A Look Inside Stevie Cohen's New York Duplex: The Most "Expensive" Apartment In Manhattan

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Think the $90 million sale of the penthouse duplex at the still unfinished One57 to an undisclosed buyer is a milestone for New York real estate? Then you haven't looked at the asking price for Steve Cohen's duplex on the 51st story of the Bloomberg building aka One Beacon Court. At $115 million, if sold, this will represent the most expensive New york real estate transaction in history.

Naturally, nobody can blame Stevie for taking some cash out: after paying $150 million for a Picasso, $60 million for an East Hampton estate and $616 million to settle a SEC civil suit, the hedge funder who redefined the term "information arbitrage" and whose SAC Capital is converting to a "friend and family" run office may suddenly be facing a liquidity crunch.

Alas, Stevie may have a problem getting top dollar for his midtown real estate.  As Observer reported some time ago,

With no outdoor space, three blocks between the building and the park and nowhere near the name recognition of 15 Central Park West, can Mr. Cohen’s 51st-story duplex do it? (Even if it can’t, he only paid $24 million for the apartment back in 2005, so he’ll come out ahead either way.)


Then again, “there are exceptionally good views” from One Beacon Court, said Ms. Del Nunzio, “and the finishes”—interiors by Charles Gwathmey, natch—”are very good” (which we’re sure the contractors will appreciate as they rip them out and leave them for dead at the curb).

Stevie isn't the only one scrambling to cash out at the peak of the latest cheap credit-fuelled housing bubble:

The city is positively booming with would-be record-setters. Martin Zweig wants $125 million for his triplex at the Pierre (a co-op, so at least Mr. Cohen will have the shady Eastern European oligarch market all to himself), Steven Klar wants $100 million for his CitySpire penthouse (which, at 8,000 square feet, is looking a bit shabby in comparison) and Leroy Schecter wants $85 million for his 15 Central Park West spread (down from $95 million).

Still, for those curious what over one tenth of a billion would get them, here is the inside of the vaunted apartment via Gwathmey-Siegel.

Here is interior decorator Gwathmey-Siegel explained their mandate:

The mandate was to accommodate a family with four children’s bedrooms and sitting room, two working offices, master bedroom suite, living/dining, gallery space, kitchen/breakfast space with connecting sitting room, with both a sense of privacy and loft-like volumetric expansiveness, while simultaneously allowing the installation of a major modern art collection.


The goal, through both the material palette of white Venetian integral plaster, stainless steel, maple floor, and white lacquer cabinets and the sculptural spatial articulation would both engage and counterpoint the spectacular 360° panoramic views of the city and beyond with a sense of serenity within a unique oasis environment.

It is unclear is the waist-sized Excedrin "bottle" in the bedroom was part of the "mandate"

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Motorhead's picture

Oy vey, bitchez!

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Nice, now I know how the cheesepopes spend all my hardworking money that they siphoned.

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"lair" ... lmao

I don't see an egg-laying chamber here, I call BS.

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Elite -> TMZ in two posts!


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One KABOOM away from going back to 20 mil

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Not a problem... If the market tanks, he'll take out a $7 billion dollar insurance policy on it, then hire his 'friends' to fly some remote controlled airplanes into it, blame it on a few lap dancing afficianados wearing towels on their heads, & collect on the insurance money [that was underwritten by another 'friend'], who then took a government bailout [when his company went kaput], with printed money by 'more friends', & hang the bill on the taxpayers...


Piece of babka!

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You couldn't pay me to live in that operating room--- looks like a place you would get a liver transplan. Ain't a tree or blade of grass or wild flower anywhere--fucking obsene.  

pods's picture

The ultimate Little Man-man cave.  Everyone will know you really made it.  You can be above them all in all your glory.

You can tell everyone how desirable the place is, and of course money is no object, you just like nice things.



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Stevie Cohen deserves EVERY green arrow I gave to each one o' yuz above.

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So that's what one soul will buy you these days, uh.

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if we have learned anything from events of the past decades, it is that real estate is the best place to park your wealth

in the unlikely event that a psyop drone crashes into your dwelling and freefalls the thing, you are covered by insurance and visits from the totus and a national day of rededication to build it back

meanwhile, all the gold in your basement just melts and gets hauled away, to be infinitely rehypothecated

real estate in supertall building: 1

gold in the basement: 0

ps buy bonds


knukles's picture

Noveau Riche Hideous to point of ugly, ostentatious, lacking soul and character.
And all for that money?
A prison cell has more character.

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Lots of Khazarians trying to leave the burning building at the same time. Did the fleas find a new dog?

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INB4 Las Vegas Dave in 3 2 1...

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this is a place where i would feel comfortable walking my 130lb malamute without a pooper scooper...

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"When I show them round my house to my bed
I had it made like a mountain range
With a snow-white pillow for my big fat head"

Peter Gabriel, Big Time


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I like how the sun is shining in all the pictures.  NYC must be a great place to live, shame I live so far away... /s

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

BTW, Steve Cohen, I have a better view out my window than you do.

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It's the latest in interior decorating trends - "cheesepope chic"

Water-carrier real estate agent who's skimming 10%: "(beaming with the paid-for enthusiasm of someone who's massively overcompensated for never having done a single day's work in his life) I want you to develop the decor around this (points to soulless cheesepope Steve Cohen)"

Interior decorator: "(Recoiling in horror for a moment, then recovering) Ah, eh, well, err, um, uh, yes, sir, of course sir - assistants, we're going to make this place unsuitable for human habitation!"

Soulless cheesepope par excellence Steve Cohen: "(first viewing his newly decorated lair) I love it! What inspiration this designer had!"

Real estate agent: "I told the decorator to imagine purgatory, sir"

Multibillionaire Cohen: "Putz! Shoulda told him to look at my soul! Anyway, ya did good, goychick, here's a nickel I found outside"

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I got it!

Decorated in the Style of Late 1990's First Class Airport Lounge!

I knew I knew the style!

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I thought the same thing.  It is sterile, free of emotion or life.

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Poor Fwankie Sawyer, ZH resident Jew hater.

The site would not be the same without your literary vomit.



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divine queef- zh's new resident whiny cunt.

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those farts evidently don't stink...

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You talkin' about me?
I'm the only one fartin' in the room.

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Ahhhh yes, Divine Queefs, our new resident Hasbara Troll.

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Divine wind just broke wind...

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Divine wind doesn't recognize cannibalism when he see it..

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A shitload of money sure as hell can't buy you taste.

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ok, look johnny..say ur prayers take ur vitiamins and always remember...crime dosent pay....

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Got to love the statue, i'm rich bitchz!

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and the 4 meter plasma screen with the Cremaster cycle on endless loop....

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From the Interwebz

“Irina Plotnikov cannot marry the man she loves, Shmuel Cohen, even though she is Jewish according to halakha (Jewish religious law). A rabbinic court in Jerusalem ruled recently that even though Plotnikov is Jewish, she is not eligible to marry a Cohen since her father is not Jewish.

“According to Jewish tradition, people with the surname Cohen are descendants of the priests that served in the Temple in Jerusalem 2,000 years ago…Plotnikov immigrated to Israel from the former Soviet Union in 1992. Last summer she met Cohen, a retired career army man, and they fell in love…"


Cohen is a Jewish name, even more so an "aristocratic jewish" name, this guy is untouchable. Is anybody in any doubt who really runs America(and much of the world) ?

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Silly me, I thought "Cohen" was Irish.

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He changed his name to Cohen from O'Brien on the boat over....he wanted to fit in in the New Country.

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John Kerry Kohn duped a lot of micks in Masshole into thinking he was an Irish Catholic Kennedy wannabe.

John Kerry walks into a bar and the bartender says why the long face.

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thats the greates joke since the "take my wife--please" joke--it will be an all time classic --it slays me.

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But his initials are JFK!  What will I learn next! (again, sarcasm)

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That's pronounced "Co'Han".

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All the place needs are some PORCELAIN FOUNTAINS & MAABUL CAALUMS...



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Neo-Miami style, 1980


I knew you'd like that, francis

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I was kind of hoping he could afford the 50 ft. statue of Moloch over in Bohemian Grove for his pad, but I guess Bob Weir said he wants to pray it regularly so they can't move it.