A Libertarian View Of The "Grand-Standing" Over Government Shutdown

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"It's really just politics as usual," notes Mark Thornton in this brief perspective-giving clip that seemingly confirms the grandstanding idiocy of our politicians that Rick Santelli pointed out earlier. Thornton notes, "Congress has been acting irresponsibly for years," enabled by an always-willing-to-lend Federal Reserve that provides no incentive for fiscal responsibility (that a gold-standard could provide). Thornton also notes that despite the fear-mongery, "it's not really government shutting down," as 'essential features of government' will remain active.


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If the builk of the wealth is held in a few hands, those individuals need resources that the rest of us possess or can procure. Supply and demand. For my neighbor, I'd ask a buck or two for a loaf of bread, knowing their means are near my own. For the oligarchy, I'd ask a grand. Its not price gouging, its a reallocation of resources. In my agorist utopia, there would be nothing wrong with this practice. The exploiters would simply become exploited until some semblence of equality were restored to society. There's nothing wrong with being wealthy, but becoming wealthy through the political system is immoral.