The "Pro" And "Anti" Egypt Coup Crowds Now Gathering, In Two Dramatic Pictures

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If there was a day when the post-military coup situation in Egypt could come to an explosive culmination, today is the first such opportunity. The pro-Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood-led supporters, having regained their bearings after last week's tumultuous events in which they were forcibly removed from power, have regrouped and are organizing protest marches across various Egyptian cities. The problem is that so are the victorious anti-Morsi groups, which match the supportive rallies in size, and also have the support of the military.

Ahram reports:

Marches in Cairo, planned to kick off at 5pm on Sunday, will set out from Fatah Mosque in Cairo's Ramses district; the nearby Sayeda Zeinab Mosque; Mohandeseen district's Mostafa Mahmoud Square and Dawaran Shubra Square in the working-class Shubra Al-Kheima district towards Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo and the Ittihadiya presidential palace in Heliopolis - focal points of mass rallies that led to the overthrow of the Islamist president.


Anti-Morsi groups warn of a US-Brotherhood plot to "occupy" their protest venues - namely Tahrir Square - the cradle of the 2011 revolution.


In Egypt's second city of Alexandria, two marches are planned to converge at the Sidi Gaber Square - a site of many recent clashes.


Marches are scheduled towards flashpoint squares in the pivotal city of Suez, which will meet in Al-Arbaeen Square, and the Nile Delta city of Mahala at Al-Shoun Square.


Provincial towns in Upper Egypt and the Nile Delta will see mass rallies converge outside governors' offices. Rival demonstrations by the former president's Islamist backers – a strong force in Upper Egypt - are planned in the same cities, heightening fears of more violent showdowns.


Since president Morsi's ouster on Wednesday, street battles between rival factions have killed at least 37 people and injured more than 1,400.


The Muslim Brotherhood-led National Alliance in Support of Legitimacy has called for mass nationwide rallies on Sunday to defend Morsi's "constitutional legitimacy." Thousands of Morsi supporters have already been camping out at Rabaa Al-Adawiya Mosque in Cairo for over a week with plans to continue.


More pro-Morsi demonstrations are planned in other focal points in Cairo, inducing the Presidential Guard Building and Nahda Square near Cairo University - a scene of fierce clashes between rival camps last week.

Yet little does the combustible situation justice quite as effectively as the following two images from Al Jazeera, showing both the anti-Morsi demonstrations in Tahrir Square...

... and the pro-Morsi protest gathering in Nasr City.

As well as this panorama shot courtesy of JamalsNews:

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malikai's picture

Something tells me they're not all there to trade baseball cards.

How long till they start showing up in the same place?

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I logged in just so i could write firrst. get a fucking life u buttholes!  (ps fuck ur ironies)

flacon's picture

Where are the libertarians, or are they still fighting over who will be the best dictator?

Stackers's picture

Lets get ready to Ruuuuuuuuuuuuummmmmbleeeee !!!

Cortez the Killer's picture

Inshala, the streets will run w muslim blood

robertocarlos's picture

They will be playing knifey spoony.

Pain Train's picture

And while Egypt burns, Israel uses the distraction to hit Syria AGAIN...this time by sea. If it's true that S-300 components are now smoldering, Putin will have steam coming out of his ears.

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Get ready to Rummmmmmmmbbbbbbbbbbaaaaaaaallllllllllllllll

Conchy Joe's picture

John Courage Kerry is on the way in his mega princess battle yacht to deliver a big old can of democracy.

Operation "Leave all mid-east countries in ruin" (aka Arab Spring) is going well.

Time for a photo op

New_Meat's picture

"Time for a photo op."

There is a reason that he still is known locally as "Live-Shot".  The most dangerous place in the Commonwealth used to be between a microphone and a camera when Kerry was around.

And I do believe that this is the first time I have ever heard "Courage" associated with JFK, even as <sarc>.  Goin' back to earlier '70s, medal tossing, "Gengis Khan", etc.

- Ned

Conchy Joe's picture

I supersized the sarc for that one - it's the American way!

Five8Charlie's picture

Oh, just wait until Markey has been around for a while. He's the one Jackass who will make Kerry look good.

(Well, maybe not good. Just less worse-than-Markey)


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And the winner is........



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+1 I think I recognise that avatar from 'Bees like yellow'.

worbsid's picture

Does he still have his yacht docked in RI so he doesn't have to pay MA taxes?

gwar5's picture

Yes, and MA won't prosecute because they are all a little dinghy.


Go Tribe's picture

I hope Putin smokes those Zionist bastards. Fucking chosen people my ass.

Sofa King Confused's picture

I wish I could give you a +100.  Lets get this party started.

PennilessPauper's picture

well richard silverstein's server is in the USA.  Also they have taken great efforts to cover their tracks.  I wonder if Richard AKA DICK is any relationship to Larry Silverstein?

Call me racist or antisemite but I don't really trust any Zionist Jews after 911.



ejmoosa's picture

While they are busy fighting amongst themselves, they do not have time to fuck with us.  

I prefer it that way.

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The Egyptian military is financed by the U.S. ($1.3 billion/year). A few weeks before the military coup started Hagel and Dempsey met with Egyptian generals. This coup is being financed and was orchestrated by Uncle Sam. There should be no doubt about that.

Bringin It's picture

Uncle Zino has to pay, ... considering the consequences to Uncle Zino if he doesn't.

After all, it's only paper.

noless's picture

I'm guessing organizing their militias for the inevitable fallout.

Did you miss the part in the article about deaths due to fighting by rival factions?

Dick Buttkiss's picture

Where are the libertarians, or are they still fighting over who will be the best dictator?

Precisely, for as was said following the last coup, "[W]hat is going on in Egypt ... involves regime change, not regime collapse":

Which is to say that not until the world's monstrous nation-states succumb to the "devolution revolution" that can and must start here will there every be any meaningful change in the world:

Meanwhile, the state can kiss my ass.

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You can't be up voted if your post starts with italic text.

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nor down voted.  Ol' muppet could have saved itself

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Its a problem with block quotes, not italics.

Dick Buttkiss's picture

That's odd, as all I did was paste the sentence in and click on the quote tab in the menu bar. But appreciate your trying.

Renewable Life's picture

Can't up arrow you for some reason, so I'll reply instead, your absolutely correct, these people are all doomed to cycles of murder and violence until they wake up to see government IS their PROBLEM, not the answer to anything! 

The same goes for America and the West too, and this is why Obama and his big government nanny crew are stunned and frozen on what to do in Egypt, they think government solves everything, but they have no answers when government finally manifests into what it always does, unbridled tyranny!

and on another note, let me guess which City will NOT be having big protest that become violent and the military will be there in mass.............SUEZ! 

SDShack's picture

No, 0zer0 and the like minded sociopaths that form the perverse cabal of NWO efforts KNOW exactly what to expect from the masses if their plans go too far too fast. Why do you think the NSA is spying on everyone? Why is the IRS given control over everyone? Why is Homeland Security stockpiling BILLIONS of rounds of ammunition? Why did 0zer0 fret about voters "clinging to guns and religion"? No way 0zer0 and the like are stunned by this response. They have been expecting it and planning for it from day 1. Their only hope is that they have enough of the control infrastructure in place to quickly quell the uprisings. That means security control, as well as information control. The only things these sociopaths fear is a French Revolution type of response. It's all about control and making the world slaves. You will know the NWO is upon us when they get serious about taking over the internet "to protect us". That is the signal of the end and it isn't far off after the way TPTB have gone after the mainstream media "leakers".

Renewable Life's picture

I meant they don't know how to handle the situation in Egypt!!! I'm sure TPTB have a very good idea of what they will do in America, "if trouble starts"!

Look to the "Boston Bombings" for clarification!

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

They actually would prefer for things to turn violent here in North America.  Its gives them the opportunity to use force themselves.  Use of force is their expertise.

Thats why we normal people have to win the information war.  (which we are, btw)

Dugald's picture


 French Revolution type of response........

Got my needles and have been hording wool for ages....


Dick Buttkiss's picture

There is surely no greater lack of imagination than in the field of human governance, as it is taken for granted that there can be no rule of law that isn't instituted and operated by a government, i.e., by a territorial monopoly on the use of force.

No matter how many times it's repeated, once this monopoly comes to be — always and everywhere by the use of a priori force — then no matter how simple and sensible its rule of law might be, it will be used by the government and those who control it — i.e., by the state — to deprive the people of their lives, liberties, property, and produce.

And yet, on it goes, one regime change after another but always a regime.

How often must Einstein be quoted in this regard?

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Oil, meet water...


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Not particularly, but all those ppl do have to find toilets.

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I wonder of there are any enterprsing Egyptians with porta potty trucks down there?

$2 bucks to take a dump and wash your hands, perhaps a spritz of "smell good" for a couple coins?


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wash the feet...
they eat with their hands..


 I know, I know, God will punish me for that shit

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Starving people don't poop.

How hungry are they?

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Once upon a time in the land of the Arabian Nights, I saw a guy with the full on robes paused in deep thought.

A minute or two later, he walked away, and left a tootsie roll!

How about that?

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knuckles, that would be hand, singular.  Although, you can spice your food however you wish ;-O

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they only eat with the right hand.


they use the left hand to wipe their ass.

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they only eat with the right hand.


they use the left hand to wipe their ass.



Guess that means the right side is always half ass clean?.

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Why no toilet paper?

lakecity55's picture

Islamic tradition has it the joos invented TP, so it is not permitted.