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NASDAQ About To Break Again? Exchanges Reporting SIP Quote Issues

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As everyone knows by now, "something" affecting the Nasdaq's Securities Information Processor (SIP) is what caused the exchange to break and shut down for three hours two weeks ago. Are we set for a repeat (now that AAPL is once again at $500)? The first alert from BATS was just blasted a few minutes ago, and moments ago DirectEdge added that "Due to a UTP issue, Direct Edge EDGA and EDGX Exchanges temporarily halted trading in Tape C securities PBCP-ZZZZ from 11:43:00 to 11:48:00."

Update: crisis averted for now

Finally, here is Nasdaq's own explanation:

Today between 11:35 and 11:41 the Securities Information Processor (SIP) experienced a brief outage in one of the quote dissemination channels, specifically in symbols through PC through SPZ. The issue has been resolved and UTP SIP is reviewing the incident. All quotes are currently disseminating normally. Trading has not been affected.

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