Truly "Exceptional" And Dumber Than Ever: Verbal SAT Scores Plunge To Fresh Record Low

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Having followed this tragic development year after year, it is amazing that we are still surprised by what the chart below shows, yet here we are: surprised. Although judging by recent social, fiscal and monetary developments (and the complete lack thereof as the same old broken approaches are tried with a lunatic's intensity and an idiot's resolve that this time will be different), we can certainly believe it. In brief: another year, another record low for the average verbal SAT score, and another sad achievement for a nation that is getting fatter, dumber and ever more in debt.

And just because nobody took it seriously last year (and it shows) we repeat: the need for the Derek Zoolander Center For Kids Who Can't Read Good And Wanna Learn To Do Other Stuff Good Too has never been greater.

h/t @Not_Jim_Cramer

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Every word in this post is a complete truth. The US nation is getting dumber. I hate the idea of this, but aren’t we the ones responsible for that? Or should we blame the variety of technology starting from cars( we do not have to move that much) and ending with gadgets like tablets and smartphones which can correct everything for us (autocorrect helps to write (order college paperwork writing online) and as a result we do not even have to think at all), memorize, pay off and so on and so forth. It is just terrible…I guess it is true what the rest of the world thinks about Americans.



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Wow Nmewn, that was quite a story. I had to read it numerous times and let the potency of it really penetrate. I have a great admiration for fighters. I realize why you told me this because it truly reflects who I am today ( and why I fit well here on ZH).

When Doug rescued me from my early life he did so at great cost. The final straw was my mother was trying to get him to beat me as well! He told me later he realized he had to get me away from a mother that was actually trying to get her own daughter beaten by a man. He recognized the evil immediately and tried to save me. He was my " special niece".

Here's where the story is not so good. He brought me to his parents and they rejected me because I was City and they were Farm. They told him they would disown him if he married me, they didn't want a fucked up city girl whom they felt would be no use on a farm. Note also, Doug is an only child. I told Doug I couldnt believe they would do it. It had to be an empty threat. But sure enough when we married the port cullis came crashing down. My beloved not only saved me but had to make a choice between me and his family. Most 22 year olds would have chosen family and I would have been forced to return to mine. He chose me and lost everything.

The first few years we very tough. We had a little money saved from his college fund and I qualified for loans for school. The problem was me. I started to become intensely angry. Pretty much bordering on hostility. This was unusual. Most women descend into depression. All I wanted to do was fight. I literally went the fight club route. I joined a karate group and started to learn to fight. No pads or protection. I eventually beat the shit out of all the women so my instructor put me with the men. They started to beat the shit out of me. I had to stop or there was going to be nothing physically left of me to become a microbiologist. People were asking me why I was covered in bruises all the time. But while I was doing it the anger in me subsided. I truly felt alive and was addicted to the feeling. When I quit the inner anger quickly returned.

I started to verbally attack my colleagues and friends. I lost numerous jobs telling my bosses they were fucking idiots ( they actually were). And yes, when we had children I did the worse thing a mother could do. I started to attack my husband and children verbally and physically. Thank god not often but it did happen. Doug got very good at recognizing when it would occur. Once he ran across the room, tackled me and held me on the ground until it had passed. The funny thing is, I have very little recollection of these incidents. It was as if I blacked out. Doug, Megan and brenna recite word for word what happened and I must believe them but I have no recollection. At this time I was earnestly looking for help. All the shit head shrinks told me I was fucked up beyond hope and all they could do was prescribe heavy duty meds. I literally told them all to fuck off, I wanted a cure not a patch. They showed me the door.

Then God showed me the way. Doug told me at this time he was praying non stop for God somehow help me. I found Candy. In one year with intensive work the hostility was gone. Though I will say that was the hardest year of my life. For the first time in my life I could experience sadness, all I could ever feel before was hate and anger. There are angels walking here on earth and I met one of them. She told me once I was one of the most difficult cases she had ever dealt with but had the most profound recovery of anyone she counseled.

When I reflect on all of this I think you and your special niece and all your family have one great gift I lacked. The love and caring for one another. This is an incredible gift which I had never had. I was always alone. Doug " rescued" me but I was still alone. When you talked about the " brotherhood / sisterhood of your friends doing drugs it really affected me. I was jealous. I never had loving companions or friends due to this poison. For 35 years my world was walking down a path alone with a sword in my hand. I have much sadness and regret of what might have been. Doug sees it differently. From this moment on he has the most incredible person on earth to spend the rest of his days. I have finally become what he saw in me 37 years ago though I couldn't see it myself. He has amazing patience.

Well this has been wonderful to talk through with you and thank you for the wonderful stories and things you shared with me. They really mean a lot. You are quite a special person to do this for a complete stranger. I am so happy I met such a wonderful good person who is so like me in many ways. Strange to witness how God works in the world. One must be still sometimes to feel his presence. Then there is only profound Love and Peace.