America Today: Obamacare vs The Affordable Care Act

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Presented with little comment aside to note that perhaps the House should rename the amendments they propose to "defund" in order to gain a more popular position among the citizenry?


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Basically, we are all full of shit. Just pretend like you know what you're talking about. Chances are the person you are talking to has no fucking clue either.

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those buffoons are all crisis actors - same people used in the Sandy Hook shooting.

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Those Sandy Hook actors freaked me out when I saw them.  I mean WTF is going on when people show up on camera to act like grieving parents... and they are not.

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As you can see @ 0:33, his audience didn't even get the joke until he explained it to them a few seconds later.

Which means his audience was laughing at people who are stupid as themselves.



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Does he even have an audience or is that a 'laugh track'?

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Filmed before a live studio audience.

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I assume you mean the trade marked "Live studio audience®" laugh track and "Stupid people video audience®"

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This is the kind of meaty women Tyler has been longing for.

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6 or 7 of those people were overweight according to the BMI. Only 1 or 2 were within the "healthy" range. I'm long heart transplants.

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Obamacare is doomed.  It's a Ponzi scheme, minus any incentive to lure new money (from young people) into the pile from which the old people are taking.  Unfortunately, that missing part is kind of essential for a Ponzi scheme to work.  Obamacare will never make it out of the disaster stage as the disaster is self-reinforcing -- the higher rates encourage more and more young people to drop out and pay the fine, which results in even higher rates, etc. etc.

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I would just like to know if most people favor a European style of centralized planning and inseparable connection of big banking interests with government for the administration of the economy and control of people’s lives or the democratic process we have here in the United States of America.

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Obama wants me to negotiate my future for this crap?


Congress needs to take a years vacation and let the boy king stew in the cess pool of his creation.

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Unfortunately, our constitutional scholar of a POTUS will just continue rule by fiat as he has in the past.

Congress, I don't need no stinking congress!


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Would love to see that.

Sadly though, that will remain only a dream...

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Yup. All part of the scheme to shear us of our hard earned money and give it to the eliete. Except when a few whistleblowers help uncover the truth.

Why hasn't Karen Hudes been mentioned here? or did I miss it?



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You missed it. Smart Knowledge did a two part interview. Look up under contributors.

Try this little warning from the Kentucky health exchange sign-up:


NOTICE:   This is a government computer system and is the property of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. It is for authorized use only regardless of time of day, location or method of access. Users (authorized or unauthorized) have no explicit or implicit expectation of privacy. Any or all uses of this system and all files on the system may be intercepted, monitored, recorded, copied, audited, inspected, and disclosed to authorized state government and law enforcement personnel, as well as authorized officials of other agencies, both domestic and foreign. By using this system, the user consents to such at the discretion of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. Unauthorized or improper use of this system may result in administrative disciplinary action and/or civil and criminal penalties. The unauthorized disclosure of Data containing privacy or health data may result in criminal penalties under Federal authority.


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So they're going to prosecute themselves for releasing, monitoring, recording, copying, auditing, intercepting and inspecting our FEDERALLY PROTECTED PRIVATE HEALTH RECORDS??

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They seem to have the option of choosing whom is abusing the data and whom isn't. Still, you give up an awful lot of your 4th amendment rights to join this exchange and it's mandated. 

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Sean, you have hit on the key point few realize. As a healthcare worker, I'm scrutinized continuously for possible violations of HIPAA. I can be audited anytime and must have explanation why I reviewed an electronic chart. I had to do HIPAA counseling when I accidentally left sensitive info on a xerox. This was in a lab that was in a locked building so non medical people had no access. I claimed everyone in the building was HIPAA compliant so I didn't violate the law. I got off with a warning but it was written up as an incident report. Those of us in the medical field are trained to take these things seriously. Do all of you think the average government worker will hold themselves to the same standards?


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They will just keep raising the fines and the enforcement of it.....the costs will will make a lot of people liars as they will on the application to get a cheaper rate....this is just a very bad joke..that will cost trilions extra and lower the quality of care....

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Yup, you about summed it up. What you don't realize even without Obamacare we're sinking as well due to oppressive government regulation.

This year I was presented with 20 new rules for employee competency. This on the surface sounds great! Who wouldn't want more competent microbiologists in a lab? However, these regulations are insane. I must document by observation, written tests, outside blind challenges and continuing education seminars on EACH procedure done by all personel yearly.

There are 10 people in my dept. To fully implement compliance, we need to higher 1 FTE to simply do all the observation and documentation. Some of these procedures have been done for 25 years on a numerous daily basis with NOT ONE MISTAKE. Why do I now have to prove we are competent? To me, there are far too many people in government agencies that have nothing better to do than harass the remaining productive people left in the workplace.


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If one ever graduates to 'emloyer' they quickly find out the average IQ is dismal. I couldn't handle it, mass termination of 30 employees and went solo.


Hire very small companies for better bang for your buck.

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This is why our founding fathers gave us a representative republic rather than a democracy.

Democracy is 3 (dumb) wolves and 2 (dumb) sheep voting on what's for dinner.

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Why is there a white baby in the picture?

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The representatives play to the TAKERS and make them wolves while the MAKERS are made sheep.  John Gault needs to become a hunter of wolves.

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I have fired several managers at Merrill Lynch and Blackrock, as well as at some other "Fortune 50" companies. Feels good to pack up your cubicle yourself instead of having it mailed to you. And I got a free "team lunch" hosted by the fired manager to boot! 


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Spoken like a true American business person. Jobs to the Chinese.

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Yeah but they still run a laugh track. TV and Hollywood are for sheep who support this. Hand Jimmy Kimmel a bagel.  TV is for retards.

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freddie, your comment means so much coming from a SERF who has a TV star as a avatar

keep listening to the radio you idiot serf

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manufactured reality.  I think it was set up to usher in new gun control laws which apparently backfired.

Here is some food for thought:

  1. The Dark Knight shooting was at the movie theater called Century 16 which equals 116 numerically.  Flip it upside down and you get 911
  2. The Dark Knight movie makes reference to a map where is clearly says 'Sandy Hook' on the screen (the same way 9/11/01 was in The Matrix in 1999)
  3. The Boston Bombing was done at the address of 666 Boylston Street.

Perhaps the government shutdown is a pre-text for another "terrorist" plot?  Rahm Emanuel said to 'not let a good crisis go to waste'.

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Lest we forget, Nancy Reagan was a big proponent of astrology and numerology.  I think it's crazy, but she married an ex-President who went crazy.  So who's crazy now?  Bitch.  

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the occultists are big into numerology.  All of the monuments in Washington DC have reflecting pools in front of them.  "As Above, So Below"

Do a google image search for 'George Washington and Baphomet' and you will see the hand gesture of 'as above, so below'

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All the evidence on Sandy Hook was sealed.  I heard on the radio, avoid TV and listen to very little radio, that Sandy Hook school will be torn down thanks to govt money and the gov of CT thank the Feds and how wodnerful that all was.

Bottom line - false flag that backfired so they want to destroy all the evidence including the school.  No way that the kid who did it was able to do that when a cop would have been 2 minutes away.

Just like how SWAT was diverted from the call at the Navy Yard.  Just like the cops waiting out side of Columbine until the shooting stopped.

They slip up and say things like "we thought we finally would get gun control after Century 16."   So evil.

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I came across this article quite by accident diddling around the web. I have no idea if this is legit, but in a spooky way it explains recent events and non-events. What say you?

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re #2:  "Aurora" also appears in neon in Dark Night Rising.  We have spent many hours researching these topics.  Tyler, perhaps it is time to have a Tin Foil Hat thread where we can maybe flush these bastards out into the open.  TeamDepends has plenty of ammo, and we are certain other ZHers do as well.


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1 in every 25 people is a sociopath.  Either that or he's on something strange, bipolar, something.  That guy was living in the moment.



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The political class has done a great job of confusing the muppets.

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That's all they have been doing for decades now. And by they I mean the Wizards of Oz we imagine are all-powerful:

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the world has always wondered how the US could give us the knuckle head quinella Bush and Obama... this explains it. keep the guns you'll need them, but we think you better hand over the nukes.

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taxpayers money goes to shit programs. Stop it

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you have to vote it into law to
find out what is in it, no sense
wasting all that time reading it,
all 975 pages of which will turn healthy
people into universal donors of financing
to a system that will likely deny any
claim for what ails them but cover everything
they don't suffer from but perhaps cause them
to suffer from something that might be partially
all this talk about the system needing the
contributions of the young
and health people with no medical needs scares me.
and the doctors complaining they are not adequately
recompensed even in Massachusetts which has these
markets/exchanges for coverage in place already.
these same young and healthy people who have educational
debt and no job prospects just got hit again,
just to highlight that particular segment.
between medicare, medicaid, social security and
affordable obama care, not to mention school taxes,
property taxes, sales taxes, utilities, fuel, food,
life insurance, income taxes, federal and state
and other mandatory expenses ... tolls, fees and charges
there is little oxygen left in the room.
and all this before you are savagely attacked by
further fraud for fraud's sake.
this is what the end of hope looks like.
i can't judge these people for not knowing shit
about what they speak, it is ubiquitous and who
has the time to set anything straight , even in their
own mind, it is the gut feeling we take as considered
opinion today. it is the flow based on no stock,
propagandized from the cradle.
but the part that really sucks is that the hospitals
overcharge everyone all the time just as a matter of
principle. double and triple charge in the hope of
payment and the paymasters know it and have the bills
reduced by some 40-50 percent with a phone call.
they take that license to steal thing literally,
and then they make you even sicker or worse off some
percentage of the time and charge you for that too.
and the kicker is a question.
what is the leading cause of death in the united states
of america? would that be medical intervention?
some say it is, iatrogenic mortality is what it is
Death by Medicine–Iatrogenic illness
at OCTOBER 06, 2008
i could see how a person might want to opt out
just to see another sunrise if possible.

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Because real doctors are few and rare these days. You only have scripted pill-pushers. What's the difference between a doctor and a dope pusher? Well, the former's got a shitload of debt and a profession soon to be state-sponsored, and the latter's got the war on drugs (TM) to worry about. Other than that, the difference is nothing, nada, zip. They push the same damn opiates. One form is legalized and suggested. The other is illegalized and punished.

"White man medicine" kill you.

zhandax's picture

Amen.  It's not even the opiates that kill you.  It's the chemical cesspool of crap designed to 'treat your condition' but never cure it, and kill you slowly enough to milk you and your cohort for a 'Mercedes a year' annuity.  Per pharma salesman.  Fucking vipers.

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You think 'Obamacare' will cause problems by overspending etc. Look at India, which is the only country in the world to have a 'VIP' category for prisoners. Imagine that for Corzine or Madoff or Rajarathnam or Sanford or some scum like that! You collect scam money for years and per chance if you are caught, you live in luxury in a prison. What a life! Anyone wanna serve time in India?

Only In India!

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Some time ago there was a 'prison' that resembled a country club; it was located in the Florida Panhandle. I don't recall the name, and I have no idea if it is still around, but is was the subject of many jokes. It was, in essence, a 'VIP' prison.

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I called my state Obama board today and inquired if I could get a vagina installed on my forehead; they said a vaginal cranio plastery would be covered but I'd have to wait 18 months.

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Don't do it man, you'll end up fucked in the head.

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A dentist or soemone just filed a law suit saying the law is illegal because Obama keeps making exception and allowing some to opt out.  He cannot do that.  The law was passed and they cannot just wave their hand and make exceptions.  The GOP is somewhat on to that angle too.

I mean the country is a banana republic Stasi police state thanks to Obama so laws may not matter anyway.  Most of the judges know the Stasi/NSA has endless dirt on them.   East Germany had to have been better than this shit.