Latest Snowden Poll Results: 55% Say Whistleblower; 34% Say Traitor

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Immediately in the aftermath of the Snowden revelations, various political action committees and their ideologically affiliated polling services took to convincing the general public that according to "popular opinion", a "majority" of Americans found Snowden to be a [traitor|hero]. A month later, with the the dust having settled somewhat, the US public has had some more time to consider the implications of living in the United Stasi States of America. And sure enough, another poll has just been released, this time by Quinnipiac. Its findings are as follows: a majority of U.S. registered voters consider Edward Snowden a whistle-blower, not a traitor, and a plurality says government anti-terrorism efforts have gone too far in restricting civil liberties, a poll released today shows. Fifty-five percent said Snowden was a whistle-blower in leaking details about top-secret U.S. programs that collect telephone and Internet data, in the survey from Hamden, Connecticut-based Quinnipiac University. Thirty-four percent said he’s a traitor.

The view of Snowden as a whistle-blower rather than traitor predominated among almost every group of respondents broken down by party, gender, income, education and age. Black voters were the lone exception, with 43 percent calling Snowden a traitor compared with 42 percent saying he was a whistle-blower.

More from the poll:

The poll also showed that by 45 percent to 40 percent, respondents said the government goes too far in restricting civil liberties as part of the war on terrorism. That was a reversal from January 2010, when in a similar survey 63 percent said anti-terrorism activities didn’t go far enough to protect the U.S. from attacks, compared with 25 percent who disagreed.


“The massive swing in public opinion about civil liberties and governmental anti-terrorism efforts, and the public view that Edward Snowden is more whistle-blower than traitor, are the public reaction and apparent shock at the extent to which the government has gone in trying to prevent future terrorist incidents,” said Peter Brown, assistant director of Quinnipiac’s polling institute.


“The verdict that Snowden is not a traitor goes against almost the unified view of the nation’s political establishment,” Brown said.


Facing espionage and other charges and with his passport revoked, Snowden has been holed up at Moscow’s Sheremetyevo Airport since arriving there on June 23 from Hong Kong, which refused a U.S. extradition request. President Barack Obama’s administration has been pressuring other countries not to grant Snowden asylum, and U.S. officials who have called him a traitor include House Speaker John Boehner, an Ohio Republican.


The poll showed both Democrats and Republicans about evenly divided on whether government counter-terrorism measures have become excessive. Independent voters view the methods as having gone too far by 49 percent to 36 percent.


The fact that there is little difference now along party lines about the overall anti-terrorism effort and civil liberties and about Snowden is in itself unusual in a country sharply divided along political lines about almost everything,” Brown said.


A gender gap emerges, though, on the government’s anti-terrorism programs. The poll showed that men, by 54 percent to 34 percent, see the government as having gone too far in its efforts while women, by 47 percent to 36 percent, said the measures haven’t gone far enough.


Despite this divergence, figures for the genders from Quinnipiac’s January 2010 poll exemplify the overall change in attitude on the issue. Male respondents, by 61 percent to 28 percent, said in the earlier survey that the government hadn’t gone far enough to protect the country. Among women, 64 percent said the same.


Likewise, among Republicans the percentage who said government has gone overboard in restricting civil liberties in the fight against terrorism grew to 41 percent in the new poll, compared with 17 percent three years ago.

Of course, this poll will promptly be overturned by another poll conducted by MSNBC (or comparable), finding that 120% of Americans believe Snowden deserves the chair. And the farce will go on.

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caShOnlY's picture

<<< whistleblower

<<<<  traitor

freewolf7's picture

Egypt revolts.
US polls.

john39's picture

.01% realize that snowden is assange 2.0....  another fake.

pods's picture

And the purpose of this fake is?


kliguy38's picture

not a psyop......he's the real deal......they would prefer that he disappears

francis_sawyer's picture

He's disappeared so deep that nobody has snapped a new foto of him in over a month...

Pladizow's picture

"...a majority of U.S. registered voters....."

So the poll is completely useless!!!!!!!!!

Tyler, if ur gonna post a poll the least you could do is let us know the amount of people surveyed!

imapopulistnow's picture

Check out Drudge this morning.

john39's picture

>>the purpose of the fake is?

give it time to play out.  Ultimately the goal is to collapse American society...  and turn the rest of the world against what remains of the U.S. and its people.   The U.S. government was hijacked long ago... and the people essentially enslaved.  when the time finally comes, the government, like the economy, will be collapsed...  to hide the crimes of the past, and to ensure that the U.S. cannot stop the rise of a new power on the world stage. 


Doubleguns's picture

Yes he is a whistle blower but just not a very smart one. Still cant find a home....poor planning. 

clones2's picture

Meanwhile... The BLS reports that the remaining 27% of respondents were too gainfully employed in full-time jobs to be aware of who Edward Snowden is.

55 + 34 + 27 = 100%.... right?  Typical BLS math.

giggler123's picture

You'll probably find that the 34% was made up of NSA votes to hang the guy.

Zero Hung's picture

When did 34% of Americans make time to have a lobotomy? I mean, between attending all those Obozo rallies or other NSA approved events where you can go full-retard; get a red, white and blue dick in the ass; and chant USA! USA! while imploring your surveillance overlords to tear up any of the remaining freedoms, it must make for a pretty full schedule.


SamAdams's picture

Don't bother with fundamentals...

SubjectivObject's picture

Oh wow.  Like anyone can be a Master of the Universe, against the eN SS Eh?, no less.  Too Cool.

Maybe you with your power and connections are yourself capable of devising and executing a fool-proof global plan to save him?

Or maybe you have a fool-proof plan to save at least only yourself?  What would that be?

Real Estate Geek's picture

Your hypothesis is based on the assumption that he placed a higher priority on his safety than on the public's need to know what "our" government is doing.

If you listened to his interviews it's clear that he's quite intelligent. More importantly, he had the courage to act on his convictions despite the consequences.

If I was a 29-year-old, I probably wouldn't be able to walk away from a $200K salary, a home in Hawaii, and a hot girlfriend (who probably brings home other strippers), especially because of the near certainty that the sheep don't care. 

IOW, he's a better man than I.  And you, I'd wager.

caShOnlY's picture

Yes he is a whistle blower but just not a very smart one. Still cant find a home....poor planning. 

comrade DoubleG:  he had a home.  POOR GOVERNMENT!!


Charles Nelson Reilly's picture

Huh? not sure where you're going with this one?

the fucking chinese & europeans would go nuts if they didn't have the NBA to bet on and watch.

CPL's picture

You are hopeful and overly optimistic.  Have you seen how governments get, over and over and over and over again?  

Yet this meme about a one world government persist.  Truth is we can't organise a cat fight without that screwing up somehow.  People do way better on a regional level than think in global terms.  And it's not just the US government mind you, it's ALL of them.  All of them feeding the same 'endless' pit of world resources, 70% of the worlds resources for 5% of the population.  Of course it'll be shut down by a dozen different reasons.

There is no 'rise to power', this is the start of the unwinding, historically there are nice long lulls inbetween these collapses.  People can catch their breath, re-prioritize and re-assess.  Hopefully learn from the past and do better for the future.  It's really all the human race has.  

Pushing someone else's meme and agenda doesn't help any, you give it power by merely suggesting it as a possible future.  Which is about as likely as me teaching my cat to play piano.  Neither the time nor the resources exist to give the idea any look or energy.  Only thing people should be doing now is learning as much as they possibly can while all of the knowledge is so easy to obtain (youtube, web, libraries, schools, tradespeople).  Maybe for a new career, maybe for survival, doesn't matter what the reason is.  The fact remains it is available now with nearly zero effort other than will.

So enough with the one world gov't crap.  I just watched Calgary clean itself up in a week without any help from a government because it had it priorities straight.  The Stampede was on and NOBODY in a country that's tundra is going to miss a summer party.  Not in a million years.  If they waited for provincial and federal help, it would be arriving right now, a day late and a dollar short.  After the flood in Toronto, same thing.  Elbow grease is fixing the problem, not a government. (or the insurance companies, worthless twats the bunch of them.)

IndyPat's picture

If that's the case, good on Calgary. Sounds like a place I'd like to visit.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Calgary = The Stampede.

I am sure no one wanted to entertain the possibility of a year without one.  Good to hear people are looking after each other.

CPL's picture

Anytime I've gone it's a blur of BBQ, stunning cow girls of all colours and sizes, livestock, blues, jazz, country music, trucks, cars, tailgates, gun shows, trick shooting, cow roping, bull riding, buffalo hunting.

It's a good week for fun, going for business you get nothing done.  Too much to do.  Hat's to wear, boots to be fitted for.  It's a pretty big deal.

pods's picture

I will watch this play out, albeit from a distance. I think that if they wanted american society collapsed they could do it tomorrow, and not nearly as messy.  All they would have to do is adopt a balanced budget, and we would instantly realize the depression we are in.  They would not risk what they have risked if this was a setup. 

I can see how putting it out there would be of some benefit, as it would ratchet up the fear factor for us who speak negatively of the government.  But the risks are many and not all known.  What if this leads to a change in how the entire government is perceived?  

The collapse is coming, and I just do not see how this will help those in power in any way.

I really don't care if this is a setup, as it has led many to say to me "I guess you aren't crazy."

I might still be crazy, but at least I am crazy and vindicated.


john39's picture

the real powers are above national level.  they have used and disposed of empires many times throughout history...  most recently England.   The want collapse, but timing is everything, the collapse will generate the inertia necessary to lure the masses into the next stage...   deception in one tool (of many) that permits a tiny minority to rule from the shadows across many generations.  the next move has been long planned, and is not hidden from anyone who cares to look...  but, the disconnect comes when one must actually confront what they see and believe that it is actually happening.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

What the City of London is to England, Wall St is to America.

The British lost the reserve currency but, the City of London is still one of the biggest players to this day.

They want order out of chaos.  The outcome of the information war will determine what type of phoenix( order) will emerge from the ashes.  I for one only ask for massive decentralization.

john39's picture

fairly certain that they have the exact opposite of decentralization in mind.  but, to get the masses in a position where they can no longer resist...  has taken quite a bit of wickedness and trickery... 

they will fail for reasons they cannot understand...  but they will certainly try.


DaveyJones's picture

he blows the whistle while the rest whistle in the graveyard. Some historical chapters are more bizzare than others.  

financial apocalyptic contagion's picture

pladizow is right
without total participants cant glean shit from these polls

anyways anything like 55-34 shows a divided retarded nation anyways 

kridkrid's picture

CIA vs NSA seems to me to be most plausible read. Snowden as either pawn or a plant of the CIA.

Black Swan 9's picture

Stay out of the NYC subway system. Just in case,

ArkansasAngie's picture

Hide your guns -- just in case

Shell Game's picture

That will come in handy for Boehner and all the GOP girly-men...

MsCreant's picture

Not so neat friend, it clearly says the .22 was "poking out of her vagina." That is not safely holstered.

There are some funny comments:

Vaginal discharge



shovelhead's picture

They call her Quickdraw McGraw?

ParkAveFlasher's picture

Cops all over the 6 train platforms this morning at Grand Central Station ... I only worry when I see National Guardsmen or K9 units, then again that usually means that something already happened.

"You can die walking your doggie!" - Al Pacino

LetThemEatRand's picture

"And the purpose of this fake is?"

I don't think he's a fake and I haven't heard anyone give a good explanation for why they think he is.  The only argument I can think of is that they knew this information was going to get out and they wanted people to get used to it, but there seem like a lot better ways to do that if that was their goal.  Even if they later "show" that Snowden was a bad guy somehow (it's only a matter of time before they claim he was friends with Osama's 2nd in command or some such), I don't know how the undo the bad taste that a lot of people have in their mouths right now.

DaveyJones's picture

It does seem more plausible that as our handlers get messier, nastier, and uglier, more of this will happen.

We should be less obsessed with whether or not he's a plant (and what genus)

and more obsessed with the utter lack of legal and political and popular response.  

sumo's picture

"I don't think he's a fake and I haven't heard anyone give a good explanation for why they think he is"

Same here. Snowden has balls and integrity. Unlike the gov-sucking, tyranny-worshipping cowards working overtime to tarnish him.

Black Swan 9's picture

I agree w you, Sumo, but the reason given that he's a plant is to create fear in other potential whistleblowers to not come forward.

Regardless if he's for real or not, at least the gov't/NSA/Google,Fb, Microsoft, etc spying revelations have woken up more people globally. Too bad though our controlled MSM doesn't reflect this..

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

Yep, and to get people to self-censor all the time.  On the phone, on the web, face to face w/ friends and family...

IndyPat's picture

It's had the opposite effect on me. Don't see it on here much either.
Plant or isn't the time to shut up.

seek's picture

Speaking of other whistleblowers, I just heard about this one yesterday:

He's not been heard from since and no one can find him in "the system."

noless's picture

They probly dropped some acid in his tea. Either that or a stress induced mental breakdown.

Crazy, i hadn't heard about that one.

kridkrid's picture

CIA funding cut... NSA funding increased. Turf war, of sorts. I guess I find it somewhat unlikely that this kid had the access he needed to get to the stuff he shared without some "help". Snowden himself could be totally legit... how he got to what he got may not be.

Or... it could be exactly as it is playing out.

Herd Redirection Committee's picture

$4.5 BILLION annually removed from your budget, means your cronies market cap goes down 50 to 60 billion!

Those are some unhappy cronies!

IndyPat's picture

Tell them to push the smack a little harder. Was there a poppy crop failure I missed?