Egyptian Troops On 'Maximum Alert" At Suez Sends Oil Over $102

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After a few hours of calm yesterday, crude oil prices are once again surging back over $102 as the commander of the Third Field Army stated that troops deployed in Suez and South Sinai saw their "state of readiness" raised to "Maximum Alert." The announcement came after Cairo's airspace was closed for 40 minutes and flights were diverted to other airports because of air force drills. The 'state of emergency' has sent stocks sliding and put a modest bid into precious metals amid a call by Islamist allies of ousted Egyptian Prwsident Morsi to "take to the streets" and express their outrage.


Via Reuters,

Islamist allies of Egypt's ousted president, Mohamed Mursi, called on people to protest on Friday to express outrage at his overthrow by the army and to reject a planned interim government backed by their liberal opponents.


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Egyptian front-running WTI/Brent futures traders have cornered their usual source of summer revenue. 

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No wonder the Saudis were the first to congratulate the new government of Egypt.

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Only after they called Obama and said in your face bitch....if you want to bow to us again that would be put Valerie Jarrett on the phone.

Valerie, the next time you want to put the muslim brotherhood in charge of anything....please call us first.

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Never forget that the Muslim Brotherhood ( Barry Sotoro & Co. ) were the ones who proposed the 'farewell intercourse law' so husbands can have sex with DEAD wives up to six hours after their death.

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I thought the 'Farewell Intercourse Law' was what was enforced when you GOT married? I'm confused...

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No, that's the "farewell blowjob law". The "farewell intercourse law" is the one that's enforced after she has the last child she wants.

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Jeezuz Keyrist, are you kidding me? That has got to be one sexually repressed and fucked up individual to want to have sex with a corpse.


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Note to Egyptian military: if the waters part, don't go riding in there.

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that's deceitful Hebrew propaganda. don't listen to him, my beloved Sons of Egypt. CHARGE!

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FRO would benefit from this!

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When are carriers most vulnerable?

How bout when passing thru canals?

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Oil shock... Bitchez  

Good thing the US is becoming energy ( and gold ) independent. As long as we don't run out of Fairy Dust, no worries.


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Look! Over here!... A distraction that we can use to inflate the value of our printed money on over thin trading on a holiday weekend!... [Thanks Reuters/Rothschild]...


I guess they're finding out that despite all the fuss, Snowden [you know, that guy that's wearing his 'invisible cloak' in front of the 6 billion camera phones in the world], doesn't move the prices around all that much...

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good point would have thunk that there'd at least be one pic of him hanging around the airport by now.

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He must be hiding behind the slurpee machine at TCBY...

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Shit team.... have I missed something over the last few days/weeks?



PS: Hi NSA dudes. Can you give me a quick summary?

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NSA > your shirts on backwards and in side out

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Dear Gen Keith Alexander,

I can't wait for you to release the "Bonesaw" app for Andriod & iphone... everyone can benefit from your cool toy!

Coldest regards, Rogue

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I was trying to be sarcastic when I said Obie is running around telling people he killed Bin Laden after no one could find him for a decade.  Now he can't find an American in a Russian can anyone be that capable and incapable at the same time? Oh wait...nevermind.

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Reuters is still gracing us with photos of journalists by journalists that prove exactly nothing other than some journalists are more photogenic than others.

If any more journalists set up tents and sleeping cots Russia will soon have its very own first tent city  courtesy of Reuters.

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Fucking all powerful "Eagle Eye" NSA & they can't even hack any security cameras in the Moscow airports... I'd have thought by now they'd have already completed an exact working replica of the Moscow Airport in Area 51... I mean, shit, the 'Ocean's Eleven' crew could run circles around these guys...

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Egyptian govt needs a new Pyramid Scheme.

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oil is barbarous relic too.

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you filthy dogs

you people that say the mossad

the mi6

and the cia will use bombs

and bullets against coptic christian,jew and muslim 2.

this is not about kaos just a local matter.

cam moron,barry oh oh and mighty netan yahoo have bigger fish to fry.

syria and iran are the threat that need urgent attention.

the army of egypt is multi billion owned by usa usa.

they will protect israel to the death.

morsi made a mistake and should be forgiven.

he now realises that taking 3 billion dollars from qatar and putting it 

in a swiss bank was wrong.

the money had nothing to do with his calls for egyptians to fight in a new syrian jihad.

you dogs

these bombs at airport are not the mossad.

this is just a local matter

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othe Ethan the fact that we have troops over there who are leaving (per policy) this is not a matter that concerns Americans. we have Tesla. move along.

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I went to the party shop to buy 'IT'S A WAR!' helium balloons and streamers to celebrate but not only did they not have any, they just looked at me like i was weird when i asked.

I'm so confused right now.

Help me Obi-Wan Bernake, your my only hope!


prains's picture

that balloon store went out of business with the Mission Accomplished Banner business

overmedicatedundersexed's picture

 Hey prains what if we had pulled out and stopped when the " Mission Accomplished Banner business" was shown on TV? how would you have felt then? I for one would have been very happy. I remember "no nation building during my Administration" seems father and son have a little problem with truth.

RideTheWalrus's picture

In all fairness they never re-built anything.


prains's picture

Should never been there in the first place

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You're advocating premature evacuation?

As others have said here 'You don't stick your dick in crazy...'. We should never have been there.

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Just going to have to switch to some other energy source and forget about oil, it causes too many headaches.

There's lots of timber in northern British Columbia and it never hardly gets used for anything except for building and burning.  Such a waste of a good resource that just sits there up there.  Don't have to build a thing to get trees to grow and if you have ever seen northern British Columbia, it definitely needs to be clearcut, just too many trees there and not enough oil in the ME.  At least do a clearcut from the Athabasca tar sands to the BC port of Prince Rupert and get that tar moving over to China.  A win win for Canada, more timber and oil to export.  British Columbia has to do its part to save the world and now it is BC's time.

Start harvesting more timber and fuel cars with methane or methanol.

No more wars for oil then.

prains's picture

Mountain Pine Beetle has already taken care of that, you'll have to move along nothing to see but brown dead twigs

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Fine, nature has prepared the fuel for combustion.  Brown dead DRIED twigs burn the fastest and are cheap to ship.

That's my preferred method of fire place fuel anyway, let mother nature kill the oaks, wait a year for them to dry, then cut and stack.

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Is it that bad up there too?  I live in Colorado and it's fire time here.

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It's time to kill off all people who see it as their mission to bring the message of god / politics / economics to all corners of the world. The world is big, very big, and able to house a broad diversity, but no, some / multitudes always try to enshrine the entire village in the same ignorance... whether that be imperialism, slavery, civility, religion, economics, morality.

I say the only way forward is to end all of these failed belief systems, or the people who impose them, or create states where each can exist undisturbed... if people want a religion of economic or political system, they just move... not go about proselytizing everyone in their community.

There are plenty of places in this world where oppressing women and being a barbarous male is permitted... move there, there is no reason to impose it on Turkey or Egypt. I could say the same for any religion / belief system, not just Islam.

I'm exaggerating somewhat to make a point... the absurdity of enforcing the will of some onto others who have chosen otherwise... it's basically an invasion... go somewhere that already believes what you do, make that community a beacon of advancement, and you won't have to convince anyone, they will shift voluntarily. The problem is, we come from a history where the whole globe must be conquered, once that's done, we can move past that absurd ambition. But till then, and because of that aim, we have not allowed others to live as they choose, and sadly many fools choose to remain in unwelcoming environments... women and children in most communities are oppressed / abused... women should just leave those places. Ideally.

If only we could practice that globally, we'd see real failures turned into real progress. Relocation costs can be mitigated so people are not trapped for financial reasons.

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Why is gold and silver not going through the roof?