Video Of Asiana Airlines Flight 214 Crash Released

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Still confused how Asiana Airlines Flight 214 crashed yesterday, leading to the first fatalities associated with a Boeing 777 airplane? The following just released video from CNN should answer all lingering questions, and also explain why all airport landing systems should always be turned on (especially to assist those who apparently are clueless when it comes to operating without computer assistance, such as 9 out of 10 modern equity "traders").

And inside:

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Steve Austin... Astronaut... A man barely alive...

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There's been a motorcycle accident. We have the parts. We CAN rebuild him.

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'Fred Haise' [guy filming the crash]... Wasn't he one of the Apollo 13 astronauts?...


Maybe he should stay away from flying aircraft...

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Oh my God, Oh my God, Oh my God...

Normally I only hear those kind of words from my girlfriends...

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view from another angle

spoiler: it's actually the space shuttles when they flew into the pentagram


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"Steve Austin... Astronaut... A man barely alive..."



We can REBUILD him... We have the technology...

- We have the HFT trading algos

- We have the EBT cards

- We have NSA

- We have the Manchurian Candidate

- We have the Supreme Court in our pockets

- We have Bin Laden

- We have Indiana quarried limestone buildings that print money 24/7 [100% notwithstanding the people who operate therein]...

- We control the horizontal

- We control the vertical

- We have the erector set

- We have the gold [oh wait]...

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"Gentlemen, we can create the world's first biomoronic man."

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I'm thinking that 'biomoronic' may be an 'oxymoronic' term... Man made biology ~ It's all the rage...

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Cyborg was a good book.

The show...not so much.  Hokey, hokey...

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Now if only we could get a video of Sheryl Sandberg looking at herself in the mirror admiring her Face

Sheryl Sandberg · 1,205,873 followers

Taking a minute to be thankful and explain what happened. My family, colleagues Debbie Frost, Charlton Gholson and Kelly Hoffman and I were originally going to take the Asiana flight that just crash-landed. We switched to United so we could use miles for my family's tickets. Our flight was scheduled to come in at the same time, but we were early and landed about 20 minutes before the crash. Our friend Dave David Eun was on the Asiana flight and he is fine.

Thank you to everyone who is reaching out - and sorry if we worried anyone.

Serious moment to give thanks.

PS did you notice in the various fotos from yesterday how many of the survivors had their carry-on luggage, laptops etc with them - even George Costanza would blush


and WTF was Lady Sheryl and her entoruage doing in fucking Korea and why the heartfelt concern/relief for everone`s favorite citizen journalist / Samsung exec David Eun - is there some sort of FB Samsung luv connection?

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Funny, only near the Pentagon are pilots able to fly just feet above the ground for great distances.

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You're correct: The USAF can't; the Brits can.


Sure, it might be due to shitty counter-measures and practising for the Russian push, but the RAF can hug a hillside like no other.

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Yeah, but the 911 guys were going much faster, and weren't trying to land.

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"wee hope you enjoy fwite, pweese to chek overhed before leave."

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The Oh my god and you're filiming it too.

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You really dont need an ILS system to be on when its CAVU outside.

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Actually you do need a working ILS if that is how you have been taught and told how to fly a computer laden a/c like the 777. Most major, foreign airports (other than USA) don't allow visual approaches. Those pilots were not proficient with visual approaches and it cost them. Was there a working PAPI/VASI and how do you explain red over red to the Feds?

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Red over White you are right.  Red over Red, you're dead.  Basic VASI private pilot 101.

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+1  Agree on lack of experience with visual approaches.

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My experience with Asian pilots gives me the distinct impression they have depth perception issues...

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Perhaps so. Personnally, I give them a 9.5 for making a 777 pirouette on landing, and only killing 2 people.

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Have you seen them drive?  What do you think is going to happen if you put them in the pilot's seat?

I know this post will sink me if I am ever up for a Supreme Court appointment someday.

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how in the Fuck do you become a major airline pilot, on brand new equipment, and don't have experience with visual approaches??


god damn it...sully can land better on a fucking river...he needs to create a book "Flying for dummies".



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Had this discussion on ZeroHedge before, why are humans allowed much input in flying nowadays. Computers are 100 times better. Vast majority of recent crashes are human error. (Except the landing on the Hudson, and the Alaska airlines tail malfunction)

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PAPIs/VASIs u/s.  First world?  Nah..

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He should have known his altitude at every marker beacon. There is a cross check with his altimeter and radar altimeter.
Fly eleven hours and you don't have enough time to check the approach into SFO ?
Pressure from the airline to not initiate go around procedures when there is even the hint of a need to go missed.

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Also available at SFO is an overlay gps approach to 28L with step down fixes every Mile or two.

There is the approach.

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I think he was flying with autopilot on not knowing that the landing system was off.

He allowed the aircraft to guide in thinking it was (almost) on automatic till it was too late.

It's amazing that this didn't end up being even worse than it was...

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You shouldn't need one. 

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somoene told me yesterday you need one if the pilot is Asian!

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Asian women drivers are always the worst....

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what, you don't have black women drivers in your area?

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Exactly.  And any fly by wire system is only as good as the information inputs and the electronics.

Do you think the simplest program is ever completely debugged?  If pilots don't land manually now and then in ideal weather conditions, their skills will atrophy.  Shit happens.  Expecting perfect outcomes from an imperfect world is the Oprah Winfrey School of Idiot Chique.  "They" can't solve all of your problems.

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Thats basically what happend to that Airbus 300 that was lost over the Pacific Ocean after it left Brazil.  Pitot tube iced over causing incorrect airspeed indications, which actually caused the autopilot to disengage IIRC.  Pilots didn't know they were stalling.

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That's why we call them passengers.

Pilots know they are stalling.

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I'm so sick of're clearly referencing Air France flight AF447, a Airbus A330 that crashed into the Atlantic Ocean.

Beam Me Up Scotty's picture

Yes.  I just threw that info out off the top of my head.  Honest mistake.  As opposed to todays media.

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Don't discount that the crappy airbus flight software was hiding information and fighting the pilot(s) every step of the way.

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That's only part of the story. The pilot didn't know he was stalling because he only believed the air speed indicator (which was wrong), and not his altimeter, which was showing the fall. The co-pilot was at the controlls because the pilot was taking nap, and the copilot kept pulling back on the yoke to get the plane to climb, but of course that didn't work in a stall. After that failed the first time, he should have trusted his altimeter and pushed the yoke forward and applied thrust to put the jet into a dive, eventually getting lift back. Instead, he kept doggedly trying to climb without applying thrust, and just kept stalling. By the time the pilot got back from his nap it was too late to correct the situation. The copilot had plenty of time to correct the problem because it happened at 30,000 ft. But he never trusted his altimeter and road the plane right into the ocean. An idiot co-pilot was definitely to blame on that one.

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Kaiserhoff -


Then they should havng a "Student Pilot" sign out the cockpit.

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The plane was stalling - flying too slow. It suddenly dropped in the last moment before the crash. It gotta be a some sort of mechanical failure of the engines. Any pilot knows the speed and height they need to maintain on approach. These were experienced pilots with over 9,000 hours of flying - FWIW.

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So your agrument is engrained in the idea that people with experience don't make mistakes and are in fact perfect?

Guess you've never heard of life long surgeon's who amputate the wrong legs

FinalCollapse's picture

No - I don't make this argument. We will eventually find out what caused - as they already have the black box. However, the probability of pilot error goes down with the experience. Still possible as you pointed out but much less likely. 

I am not trying to defend some or accuse other. I just share my observations and it looks to me more like a mechanical failure than a pilot error. We will find out.

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You can't climb in a jet without getting the nose up.  Looks like their last minute adjustment cost them airspeed they couldn't spare.  Right about the black box.  The real question is why they were coming in so damn low.

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You can't climb in a jet without getting the nose up.

Yep, and you can't put the nose up without sufficient airspeed or the wings will stall and you'll lose all lift.

Looks like their last minute adjustment cost them airspeed they couldn't spare.

It was a cost which left them overdrawn in their altitude account. At low (near stall) speed, the only quick way to gain airspeed is to put the nose down, which means if you're near the ground, you've painted yourself into a corner.

The real question is why they were coming in so damn low.

It sure looks like somebody, rather than something, fucked up.