Israeli Subs Destroy Russian Missiles In Syria; Russia Holds Largest Post-Soviet Military Drill

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While the (chemical) dust over Syria has yet to settle, one country is not waiting around before in tried and true fashion it kicks the proverbial hornets nest. Only this time the recipient of Israeli aggression is not some small country that can hardly afford to defend itself against made in the US, state-of-the-art weapons: it is Russia, if only indirectly. Last Friday, July 5, in the fog of the Egyptian coup, a contingent of 50 Russian-made Yakhont P-800 anti-ship missiles at the Syrian port-city of Latakia was destroyed. It has since become clear that the attack was launched by none other than an Israeli Dolphin-class (German-made) submarine according to a report in the British Sunday Times, which in turn contradicts a previous report that the attack had been the work of the Israeli air force.

Furthermore, the alleged Israeli naval strike was closely coordinated with the United States. While this open aggression on Russian interests in Syria for now remains unchallenged, one wonder what happens when the news hits that US-made weapons supporting Syrian "rebels" have been mysteriously blown up by Russian rockets and how furious the public outcry would be against such an open Russian provocation.

From Jerusalem Post:

According to the report, the Israeli fleet of German-built submarines launched a cruise missile at the weapons cache after which Syrian rebels reportedly attested to hearing early-morning explosions at a Syrian port-side naval barracks.


On Friday, anonymous US officials told CNN that Israel had carried out an air strike on the Syrian city.


Three unnamed US officials told CNN the IAF had targeted Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles that could pose a threat to Israel.


Qassem Saadeddine, spokesman for the Free Syrian Army’s Supreme Military Council, said the pre-dawn attack hit Syrian Navy barracks at Safira, near the port of Latakia. The rebel forces’ intelligence network had identified newly supplied Yakhont missiles being stored there, he said.


“It was not the FSA that targeted this,” Saadeddine told Reuters. “It is not an attack that was carried out by rebels. This attack was either by air raid or long-range missiles fired from boats in the Mediterranean.”


A loud explosion was heard near Latakia on Wednesday, an opposition monitoring group said, but the cause of the blast was unclear.

Fast forward one week when we learn that in a perfectly unrelated event, a massive military drill involving naval forces, strategic bomber aircraft, missile-defense teams, tactical and strategic missiles, infantry, and armored vehicles took place in Russia's far east: a perfectly unrelated exercise that just happens to have 160,000 soliders, 1,000 tanks, 130 aircraft and 70 naval vessels that has been classified as the largest of its kind in the post-Soviet period.

From RFE:

An unspecified number of Tu-95MS strategic nuclear bomber aircraft reportedly were being readied for combat missions at an airbase in the Amur region. An armored brigade with some 100 tanks made a 1,100-kilometer rail journey from Buryatia to the Tsugol testing ground in Chita Oblast.


Tank commander Dmitry Manyukin told the Russian TV news station Rossia 24 on July 14 that his company's final objectives in the exercise had not yet been issued in order to test the ability of Russian troops to respond quickly to freshly received orders.


"The peculiarity [of this drill] is that [although] we deployed here 24 hours ... it hasn't yet been disclosed to us where we will move from here and what we will be ordered to accomplish," he said.


According to Manyukin, the emphasis on being prepared for rapid deployment was being emphasized by the Defense Ministry in Moscow.


"Since the appointment of the new Defense Minister [Sergei Shoigu], combat readiness has been treated very seriously," he said. "Very strict demands have been put in place for combat readiness ever since."


The 83rd Airborne Brigade has been ordered from its base in Ussuriisk to Sakhalin Island, where an amphibious assault will be carried out in coordination with assault ships "Oslyabya" and "Nikolai Vilkov" assault ships.


A mobile radiation, chemical, and biological defense brigade has also been taking part in the exercise.

And speaking of hands on...

Putin has said he might personally participate in the drill, which is scheduled to end on July 20.

Surely this news alone, even in the absence of GDP-boosting riots, should be enough to send the S&P futures to 1,700 in tonight's upcoming Kevin Henry inspired, low volume melt-up ramp.

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john39's picture

what a shock, Israeli war crimes continue...  UN security counsel convening to discuss sanctions against Israel?  cue crickets...

kliguy38's picture

120year Supercycle DEMANDS a supercycle war event. Sharpen your swords darlins....your masters are...........and when they say WILL dance. Of course you will be doing your patriotic duty......

LetThemEatRand's picture

Major war has always seemed like their Plan A, with the question being when.

malikai's picture

Am I wrong in assuming that Israel and Syria are in fact at defacto state of war?

Why isn't Syria shooting back?

Winston Smith 2009's picture

They have "internal problems" to deal with.

Totentänzerlied's picture

They don't want to pick a fight with omnicidal psychopathic mass-murdering cheesepopes who will use every dirty trick in the book to turn Syria into a mass grave, I imagine. Assad may not be a standup-guy but he is not a suicidal fool either.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

They actually can't nuke them, then people would realize how bad Fukashima is.

Troll Magnet's picture

Shhhhhhhhhhhh! Let's focus on what REALLY matters: the Tray Von Zimmertin case.

akak's picture

Does that mean that I am officially no longer obligated to follow every utterance and bowel movement of Honey BooBoo?

DollarMenu's picture

You are, however still required to maintain vigil on Kim Kardass and Lindsey Lowend.

phyuckyiu's picture

Perhaps now people will listen to me when I mention the Yakhont Sunburn missile in threads. If Russian tech sucks so bad, why did this happen?

Because It PWNZ J0000 (use a pun go to jail)

Panafrican Funktron Robot's picture

It's worth noting that these massive drills were being conducted near Russia's southeastern border of China/Mongolia.  Interesting that there was such a massive shift in their total conventional military might as far the fuck away from the Middle East as possible.  

Keyser's picture

Perhaps read a bit of Billy Meire's prophecies on the topic from 1987. Before you dismiss them, check the accuracy of his previous prophecies. Might be time to head to the southern hemisphere.



RaceToTheBottom's picture

Is a document that is constantly changing really a prophecy?


Not Too Important's picture

They're not all cheesepopes. Interesting view:

'To Eliminate The Opiate', by Marvin Antelman

On par with 'The Creature From Jekyll Island' for the history of the dark side of the family tree.

Anusocracy's picture

People have been killing or expelling Jews for a thousand years.

Perhaps all of it was justified. 

HowardBeale's picture

You'd think they'd run out, or at least hit Peak Jew.

Jumbotron's picture

You'd think they'd run out, or at least hit Peak Jew.

Or maybe you'd get it through your thick skull that no one can wipe them out.  Either because they really ARE God's chosen people or they are the most resilient people to come out of the primordial goo.  Whichever way you come down on the religious / sociological / historical side of things.

Not to say everything any one of them do is right every time......but you've got to give it to them.....Gentiles knock 'em down....and they keep coming back.  Perhaps you could all learn a thing or two about that.'s SOOoooo much easier to bitch about them controlling the world.  Well.....WHO's fault is that?  Their's....or YOUR's for letting it happen? 

As always....if you want something fixed....start by fixing your own damn self.....otherwise....shut the fuck up about it being the fault of niggers, or spics, or Jews or Luciferian Lizard Men.....or whatever.

Skateboarder's picture

Speaking of all these types of people... please treat yourself to this classic skate skit from the early 90s - "Brothas from Different Mothas"

HowardBeale's picture

Up the dosage. It's not working...

Ima anal sphincter's picture

Jumbotron... a hearty "Fuck You" fits here. Does your fucked up mind actually think that a true God would pick one group of people over another??? Your the same as the rest of us except the brainwashing by your own people and religious leaders has reached maximum overload.

Here's one for-ya. If you process food in the same manner as I process food.... you ain't one bit more special than me or ANY other person on this earth. The day you quit processing food like the rest of us, we'll talk. Otherwise, shut the fuck up.

Did I forget to say what I really think of you.... oh, let's skip back to that first sentence.

dark pools of soros's picture

because all the power parasitic jews don't live in Israel... they just use it as a military base and brothels..  they have no problem getting another countyr to blow it up..  they'll just beg for another land of sand to occupy

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Great material re Marvin Antelman, but probably hard for most ZH readers to digest

Has been summarised by radical Israeli journalist Barry Chamish

Essentially, the idea of Antelman is that Judaism has been hijacked by a group of Luciferian, non-believing Jews, who date back several centuries to a 'false Messiah' rabbi in Turkey, the godfather of today's atheist-Zionists and the leadership of Israel

Chamish argues that today's Israeli leaders are basically part of a plot to destroy Judaism (and really all religion), partly by sinking it into many evil deeds

As background it is important to know that most Jews were anti-Zionists before 1940 ... and in the 1930s Adolf Hitler himself supported atheist 'Labour Zionism' and emigration to Israel, while outlawing the more religious (anti-Zionist) Jewish groups

Short article by Chamish here on Rense

max2205's picture

Buy the war sell the peace (rubble)

Lost Word's picture

Thisandthat link above connects Antelman's conspiracy theory with report that Saudi royal family is descended from Turkish Jews that pretended to convert to Islam, a few centuries ago.

Similar to Spanish Jews that pretended to convert to Christianity, in the 15th century.

thisandthat's picture

Not just that, it connects them and Wahhabism directly to Sabbataism, the cult Antelman's book exposes.

Clashfan's picture

TY Bank Guy. Interesting. And couldn't we make similar arguments about Catholicism, Southern Baptists, radical Islamists (like Saudi Arabia), etc. This seems to me to be the primary problem w/the world--Luciferianism and its infiltration of other religions. This seems to me to be what links those in power and the secret, occultist societies.

Often enjoy your posts.

knukles's picture

Calm down, everybody.  Everything is under control, Barrie and Karrie have everything under control.  It's all OK.  HammeriKa is in charge, for truth justice and the HammeriKan way. 
Look, up in the sky it's a bird, it's a plane, it's flying hemorrhoid!
Damn glad we have an experienced community organizer to organize a community in need of organization.

S'all for your own good.

My leg's getting all tinglie!


Next up from MSNBC if George had been convicted and hung in the town square immediately, all our friends in the Middle East would have no reason to fight anymore.
All George's fault.

SWRichmond's picture

If Russia wants to fuck up Israel, it's ok with me...

Ignatius's picture

It would just be terrible, terrible, if Russia were to kick Israel in the balls and then in the face.

SWRichmond's picture

I might even fall in love with Obama if Israel started a war with Russia (well, which they just in fact did) and then the US stayed out of it...which would be impossible, of course, given the fact that Russia would then have de facto control of the Suez.

Edit: whose custody were the missiles in?

Keyser's picture

Don't know, but they can't find the Dockmaster or the Bill of Laden. Something about being vaporized in the attack.




Kaiser Sousa's picture

I have said it before and wil say it again...


their day is coming just like their broke ass U.S. step bitch..............

HowardBeale's picture



I, myself, try not to get involved in my mom's sex life: "That's up to you mom. I don't want to know."

bank guy in Brussels's picture

Israelis may be responding to Russian helping Syria to recently both sink an Israeli submarine and shoot down an Israeli plane - not in mainstream news

On 4 May 2013 the Syrian navy apparently sunk one of these very same Israeli submarines, a German-built Dolphin.

This past Monday, 8 July 2013, the Israelis lost an F-16 fighter plane in the Mediterranean ... what is unsaid is that it was probably one of the Russian missiles in Syria that shot it down.

Much more is going on here than we can be sure of ...


Also, there are some heavy connections between Russia and Israel ...

Of the 8 million people in Israel (not counting Palestinian territory occupied by them), 1.5 million are Arabs within Israel, and 1 million of the people in Israel are Russians, who came over in the 1990s when the average Russian was in dire poverty, on the basis they had a Jewish ancestor, welcomed by Israel because Israel wanted more Jews

Of these 1 million Israeli Russian-speakers, maybe half do not consider themselves Jewish, and are often Orthodox Christian in religion ... they went to Israel because it seemed less poor and had warmer weather. Some of these Russian Israelis actually have anti-Jewish hatred, put up swastika graffiti in Israel etc

Amid that big 1990s Russian migration, a number of KGB agents and sympathisers went to Israel, Russia even supplying them with fake documents about a Jewish ancestor so they could get instant Israeli citizenship under Israel's 'White Jew' programme (Israel mostly rejects Jews from Africa who are black)

Some of these Russian Israelis have headed back home ... but most stay, liking the warmer weather, and they have Russian TV, a Russian-speaking Israeli political party etc

There is also in general the enormously powerful Russian-speaking Jewish mafia, mostly kicked out of Russia to Israel, but still with links to the Russian homeland

Complex ...

Motorboat's picture

Was that one of the 21 brand new planes US taxpayers gave to Israel for free in 2011 alone?

The US citizen is getting screwed for Israel's benefit, and harder than most can imagine. 

Keyser's picture

You left out the 4 new f-16's being delivered to Egypt after the "non-coup".

Paul Bogdanich's picture

If you are ignorant enough to actually beleive that the Syrians or Russians sunk an Israeli submarine and a surface vessle without anyone hearing about it then maybe you are a banker in Brussels.  Being a banker in Brussels, or the US for that matter, is about the only job I can think of where your tenuois at best connection to reality would be highly valued.  

phyuckyiu's picture

Right, because if the NYT didn't print it, it doesn't exist. Of course, how silly of me.

giggler123's picture

Doesn't sound complex to me.  Cannon fodder existed well before Zionism and actually since they want to sacrifice Israel; what better way but to put someone elses blood there.

Jack Burton's picture

Good post "Bank Guy", you are right about that huge migration of Russians to Israel during the Russian economic collapse of the 90's. I wondered too if Russia would not use this huge migration to put a whole set of intelligence assets into Israel. As you say, Israel was rabid to accept this flood of white Jews from Russia, I am sure that the process was wide open, and many agents that were working for Russian intelligence could and did slip in. And you are right too, Russian language is common in Israel now, and Russian immigrants stick together and have their own groups and own organized crime groups.

Also, I read about a Syrian navy attack on a sonar contact and that the Syrian navy did launch anti submarine weapons against the contact, and the contact was lost after detonations. I hear little follow up, some Russian sources claim an israeli sub was indeed destroyed. I also read of the F-16 loss and some claims that an S-300 did it. Again, sources are slim, and nothing in the west comes out about it. Israel is a master of denial of losses. Only when filmed by the attackers will Israel admit oa military loss. Thus you can go to and watch Hezbollah videos of anti tank missiles hitting Israeli tanks during the Lebanon war, one graphic video shows a burning Israeli tank while a missile tracks onto one right next to it and strikes, while in the background another Israeli tank desperately lays a smoke screen. A minute later the video catches Israeli tanks roaring down this road in reverse with missile trails chasing them. I did not know Israeli drivers could go so fast in reverse!

Element's picture

Yup, great video footage that one, and several others. The Hez really nailed the bastards. The IDF were blowing up whole towns indiscriminately and arbitrarily with heavy artillery and scores of 2,000 lb GBUs! The Hez simply finally took it back to the murdering bastards (just like the gypos army did in 1973), and boy were they asking for it. Filthy butchering scum were systematically blowing up whole towns and seeding the entire area with delayed fusing cluster-munitions.

Utter scum.

samsara's picture

2 million cluster bombs were dropped by Israel in the last two days of that conflict I read. Mostly in farmers fields, and towns mainly to kill unsuspecting children and farmers.

Great business for the American weapons of death companies.

Harlequin001's picture

'IAF had targeted Russian-made Yakhont anti-ship missiles that could pose a threat to Israel.'

So basically any Syrian armed forces then. More commonly known as 'war'.

Looks like Russia needs to sell Syria some more missiles... paid for with fiat of course...


Keyser's picture

All a tactic by the Russians and Merkans to jack up the GDP with fiat from phantom sales of armaments to the peasants. Then watch them kill each other. SSDD. 


john39's picture

timing is everything...   besides, that would be exactly the result that Israel is looking for... so it can suck the U.S. directly into a hot war.

Element's picture

Not going to happen John, Obama's got a Nobel Peace Prize, remember? It's philosophically and morally impossible for an anointed Saint of Peace to ferment a global Great-War, at the behest of the eternal cheesepopes.


[Disclaimer: I have no idea what that even means]