From Greece With Schizophrenia

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Earlier today, among other lies statements to New Democracy party supporters in Athens, Greek Prime Minister Antonis Samaras said (with a straight face) that the country is now the only oasis of stability in wider region, in contrast to the past. Which, in addition to the obvious, is ironic for the following rather amusing reason.

Sadly, Greece is sadly not alone and with lies across the entire "developed" world have hit unprecedented schizophrenic levels, one wonders: do they even bother any more for anything besides just sheer comedic value?

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Need for SBUX, MCD, jack in the Box and don' t forget WMT.


650,000 defense employees start furloughs Monday

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You have no idea what you are talking about.

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I love schizophrenia!  What's schizophrenia?  SHUT UP!  Who you talking to? Myself.

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Samaras always was and always will be a malaka( wanker).The only bigger malakes are those that voted for him and the rest of the 300 useless fools that govern the country.

Malaka is the most common expression in Greece according to some friends and given the way they have put up with one austerity measure after another, I can see why.

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Well my friend you can stick with your mr Samaras all the way down. With 60% youth unemployment I can see why you think he is a real success. With young people leaving the country perhaps you can now get a job. Or perhaps you are one of the people that abandon your children on the steps of churches or orphanages, or perhaps you didn't read how the IMF admitted to aking mistakes in their calculations about austerity measures in Greece.

Or perhaps we can wait for your Greek bank account to be Cyprussed as well.

The people of Greece deserve better but won't get better until they realise they are part of a plan to have their national assets stripped off them.

Better a drachma in the hand than a euro overlord on your back.

You're a disgrace to the 300 Spartans, the memory of Marathon and the people who held back the Germans in WWII with WWI weapons.

Now you welcome them and wine them and dine them while licking their shoes.

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What are you talking about? It took a small part of the German army just two weeks to beat that bunch of Greek cowards in WW2, including a 50.000 men British army corps. Always have in mind, todays Greeks have nothing in common with the old Spartans, they are the sons of the Turks who raped their great grandmothers over and over in the past centuries.    

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Another German wanker joins the discussion. At least other Germans are industrious.

Read your history and you will discover that Greeks held out longer than most others and as Churchill said from now on we will not say that they fought like heroes but that they fought like Greeks.

Or perhaps you are not aware of the atrocities committed by Germans in Greece when they locked women and children in a school and set it alight.

Read your history, if you are German, and mke amends if you have a conscience.

Todays Greeks have picked up a few bad habits in the last 2000 years but they are more Greek than the world suspects. They just have to wake up as do the Spanish, the Portugese and the Italians.

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Greeks put up a hell of a fight compared to the French.

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You done lost yo mind?  That video is supposed to be humorous.  It is a Greek-American comedian impersonating his family.

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Lol, that war criminal Churchill threw the Greeks under the German bus and still some Greeks think it´s worth listening to him. In reality "fighting like a Greek" means losing a war within days. Pretty much the same as "working like a Greek" means acchieving nothing. The Greeks are one of the biggest losers of WW2 and they still don´t get it. But that´s the Greeks national disease, denial of reality.

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were you aware that the _first_ time the invincible germans requested a cease-fire was while fighting greece?
were you aware that germany was the premier industrial power and greece was an agricultural country with weapons decades out of date? were you aware that greece had just finished fighting a war against italy, a war in which greece defated mussolini's numerically and technologically superior army? were you aware that it took longer for germany to defeat greece than france, belgium, the netherlands, or poland? were you aware that unlike france where the occupation government even came in with contingency plans for trash collection and street cleaning and continued postal service, in greece the occupation came in with a general requisition of any foodstuffs so that 5% of the population died of starvation that winter?

consider again why the invincible germans would need to request a cease-fire from the greeks.. because we put up one hell of a fight. yes, we were defeated, it would be hard to compare the power between a technological and industrial mammoth, and a small farming country with obsolete weapons and no industry for even a sufficient supply of ammunition (a lot of the equipment we were using at that point was what we had captured from the italians whom we had just defeated), who had already just been through a war months before.

how about what the germans themselves thought about it.. hitler said, in a speech to the reichstag,
"For the sake of historical truth I must verify that only the Greeks, of all the adversaries who confronted us, fought with bold courage and highest disregard of death"

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"Churchill threw the Greeks under the German bus"


Well at least you got one thing right while you're wallowing in your own bullshit.

So did your mammy tell you about the time the Russian 194th Rifle Division ass raped her? I'm guessing you were an ass birth. Bet she liked it, thats why she said "Better a Russian on my belly than an American over my head"

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Wolf - guess whose grandmother was being raped by Russians four years later?

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Q: how do you separate the men from the boys in Greece?
A: with a crowbar. 

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This pop-quiz is sponsored by Golden DawnTM.

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Why can't we have a party like that?  Oh, yeah, that's right...

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in the news today here in Belgium:

A young kids of 25 stabbed a burglar who was in his mothers bedroom. The burglar who was later caught by the police put in a complaint against the son of the woman because THE SON HAD NO RIGHT TO PROTECT HIMSELF AGAINST THE BURLAR BECAUSE NOBODY MAY USE SELFDEFENSE TO PROTECT MATERIAL GOODS AND SO IT'S NOT SELF PROTECTION BUT ASSAULT!!!!


I already told my wife... when I would catch a burglar... he would be stabbed to, thrown into the basement, shopped up into pieces and thrown into a garbage can somewhere on the interstate. No kidding.
I think there's a pretty good chance he wouldn't survive his trip in my house.
My wife and kids all know that when it's night and you hear a noise they should not come out of their bedrooms because daddy is 100% awake and already armed when they hear it and daddy is already inspecting the rooms and to avoid accidents, nobody may walk arround.

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+ 1

If they have Netflix service in Belgium, consider watching the "Dexter" series!

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Go buy a large, chrome plated knife. WHEN you clip that burgler, put the knife in his hand or at least get his prints on it. Now it's self defense.  Just ask any cop how they do it.

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When I lived in Brussels in the late 1970's the Belgain Gendarmerie(sort of a paramilitary police force) were much respected and feared and for good reason. Granted that was the time around Direct Action and Red Brigades, but this shit I hear from Western Europe and the UK is just incredible to me.

Greece however is no surprise. That old cocksucker Andreas Papandreou and Pasok turbo charged corruption and the parasite eventually took over the host and just killed it.


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There is a large (and very sharp) samari sword in my bedroom for such purposes. I also have an insurance policy with S&W in case things get beyond that.


Just be careful inspecting rooms. In the firearms course I taught, we taught it was a good way to get yourself killed if the burgler had a gun. They can sit in the dark, but you give yourself away with a flashlight.

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That's what drones are for Bro.

Surgical strikes are just for shits and giggles.

Car crashes and heart attacks are much more fun.

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About a year ago, 'our' pm (Netherlands) stated that it should be possible to get rid of a burglar with a few ferm punches....

Yup. 3 'north african dudes with masks and guns'....What can i do, wave at them with my parking tickets?

Don't let them take your guns Americano's... It's your only amendment left.

Make_Mine_A_Double's picture

+1 - we know.....that ain't gonna happen.

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From my cold lifeless fingers, empty.

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At least the DHS recommends we use scissors.  They never run out of ammo!


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Got that one right,Colonel!   Rather be judged by 12 than carried by 6

Colonel Klink's picture

Unfortunately nowadays those 12 are usually police, then 6 medical examiner dudes are the ones carrying you.  Welcome to the USSA.

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If you're into selfdefense, you got no business living in enlightened Europe.

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In my state, which is among the most permissive as to gun laws, you cannot use deadly force to protect property. For example an actual case, you cannot shoot someone stealing your truck.  Encounter in a bedroom could be different, depends on circumstances.

Florida is definitely different, as we learn from professor & JAG Cpt. Carter, if someone is in your house there is a presumption that your life is being threatened and deadly force is allowed.

But imagine someone drunk or with Alzheimer's that wanders into an unlocked house. Use of deadly force depends on the situation. The Belgian kid was right from your description. If you are going to take out a burglar, be warned, the forensic people are very good. They may not figure out what really happened, but they will figure out enough to convict you.

PS. Belgium has interstates?

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ahh how i miss the moonlit evenings sipping ouzo on the beach at Skyros with beautiful, giggling, glassy eyed Greek women. no language barrier, just the pure joy of the warm Aegean Sea breeze, the smell of seafood grilling, the laughter of others enjoying the same. i'd go back, but i'm afraid my great memories would be lost forever from what i'd find there now. all the best to the Greek people. 


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When your ship is sitting at the bottom of the tranquil ocean, it is hard to notice the raging storm above

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damn right, they shank you for 2 euros and a small beer there...

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This is actually pretty serious, but instead of lying about it we should be compassionate. I've read that these poor fucks can't even get meds anymore. Maybe what's really going on in Greece is kinda a mass withdrawl sorta thingy?

I mean seriously, taking away meds is pretty damn dangerous.

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Yutes of Detroit (15 and older) who feel safe at night walking alone in the city in which they live.Hmmm,not even chart worthy.

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Feels pretty safe packin 45

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But it's safe for Goldie Hawn and Kurt Russell to sunbathe and enjoy the Greek Isles.


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  Greece is {Passe'}, the image of Europe in 5-10 years. Tyler I grabbed this article. B.S. or not?

 Edward Snowden Accuses Germany of Aiding NSA in Spying Efforts - SPIEGEL ONLINE

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It is war. Call it what it is. It is definitely not lies.

We are at war. A global war between the bankers, their political appointees and their military mercinaries against all other persons is well under way.

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There is no financial crisis. It's a STUPIDITY CRISIS!

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Don't forget, the Greek invented Democracy and politicians had centuries of experience with lying and deceiving their population.

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They seem to define stabilty as "i have fallen and i can't get up".

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“The long-term problem is that the fiscal plan for Greece is entirely implausible,” said Fredrik Erixon, head of the European Centre for International Political Economy in Brussels. “There’s a charade going on between the troika and the Greek government and there will be further bumps in the road regarding future bailout payments.”