Iceland Denies Snowden's Bid For Citizenship

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So much for Iceland's bid as the world safe haven from government (and intellectual status quo) persecution. The tiny country that was such a vocal supporter of Julian Assange, and which originally was speculated as being the final destination of Snowden upon his departure from Hong Kong, has just opined on his request for Icelandic citizenship, and the answer is a resounding no, following the country's "parliament voted not to debate it before the summer recess" Reuters reports.

It was none other than chess legend Bobby Fischer who was granted Icelandic citizenship by parliament in a comparable procedure after he got into trouble with the United States over tax evasion and breaking sanctions by playing a match in Yugoslavia in 1992. Apparently Snowden's was not worthy enough for comparable treatment.

In doing so, Iceland effectively washes its hands of Snowden's fate, and the vote leaves the whistleblower with one option less as he seeks a country to shelter him from U.S. espionage charges. How much longer Snowden's limbo state in the Moscow transit terminal continues is unclear, but according to media reports, Putin is getting increasingly displeased with the lack of resolution which may mean that sooner or later, Snowden will have no choice but to head back to the one country's whose massive internal espionage aparatus he revealed for the entire world to see.

From Reuters:

Six members of parliament tabled a proposal late on Thursday to grant Snowden citizenship after they received a request from him via WikiLeaks, opposition parliamentarian Birgitta Jonsdottir said.


But a majority of parliamentarians voted late on Thursday against allowing the proposal to be put on the agenda, a day before parliament went into summer recess. It does not reconvene until September.


"Snowden has formally requested citizenship. But nothing is now going to happen. We could not even vote on it," Jonsdottir told Reuters.


In a letter dated July 4, posted on Jonsdottir's blog, Snowden wrote that he had been left "de facto-stateless" by his government, which revoked his passport after he fled the country and leaked information about U.S. surveillance operations.


He has sought asylum in a number of countries, but most, including Iceland, say he must be on their soil for his application to be accepted.


His request for citizenship was a different tack, hoping that Iceland would give him a passport, as it has done in at least one similar case in the past.


"I appreciate that Iceland, a small but significant country in the world community, shows such courage and commitment to its higher laws and ideals," he wrote in the letter.


Under Icelandic law, parliament can grant citizenship to foreigners, which can otherwise usually only be gained through naturalization after a period of residence.


Chess master Bobby Fischer was granted Icelandic citizenship by parliament after he got into trouble with the United States over tax evasion and breaking sanctions by playing a match in Yugoslavia in 1992.


After years living abroad, he was detained in Japan, where he applied for and was awarded Icelandic citizenship in 2005. He spent his last years in Iceland before dying in 2008.


Iceland's recently elected center-right government is seen as far less willing to engage in an international dispute with the United States than the previous government, even if it will want to maintain the country's reputation for promoting Internet freedom.


"It is a disappointment that he is facing limited options," WikiLeaks Icelandic spokesman Kristinn Hrafnsson told Reuters. "I am not optimistic that the new conservative government will take steps of courage and boldness to assist Mr Snowden.

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Fuck you Rothschilds!

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COURTESY:::  Barak Hussein ... Nobel Peace Monger Lauriat ...

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This was to grant him citizenship....not asylum.  The citizenship vote was to be a sort of fast track to asylum.  For him to get asylum now he has to physically make it from Moscow to Iceland without pulling a Michael Hastings.

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My take:

Snowden stays in Moscow. The whole thing since he arrived has been planned all the way through. Putin's statement about chilling out on the releases was just a cover to let the US think he's playing ball. Meanwhile, every attempt is being made to force the puppets in NATO states to show their colors - which they are doing very well. Ultimately, when all the nations have rejected him, he quietly dissapears into Russia where he is never to be heard from again.

InTheLandOfTheBlind's picture

putin doesn't need to prove to anyone he is playing ball. much more likely that he didn't want snowden releasing anymore secrets because once release those secrets have no value to putin....  blackmail 101.... 

icanhasbailout's picture

My thoughts exactly. It's the only rationale for Putin not wanting additional info out there - it's more valuable to him as his own kept knowledge.

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From [Reuters/Rothschild]...


"Iceland has no TCBY in their airport ~ we couldn't keep him there"...

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if we're to be seriuos here just call iceland racist against...i would guess...finland.."en"  is usually finish right, those damn fins.

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You'd be far more accurate with Denmark, fyi. There was serious dislike pre WWII there.

Oh, and fun fact: the 2nd largest town in Iceland, Akureyri, hosts the (a?) Danish Embassy, in the same building as one of the big four international auditors, who signed off on a lot of the banking stuff. Oh, and if you're a historian, you'll love the connection between the Masonic Lodges there (both in Aur / Rek), when they were founded and who built their National parliament building ~ and the fact that the Statue in front of it is pointing in the wrong direction.

The Universe, it seems, is not without a sense of irony.

As for this story, what do you expect? Look into the British / American invasion / occupation during WWII, it's not like they don't know what happens to a nation of ~320,000 when shit is hitting the fan.


Two comics. They contain a little more truthiness than you realize. Sharp. Pointy. Teeth. (But we adore them; seriously, totally love them).


Sigh - a wild junker appears. Must have figured out my dastardly plan to point out that Mississippi's top three porn searches are a)ebony b)black (gay) and c)hentai. Funny how that works.

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My (off-the-cuff) take is that Iceland got burned when they found out Assange was just another CIA plant, and they don't need yet another one.

I am Chumbawamba.

Aurora Ex Machina's picture

I'm still left wondering why facts about Iceland are causing such anal arousal and pain.

They're all true.

Don't hate the messenger, as they say (and never, ever, ever, threaten them, that's just rude). And no: there's a fairly large conservative part to Icelandic Politics, always has been - their mind-set really isn't comparable to most other countries, it's very unique (and sexy). What do you expect from a people who think eating sheep heads is great cuisine. No, seriously: the entire fucking country was shit poor and desperate for years until WWII, and it took the Masons coming over for them to start building fucking stone buildings. In 1887. Given that most of the country is made of fucking rock, that's some serious levels of non-modernity. And the cousin-marrying? Yeah, there's a reason they're now hot-shit on their genetic database (which someone stole for research, touchy topic that one).


Their blood is fey, but there's serious conservative elements at play. Easiest translation: they don't think about politics in the same RED - BLUE fashion you do.


Oh, and sorry about mentioning the whole <REDACTED> majorly obvious <REDACTED> worship that's even larger than <REDACTED> 1,000 years ago stuff and the throwing of the <REDACTED> into the waterfall. No-one cares, trust me. And yes, love you very much.

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"It's the only rationale for Putin not wanting additional info out there - it's more valuable to him as his own kept knowledge."

Exactly, because if the US can't be sure of what he knows, Putin will be able to use misdirection by transmitting misinformation via methods he knows are compromised, but which the US can't be sure he knows are compromised. If Snowden releases it, the US will know what he knows.  All proving that he knows about Top Secret NSA stuff that Snowden hasn't released, making it highly likely that he already knew about everything Snowden has released, further meaning that there's probably a mole in the NSA or associated agency.

malikai's picture

But he's already released them to China and most if not all are already public knowledge now. The whole thing is for theatrics at this point, since it's clear that most Americans don't give a shit and beaureaucrats worldwide are more pissed that they don't have that data than they are about it watching them.


I'll add that this really is a win-win for everybody. Russia gets to make NATO puppets look like what they are. The owners in the west get to unveil their latest masterpeice. The subjects begin the acceptance phase. And work can begin on the next level of societal transformation.

Banjo's picture

No he doesn't need to but on the other hand there is politics.

sgt_doom's picture

I think you are technically right about Putin, InTheLandOfTheBlind, but Putin is in the wrong 'cause things have progressed far beyond the so-called blackmail stage --- the global elites are simply too rich and too powerful today --- it wouldn't be the first time Putin was fanciful in his thinking about the USA, recall when he sent over a top notch computer technoid bunch to do corporate espionage, and none of them could get any sensitive jobs in any corporations (Putin believing the fairy tale of the American "meritocracy"), and Obama deported this ostensible spy ring under the Foreign Agents Registration Act (as they weren't registered foreign business agents with the Treasury Department, etc.)?


ToNYC's picture

Time is on Vlad's side. The West is busy wriggling around swallowing the hook.

Ignatius's picture

He can stay at my place... well, I've got an extra room, why not?

'Course, he'll have to do his share around the house....

EL INDIO's picture

He could walk to an embassy (in Moscow) like Julian.

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Refugee from the USA Bobby Fischer died in Iceland, perhaps murdered by CIA-Mossad-Nato, shortly after arriving there. Death by sprayed medical disease is a long-developed CIA Mossad technique. They maybe killed Hugo Chávez of Venezuela that way.

Edward Snowden has been either a totally ungracious fool and immature idiot toward the Russians ... or he was, as many say, a CIA shill and plant all long.

Putin said Snowden could stay ... He just needed to quickly publish everything he was intending to leak, so he would not be carrying out individual operations to attack a foreign intelligence agency from Russian soil (an act of war). This was a reasonable request from Putin

But noooo ... little spoiled Snowden wanted to leak slowly in a manner of his own choosing, along with the corrupt UK Guardian trying to sell Google ads on their website by drawing this out

Snowden has been going out of his way to insult and demean his hosts, the Russians, who offer him safe haven for the rest of his life

And Snowden is acting like a child, requesting asylum from places where CIA agents roam freely and can easily kill him ... unlike the much more secure Russia ... WTF ?


« Snowden reminds us of Assange, a supposed fighter for truth and justice who supports war on Iran, who supports Israel’s occupation of Palestine and who considers any effort to look into wrongdoing by Israel or America’s neocon fanatics, things such as 9/11, a “waste of time.” »


Guidelines for Edward Snowden and Anyone Escaping from the USA Seeking Asylum

(1) Recognise that it is basically difficult, and in general, no country wants any asylum seekers from anywhere, aside from
(a) High-profile political defections in the case of current conflict with an adversary
(b) Countries like the US that have had somewhat 'easy' asylum as a back-door way of allowing immigration, in order to increase the labour pool, depress worker wages, and increase the number of citizens who are politically docile

(2) There is nothing special about an oppressive country or a tinpot dictatorship. Maybe half the countries in the world or more, are oppressive to some groups, and there are at least a billion people who would like to escape to more freedom. Therefore, US oppressed people ... welcome to the club along with tens of millions of Africans etc. You are just like them now, not 'more special' than them because it is the US dictatorship oppressing you.

(3) Especially, almost no one desires asylum seekers from the US because of
(a) Hostility and revenge by the US government
(b) Now that the US is a tinpot dictatorship, the number of oppressed, wrongfully accused etc US citizens who would want asylum could be a million or more, and no one wants to be flooded with arriving upset Americans
(c) The traditional arrogance of Americans, seen when they travel, they tend to feel they are 'exceptional', a 'chosen people', 'special' ... they tend to have an attitude of arrogance toward other cultures, wanting things 'their way' rather than trying to fit in

(4) What is really crazy is to treat 'asylum' as if picking restaurants to visit. Countries do not want to go out of their way to 'invite' asylum candidates from 3rd countries who are 'shopping'. This goes double if you are from the USA.

(5) As an asylum seeker, you should take the attitude of some poor Asian or African ... you are lucky to be in a place where you are not imprisoned, tortured,  or facing a fake political trial. Be grateful, and try to adjust to where you are. Do not be arrogant with your hosts or imagine you can be 'shopping' for a place you like better. Thank God you are not in US custody.

(6) A lot of traditional asylum avenues are secretly or openly closed to USA victims. Canada is now a US poodle, it is not like in Pierre Trudeau's day accepting Vietnam War objectors. They give asylum seekers back to the US. Ditto the UK. And organisations like Amnesty International have a secret deal with the US, to not help USA victims, so they can get CIA and US-based funding. There is little 'help' out there

(7) Countries have in fact accepted US asylum seekers who have already arrived in certain places, but basically quietly and without fanfare, trying to avoid openly provoking the US bully ... and the media and Google Inc also co-operate in hiding the fact these events are occurring. Papers are given using various 'cover' mechanisms (employment etc) rather than open direct political asylum. A big media storm changes the game, however, and makes this more difficult.

(8) The basic strategy for an American asylum seeker is to arrive and already be in a place where you will, in practice, be difficult to dislodge by legal means, because the local legal system has enough integrity and independence, to not ship you back to the USA. In retrospect, for Edward Snowden, France or Italy might actually have been the best choice - but only if Snowden was there already.

(9) The whole thing with Julian Assange in Britain, fearing extradition to the US from Sweden, never made any sense at all. Not because Sweden would not do it, but because Britain itself has a special 'easy extradition' treaty with the USA, requiring little or no evidence. When Assange was roaming around the UK, in fancy rich people's houses, before being in the Ecuador embassy, the US could have asked the UK to grab Assange and ship him out, easier than with any other country in the world. Something seems fishy.

(10) You are not even safe when you think you are safe - Refugee from US, wanted on criminal charges for 'illegally' playing chess in a country targeted by US sanctions (!), the anti-Zionist Jew Bobby Fischer, finally got refuge in Iceland after being jailed for a time in Japan. Shortly afterwards, Fischer was mysteriously dead, perhaps a victim of assassination by CIA-Mossad medical disease spray. Iceland is a Nato country where Nato and CIA agents can roam freely. The CIA has admitted that Western Europe is the only sector of the planet they hesitate to kill people - but they still do it here. A country like Russia or China or Cuba, where CIA agents cannot roam freely or hire assassins, is probably best from a securiy viewpoint

(11) Recommendations for Mr Snowden, if you are genuine: Be grateful for Russian hospitality, do not insult the only people who may be keeping you alive and out of prison. Be cautious about Assange and Wikileaks, and the sometimes highly-corrupt UK Guardian. Stop playing teasing media games with the Guardian, to draw out your leaks so they can sell Google Ads - the Guardian is desperate for cash. Instead, dump and publish everything you were going to publish, right now, leaving aside only your 'insurance' part to help keep you alive, and thus you can satisfy Mr Putin's condition about not causing more international problems for him. You are in Russia and Putin says you can stay. Thank him, profusely. Take a few quiet weeks, start learning Russian, maybe drink some Green Label Russian vodka with some attractive female Russian FSB agents. Calm down in safety. After a few weeks, as the media storm rolls over and dissipates, you will have wiser perspective, and can start your new life. You have a new home, treat it with respect. Many Russians are great people. Living there, working there, and still being free 5 years from now when maybe the US empire collapses, will be a great triumph.

ToNYC's picture

Every word in this "But noooo ... little spoiled Snowden"

"Snowden reminds us of Assange"

is a B-M, H-K public relations of misinformation. The longer and more expertly driven the narrative, the greater number of unthinkers are led to believe. Hey, it's like free thinking for you, duh!

earleflorida's picture

well... aren't you the special diplomat, du`jour

,... Ps.    God Bless you Edward Snowden and Julian Assange!

RSloane's picture

Bank guy is consistent for giving us false "if-then" statements. If B then A where all other options and variables have been reduced to zero regardless of their applicability. His propaganda posts should be read for entertainment only.

mofreedom's picture

who is this God you speak of?

sarc off.

tarsubil's picture

If the CIA hasn't got him, he must work for the CIA. The CIA is all powerful.

Did you remember the CIA spook caught by the Russians with a $2 wig? Did you remember that Brennan is the head of the CIA? The CIA is largely moronic sociopaths/Federal bureaucrats playing spy.  

malikai's picture

I find it hard to believe that he wasn't supposed to get caught.

Looks like the o'l 'other' GLG-20 to me. If youknowhaddimean.

But then again, they actually could be this stupid. Which also wouldn't surprise me.

YHC-FTSE's picture

Bankguy. Mate, I appreciate opinions contrarian to mine, but for whatever reason I cannot really fathom from the muddled, disparate pieces of information about Edward I have absorbed during the last few days, my gut feeling tells me that I should at least respect what he has done for all of us and help him in whatever way I can. Nobody is perfect, and nitpicking at his mistakes - lack of prep, behaviour, &  personality while he tries to survive the rabid hounds from home in a predicament within which I am not sure any of us could have done as well on the trot - is below par. It's easy to be critical in retrospect, but I won't kid myself that I could have done better since I have never experienced a situation remotely similar to his. I have however learned the depth and pernicious influence of American power, which exceeds even my worst fears.

Casting aspersions on Edward, kicking a man while he's down, attributing all kinds of tenuous links on him when he is clearly in dire straits, without a home, country, friends or family for support, his fate being decided by the whims of the powerful. Well, your post tells me more about your personality than Edward's.

I agree that it would be wise for him to stay in Russia, and as I began, I do appreciate information that contradicts my own views. I think Edward is one of us, and I will treat him as such until he proves me wrong.

DollarMenu's picture

And every twist to the Snowden story takes us further down the road away from Benghazi and what went on there.

sgt_doom's picture

It was indirectly pointed out at this site, on a TD post, about Snowden's previous CIA contractor stint regarding the penetration of offshore tax havens (in Switzerland, etc.) but since few have still gotten the memo, please recall that the IRS, in a most circuitous manner, was handed confidential tax haven data (by Snowden, in case nobody has figured it out yet), and on May 9th, on the IRS web site, it was announced that they were untaking the largest tax investigation in history into those offshore tax havens together with the UK and Australia, and within a matter of days the acting IRS commissioner, Miller, was fired!

Snowden has attempted to perform miracles. . . .

Bringin It's picture

Come on BGiB you've got your chosen people confused. The traditional arrogance of Americans, seen when they travel, they tend to feel they are 'exceptional', a 'chosen people', 'special' ... they tend to have an attitude of arrogance toward other cultures, wanting things 'their way' rather than trying to fit in

Most people can distinguish between the government and the people, with some appreciation for those who've managed to get a passport, look around, see what's happening and maybe stop propping up and instead escape the empire bubble.  Yes there are ugly Americans, but the same goes for any nationality.  A Swede just stabbed a Kiwi over here about a tiny dog in a bar, so the paper tells me.

Best wishes to Snowden at what must be difficult times.

MarsInScorpio's picture

Actually, what he needs to do is make it to the Icelandic Embassy in Moscow. If Putin will give him safe passage, he can go to any embassy and be on that county's "soil."


flacon's picture

Poor guy. He may have to live in airports for the rest of his life. This just sucks!

General Decline's picture

"Poor guy. He may have to live in airports for the rest of his life. This just sucks!"


Depends... will he have access to the business lounge?

kito's picture

lets hope morales of bolivia returns the favor after being utterly humiliated by europe ( the same europe that is so enraged by u.s. espionage that they bent over for obama by grounding a president's plane).......................................

McMolotov's picture

This fiasco has exposed Uncle Sam as the wannabe emperor we always thought he was.

I used to somewhat respect this country, but over the past ten years, it's been like discovering proof that your girlfriend is secretly a crack-smoking ho bag.

malikai's picture

Not girlfriend. They are too easy to get rid of. More like very posessive, abusive, sadistic, fat, untrusting, untrustworthy, and expensive wife with the most clenching prenup (which of course you didn't sign, but that doesn't matter).

General Decline's picture

...Or an uncle that repeatedly rapes you.

Ignatius's picture

I was just thinkin', since the corporations run this show, and looking at your McAvatar I was thinking he should rush the doors at McDonalds and seek asylum there and

... wait for it...

be McFREE!

Note: clean bathrooms

Promo opportunity:  The McSnowden Sandwich

(we're not gonna tell you how many calories, but we know)

Totentänzerlied's picture

You do know that old Honest Evo is a corrupt sociopath wannabe-Chavez dictator, right? His best stunt was going on a hunger strike to force a constitutional amendment.

Lore's picture

Re: "a corrupt sociopath wannabe-dictator..."

It seems to be that or whoredom. Choose wisely.

malikai's picture

Whores are honest.

Show me an honest politician.

kito's picture

corrupt sociopath wannbe dictator...hmm.....sound alot like some other "leader of the first world"....cant place my exact finger on who that might be though........

RSloane's picture

I could but I don't want to permanently harm my finger.

jmcadg's picture

Wasn't Jar Jar Binks French?

FuzzyDunlop21's picture

Anyone else have the urge to fly to Moscow just to shake this guys hand?

Peter Pan's picture

Can you get his autograph for me?

I want to add it to the declaration of independence.

Ignatius J Reilly's picture

At the risk of the NSA drone killing my ass, honestly, I'd like to help him.

AgShaman's picture he wearing Google's glasses?

Kirk2NCC1701's picture

Simon Black?

Will he fly there, shake his hand, give him sage advice (ex-spook to ex-spook)?

Seriously, I'm not being a smart ass.  Well, maybe a 'little'.  For purposes of gallows humor.