Presenting The All-Time Top 100 Political Donors

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Who has thrown the most cash at the US political system - out of the goodness of their hearts of course?




Source: Center for Responsive Politics

(h/t @ZH_Crown)

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  I'll start this upvote extravaganza. Nice post Seasmoke.

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Wow this is the most ridiculous article I've seen Tyler post yet (and that's saying something lately). 

In 2012 the main Romney superpac (the biggest spender in that election and outspending Obama's top pac almost 3-1) spent $147milllion, compared to actblue spending $88M between 1989 - 2013.

I know a lot of these articles have been tilting toward bullshit red-blue arguments lately (trying to become or something) but this is really pushing the credibility..

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Wrong. says: $397,176,000.  If you believe their own "bullshit".

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It doesn't state on the article what these numbers come from specifically i.e. what the money was spent on - it's a highly selective use of statistics from Centre for Responsive Politics. 

I was pointing out how ridiculously misleading this list is (in many ways, including how low the numbers are). 

Here you can get all the numbers, from the SAME SOURCE.

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the top 50 with a couple of exceptions reads like a list of total failures. the next fifty look like they spent their money well. they're still in business at least. i'm sorry...we need bailouts for...ah, i GET it now! "we give you 50 million so that when we need 50 billion....

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Its reassuring to know that our politicians and administrative bureaucrats can't be bought.

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"... in the 2012 campaign, as we know from the reports they're required to file each month with the Federal Election Commission. "

Um, yeah. I'm sure it was all "reported". It's a badly kept secret that the Chinese have been funding the democrats since the Clinton years. Gore was their boy but he was such a fuckup and tool that even with their help he couldn't get it done. And, arguably, Bush stole the election, but given that Gore wasn't just Team Blue, he was Team China, it doesn't seem so wrong now.

I'm sure there is a fucking underground river of cash running between Beijing and DNC HQ.

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@ James_Cole


The point of the article is that our politicians on both sides are bought and paid for (bribed).

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As long as it's noted that the list doesn't represent the actual largest donors, the actual distribution of funds or anywhere close to the accurate $ figures then yes this article is informative.

On the other hand if you're looking for any article to get a meaningless red/ blue debate going this piece nails it.

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I'd love to see the chart for "donations" to Supreme Court justices

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Notice how the big banks hedge their bets with paying off both parties? 

Now that's how it's done, son!

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i'm sorry i meant 50 trillion. "in forever money."

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Same for the MIC.
Except that Big Oil is pro GOP.

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yep, a lotta asses near the top.

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no montsano? talk about gettin' away with murder ... cheap.

edit- (no microsoft either, so i'm guessin' they're grandfathered in)

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The ROI for each of these donors' political "contribution" is the more interesting, but missing data point.

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Which gives a better ROI buying several congressmen or buying one senator.

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Depends on whether or not one is on a committee (or committe head) for a committee that directly affects you.   One congressman on Agriculture is worth far more than an ordinary Senator if you're Monsanto, same if the congresscritter is on Energy and Cmmerge or Natural Resources if you're oil or coal.....  and a SENATOR on a key committee is gold - can stop dead anything that might affect you or help make your drems a reality.

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i think it's safe to call it "the whole phucking government" at this point.

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Well, in that case the Koch Bros or Halliburton must be right at the top, as their return on SUPPOSEDLY no investment has been ludicriously high.

No, I'm not a Obama supproter. In fact, I think "both" political parties are equally corrupt - because they both ARE the same party, controlled by the Wall St party.

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Don't they also support Libertarians?

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You are disqualified for uttering the "K" bogeymen word.

At least I know what the Koch brothers are about. George Soros, on the other hand, is one sick motherfucker, and you better believe that he's funneled billions into the Wrong Hands.

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Looks like "Union's States of America" are ruling.

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one of the reasons the fed is propping up the bond market.  pensions bitchez

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    I always wondered why 'Donkey meat' doesn't taste like chicken.

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Even buzzards won't touch it.

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Donkey Burger is frickin' awesome!

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  So are chocolate covered grasshoppers.

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Didn't see the Ron Paul breakout in those charts. Guess that fell into a catagory only Americans gave money for.

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Top 3 Ron Paul donors

1) US Army

2) US Navy

3) US Air Force

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Gotta love BA playing both sides... what a dream(liner) that must be.

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If I understand correctly, this data shows "reported" "donations".

Have I got that right?

So these are the known Knowns.

Left out are the known Unknowns.

They don't compile the unknown Knowns.

And reporting the unknown Unknowns will get your passport revoked.

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These are the official figures, which means about as accurate as my estimate of how many times I've scratched my balls.

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...and if my experience is any guide, that's a big fucken number.

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i never understood why a group gives 50-50 to both......couldnt they just give $1 to each and save $50 million

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admission to the theater

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Chump change.  Return on investment is better than 10 to 1.  Especially to those to garner non-bid contracts.

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Disappointed to see GS is not in the top 5


The appearance of the law must be upheld, Especially when it's being broken

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have lots of freinds in the IBEW , sure they dont know that there money went to our hack govt cant wait to send them this shit.

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i see the Firemen......but i dont see the thugs with badges......those costume wearing thugs , dont like to part with their money

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Probably that one on top there.