Are The 1970s Coming Back?

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The mid-1970s have been a useful template for what is possible (and even probable) in a centrally-planned world. As a reminder, the underlying backdrop was also similar (major economic downturn following the housing crashes in 1974-75 and again in 2006-2007 followed by aggressive Fed policy which was ultimately too loose for too long). It is quite clear, Citi notes, that the rally in the Dow has lasted longer than the “road map” would have suggested - at least in part driven by the ongoing expansion of the Fed’s Balance sheet - but with Taper talk increasing we wonder how long before the 70s are back in vogue.



Chart: Citi FX Technicals

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BadDog's picture

I hope not, they sucked the first time around.

WmMcK's picture

Don't look at that picture (especially the teeth) too long, it will drain your energy.

ZerOhead's picture

1970's?... Nope.

Try 1870's...


The Crisis in America

Before this the United States had seen an era of unprecedented prosperity. Housing and construction boomed. Shops were full of customers. Prices of commodities reached new levels.


Totentänzerlied's picture

Except that this time around there's no equivalent of crude oil to stick-save the planet.

WmMcK's picture

I thought it might be a call to go long railroads.

Flakmeister's picture

That already happened, look at the charts of UNP, CSX, CP, CNI....

BLOTTO's picture

I'm more pessimistic then all of you...ive gone back to 10th century.


How about the Dark Ages?


Where paganism, unmoral, filth, occult, zombies, magic, thieves and liars ruled...sound familiar?

It was so shit - they just called it dark.

TheFourthStooge-ing's picture


Where paganism, unmoral, filth, occult, zombies, magic, thieves and liars ruled...sound familiar?

"We're there, dude."

pagan's picture

Paganism? The Dark Ages was the high time of Christianity. Christianity made it the Dark ages.

Flakmeister's picture

I wouldn't say it was responsible, but once "lighter" prospects emerged with the Renaissance it show as hell tried to pull the blinds back down...

The_Dude's picture

Or maybe the Christians saved it from oblivion....


the old order and power of the Roman Empire had completely disintegrated and when illiterate, pagan, barbaric hordes, who were devoid of understanding the Greco-Roman heritage, were rearranging Europe. While Greece lay in ruins and Rome was being pillaged and plundered, the best of their accomplishments were preserved only in books.


pagan's picture

Huh? The Greeks and the Romans were the pagans. Christianity destroyed the high-culture of Antiquity.

Christianity is an alien Jewish from the middle-east.

sun tzu's picture

Huh? Europe has been Christian for the past 800 years and just by coincidence perhaps has been at the forefront of the civilized world for the past 800 years. Why do you think so many European flags have crosses on them? If you claim Christianity is backwards, then Europe is backwards. 

The high culture of Greek antiquity was throwing babies off cliffs. The high culture of Roman antiquity was gladiator fights. Men poking little boys up the ass was also very popular and accepted back then. 

The_Dude's picture

1970's California vs. The 3rd world, socialist cesspool it is today


Nope...never coming back....

tarsubil's picture

LOL. I was going to say get rid of the '1'. More like 970s. I knew I should have bought that damn sword and maile.

ZerOhead's picture

Ah yes the 970's... when men were men and sheep (and everyone else pretty much) were scared.

If your trying out the 970's 'Eurotrash' look don't forget that Norsemen never actually had horns set in their helmets OK?

WmMcK's picture

And a couple of Pope Benedict's to boot.

francis_sawyer's picture

Gas, Grass, or Ass... Nobody rides for free...

Chupacabra-322's picture

"If the vans a rock'n don't come a knock'n"

Well, I don't mind a natural lady every now & again.

Thee Barbarous Relic's picture

Ya know the difference between the 1870s and the 1970s?
In the 1870s a dildo was a steely dan, in the 1970s two dildos were Steely Dan.

Thee Barbarous Relic's picture

Ya know the difference between the 1870s and the 1970s?
In the 1870s a dildo was a steely dan, in the 1970s two dildos were Steely Dan.

Cathartes Aura's picture

ahhh, funny you should mention the 1870's ZerOhead, as indeed there are similars to this time. . .

the correlation of Uranus aspecting Pluto is apparent when amrka goes to Great Wars, and experiences Great Depressions - 1870s? great depression - anyone curious to look into these patterns might start with this article, which notes,

Uranus-Pluto squares that simultaneously formed harsh angles to key points in the USA's horoscope have marked major turning points in American history,

1620s: African slaves introduced to Jamestown Colony
1670s: Bacon's Rebellion in Virginia Colony
1870s: Great Depression
1930s: Great Depression

we are currently in a strong Uranus/Pluto square, with Uranus stationed to go retrograde (revisiting past degrees moved through) on the 17/18 July, which means the energy of sudden events that undermine set institutions/beliefs is very active just now. . .seeing the patterns helps re-cognise where we are, and perhaps where we're headed.

Dingleberry's picture

The 70s had regrettable moments like disco, bell bottom pants, untrimmed beavers, pornstaches, coke lines & corduroy pants.


But at least the boobs back then were all REAL.

wee-weed up's picture

And don't forget the long pointy-collar shirts and fat wide ties to go with those corduroy bellbottom pants.

mofreedom's picture

you know obama hated that 70s attire, he preferred the hoop rings in the nose and a loin clothe made of old new york times.

toxic8's picture

Subliminal SEX in the hair - can you see it?

McMolotov's picture

I was but a mere zygote as the '70s came to a close. Were the chicks all bra-less back then? I wouldn't mind that coming back.

mjcOH1's picture

"I was but a mere zygote as the '70s came to a close. Were the chicks all bra-less back then? I wouldn't mind that coming back."

Keep in mind your average 20 yr old girl had one chin rather than 3 in 1975. Let's just hand out the hot pokers now so we can all put out our eyes.

IrritableBowels's picture
“Here's somthing you never hear someone say: 'As soon as I stick this red hot poker up my ass i'm going to chop my dick off'.”

George Carlin (RIP)

espirit's picture

In the 70's, sex was pretty much free with no worries of std's.

kareninca's picture

In 2010, the obesity rate for American males was 32.2 percent.  For American females, 35.5 percent.  Per Wikipedia.

Gross fat American dudes, just as much.

WmMcK's picture

Not all of them, and definitely not all the right ones.

Halter tops (and split skirts especially around the WTC's  ) were worth the price of admission, though.

FEDbuster's picture

Tube tops, too.

Led Zeppelin and full auto weapons were still legal (and relatively cheap) to buy.

Of course we had Nixon, Ford and Carter, so politicians still sucked.

Dingleberry's picture

Bottom line is back then chicks were buxom at worst, in shape at best, and you knew what you were looking at wasn't fake

If you are younger than 30, all you know is fat, as it is accepted now as normal. It wasn't back then.  

FEDbuster's picture

Let's not forget the "70's bush" look was still the norm.

sun tzu's picture

That's one thing we don't need

DaveyJones's picture

and Travolta's only runway had screaming Australians on it

DaveyJones's picture

oops, I switched on you

goddamn lawyers

Promethus's picture

The real boobs moved from women's chests to politics and banking.

DaveyJones's picture

no, they were always there..but like the others, they just got more false, inflated, and dependent on high paid experts.

duo's picture

Yea, that disco music sucked so bad that rappers today have to re-use tracks from that era.

Long the Bee-Gees, Heatwave, Curtis Blow, Sugarhill Gang, and of course, Earth, Wind and Fire.

Dingleberry's picture

for the record: I LOVE disco, the Brothers Gibb in particular.  Vast majority today are "2 kool" for that. Hence "regrettable". 

roonbox's picture

Akmost all of your regrettables are awesome, I'll take it all back part from untrimmed beavers, and even those occasionally for novelty

MontgomeryScott's picture

I saved the picture, Tylers.

DAMN, the NIPPLES on this former wife of Lee Majors...

I was TOO CHEAP to actually buy the poster (nah, kidding! I have it on the wall in the basement).

There was this one episode of the 'Six Million Dollar Man' where 'Colonel Steve Austin' meets up with an old girlfriend (Farah Fawcett-Majors)...

The PTB decided that she wasn't a good enough actress, and hired some other skinny blonde with far less impressive tits to play out the last years of this dying diatribe of 'mass consumption'. It was a chick married to Lyle Wagonner, i think. Lindsay Wagner?

Lindsay had a fairly nice body, as well, but her tits were too small. She was a 'posterchild' for the 'IBTC' (ittie Bitty Tittie Committee').


'That 70's Show' really sucks, you know. NO SENSE of REALITY.