Latin American Countries Recall Ambassadors From Spain, France, Italy And Portugal Over Snowden "Neo-Colonial" Flap

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The global fallout from the Snowden affair continues to reverberate following the latest news that four Latin American countries - Brazil, Argentina, Urugay and Venezuela - announced on Friday they would recall their ambassadors from the countries that blocked their airspace to Bolivia's Evo Morales following false rumors he was carrying Snowden, forcing an emergency landing in Austria. The four countries said this incident violated international law. As a result of Obama's "neo-colonial" practices in Europe, as Uruguay's foreign minister Luis Almagro denounces Europe's servile compliance with pax AmericaNSA, the Mercosur ambassadors in Spain, France, Italy and Portugal will be pulled back for consultations.

The decision to take this stance was made during a summit of the Mercosur trade bloc.

"We emphatically reject the interception of telecommunications and espionage actions in our nations, as they constitute a violation of human rights, of the right of our citizens to privacy and information,'' Mercosur leaders said in the summit's final statement.


"It's unacceptable behaviour that breaches our sovereignty and harms relations between nations."


The South American group also defended the right of asylum after Venezuela, Bolivia and Nicaragua recently offered it to Snowden.

Curiously, the post-Snowden schism continues to split the world in pro-US/China demarcation lines: Latin America, far more reliant on Chinese import markets for its growth has denounced the NSA spying scandal, and Snowden's treatment far more vocally than the failing Eurozone, which is vastly more reliant on the Fed's monetary generosity to preserve its cohesiveness. It is not surprising, thus, that while French president Hollande logged a statement of protest, one which resulted in Le Monde exposing precisely the same spying set up in France, Europe has largely taken the Snowden disclosures quietly. It knows that if it rocks the boat too much, then the Fed/Goldman/US-backed support for Europe just may slip away.

Latin America, on the other hand, being far more reliant on Chinese goodwill, has had little trouble denouncing the NSA scandal, as well as offering Snowden the asylum he has requested, unlike European countries, including Iceland, all of which have rejected the NSA-whisteblower's plea.

If nothing else, Snowden's disclosures over a month ago, have cemented the new bipolar world: one in which an American empire in decline is critical to a European continent on the edge of collapse both of which depend exclusively on the Fed's perpetuation of a reserve currency fiat myth, offset by a block comprising of China, Russia and Latin America.

More on Friday's Mercosur announcement from Al Jazeera:

Uruguayan Foreign Minister Luis Almagro said the four Mercosur trace bloc nations will recall their own ambassadors in the European countries involved for consultations over the incident.


The actions of the four European countries were "unfounded, discriminatory and arbitrary, in a flagrant violation of the precepts of international law," Almagro said.


He said the summit found that Morales was subjected to "neo-colonial practices."


"It is an incredible, unfriendly and hostile action that violates human rights and affects the freedom of transit and movement and the immunity that every head of state enjoys," Mercosur leaders concluded, according to Almagro.


Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff said that the European actions were offensive to each of the leaders at the summit as Latin American presidents, and vowed "concrete and effective actions, be it with regard to the governments or the ambassadors of those countries."


Rousseff noted media reports based on US National Security Agency (NSA) documents leaked by Snowden that the United States spied on many countries around the world including Mercosur members Brazil, Argentina and Venezuela.

And from the BBC:

In a statement, Mercosur said: "We repudiate any action aimed at undermining the authority of countries to grant and fully implement the right of asylum."


It called for "solidarity with the governments of Bolivia, Nicaragua and Venezuela, which have offered to grant asylum to Mr Edward Snowden".


Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro said Mercosur would also demand "explanations and public apologies" from France, Italy, Spain and Portugal over the plane forced landing.


Bolivia, which is an associate member of Mercosur, summoned the ambassadors of the four European countries last week over the diversion of the plane, which it called an act of aggression.

Of course, if Bolivia's Evo Morales, president of the world's third largest producer of cocaine after Colombia and Peru, wanted to hurt those who make the real decisions, i.e., Wall Street, then he should just burn down all domestic coca plants and crush cocaine production for the next 6-12 months. Right after he nationalizes all remaining foreign mines in his country of course (the San Cristobal mine owned by Sumitomo is the third largest in the world with ~20MM oz/year, followed closely by Peru's Antamina mine) .

Only then would one see real "developed world" panic.

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QQQBall's picture

Did the Euros even notice? Good move just the same. 

Spider's picture

Good for them! 

Sad that the European countries are now slaves and Latin America is now free - what a turn of events...

Kiss My Icelandic Ass's picture


Europe is a pathetic sh*t-show. SMH.

flacon's picture

If there was even one politician with BALLS they would immediately expell all diplomats from said Euro-Zone countries and sever all international trade with said countries including and especially with the UNITED STATES OF AMERICA

jbvtme's picture

snowden? zimmerman? the real action is egypt and syria.  balfour lives

I am on to you's picture

He sure does:James B and Walter R,the bonmates!

And"Ronnie Biggs " loved Rio?

ITT,loved Brazil so much,they made a coup,remember that Lyndon,Harrold Geneen,John McCone!

And so spins the eternal spywheell,in the ongoing dusty clouds!


monoloco's picture

I'd like to see what happens the first time Bolivia orders Airforce I to land in La Paz for inspection. If one country has the right to order the plane of a head of state, with diplomatic immunity, to land, then presumably all do. I applaud them pulling their diplomats for this breach of diplomatic protocol and they should immediately expel the EU and US ambassadors as well.

Taku's picture

I'd like to congratulate the US government with the Star Wars Imperial March

All hail, Emperor Obama.

Ghordius's picture

not quite. simplified, state ships and state planes can't be searched without diplomatic breach. the plane in Vienna was not searched, btw

but while blocking domestic waters or airspace to private ships/planes is a breach, too, the same does not apply to state vessels

so either "searchable" or "blockable", that's the choice international law's give

Boondocker's picture

Been to a bunch of those shitholes.  All talk no cajones.

sgt_doom's picture

Welcome to the United Stasi of America:

(around 60 seconds into the vid)


FreedomGuy's picture

You know, for me, I feel the world is turning on it's head. I am a libertarian and these leftist leaders are not my ilk. Yet, I find myself agreeing with them in principle. They are sovereign nations and Snowden is at the very worst an espionage or security breach of some sort. He is not the same as harboring some Al Qaeda terrorst who blew up a US building. If I was the legitimate leader of a country and blocked by other countries I wouid be furious...especially by my former colonial owners.

What bothers me is the U.S. attempts at collusion and a sort of world dominance through this type of thing. I can only imagine the levers the U.S. is pulling to get cooperation.

If Snowden was a classic Soviet spy or Israeli or Chinese spy what would we do? From history, not much. So, to me, this means Snowden is something very different. He does not seem to be giving intel that directly damages nationals security but damages the possibility of autocratic rule and a Big Brother international snooping on the part of the NSA.

I hope Snowden gets to publish a detailed account of what he knows about illegal domestic and even international spying. We can judge the veracity of it for ourselves. In the meantime, I hope he can find a safe place where he won't suddenly die of a spontaneous heart attack.

holgerdanske's picture

There are now warnings from a journalist on The Guardian, who knows the files and Snowden, that the US better not harm him, or some extremely damaging information will automatically be released.

I wonder if there is proof that 9/11 was a false flag or something even worse.

I can't say that I feel sorry for the US government. They deserve whatever they get.


samsara's picture

I am a libertarian and these leftist leaders are not my ilk.

I hope someday that we can get past these definitions and false dichotomies. 

Forget the Left,  Right.  and the "I Am A xxxxx"  That's putting yourself in a box you didn't build.

Lets put forth opinions,  and agendas and lets look at each without definitions.   Do they make sense?  Are they poor choices?   

We are letting others define us and turning us into a Dr. Seuss ZAX.

THE ZAX  (Not of my ilk)


We have to stop limiting ourselves and our thoughts by others classifications.

or as Dylan said


While some on principles baptized
To strict party platforms ties
Social clubs in drag disguise
Outsiders they can freely criticize
Tell nothing except who to idolize
And then say God Bless him.

It's alright ma, I'm only bleeding...

Jack Burton's picture

Too true! My least favorite word is "Ilk" the instant I read it, it degrades the person using it! Though I thought his post well formed other than that little glitch! The Left - Right thing is a made up way to keep average people fighting eachother, instead of the elite rulers robbing us blind and running a gathering police state that will rival Orwell's worst in "1984".

FreedomGuy's picture

Look, I get the point you two are making. However, there is the necessity of language and words have to mean something. In any good research paper you may start with defintions. I think the left-right thing is very legitimate. However, the point is that they must be properly defined and it is is difficult when one side (the Left) has a large interest in blurring the distinctions.

As a Libertarian half of the classic left and half the classic Right loves us and the other half hates us.

It has been a long time since I read Orwell, but I think you misapply his point. His point is simply about pitting groups against each other for the benefit of the rulers who must have power to keep order and promise safety. That is not the same as proper language and discussion. In fact, does he not speak extensively to the misuse of language?

I like "ilk" as it was the only word that came to mind at the moment and makes the point! :0)

prains's picture

You guys/girls are catching up welcome aboard

Gordon_Gekko's picture

"FreedomGuy", you hit the nail on the head there my friend. Bingo.

Omen IV's picture

Obama has proven to be a real ego problem - he continuously tries to portray cool had Luke but is a maniac trampling on everyones rights - countries and individuals

this is not going to end well


FreedomGuy's picture

Good analogy and I agree. However, he has no real character like Luke. He is an empty suit made of boilerplate rhetoric...which has been his empty life.

malikai's picture

Hmm.. I wonder how this will affect Spain's Latin American Bailout®

Gringo Viejo's picture

Good for them. I don't even recognize this fascist POS state as the country I grew up in. God bless America and her people. And FUCK her corrupt government.

Gringo Viejo's picture

While I fully expect to be "disappeared" some night in the not too distant future, it's no great shakes because I've lived my life. But while I've still breath to speak, I'd urge all who are sitting on the fence, apprehensive of speaking out, to do so and do it loudly.
I can only paraphrase but it's been said about the resistance during WW11 that "those who remained silent disappeared en masse while those that resisted disappeared one by one". God bless all of you and your loved ones.


Gringo Viejo's picture

@gmr...tyvm. "You can't conquer a free man. The most you can do is kill him"................Robert Heinlein I've lived a free man. I intend to die the same.

FreedomGuy's picture

Well said. Better to go down fighting.

Dr. Kenneth Noisewater's picture

I would ordinarily find the idea of some government nationalizing private property abhorrent, but my hate of banksters and their governmental dogsbodies overwhelms that instinct entirely.



sgt_doom's picture

I fundamentally disagree; it is the treason of the people which allowed this to happen, for the existence of the Corporate Fascist State to occur.

Everytime some douchebagger prattles on about how "we" must go to war, too many Ameritards are following their lead, incapable or refusing to think for themselves.

A real American citizen knows who Eugene Debs, Wright Patman and Philo Farnsworth were, along with Nicola Tesla (his birthday several days ago) and the McNamara brothers of the early 1900s.

They know of the Ludlow Massacre, and the Haymarket Massacre.

 They are familiar with the following sites:





smartstrike's picture

My sentiments exactly. Without any disrespect to anyone, "fuck the middle class and the horse she rode on." They have the same mentality like the bankers.

Kaiser Sousa's picture

hear that????????

its the ever increasing volume of the awakened world yealing -


PiratePawpaw's picture

There is an ever increasing difference between the people of "America", and the govt of "America".  The vast majority of Americans are decent hard working people who have no time or interest in bothering the rest of the world.

If someone nuked DC and maybe NYC or Hollywood, I doubt the rest of us would mind much. Not that Im advising or soliciting such, but they arent helping us any more than they are the rest of the world. And they do cost us rather alot, just sayin. :)

Totentänzerlied's picture

"The vast majority of Americans are decent hard working people who have no time or interest in bothering the rest of the world."

Keep believing that tripe while they're cheering for your show-trial conviction and execution.

PiratePawpaw's picture

Its true here, but then again, I live in "fly over country", and we dont really matter to the important people.

Omen IV's picture

dont forget the Confederacy!

they need to be Nuked  - sex and abortions for everyone!

autofixer's picture

This is an automated messsage.  Your post has been flagged and retained for further review.  Be well citizen.  Prism/Skynet.

FreedomGuy's picture

Gringo, it pains my heart, but I have to agree with you. It is fascist from the militarized cops giving you revenue tickets to the remote monitoring of red light cameras and the NSA. You need to report your entire life down to the socks donated to Goodwill to the IRS, state revenue services and register your whole life with them. Nothing is done without government persmission, from fishing to driving to marrying to opening a business.

Does anyone seriously feel good abou this?

news printer's picture

OK but what about Austria;

after all Austrians did the strip search of Morales plane

Tyler Durden's picture

Austria did not search Morales jet in Vienna - president

One airport officer did board the aircraft on Tuesday to find out why it had landed in Vienna reporting technical problems, but "there was no formal inspection", Austrian President Heinz Fischer told Kurier newspaper.

Fischer's comments, published on Sunday, appeared aimed at untangling contradictory accounts of how Bolivian President Evo Morales was treated as he flew home from a conference in Moscow last week.

"Someone from the airport staff sought out the aircraft or the pilot after landing to inquire about the nature of the technical problem," Fischer was quoted as saying.

"The Austrian official was advised that the defect was already fixed, and saw on this occasion that the plane was empty ... He did not look under the seats. There was no formal inspection, but no other people were found on board," Fischer added.

Pressed on whether that meant Austrians had not searched the plane, he said:

"There was no search in the forensic sense. There was also no reason to under international law. The plane of a president belongs to 'his territory' and cannot be searched readily."

Element's picture



"The Austrian official was advised that the defector was already fixed ..."


fixed the defect

Dewey Cheatum Howe's picture

That is an absolutely blatant piece of public diplomacy bullshit. They landed because they had to refuel to complete the flight, being blocked from flying through certain countries airspace's only exacerbated the problem. There was no technical issues........ The noncritical thinking populace will buy the explanation hook, line, sinker since it sounds reasonable on the surface. This is why we are fucked and have these problems with our governments in the first place.

smacker's picture


I take the view that the Austrian President was blathering. When is a discreet - but thorough - peep into every corner of the small Bolivian plane a "formal search" or not?

I Drink Your Milkshake's picture

That is such a bullshit article.

The plane's defect was it didn't have enough fuel for the sudden itenerary change around Italy and over the Magreb to refuel Tenerife rather than a straight shot over Europe.

Since they were half way into their leg the pilot landed to refuel for the extended mileage. And since they didn't find Eddie the plane continued on over Europe.

Also, they were on the ground for 14 hours, yet the "airport staff" made contact with the plane/pilot after it landed and was told the "problem" was fixed.

This is a lame attempt at spin on Austria and Reuters part.

news printer's picture

Bolivian officials accused France, Portugal, Spain and Italy of withdrawing permission for the plane to pass through their airspace, prompting the unscheduled stop in Vienna.


Bolivia's ambassador to the UN, Sacha Llorenti, said Austria's decision to search the aircraft was an act of aggression and a violation of international law, according to Reuters.

Austria's deputy chancellor, Michael Spindelegger, claimed that Morales "agreed to a voluntary inspection".


(Reuters) - No unauthorized people were found on board Bolivian President Evo Morales' government plane at Vienna airport when Austrian authorities carried out a voluntary inspection, Deputy Chancellor Michael Spindelegger said on Wednesday.



LA PAZ, Bolivia (AP) — Morales originally planned to fly home from a Moscow summit via Western Europe, stopping in Lisbon, Portugal and Guyana to refuel. His plane was diverted to Vienna Tuesday night after his government said France, Spain and Portugal all refused to let it through their airspace because they suspected Snowden was on board. Spain's ambassador to Austria even tried to make his way onto the plane on the pretext of having a coffee to check that Snowden wasn't there, Morales said.


Morales had sparked speculation that he might try to help Snowden get out during a visit to Russia after he said that his country would be willing to consider granting him asylum. Austrian officials said Morales' plane was searched early Wednesday by Austrian border police after Morales gave permission. Bolivian and Austrian officials both said Snowden was not on board.



Flughafenpolizei durchsucht Maschine

Eine Landung in Schwechat stellte jedenfalls kein Problem dar: "Wenn der bolivianische Präsident um Landeerlaubnis in Wien bittet, dann werden wir das erlauben", betonte Außenminister und Vizekanzler Michael Spindelegger (ÖVP). Durchsucht wurde das Flugzeug trotzdem, und zwar von der Flughafenpolizei in Form einer sogenannten "freiwilligen Nachschau" - zu der sowohl Morales als auch der Pilot ihre Zustimmung geben mussten.

Ancona's picture

Good on them for having a set of balls and reeminding the world that they are sovereign fucking nations that will not lick Uncle Sugars boots.

Lore's picture

Are the ambassadors withdrawn for good, or just to pout for a little while?  Does this move have teeth?