AnheuserBusch, MillerCoors, and the conglomerate generally spit out 5% beers. You won't find the average American pilsener/lager going higher than 5.4%.

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In Commiefornia they don't drink beer, they drink cerveza.

TahoeBilly2012's picture

North Dakota...aren't those big indian reservations up there?

imbrbing's picture

Yea, and they are all drunk, see above statment ;-p

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... or the below statement. Who in the world displays comments as oldest first?

imbrbing's picture

A drunk....errr...free  person?

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Bingo. If you have been there in the past couple years, you expected to see North Dakota at the top. I would imagine the towns in the Bakken areas would be double (or more) the state average.

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I was going to say DC, but then remembered they get the newly minted green before everyone else and so drink from the top shelf.

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There was some other data about DC stating that it has the highest hard liquor consumption per capita and incidence of alcoholism

eggsush me, mishher shenatur, bu lemme asss sew wedher yer gon b vhothing tomhorroh hon zuh herbulffumbling bill fer za humbaluffegerring thinggla ma bob, huh?



who da fug mad me frow ub all hover myzelf?

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I might fit in in DC since I'm a hard liquor guy (cheap ass Admiral Nelson's rum tonight), but I should probably stay where I am. I'm not an angry drunk, but living in DC would make me Hulk out and break shit.

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I approve this message !!!

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That is a prime example of Senator Crapo of Idaho. Good Mormon Bishop who got tagged with a DUI and admitted he had strayed due to his preferece of gin/vodka tonics... Hello NSA.

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Those in Michigan can't afford to buy beer, just homebrew.

Five8Charlie's picture

Homebrew > Store-bought.

Just sayin'