Boehner: "House Votes To Keep Govt' Running"; US Troops Will Be Paid During Government Shutdown

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Just like that, we are back to square minus one, with the House again punting to the senate:


Boehner promptly took to Twitter to be social-network(ally) hip:

As reported earlier, the Senate will promptly squash said bill once again as it did with the defunding CR, in effect leaving essentially no time to cobble a deal together ahead of the the October 1 government shutdown.

In the meantime, the theatrics over the next 48 hours will be truly epic as increasingly more republicans adopt the party line phrased by Rep. Louie Gohmert as follows:

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The elites ability to create maimed and dead veterans from false flags, meaningless wars of conquest and other nonsense is also  unparalleled.

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Don't say that, MNC's are grateful for their (taxpayer-funded) service

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House? It should read MIC forces vote to keep paying it's cannon fodder while un-paying everyone else.

Clear as day, a military state impersonating a...cough..... CONstututional...cough....repubelick....pretty clear.

Was at a dinner 2 nights ago that included a former 4 star general, a couple of reps of serious Indian PE money and assorted other India bashing US lovers.

They found it hard to keep up the rhetoric when faced with the fact that the US is the most murderous entity in history. And that the petrodollar is the sole reason for it's apparent prosperity.

Same shit everywhere though, the global mil ind complex is a hydra.



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good to hear from you again, ORIi,

um yes.. good to have the troops supported...

the real question is do they support us or THEM?


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Military might didn't make this country?  The Bill of Rights came after the Revolutionary War.  What the f*ck are they teaching in schools these days?

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You're right, the colonials had the largest army in the world with the best equipment and blew the Brits to smithereens as soon as they imposed the stamp tax. Plus, the Revolution was started to create a self-sustaining insatiable military superpower.

(Reading plus critical thinking skills)

TPTB_r_TBTF's picture

You could utilize some "critical thinking skills" when thinking about

the Myth of the American Revolution.


Liberty for whom?  The white, ruling-class, land-owning male.


The Somerset case ... was only too clear to the ruling class in the Thirteen Colonies that, under British rule, freedom for the slaves they owned was inevitable and that the basis of their wealth and power, slavery, would end if the Colonies remained under British rule.

The only way to retain their wealth and power was to retain slavery and the only way to retain slavery was to break away from Britain. Contrary to popular belief, every one of the Thirteen Colonies including New York, New Jersey, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, Pennsylvania, Maryland and Delaware practiced slavery.

Shortly after word of the Somerset decision reached Virginia, slaveowner Thomas Jefferson and four other Virginia politicians began to meet in private. They proposed the formation of a "committee of correspondence" of the colonies which was a first step to breaking away from Great Britain. They persuaded their cronies in the Virginia House of Burgesses to present a resolution for the formation of the committees of correspondence. The resolution included a list of committee members, Peyton Randolph, Richard Henry Lee, Patrick Henry, Thomas Jefferson and several others. Every single one a slaveowner.

America:  Making the World Safe for Hypocrisy

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If they remained under British Rule wouldn't that still be slavery?  Isn't a tax slavery, because it uses the stored labor of one person to satisfy the desires of another?  It's adds no validity to the argument against slavery to say "They didn't instantly recognize it's evils and instantly stop it."  Slavery still exists in many forms including taxes and every one of us are thus Subjects.

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'Americans' with their tax slavery myth... Everything is good to escape reality.

AnAnonymous's picture

The burgeoning 'american' middle class was the roadblock that separated Kings and the abolition of slavery.

Kings were tepid on slavery to say the least but they could not overcome the burgeoning 'american' middle class.

There was a decentralization of authority as the King of England never reinstated slavery in England while the burgeoning 'american' middle class thrived off slavery the King did not have power to forbid in the colonies.

Authority was decentralized, with Kings forbidding slavery in their own realm while the burgeoning 'american' middle class was pushing for the expansion on slavery in the colonies as they thrived off it.

Kings had de facto no longer authority on the colonies.

'Americans' never supported freedom. They've always supported coercion disguised as freedom.

Reality being too sour to be faced though, 'americans' love inventing stupidities like tax slavery when the founding fathers made clear that taxation and the way it favoured a State was a clear cut between civilized nations and savages whose societies were stateless.

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i am no scholar in this situation.. but..

i seem to recall that the tax stamp on docs had something to do with p'ing off the guys who liked to publish stuff.

so is there something similar with controls on the Internet?

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These men, America's Founders, designed and gave their lives to build the most just, equitable and prosperous government model in the history of the world, proven in the years following its inception. To look back with sexism, race, and disparity of wealth as sole perimeters is to view history in error.

Specifically, let’s review slavery.

In 1808 a law was passed in the United States forbidding the importation of slaves.

The Somerset v Stewart (1772) judgment by Lord Mansfield was limited to the issue of whether a person, regardless of slave status, could be removed from England against his will.

To divert attention from the sacrifices made by the courageous men who founded America with opinionated revisionist history misrepresents the philosophy and lives of the Founders and completely disregards the reality that they were up against a world of slavery trade, including the despicable slave trade managed by Jewish ship owners in Newport, RI, commonly referred to as "The Jewish Newport - World Center of Slave Commerce."

Documentation in “Who Brought the Slaves to America?” by Walter White Jr. (1968), establishes the Jewish role in international and U.S. slavery with its more than 300 slave-running ships.

These ships were “in continuous operation without interruption bringing Cane from the West Indies, to be made into Rum in Rhode Island, to Africa to trade for slaves, back to the West indies to drop off some slaves, pick up more sugar, onto Carolinas to drop of more slaves pick up more cane and GOLD, back to Rhode Island, to pay the Gold to the Ship owners, and drop off the few unwanted slaves as domestic help…”

White notes that “of 128 Slave ships, for instance, unloaded in Charleston, within one year, 120 of these were undersigned by Jews from Newport and Charleston by their own name. 

Yet, according to Wikipedia: “Under the leadership of Thomas Jefferson, the new state of Virginia in 1778 became the first state and one of the first jurisdictions anywhere to stop the importation of slaves for sale; it made it a crime for traders to bring in slaves from out of state or from overseas for sale; migrants from other states were allowed to bring their own slaves. The new law freed all slaves brought in illegally after its passage and imposed heavy fines on violators.”

As for his role as a Founder, “Jefferson was an outspoken abolitionist, but he owned many slaves over his lifetime. Although these facts seem baffling, biographers point out that Jefferson was deeply in debt and had encumbered his slaves by notes and mortgages; he could not free his slaves until he was free of debt, which never happened. As a result, Jefferson seems to have suffered pangs and trials of conscience. His ambivalence was also reflected in his treatment of those slaves who worked most closely with him and his family at Monticello and in other locations. He invested in having them trained and schooled in high quality skills.”;+he+could+not&source=bl&ots=Mf38BEZESj&sig=yBA0HstAG5k6e70EqJkU9loOo4s&hl=en&sa=X&ei=qssXUu28A6HtiwKsnIBo&ved=0CE0Q6AEwBg#v=onepage&q=Jefferson%20was%20deeply%20in%20debt%20and%20had%20encumbered%20his%20slaves%20by%20notes%20and%20mortgages%3B%20he%20could%20not&f=false

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"In 1808 a law was passed in the United States forbidding the importation of slaves."

People don't understand that Slavery was not an American phenomenon, it was the global norm.  The 1st abolition of slavery in the US was Pennsylvannia in 1780.  Cananda had slaves until 1830, Brazil for example abolished slavery in 1888.

Manthong's picture

way cool...  great info... 

if you want to see the horridness of slavery go to Africa..

if you want to see where it was stopped.. go to the USA

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@The Shootist - +100 if I could.

LetThemEatRand's picture

"All these fuckers voted to create a police state."

And they just voted to fund the police.  Call me surprised.

rubiconsolutions's picture

I guess it's true - he has the biggest guns wins.

robertsgt40's picture

Yes, by all means let's fund the killing machine. Without it there could be no hostile corporate takeovers.

Bangin7GramRocks's picture

"I guess the public does have a voice"
If Boehner read that statement he would smile, high five his lover and down an extra glass of scotch in your honor. The lemmings still believe we care about them. HA!

jerry_theking_lawler's picture

yes. they do study history....and have noted this is very important.

Richard Chesler's picture

No. The other way around.

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Between our honored military & armed citizens, these DC fucksticks have nowhere to turn. Flight to safety is the general direction they will take.


Non Passaran's picture

Makes sense to me - I'd always first pay the best armed group of citizens

ross81's picture

military-worship is always one of the fundamental aspects of a fascist state. Anyone questioning the glorious legions of the empire will likely be accused of being an Islamo-commie unAmurkin faggot.

BadDog's picture

It sounds like the script writer for the miniseries Rome wrote that.

Haager's picture

Not a single one refused to yay there. It would have needed more guts than all of them in addition have showed so far.

Kreditanstalt's picture

Haager, my thoughts exactly.   423-0?   SHAME on them all.

Absalon's picture

The Republicans are crazy but not crazy enough to let soldiers go hungry.

gatorengineer's picture

Sure this is gold positive?

greatbeard's picture

>> Sure this is gold positive?

In the last two years nothing has been gold positive.  Don't fight the fed, unless it's buy physical and hold till hell freezes over.



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Preview of Monday USA today

Boner and Reid come to an agreement to delay the shit storm one year
Both agreeing that it was in the best interest of the nation and the economy for the time being , but fear not they could enact it as soon as December if the "economy" improves...... Sounds like a page out of somebody else's book huh......both did however agree on a new deal to increase banker bonuses this Christmas......I mean Chanakuh

ebworthen's picture

I mean, if you don't fund the military how can you fund protecting oil and poppy fields overseas as well as a domestic control apparatus?

Seasmoke's picture

Israel says pay the military. We pay the military.

stormsailor's picture

at least they passed something, and sent it back to the stinking corrupt senate. either they pass it, and send it to the moran in chief, or they attempt to change it and send it back to the house.  if they really had stones they would have passed a resolution that obama can take no more vacations until such time as he submits a balanced budget to congress.


either way, watching all those politicians, particularly the democrats speak was a huge downer,  these people are really really stupid.


george carlin was right, "garbage in, garbage out"

sansnobel's picture

Damn skippy Carlin was right!!!! Dude shoulda been El hefe

sansnobel's picture

Btw fuck you Tyler for deleting everybody's posts

sansnobel's picture

Ain't like your living in some bounded universe where digital space on here is being displaced by all all of the Jews fucking money printing or something Oh wait maybe you are.....

HowardBeale's picture


Fear IS the correct response on their (Congress vermin's) part, but the message sent to the military elite won't be lost. We are now a very short distance from a military coup and a restoration of the rule of law; and that means there will be innumerable Wall Street criminals fleeing the country, which should make the CIA happy as they serve their new master and hunt the vermin down. Of course this outcome is not obvious if one has owned a TeeVee over the last few years, and thus been subject to the brainwashing; you heard it here first.

sansnobel's picture

Good now Reid can look at it and send it back saying yeah +1 and Obama care goes thru..... We can do this shit till the fucking cows come home ....just go ahead and let it pass Jon.....nuttn you could do..... We know Harry is a meany pull bamas dick outta your ass and let it our boys in Afghanistan can get some fucking ammo to defend themselves

sansnobel's picture

You Republicans are really feckless

sansnobel's picture

You might as we'll be Democrats....... Uhmmmm oh wow maybeeeee you are!!!!!!!!!!

sansnobel's picture

I will never cast another vote for anybody from the democratic or Republican Party for the rest of my life. They are all traitors

redwater's picture

America is the unicorn nation.


I work with a military guy. The most self-entitled crook you will ever meet. He thinks you should be throwing down roses at his feet. He believes all the ass kissin' he's been getting since 9/11. He was literary steaming about the thought of the government cutting military spending. The only combat he's ever seen was taking long rides in a humvee. He gets every damn thing free: from food, childcare, housing, travel, retirement, legal, time off...still not enough - he feels he's entitled to more.

Lady I work with is part of the free-shit Obama Army. Obama can do no wrong because he really cares about us. To her government/politicians are like father's that should take care of their children. Government should feed, house and care for everyone. Magic unicorns, rainbows and bunny rabbits.

To her, it should be like the Oprah show: an elite that hands out goodies/prizes to a begging crowd of hungry audience members. They cry and scream in gratitude and praise and cheer her as if she were a god.


Winston of Oceania's picture

I sent my nephew combat boots while he was fighting in Iraq you hump because they have to buy their own uniforms including boots. Go eat some cat shit from out of the litter box you waste of skin...

redwater's picture

What are we doing in Iraq?

Still chasing phantoms. Spending trillions on billion dollar rebuilding projects and underworld payoffs.

Are we suppose to stay there for another ten to fifteen years.

Get the fuck home.

Winston of Oceania's picture

It was ten yeasrs ago dipshit we already are home from there, do try and keep up.

MrButtoMcFarty's picture

So you work with soldiers and welfare queens....what's the glory hole biz like these days??

put_peter's picture

Will the military operate THE printing machine? If not i'll start to be a bit worried...

GCT's picture

Lay the red on all you like.  Some of you seem smart and understand economics alot better then I will ever understand it.  Shutting down the government is a fucking joke.  I guess it is ok to screw some good people over sending them home or curtailing their work week all over a budget that in the end both sides will pass.  We all know it will happen. The GOP holding everyone hostage over Obamacare, which I like most here dislike.  But the healthcare act is now law and is basically here to stay once implemented.  No one is going to change that anytime soon.  No matter how much you or I disagree with the law.

So we are going to screw over good people that are trying just like most here to make a living, feed their families, raise their children, and because they work for the government they are considered sponges.  Well some of your hate is misplaced big time.  The private sector cannot hire every person that is able, qualified, and can work.  This is currently impossible.  There is a need for certain government employees to run the government.  But it is ok to fuck them over.  Oh and by the way I am not a government employee nor on the govt handout shit.  What is, IS!  Congress and all the other jerks in the high level positions are not going to be hurt at all as they are considered mission essential personnel.   The people getting screwed are the working smucks and it is ok with alot of you?  Well Fuck you.  They are doing just like you and I trading their production for an agreed wage.

I never miss a day of reading ZH but lately the comments section is taking a turn south.  Often times the talk is all about the sheeple and how they are herded off the cliff.  What makes you think people working for the government are any different.   Screwing people over is wrong in my book even when I disagree with what the government is doing, rejoicing over screwing people that are just like you and I is just wrong.