What Happens Next?

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Each time the S&P 500 has traded more than 12% above its 200-day moving-average, the following correction has not ended until the average itself was breached by price action. Fundamentally, one can tie 'events' to each of these exuberance spikes - in this case, liquidity-turns-into-a-taper - but sometimes historical prices can be a better guide to the human biases for extrapolating trends and building fragility. Given current levels that would mean a 10% drop from current levels to 1516.



(h/t @RonnieSpence)

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Oh and GOLD bitchez

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Speaking of 1516...just for shitzes & giggles...in July 1516, Selim I of the Ottoman Empire declared war on the Marmeluks and invaded Syria.

It's a sign dammit!

...this QE bullshit is driving me nuts...

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As well it should.  That may be a feature of the economic regime authored by the Fed, rather than a bug.

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I'm still bearish, perhaps to a fault. Yes my puts are getting crushed, but honestly, one of these (unknown) days we could GAP DOWN 900 points on the Dow or 150 poins on the S&P.... just like in 1987. 


I will nurse my wounds tomorrow morning by eating some of my gold. 

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ahhhh....special healing powers this gold has???

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It brings out the barbarian in me because it's not edible and it has no dividend. A perfect cocktail of rebellion. 

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SPY 500 Flash Crash May 6, 2010



S&P didn't even stop at $1,100.00 just blew right through it. Incredible. 

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I actually happened to own some SPY puts, AND happened to be watching the real-time price action as the flash-crash occurred.  It was memorable alright.

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"10% drop from current levels to 1516"

sounds BANKable.

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I bookmarked this ... so when I get too low, I can listen to it again. I lost 50% of my 2010 profits when ES turned at 1058 and headed north to 1135
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That would make for some colorfully enhanced shitz..............

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Painful as futures are already up 17 - they where never down this much for past 20 months

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1929 and 1987 were proceeded with DJIA/S&P 500 rising 20% above the 200 Day MA.  Long way up before the trade you want sets up.   

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At the rate we're going it could be by next Thursday..... 

What was the rate on May 6th, 2010? It could happen at any time. Go out for a cigarette break and come back with Dow down 900 points!

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I remember sitting at lunch with the boys from the office when one of them got a call from their mother. The conversation went something like this..

Co-Worker: Huh? It crashed?..its on the news?..ok *hangs up* Hey guys, the stock market crashed. 

Random Shots: Dafaq?

Co-Worker: Down 10% Percent

Co-Worker 2: Smoke if you got em.

The mobile app crashed so we could not pull up any data and just finished our lunch.  By the time we got back the market had mostly rebounded.  Glad I was not at my desk when it happened or I might have shat myself. 

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I feel your pain,, I got slammed myself over the last 3 days, and then Benasslick comes out and FN LIES some more.. Taper on.. no i didnt say that. uh maybe... uh no dont sell... uh keep buying....  FN ridiculous.... and then dont forget Alcoa beat.... I hate when CNBS trots out all those morons that say buy buy buy.. "who doesnt want to be in this market"....what to do?

Im gonna have gold with my eggs in the morning with a side of silver!


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Cheers for breakfast! Johnnie Walker and Goldschlaeger for breakfast for me. (see my post (video up there) about May 6th flash crash). 


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Great video!  I watched it twice, the guys voice reminds me of Trading Places....All the panic.... Suckers..... OJ Futures... LOL


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when you see a chart like that, I mean.....go from the bottom left to the top right, how is that BEARISH like everyone out there keeps saying. if you have been tryign to short this market, you would be getting killed. But people still are...top calling. What I think this is ...is the MOST HATED BULL MARKET EVER SEEN! SEE HERE ==>http://bit.ly/15hvKkO

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Holy moley!

Silver currently smashing through $20

WTI past $107

Gold approaching $1,300

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i dont want a correction. i want a fucking crash.


corrections mean nothing now. they pump stocks up so high that any correction still brings it to extremely inflated levels.


this thing needs to fucking crash, bernanke needs to be punished.. this man is fucking satan

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Eh, I think all we get is another correction this time, have to wait till end of Q1 next year for anything substantial.

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ill take the correction now and then a crash come q1 next year, thats fine.


i just cant take this shit. its one thing to have a very overvalued market with real people buying it up.


its another thing to have a fucking criminal fed keep proping it up and never letting it fall too far down, that is what ticks me off.


at least let the game be semi fair, let free markets prevail, 5 fucking years of this shit already. 


i totally was against this shit since they began in 09, but whatever, we had a major crisis and they wanted to try and calm it down a bit, i disagreed but ok, fine. However as seen, it has not done anything for the real economy so obviously its a failure, yet the fed fails to see that and thinks the best option for all of this is to continue inflating stocks.

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thismarketisrigged, It's a noble wish. And may I add, not a 'Dragon King' drawn-out crash like 2008, but a shock-and-awe, out-of-the-blue, HFT-cannibalizing, feedback-looping MOMO mother of all flash crashes kind of thing that sets matters right for good. PRETTY PLEASE.


edit: ES futures hit 1666 as I type this - could it be an Omen??? ;-)

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Sorry ... on to 1667.50 

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Under these conditions if the drop is steep enough it could blow past 1516 in a heartbeat.  Careful what you wish for.

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I agree with that, but this market looks like it will go much higher before it happens.  Its gonna crash and it will be a bigger crash than anyone expects, but currently the markets can only go higher.  Nothing matters anymore.

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Some insight is provided in an earlier article published by Tyler et al.

Now Assume No Fed




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This is an easy question, as I am really close to an answer.

I lose my fucking mind.

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Time for the funds to take some profits to pay granny's annuity, along with the other 10,300 boomers that retired today. At least granny don't gotta live with me.

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Problem is this time we have the Fed printing like there is no tomorrow.  All the other times there was no QEternity, no ZIRP, no POMO.  This Time Is Different!  (Cute phrase, someone should write a book....).

There will be no correction of any significance until the Fed stops printing.


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We have a winner here....

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Drop? Huh? Ben released the doves today and zh puts up an article on a correction? Really?

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All for the sake of chaos. His voice is stronger in those scenarios.

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@kito I am with you on that headline What Happens Next is that the market goes up about 500 points over the next two days. Will it take two days is the question.

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Suddenly SPXU looks attractive for a short term trade.  These markets won't be allowed to fall more than 10% until it REALLY crashes.

And crash they will.

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Anyone else marveling at the plethora of bearish divergences on this beast?   (Tomorrow's open should amplify said divergences)  Of course they haven't meant much in the last 4-6 months or so.. but how long can this thing defy everything logical and keep going up?  I know, I know... stupid question.

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who gives a shit about stocks. us forex traders love the chaircreature. fuckin beta ben

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Cramer, please tell us!

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I predict that ZH will have an article that exposes collusion between the Central bankers where the Central banks are not only propping up their own markets and currencies, but they are printing money and propping up other countries’ markets and currencies as well. The Yen plummets; Central bankers print more money and buy the Yen, thus propping it back up. The dollar plummets; the same thing. They are scratching each other’s backs, and by doing so they can keep this shit going on for a long, long time.

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Yes, they can....until the next war breaks out (caused by CB's of course). Now with the total distrust of governments every where, I'm wondering if the next skirmish will be the one that spins out of control. You know something like a ship parked sideways in the Suez Canal!

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I thought that was common knowledge already????

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Global hyperinflation ... all fiat goes bad simultaneously ... banks recoup losses ... and .gov pays back bonds with old money then declares new one world global currency conversion ... it's called the SHTF time 


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Fragility. ... 

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its going to be too funny not to laugh when the market spikes higher on absolutely no volume once again. 


also, tomm morning will deff be interesting to hear santelli go on a rant probably about what bernanke just did again. that will be must watch tv, before the bullshit ramp up in stocks begins.

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Meh <-- that's my best reaction to the whole thing really.

I analyzed and rationalized that the S&P can't be that hight, put money where my mouth is and shorted it, got out at a loss a bit later.

Rinse and repeat several times and now I'm out for good. I'm not gonna touch these indices with a 10 foot pole. Fuck the whole thing really. Now all I do is buying Gold and AUD. I'm out of rational ideas.