As US Ships Approach, US Embassy In Egypt Denies Move Presages "Imminent US Invasion"

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With the situation in Egypt continuing to border on sheer chaos, many wonder what approach the US will take, so far having demonstrated its inability to decide how to swallow the humiliation of having a US-backed regime get swept away in a military coup while it continues supporting the country with both money and weapons. But while the State Department dithers, its head busy boating somewhere off the coast of Massachussetts, the US military is not wasting much time, and appears to be amassing a naval presence just off the coast of Egypt. No need to worry, though: Egypt's Ahram reports that "the US Embassy in Egypt denied Saturday that US naval vessels near Egypt's shores are sent in preparation for military action. A top Marine Corps general said Thursday that two US marine vessels approached Egypt's Red Sea shore, raising concerns in the Egyptian media about an imminent military move."

"We deny false claims in the Egyptian press that US naval ships are in the vicinity of the Arabian Peninsula and the Suez Canal to militarily invade Egypt," read a statement issued on the US embassy's website.

Alas, since the US lately does not have a great track record with either telling the truth, or being honest about which country it is about to "militarily invade", one can see why ordinary Egyptians, who have no idea on whose side the US is currently, may be worried.

More from Ahram:

The statement  went on to say that the United States regularly deploys forces near the Arabian Peninsula and that US vessels regularly pass through Egypt's Suez Canal en route to the Indian Ocean or the Mediterranean Sea.


US Marine Corps officials said the two ships, part of a three-ship amphibious readiness group, has been in the region since May, patrolling the Red Sea, Horn of Africa, the Gulf and the Arabian Sea. The third ship is offshore Bahrain.


They went on to assert there were no new orders to prepare for a possible conflict in Egypt.


Moving amphibious ships closer to the coast would enable easier movement of helicopters and other equipment, if needed in a country  now in ferment, navy officials said.

The US Embassy's full statement can be found here. The Pentagon Press Sec went one better and called all such reports "absolutely wrong"

Using biblical logic, all that is needed to confirm an imminent invasion of Egypt would be just one more denial.

Joking aside, it is a given that preserving the Suez Canal is of paramount importance for the US, if not so much for a quick transit access for cargo between the Mediterranean and the Indian Ocean, but to preserve access to the US 5th Naval Fleet based in Bahrain. Because once that is cut off, there goes quick and easy naval support for Israel operations in and around Iran.

Finally, it appears that the marine fleet in question currently parked by Egypt is the LHD-3 Kearsarge which has a fleet of helicopters and 2000 marines on board, and which was by the Suez two weeks ago, and which as recently as this Wednesday was located by the Straits of Hormuz according to the latest Stratfor Naval map. The same Kearsarge that played a key role in the Libyan coup two years ago.

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The canal gets lubed up for invasion?
Weapons of ass destruction?

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Holy shit the entire world is against the Washington D. C. Bankster Stazi and their Military Industrial Complex. Including the United States of America. Long live the revolution.

Wow opportunity like this (during the breakdown of imperialism and collapse of empire) hasn't existed for a long time in the corporate world. 

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here are 'TWO' great reads concerning the goings on in Egypt via Sryia, or vice ? versa!?

"The China - US 'Brotherhood'"   by *Pepe Escobar* :-))  7/11/13

"Egypt's Sphinx casts eyes on Syria"     by M.K. Bhadrakumar   7/12/13       and     [ Local News, ME, and Int'l ]

thankyou Tyler :-))

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All your peace prize is belong to me!

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The heinz 57 boy toy (I guess Brka now) better be careful the HSA NSA CIA are having drills at the Cuttyhunk chowder festival.   

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They are there for the fishin'. Obumma is a big fan of catch and release some some of that stuff will make a fine camp lunch.


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How about a good ol "Fuck Egypt" who gives a shit.

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Their military is a branch of our military, it is logically impossible for us to "invade". Get real.

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'Think of the origins of "Boolean (logic)" '

the parallels [syria & egypt/ turkey, qatar, and '????'] being deja`vu ?!       *"Churchill's Sinking of the French Fleet (July 3,1940) ...  "Attack on Mers-el-Ke`bir"**         11/29/06

and for a quick ref:

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we should dock and enter with are british sas mi6 chums.

com on queers sing with meeee.


Love, exciting and new 
Come Aboard. We're expecting you. 
Love, life's sweetest reward. 
Let it flow, it floats back to you. 

Love Boat soon will be making another run 
The Love Boat promises something for everyone 
Set a course for adventure, 
Your mind on a new romance. 

Love won't hurt anymore 
It's an open smile on a friendly shore. 


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they aren't supporting Egypt with weapons..  they are supporting the MIC by giving them printed money with red tape to buy them



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Perhaps Egypt is a relatively bloodless Stalingrad for the Corporation... the place and time where supposedly unstoppable global domination is halted and thrust into reverse, never to recover.


A man can dream.

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Gettin ready to evac the Embassy..... avoidin another Benghazi