91% Of The IRS Has Been Furloughed: Here Is Who Else Got The Government Shut Down Axe

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For all the drama surrounding today's political drama (which came and went largely unnoticed by a stock market hypnotized by the Federal Reserve), the bottom line is that the key impact of last night's historic government shutdown has been nothing more (or less) than the temporary unpaid leave of absence, i.e. furloughs (with all accrued, owed payments promptly being remitted once the government is unhalted) of some 815,932 civilian government workers, out of a total of 2 million, or a 41% furlough rate.

As the WSJ tabulates "some agencies, such as the Bureau of Labor Statistics, are seeing all but a handful of their employees go home without pay. Others, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation and the Department of Homeland Security, kept the vast majority of their workers on the job. Certain divisions of government, such as the U.S. Postal Service and the Federal Reserve, don’t operate under the normal appropriations process and their staffing remained unaffected." Then again one wonders: with 91% of the IRS' total 94,516 workers stuck at home, downloading porn, is the government shutdown really such an evil outcome?

The table below shows the total number of furloughed workers by government agency, as well as the furlough percentage. For a sortable, interactive version of the table, visit the WSJ.

Of note: with 98% of the FCC's 1754 employees stuck at home, there has never been a better time to show a live Janet Jackson dance show, or swear like a sailor on live TV.

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"National Archies" ? What about Veronica and Jughead?

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"National Archies" ? What about Veronica and Jughead?

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Now that's Change that gives me Hope.  I guess 91% of the SEC will have to surf porn from home for awhile.

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Furlough Obama too.  Lock him out of the oval office.  He will do less harm sitting at home watching porn than actually "working".

zhandax's picture

He has a 'home' some tax donkeys aren't indebted for?  Never mind.

Didn't his 'working' trip to Africa eat about 100 grants to National Endowment for the Humanities? 

Don't bother with the math; worthless=worthless.

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Now that gives ME a tingly feeling up my leg!

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Chris is that you?

Hey everybody, Chris Mathews is a ZH'er...


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Thank you Jesus. 

Fuck Reid, let's make this last forevuh!

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

CFTC at 96% with days off.  

Party on, Banksterz!

FieldingMellish's picture

Green light for PM evening raid. Now under $1280.

fonzannoon's picture

skynet is functional. GS said gold will go down, so it shall be. It will continue like this until the day the price of gold is so much higher in the black market that no one will even pay attention to the price quoted on the TV. That day may be a long time away though.

You gotta give the bernak credit though. He is running on all cylinders right now. The U.S could default and facefart would probably stay above $50 and gold could go under a thousand.

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Gold is being raided, and maybe all week, since China is having a week holiday...supposedly PBOC though is open to extract more shiney from the fools in the West to send to the East

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WTF does CFTC need 680 employees for in the first place?? 680 of them couldn't find the donkey in the JPM haystack??!!

Ralph Spoilsport's picture

These numbers look about right. Can this be made permanent?

Chupacabra-322's picture

Sure, & why not go deeper. These Facist Criminals are eliminating, picking & selecting which parts of the dysfunctional Criminal Government to get rid of all while keeping their gaurdian Fascist Totalitrian Authoritarian Police State to protect their Crime Sydicate in tact.

Little do the Criminals know that their not going to get away with it. Their political grandstanding, political theater, lies, deception & illusion is going to come crashing down quickly around them.

The Gas Lighting ends, PsyOp over.

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The IRS is cumming for you. 

Tijuana Donkey Show's picture

Until they get workman's comp for carpal tunnel, from all the "typing"......

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I hope they never go back to work. 


Fuckin' cunts.



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Non-essential personnel obviously, outside of controlling a populations behavior & aspirations.

Print Ben, you bitch.

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"Print Ben, you bitch."


"An extended government shutdown could bring about added monetary easing, said imbecile of imbecile Capital, Tuesday.

"The longer the shutdown goes, the more economic data is done, the more the Federal Reserve will print money," imbecile said on the first day of the government shutdown, which took effect as Congress failed to pass a funding bill.

On CNBC's "cokehead retards" imbecile said that the Fed could ramp up its $85 billion-per-month stimulus program — the opposite of tapering.

"Whether it's effective or not doesn't really matter to the market, and it doesn't really matter to the Federal Reserve," imbecile said. "I mean, they've shown already if they can get a half a percent of GDP, that's fantastic. I actually think if you get a three- or four-week shutdown, you end up with a Fed flare."

He then added "I am a giant waste of a human existence".

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FYI...took the Jap of the table for a small gain. That fucker is all over place...like Christy Brown staking bricks. 

Added to the Taco short. If petro tanks...they are more than fucked.  

The ole North of the border is looking fine if you have patience. 





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Nice job man. It's interesting how this has played out so far. All the best to you with your moves.

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Like with Bear Stearns and the following fiasco in the fall of 2008, it seems we are being played again with the "deeflayshun" argument. First, hammer commodities into the ground, then crater stocks and then turn the spigots on again full bore as people freak out and demand action.

Let various asset classes rise (like oil, gold and silver) inflate the bond bubble and debase the currency some moar. Then then people say, "Thank God the FED was there to save us again".

Did I miss anything or is this really the "End Game" this time?

fonzannoon's picture

As far as the story goes, I think this time it's different. They have knocked gold down long enough to say "it seems to be a failure as an inflation hedge, and a failure as a deflation hedge. It has been a shitty risk off asset, and a shitty risk on asset. Basically, it no longer serves a purpose in the financial system".

I don't think stocks are going to crater BOP. Not for a lot longer time than many of the equity shorts and PM longs would like to admit. As for the "obvious credit bubble" in  the other article...take a look at the 10yr JGB, then ask yourself how long this can go on for.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Yeah, and what happens to gold and silver prices when the miners crash and burn (many are toast in a qtr or two at these levels). They are bleeding out right now to the tune of billions of dollars.

After that, there is no physical available to deliver to anyone, anywhere, at any price. Game over?


fonzannoon's picture

The banks will throw the miners a lifeline after they delcare bankruptcy. The miners will stay operational. equity holders will be wiped out. This will put further downward pressure on the price of gold. The banks will secure the assets of the miners, and obviously what comes out of the ground, in return for keeping them operational. So once again the banks will have gotten free printed up money from the fed and used it to buy all the real assets.

This is why LOP ends every post with "roll the guillotines". Because if they don't...this may get really unpleasant.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Unfortunately, you and LOP could be spot on with that very depressing scenario.

The Banksters might as well put big Bullseye targets on their chests at that time.

fonzannoon's picture

what concerns me is the idea that as the rest of us fall down the economic ladder we take our anger and depression out on each other instead of where it should be directed.

gold is an insurance policy, we all know it. But being in the business, i can tell you that everyone plans for their heirs with life insurance. But it's usually disability insurance that people don't own, and ends up wrecking them. You need to plan on sticking it out, and fighting your way through. However necessary.

PlausibleDenial's picture

I am also in the business and what I see wiping people out is ltc.  While it may synonymous with disability, ltc care will wipe out a ton of people.  And, for those unaware the filial laws in 29 states are making children responsible for parents long term care costs.  See http://blogs.wsj.com/law/2012/06/25/29-states-that-could-make-adult-children-pay-for-mom%E2%80%99s-care/.

Luckily I am in Florida where there are no filiial laws on the books. However, I feel it is coming to theater near us all as the States run out of money. BTW, read "Winning the losers game" by Charlie Ellis particularly the last chapters. 

Tall Tom's picture

All of you guys do not know how it works. Believe it of not did you know that the Miners actually MAKE MONEY when the price of Gold DECLINES??? Did you know that they make even more money when the price declines below the cost of production as they do not have to spend resources to get it.


It is the TRUTH. The Miners take on massive short positions in the Gold Market. The Banks REQUIRE THIS as INSURANCE on the LOANS for exploration and production. 


Think about it. If I am a miner and I produce Gold then I add to the available SUPPLY. If DEMAND remains constant (or DEMAND grows at a slower rate that the growth of Supply) then the Price will DECLINE as a consequence.


If I know the Future Price is looking forward to a decline (due to increased supply) then it just makes sense to sell it short. That is why the Banks require the Short position.


This, of course, is cancerous in the long term, but, it is all short term as everyone is playing out the "End Game"  


The prevailing attitude in all of the business is, "You need to realize the profits today and to hell with the future because there is no future. I want it all NOW."


Barrick Gold did the same strategy back in the middle 1990s.


Oh I believe in Gold Ownership. I will not sell unless I have to. I am a long time Gold Bug and have been since the 1960s when I was Seven Years Old. (I started to understand it then as I started to collect my coins.)


But I keep reading the same regurgitated nonsense repeatedly. I hope that you find some enlightenment through this.

Bay of Pigs's picture

Enlightenment? LOL. The miners stopped hedging years ago. They are bleeding huge amounts of cash right now as the cost of production has skyrocketed (mainly energy costs). I have no idea where you are getting this kind of info. I haven't seen anything like that anywhere and I've been following and reading about them for the last 15-20 years. The balance sheets of the miners have been horrendous the last couple of quarters. You are sadly mistaken.

Thisson's picture

Yep, miners like Pan American reported a loss last quarter.

seek's picture

We may see a steep, short term sell-off, but no, stocks are never going to crater. Ever. Until they don't trade in USD anymore.

It's pretty clear the stock market has been bolted onto the Fed, just like the Treasury has. They will print/QE/fake taper until the bitter end.

Common_Cents22's picture

They will allow a significant stock market drop, then government will offer guaranteed govt return investment accounts for 401k holders etc...The govt will even offer to replace some of the losses if you flip your stocks over to them for a govt guarantee!!!!

Freddie's picture

Hey Fonz - how about a translation?  He was trading the yen and Taco(?) - peso?  Then also trading oil? 

fonzannoon's picture

yes he is trading currencies.

F-Tipp's picture

"In related news, non-essential employee was quoted as saying, 'How I be payin for my rent?' This, indeed, was the question."

"We now go live to our news anchor who has never had an actual job and has zero expierience in digging for the truth, which today is a novel idea. Asshole McPantssuit, what have you found out about what the government shutdown is, what it means, and how it affects people?"

"Well overpaid anchor with journalism degree that was taxpayer funded, no one really knows what any of these people do - but we DO know that they are suffering. I tried using a computer for the first time today, but failed to login to an email account that wasn't set up for me. We also believe that the Obamacare exchanges, programmed by the lowest most well connected to a congressman bidder, will be working fine with absolutely no problems or security failures later today."

"We asked this lower income family man how it was affecting him, and this was his response: 'Shit I don't really know what the congress court does, but as long as my credit card is still working, I get my EBT refilled, and McNuggets are still here, I'm good.'"

"As you can see back at the station which is fading into irrelavancy, we are all looking to congress like helpless sheep to save us from this fake crisis. Back to you, sligtly ethnic quota filling hire."

Just Observing's picture

Only 9% to go...........

90's Child's picture

That's 91% out of 100% that's still a fucking waste, bunch of crony fucks.

Racer's picture

That is the real reason the market SOARED...

because the gobblegobblemint shut down

One And Only's picture

Oh lawd. Feels like I'm on vacation.

Keep it shut.

ghostfaceinvestah's picture

The Fed is NOT a division of the government.  Typical MSM brainwashing...

Yes_Questions's picture



U.S. Postal Service and the Federal Reserve are unaffected.


All of your paper belong to us.


Bay of Pigs's picture

Still waiting for my package to arrive 13 days after being sent "priority" from Maui (cost me $40 for around 5lbs).

Jethro's picture

So, 91% of the IRS is non-essential. Interesting.....

CaptainObvious's picture

Hmm, does this mean that there will be 91% less enforcement, so we can therefore pay 91% less taxes?  No?  Damn, that was a fun fantasy for 2.7 seconds.

grunk's picture

Most of the BLS stayed home?

Who's going to provide bullshit stats?

91% of the SEC furloughed?

You gotta know porn is being downloaded at home.

wombats's picture

Too bad its not 99% furloughed.

Fix It Again Timmy's picture

Government "workers" are no longer "drawing checks" - working is a huge stretch of the imagination....