Guest Post: Will Iran Become Obama’s Symbolic Last Stand?

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Submitted by Ben Tanosborn of,

So, midnight tonight, September 30, the wheels of federal governance in the US are coming to a screeching halt; it may seem holocaustic to some among us but fear not, a solution will be reached by art or design... the US government is simply too big to be allowed to fail, just like those magnificent, controlling Wall Street banks.  And so the story goes, money will be spent at whatever rate is deemed necessary by “our leaders,” and borrowed or printed at the same rate.  Isn’t that supposed to be what a balanced-budget is all about… the mastery in running the magical printing press?

There is, of course, the sempiternal question of who should be blamed, the president or his opposition party in congress.  It really matters little, for it’s always the individual, the president holding the reins, who’ll take on the chin; politicos in congress will slither their way into anonymity no matter how vocal they were in bringing government to a halt.  And, regardless what the blame-polls say today, in history it will be Obama taking the fall.  Unfairly, many will say; but isn’t this outcome political just deserts?  

It wasn’t long after Obama’s ascendency to the US presidency, and the unraveling of the financial mess that the government was expected to clean up, that his actions and friendship with those responsible for sacking the US economy made it crystal-clear that he was not the man for the leadership role to which he had been elected.  And the day he joined the choir of Wall Street cheerleaders at CNB as one more admirer of James “Jamie” Dimon, chairman, president and chief executive officer of JPMorgan Chase... well, that day I literally puked with disgust at Obama’s servile statement.

Four years after Obama’s accolades for Dimon’s genius, we have one of this nation’s economy “holocausters,” JPMorgan, fined almost $1 billion for the “London Whaling” trading scandal and wrongful billing of credit-card customers... civil issues; which are likely to be followed with indictments for bribery in China and several other pending criminal matters.  Yet, the $7+ billion that JPMorgan has paid in fines and settlements in the past two years is but a slap in the wrist, just one-eighth of the profits made during that same period, not so much because of the firm’s great or unique business skills but because of its monopolistic seating atop our capitalist economy, and the fraudulent ways in which it conducts business.

But it isn’t Jamie Dimon that we should be concerned about as much as those we elect to keep us free from demons and Dimon’s.  And, whether we like it or not, Obama has been it: the chosen one.  We seem to (s)elect our Charlie Tuna’s not because they taste good, but because of their good taste... never learned from Star-Kist as to what type of tuna should be canned; in our case, the type of president we should elect.  Not at all unlikely that in 2016 we’ll be putting Hillary Clinton in the White House for similar reasons we put Barack Obama there in 2008.  We seem to be one-priority people and we take that single priority with us, all too often masochistically, to the voting booth.

I must add some clarification here... as much as Obama was ill-qualified to be president, I would not consider under any circumstance voting for the likes of the Annapolis tail-performer and supreme warmonger, John McCain.  We all know what happened to another academy tail-performer (last of his West Point class), George Armstrong Custer, at Little Bighorn – our concern might not be for him but for the more than 200 troops of the 7th Cavalry he commanded to their deaths.

Still three-plus years left in Obama’s presidency, where mediocrity has been elevated to a highly acceptable status.  A good and intelligent man has proven to be an incapable leader, often by making poor choices in the advice received, but even more often by trying to take compromise to the point of absurdity; trying to be liked by everyone, but ending up liked by no one… or too few to be taken seriously.  Yet, although Obama’s popularity has lately declined, his likeability factor remains high regardless of the number, or gravity, of his faux pas in leadership.  History, however, is not likely to be that lenient with Obama... just as it won’t be with his two predecessors; one for being an international war criminal (George W. Bush); the other for the dishonor of being American middle-class’ decapitator (William Jefferson Clinton).

However, not all has to be lost for Obama; he still has time to reweave a legacy that now appears grey and bleak.  And that reweaving will not be on the domestic front; for the economic future of 80 percent of Americans has already been cast... the slope pointing downward no matter what hopeful lies are manufactured in Washington.  Reweaving, for Obama, should take place at the international front; a great opening has appeared before him partly by chance and partly by what other world leaders have to gain as well.  Both Vladimir Putin and Ayatollah Ali Khamenei (via the newly elected president, Hassan Rouhani) have much to gain personally, and for their nations, by breaking bread with Barack Obama. 

I don’t recall a situation in my lifetime when so many critical problems can be put on the table and have a chance to be resolved with one masterful swoop: peace in Syria; welcoming of prodigal Iran; better US-Russia relations; and most important of all, constructing a strong framework for permanent peace in the Middle East.  It could be done and, for once, no one needs to be a loser. An opportunity like this only comes about with astronomical odds.  For Barack Obama, this may turn out to be his legacy’s last stand... an opportunity he cannot afford to bypass.

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threeputting's picture

Obama is not a leader.

peter4805's picture

He'll fuck it up jusy like everything else.

ShrNfr's picture

Problem is that he will take the rest of us with him.

quintago's picture

Nobody needs to be a loser? Tell that to the sacrificial lamb Benjamin Netanyahu. They've been whining about Iran going nuclear within 6-12 months for 20 years.

strannick's picture

Obama will accept peace because Putin stopped him from choosing war. Thats good enough for me, and the pissant legacies of these egomaniacal Times men of the year can go fuck themselves.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

"A good and intelligent man..."??!?!!

WHERE THE FUCK is the documentation backing up those assertions??

Since you can't get a transcript from ANY educational institution he ever attended, how the fuck would you know how intelligent he is? And don't tell me about how he got into Harvard and Columbia. Considering nobody ever saw him at Columbia, did he even go there? And any well-connected 80-IQ asshole can get him or herself into an Ivy League institution.

And GOOD??? Please. What the fuck has this clown done that could ever be classified as "good" for anyone except himself???

Stupid baseless opinions like this really make me fucking nuts.

Oldballplayer's picture

Well, all that aside he IS black. Okay, half-black. But that makes it all good.

GetZeeGold's picture



The black side of him is OK I suppose, but the white side of him is pure evil.....He's practicing Jihad with America. Do you really think he gives a damn what Iran does?

TwoShortPlanks's picture

Obama, Custer, LOL! That's actually really funny.

I think Ned Kelly would be a better analogy tho

Gold will rebalance the sum of all Fiat expansion


artless's picture

Can I get an Amen on that one?

The guy is a half wit at best. I called him The Empty Suit back in early 2007 and there has been nothing that says otherwise.

But then they say the same thing about Billary Rodham Clinton who is not all that bright either. And she's supposedly the smartest woman in world.

"I think kis presidency is an abject embarassment"

- Don Imus, September 25, 2013

Miffed Microbiologist's picture

Educated does not necessarily mean intelligent. It's very hard to gauge the intelligence of a man that reads from a teleprompter. When he speaks informally, much of what he says is disjointed and contradictory as if he has memorized a few talking points and linked them together. If I were shown a college transcript purporting to be Obama's I'd expect a C average at best. In reality, if it ever were disclosed it probably would be a 4.0. This would mean to me either he was coached or it was overt fraud. After looking at the pathetically slipshod attempt to produce a legitimate birth certificate, I'm leaning to fraud.


john39's picture

netanyahu's speech before the UN today was one of the more orwellien events i have seen in awhile...  non stop warmongering, while claiming that Iran was a threat to world peace.  liar? insane? both?  who the fuck cares, just go away israhole and leave the rest of the world alone.

andrewp111's picture

Netanyahu wants the USA to take out Iran so his little country doesn't have to take any big risks. Well, Obozo made clear that the USA isn't going to do that. So Netanyahu is throwing a tantrum. If Israel really wanted to take out Iran themselves, they would have done it long ago - and kept their big mouths shut about it as well. If Netanyahu really believed what he is saying, he should be launching missiles on Iran instead of talking.

I'd love to see Israel take out Iran with a massive thermonuclear strike. But the record of the last 20 years of inaction leaves me with little hope that they will.

bunnyswanson's picture

But if there is no boogeyman after Israel, why would the USA support this small country financially and militarily (to the point of bankrupting its own country and alienating it from other nations around the world)? 

How much aid does Israel get in total from all the various countries to protect itself from Iran?  I think we all know if it is not Iran, it will be some other country until there is no one left but them and their nuclear arsenal.



artless's picture

@ andrewp111

"I'd love to see Israel take out Iran with a massive thermonuclear strike. But the record of the last 20 years of inaction leaves me with little hope that they will."

Dude, you are one sick fuck. I tuly hope you never breed.


Jack Burton's picture

You sell the lives of tens of millions on your personal whim. One wonders what Iranians have ever done to you that you lust for mass death on a grand scale. Is Israel really so chosen of a nation that others simply lose their humnaity in the face of Israeli desires? Iran has a sad record of not invading anyone, and sitting back and having murderous dictators approved by Washington DC imposed on them. I have no use for the Islamic state as their governing body. That state is blow back from the US destruction of their elected government and it's replacement with the Shah, who was detested by the people, and kept in power with US weapons and intelligence training of the secret police. Or in more simple terms, the Shah's and the CIA death squads, whose trail of murder added more and more hatred until people were prepared to accept an Islamic state IF it could get rid of the Shah. Thus the USA really made the Islamic State a viable option when the Shah made so many enemies that average Iranians were ready to support a bad government if it could oust the hated Shah. Shah was an American hero, his death squads were celebrated in Washington.

So now you believe they need to be attacked with nuclear weapons. It is clear that the USA and Israel both have a select number of people who really are evil to the core, and at their base mini Hitlers who lust after mass murder. I always had a hard time believing that man was really so evil that they could carry out the murder of European Jews and millions of other unwanted people in the Nazi state. Yet here we are in 2013 with Nazi's back again calling for genocide and nuclear mass murder, simply on the whim of their personal evil souls.

I really believe that America is the real center of evil, Israel has it's minority of lunatics who long for mass murder and genocide against persians. But the bible belt lunatic American christian zionests really are the center and focus of evil in the modern world. They and the Al-Qaeda seem to share a similar outlook on humanity. Any humanity not part of their group. Be it Zionest Jew or Islamic fundamentalist, these people really believe all other must be put to death.

I believe the 21st century is setting up for humanities greatest bout of murder and genocide. Make World War II look like a picinc. Like the Kenya massacre. These nuts were looking for white people, christians, jews, anyone not Muslim. People like you, who seek the murder of millions of persians because they are not like you, are just as bad. There are no excuses for you, none at all. What then is your excuse for living? Hardly seems worth the effort when you are so soaked in feverish hatred. How do you live with yourself. Or are you truely a superior being, and entity special enough to be a mini god and bringer of mass death here on earth? Hitler has plenty of wanna be's. You are just one more.

shovelhead's picture

A guy shortchanged him buying a Slurpee.

He looked kinda Iranish.

Fish Gone Bad's picture

I was talking to a "holy roller" today and he said he was very concerned about Iran.  I gave him the, "They have been saying Iran will have a bomb in 6 months for the last 10-15 years".  I don't think he believed me.

Then I told him about the very real concern about contaminated food from Japan, and the ongoing REAL releases of radiation that hit the west coast in 48 hours.

Well to make a long story short.  It did not sink in.  He was more worried about carrying Israel's water than about his own well being. 

Anusocracy's picture

That's perfectly normal for most people.

Emory study lights up the political brain
When it comes to forming opinions and making judgments on hot political issues, partisans of both parties don't let facts get in the way of their decision-making, according to a new Emory University study. The research sheds light on why staunch Democrats and Republicans can hear the same information, but walk away with opposite conclusions.

The investigators used functional neuroimaging (fMRI) to study a sample of committed Democrats and Republicans during the three months prior to the U.S. Presidential election of 2004. The Democrats and Republicans were given a reasoning task in which they had to evaluate threatening information about their own candidate. During the task, the subjects underwent fMRI to see what parts of their brain were active. What the researchers found was striking.

"We did not see any increased activation of the parts of the brain normally engaged during reasoning," says Drew Westen, director of clinical psychology at Emory who led the study. "What we saw instead was a network of emotion circuits lighting up, including circuits hypothesized to be involved in regulating emotion, and circuits known to be involved in resolving conflicts." Westen and his colleagues will present their findings at the Annual Conference of the Society for Personality and Social Psychology Jan. 28.

Once partisans had come to completely biased conclusions -- essentially finding ways to ignore information that could not be rationally discounted -- not only did circuits that mediate negative emotions like sadness and disgust turn off, but subjects got a blast of activation in circuits involved in reward -- similar to what addicts receive when they get their fix, Westen explains.

"None of the circuits involved in conscious reasoning were particularly engaged," says Westen. "Essentially, it appears as if partisans twirl the cognitive kaleidoscope until they get the conclusions they want, and then they get massively reinforced for it, with the elimination of negative emotional states and activation of positive ones."

Deo vindice's picture

@ Fish Gone Bad - It is the evangelical Christian community that follows "dispensational" theology that has proven to be a real problem both politically and spiritually.

Wrong interpretations of the Bible lead to wrong practices by those who hold them which leads to bad results.

Remington IV's picture

Obama = Nobel Prize winner ....... heh heh heh

Stackers's picture

I dont think Ben has clue what he is talking if he thinks 5,000 years of tribal prejudice can be wiped away in 3 years

Anusocracy's picture

It's more like religious prejudices.

MiltonFriedmansNightmare's picture

Obama is not a good and intelligent man.

DoChenRollingBearing's picture

That is right.  He is a poseur, a man-boy way out of his depth.  Or very malevolent with his Chicago gangster terrorist background.  Or a bankster puupet.


Or all of the above.

Diogenes's picture

He's a Chicago ward heeler (community organizer) way out of his depth.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

And there is circumstantial and hearsay evidence that Obama is an agent placed by the Soviets and propagated to power by a cell of Marxist domestic terrorists (I'm looking at you, Bill Ayers, you slimy fuck).

SgtShaftoe's picture

Best comment i've seen so far. Why are the others still desperately clinging to an attractive smile while mistaking incompetence for brilliance.

The system itself is coming down. Even if Jefferson or Washington himself were to become president tomorrow, it would be impossible to save this fucking mess. Yeltsin tried with all his might to reform the USSR and failed due to vested interests. This "leader" isn't even trying. It's fucking over. Brace for impact. Its going to fucking suck.

mh505's picture

seconded full-heartedly.

I have been a member of this blog for more than 4 years and an ardent if sometimes critical reader. But recently I am beginning to wonder if it's worth the effort

Truther's picture

Watch Big O blow it off. Valerie Jarrett is the boss. If Iran is touched then you can bet your brown undies while the SHTF.

BiBi is a warmonger and a fake jew. And should be rightly removed, booted, kicked out or something. It never ends with him, nor his zionist airheads.

booboo's picture

General BHO Clusterfuck reporting for duty. Same shit different day, the modern day Mix Breed mutt Tribe of the Middle East Israel are going to draw him in and scalp that Buffalo Soldier.

SgtShaftoe's picture

Lust for Money and power. They are the perrenial sirens calling to all humanity to the rocks. They transcend all faiths and languages. It is an eternal danger. Sociopaths run wild.

RafterManFMJ's picture

He's a fake Jew?! Holy Jesus that's the worst kind there is!

giovanni_f's picture

Probably. As a a descendent of those "Became-Jew-for tax savings purposes"-Khazars he is regarded second class by those with semitic parentage. There ain't many options for such hungry ghosts than death and war to turn their self-hatred outwards.

TeamDepends's picture

A good and intelligent man!?!?  He may be able to "reweave his legacy"?  Tyler, what kind of twaddle is this?

rosiescenario's picture

Its a clay pigeon for all the sporting folk here.......we need one of these once in  awhile.

Seize Mars's picture

..." A good and intelligent man has proven to be an incapable leader"

He's not good, and he sure as hell isn't intelligent.

He's an impostor phony. We don't even know this guy's real name. His social security number was originally granted to some guy named Harrison J. Bounel in Connecticut. Mr. Bounel was once listed as a resident in the household of Mr. Obama in Chicago.

So who the fuck is this asshole, really?

Fish Gone Bad's picture

he sure as hell isn't intelligent.

I absolutely beg to differ.  Lets just say that everything you have stated is absolutely true.  What are you going to do about it?  Call the White House?  Carry a sign?  Seriously.  Other than getting mad at me, you are pretty much going to sit on the couch, drink beer, and not do anything.  Underestimating a person as driven, successful, and resourceful as the president is pretty much insane.



Everybodys All American's picture

The media will call you crazy and that pretty much ends all debate on the subject doesn't it?

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Are you high? He's not driven, or successful, or resourceful. He's a fucking post turtle who was programmed by sinister forces to be a jedi master of mass hypnosis.

malikai's picture

I don't know why, but the whole 'post turtle' thing never gets old with me.

A laugh every time.

hootowl's picture

Why don't you sign your pathetic blurb with your real name and address.  Maybe someone could drop by with an elucidative dose of reality that would seem to be in order.

andrewp111's picture

Obozo ran the best and most effective Presidential campaigns in many decades in both 2008 and 2012. So he has something on the ball.

Buckaroo Banzai's picture

Obozo didn't run the campaign. He has extremely professional and ruthless puppet masters who do that for him.