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More Zen Advice From Dan Loeb's Bloomberg Message Header

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Dan Loeb continues to dispense Zen (trading) philosophy from his Bloomberg MSG header. While previously his tongue-in-cheek (and enema-in- ... well, you get the the idea) message to Bill Ackman had a cleanse-dispensing Carl Icahn middleman, his latest insight just a tad more nebulous, and should be just a little more concerning to whoever is the unlucky sod on the receiving end of Loeb's latest philosophical warning.

Now, whoever may Loeb be talking about (/sarc)?

At least we know it is not a "she", which according to the president does not exclude Janet Yellen...

P.S. in a world in which fundamentals are dead, and in which the monthly hedge fund letter is now largely worthless, we are happy to see that the hedge fund community has found a new and more entertaining way to sub-communicate with each other. Check to you David Einhorn - the time has come and gone to update that boring header.


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