Snowden Wants To Stay In Russia After All

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Looks like the Russian guy who deleted his tweet earlier this week can undelete it:


That terminal food sure must be something. Either that, or he is seriously entertaining Anna Chapman's marriage offer.

It appears the reason for the asylum request is because he could not fly to Latin America.

More from ABC:

 American spy fugitive Edward Snowden emerged from his hideout in the Moscow airport today to speak with international human rights groups about his future plans, almost three weeks after he first disappeared inside the vast Russian facility.


Citing a Human Rights Watch official apparently in the meeting, The New York Times reported Snowden plans to seek temporary asylum in Russia, which has offered it. Russia's President Putin previously said Snowden was welcome to stay in his country, but only as long as he stops publishing information that hurts America.


Snowden also reportedly said he had received asylum offers from several South American nations, including Venezuela, Bolivia, Nicaragua and Ecuador. Snowden said he accepts all offers and plans to eventually go to South America.


The meeting comes a day after The Guardian columnist Glenn Greenwald, who has worked with Snowden to report on the NSA's secret vast domestic and international surveillance programs, told ABC News that their work is not even half done.


"The majority of it remains to be done, and that includes stories that are at least as significant, if not more significant than the ones we've already done," Greenwald said.


Greenwald said that for the past six weeks he has carried around "for every second of everyday" a highly encrypted electronic copy of the secret documents leaked to him by Snowden – some 10,000 documents from the NSA. Greenwald said that he has other copies should anything happen to the one he carries around, and Snowden has previously said that other encrypted copies of the documents have been given to other journalists for safe keeping.


As for the concerns over whether Russian authorities could copy the documents Snowden is reportedly carrying with him – or if Chinese intelligence agents had done so already when he was in Hong Kong – Greenwald said such concerns underestimate Snowden's experience in the world of high-tech spycraft.


"This is a very sophisticated cyber operative," Greenwald said before referencing a report from The New York Times which said Snowden had been especially trained by the NSA to be an offensive cyber attacker. "This is somebody who completely knows what he's doing in terms of how to store material securely and what techniques are used by governments around the world, like the NSA, in order to gain access to places they don't have authority to access."


In the invitation to today's meeting, Snowden said the U.S. government had embarked on a "dangerous escalation" in his case.


"I have been extremely fortunate to enjoy and accept many offers of support and asylum from brave countries around the world," the email said. "These nations have my gratitude, and I hope to travel to each of them to extend my personal thanks to their people and leaders. By refusing to compromise their principles in the face of intimidation, they have earned the respect of the world.


"Unfortunately, in recent weeks we have witnessed an unlawful campaign by officials in the U.S. Government to deny my right to seek and enjoy this asylum under Article 14 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. The scale of threatening behavior is without precedent: never before in history have states conspired to force to the ground a sovereign President's plane to effect a search for a political refugee.


"This dangerous escalation represents a threat not just to the dignity of Latin America or my own personal security, but to the basic right shared by every living person to live free from persecution," it concluded.


It is signed "Edward Joseph Snowden."

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buzzsaw99's picture

nothing says evil empire like people seeking assylum in russia

Race Car Driver's picture


Wake me up when a whistle-blower starts yakkin' the truth about what they're spraying us with and what the 2B bullets and all the other new oppressive gear is for.


CH1's picture

Definitely take Putin's deal.

Russia: Now the refuge FOR refuseniks!

(My, my, how things have changed.)

john39's picture

Putin knows that snowden is bullshit...  there is a game afoot, and Putin is no bitch.

Pladizow's picture

Does this mean no more secrets to be released?

Zer0head's picture

Relax Mr. Snowden and take solace,


You have to look  no further than the triumphant return of Bill Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn's and their surrender in 1980 after a decade on the run


just think of what awaits you back in the US in the year 2025 - tenured professorship, mentor to the President...

francis_sawyer's picture

Evidently ~ There doesn't exist a camera in all of Russia, so I can understand this...

Bringin It's picture

Francis - I think, if you're going to continue the cynic route, you're going to have to come up with a new angle of attack.

What's this??

Taken from this article

With this caption

?????? ???????. ????: ??????? ??????? ?? " Human Rights Watch" (Guardian)
8:13 ????? ??????? - 12 ???? 2013

Translated via google/translate as,

Edvard Snouden . Foto : Tat'yana Lokshina iz " KH'yuman Rayts Votch " (Guardian )
8:13 posle poludnya - 12 iyulya 2013 

Dated 12 July 2013.

BGIB keeps referencing veteranstoday - gordon duff to support his critique.  This same guy, Gordon, not BGIB is claiming that Obummer has stopped taking or never was taking direction from Israel.  What a useless fantasy. 

Winston Smith 2009's picture

"Does this mean no more secrets to be released?"

Probably not beyond anything he hasn't already given to Greenwald.  However, to the Ruskies, who knows? Anyway, they probably already knew the majoirty of it even before he released it. When you've got millions of people with TS clearances, things are going to leak like a sieve to any competent intel agency which I expect the Russians still have:

"As of last October, nearly five million people held government security clearances. Of that, 1.4 million held top-secret clearances. More than a third of those with top-secret clearances are contractors, which would appear to include Mr. Snowden."



Element's picture

He should have tried North Korea, though the 56k dial-up bandwidth may have put him off.

Race Car Driver's picture

There haven't been any 'secrets' released by anyone named Snowden. Else, please tell me what he said specifically that was a 'secret'.

Everyone who even understands what  'IT' means and was paying attention with one eye closesd knew all this shit years ago.

All Snowjob did was to officially announce and confirm some matters ... limited hangout style.

But hey, here's a straw ... suck it up.

williambanzai7's picture

Actually he offered up concrete evidence confirming what was regularly disparaged as fanciful low brow conspiracy theories. For that we should all tip our hats in his direction.

You will notice that no one is denying the authenticity of those slides and documents which obviously call out the liars.

Gordon_Gekko's picture

Please don't take this personally, but there were people who DERIDED those who warned about police state style surveillance as "conspiracy theorists" and now when it is all revealed and the glorious US govt. is exposed as a corrupt and naked emperor, the same people are calling those "conspiracy-theorists" morons for not knowing that such surveillance already existed. 

SWRichmond's picture

...there is a game afoot...

Perhaps.  If the revelations about Microsoft's complicity in this are true, and if I understand the allegations correctly, then there exists a permanent backdoor into virtually all computer systems, placed there by the NSA with Microsoft's assistance and full cooperation.  And if that is the case, then this is probably the end of computing as we know it, because, if true, then ALL Internet-facing or Internet/network-connected computing devices are at risk.

Why?  Because now "security researchers" have some idea (not exactly, perhaps, but a better idea than ever before) where in the code to look for the NSA's backdoor.  And it is my understanding that the time-to-market cycle for software compromises is measured in hours, once "researchers" know where to look.  It seems to be a relatively simple matter of examining code to see what has changed.  And in the age of virtualization, it is now trivial to keep any number of OS installations with varying levels of software and updates on file for comparison purposes.

So the game, if there is one, is to finally, once and for all, deal with the Internet, which TPTB have come to see as an existential them.  And then blame it on someone else.

I have read elsewhere allegations that there is also some embedded functionality in CPU chips which now renders encryption meaningless.  If true, then all of the above is true.  Read "The Quest for Ring Zero".  And notice how the ring 0 functions never tell the OS what they are doing, so there is no way for a user to tell what "else" his computer is doing at any given time.

gmrpeabody's picture


Looks like no holds barred, throw the rules out, every man for himself.

Soon, the government won't be able to protect itself from itself.

(and maybe that's good)

sumo's picture

I suspect that there is backdoor in Linux as well, especially SE Linux and others with NSA code.

The code is probably fine, but my guess is that the hack is in the initial values for key generation. The keys generated by the default code  - I stress this is pure speculation on my part - may be weak enough for NSA to break, but not obviously so, so people inspecting the code don't see it.

Trampy's picture

you guess?  based on what? 

is it Tyler Durden's reckless disregard for the truth in pretending not to understand what open-source means?

sumo's picture

Good point. I have in mind some references I read about poor choices of initial key settings leading to a compromised system. I'll dig for them.

Suisse's picture

It is open source, SELinux is part of newer linux kernels and you can view the entire kernel source.

The Carbonator's picture

Very interesting article indeed!


I knew about Real and Protected mode in the x86 architecture, but not the SMM mode.  It actually makes allot of sense after reading it as the Chipset would handle all these low level operations (interupts etc) without the need for the OS to be aware.  Context switching to SMM and the back again when makes sense.  The OS Can be notified only when required eg. CPU Overheating, blue screen, core dump etc.


The concern is that this mode can be comprimised and allow an attacker to hijack ring 0 and essential OWN the machine.  Since Protected mode is context switched out while going back and forth to SMM the OS will never know its even happening.  The context switch saves the State of the CPU and all its registers.

The Phu's picture

I'm going to go out on a limb and say that I'd marry Anna Chapman Kuschyenko... she's hot!

gmrpeabody's picture

Put that limb back in your pants...

CCanuck's picture

Hey Driver do you really need to be told what the gear and spray are for?

The spray is for healthy crops, and cloud seeding to make rain, and everyone knows the bullits are for target training...sheeesh you race car drivers are like Jocks...need things spelled out for ya.


AGuy's picture

Well, Russia has change and so as the USSA. I recall reading stories about a global polar shift that would destroy the planet. Perhaps the story was partially correct, if you consider Political\idealiogy polar shifts.


I suspect Snowden realizes his chances of leaving Russia without getting taken into US custody is nil. His best option is to get asylum in Russian and then relocate to another nation after this settles down to point he can leave without gettting captured. He can always just sit on the information until he relocates. or figure out a way to get the information out of Russia.



duo's picture

He wouldn't have been safe in VZ.

CPL's picture


Another is laggy as shit.  

Gotta pick the channel on the right hand side though.  It won't work in some countries btw, so proxy it.

BadDog's picture

flying is risky

FranSix's picture

Anna Chapman, who'da thunk it?

Atomizer's picture

Nightshift press release. Let’s see how many moths we can lure to the light…


  1. NSA Spying Never Catches Israelis?
  2. Limp Bizkit - My Way


Ribeye's picture

Told ye,

It's wall to wall Anna Chapmans in Putinsville,

Snowball ain't goin nowhere.....

for now......

BeetleBailey's picture

Agreed. 10 to 1 women to men over there...and nearly half the men are drunks....

LOTS...of Anna Kornikovas and hot babes ...chalked full......been there.....

PussyGalore indeed!

francis_sawyer's picture

Pussy Galore was British


You're thinking more like 'Agent Triple X', or 'Xenia Onatopp'...

casaananda's picture

I am glad Snowden decided to try to stay in Russia. He will be safer there than in Latin America. Maybe his GF will even join him there. But I am sure he will have lots of company if he wants it.

Race Car Driver's picture

Sure, he can have company - and a pet unicorn that shits Skittles, even.

'cause this is all for real, yo.

sumo's picture

Personally I'd be damn nervous in Russia. Putin will be tempted to use Snowden as a pawn. Pawns often get sacrificed for strategic advantage. I don't know if there's anywhere that's safe. Antarctica?

BigJim's picture

If I were Snowden I'd be damn nervous anywhere.

Maybe at some point a person in his situation resigns himself and just gets on with the little things... like keeping Anna happy.

timbo_em's picture

According to Wikileaks he only wants temporary asylum in Russia and wants to go to Latin America.

i-dog's picture

Or, it's a convenient ploy to not release any meat to go with the already-released appetizers. Colour me sceptical...still.

ghengis86's picture

And no pics or vid? Youtube or it didn't happen

Element's picture



Either way, several things are a bit at odds:


"He must stop his work aimed at harming our American partners" - Vladimir Putin


"I can't allow the US Government to destroy privacy and basic liberties" - Edward Snowden


There may be some sort of prevert contamination to vital fluids and bodily essence.

Save_America1st's picture

That's right...he finally figured it out.  He's safer there most likely, and for sure those Russian bitchez can be smokin' he can sample all those mail-order Russian brides in person! lol

Race Car Driver's picture

Yes - and no conversation about Snowjob can be complete without mention of hot bitchez and pole dancers.

Yeah - I junked ya for that.

Save_America1st's picture

who in the heck junks a comment about hot Russian bitchez??? 

That's lame...junked ya back just for good measure ;-) 

And it looks like I'm not the only one. lol

Taffy Lewis's picture

Let's not overthink this.

You're on the right track, Save_America1st, but I'll take it one step further: while in Hong Kong, he got a "taste" of Asian babes and Russia is much closer to Asia than Venezuela or Nicaragua.

DanDaley's picture

I love that: "...Russia is much closer to Asia...".  Best line of the day.

Save_America1st's picture

I'm with ya on that one...I just hope the guy doesn't get suicided by KGB once they've used up any usefulness he may have for them.