What Will A Shutdown Look Like?

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Unlike the unleashing of hell that so many politicians have bloviated on in the last few hours/days/weeks, Douglas Holtz-Eakin explains to Bloomberg TV's Trish Regan that in fact around 60% of the government will continue to tick along despite the "shutdown."

As Regan summarizes, "shutdown is an elaborate way of saying the government will be partially downsized temporarily..." to which Holtz-Eakin adds, "...and then re-upsized later." Sadly, while this will cost a modest amount, this will do nothing to stop the big mandatory spending programs and is simply bad governance.  

This brief interview will allow some to sleep at night knowing that when you awake in the brave new world of a US government shutdown, the sun will still rise and the kids still need to go to school... perhaps that explains the rally in stocks?



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While you are waiting for government to re-open, amuse yourself with these short animations. I particularly liked 'Death Walks Behind You - Part 2'


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I expect the boy President will have much to say about this when he wakes up this morning.

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Yeah right, as if the criminals were actually going to shut themselves down...

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What Will A Shutdown Look Like?

"...human sacrifice. Dogs and cats living together. Mass hysteria...."


Biblical Proportions!!!

(.22 secs)

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Who's in charge of taking John Boenher for that long ride in the countryside today?

Make sure he loses his cellphone while you're at it.

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Boner and OCuntus are tools - long known.

KEEP the fucker shut down. The cunts in Congress get theirs - fuckers.

Shut the whole fuckin Magilla down and keep it shut this time.

...fuckin assholes - the lot of them.

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The ONLY thing that will happen is the people will FINALLY realize we don't need this fuckin govt and the govt IS the fuckin problem.

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They will also realize that the RINOs will help Obama get everything he wants.


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The problem is that the democrat/progressives control the messaging.

They name call and the media gets their cues.   They drill it in... over and over that the conservatives are rogue, out of control anarchists that are the entire problem.

Roll the stories on Vets. not getting PTSD care and any other thing they can think of.

Then the pussies cave in and the progressives get everything they want.... and because we have a stupid, uneducated public that doesn't keep informed, this is our system.

I only WISH the public would wake the fuck up and realize that we don't need all these extra programs and leave the fucker shut down....   No, I give the republicans about a week to cave in completely.

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Whether people can handle the truth or not is irrelevant, as they choose not to. How do people manage to find themselves hopelessly in debt? By ingoring reality. Little shit at first that seems completely harmless and then the little shit becomes depressing which feeds the impulse to ignore it. People realize it is fucked. Some rail against it demanding change that they know will never happen while others see the futility and decide to ignore the terminal diagnosis and go buy a new car. Of course there are those others who see things as they are but see advantage in perpetuating the disaster and seek to enable and support it. Humans suffer the same malady as all other creatures on the planet as most are only willing to see their future in very small increments, definitely not distant. The big difference in humans from most other creatures is we have the ability to see the future but refuse and use rationalizations to do so. Humans that acknowledge the future use it to prosper from everyone else's unwillingness to do so. We call them evil.

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were is my fucking panda cam......

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Dang it! We went to healthcare.gov to sign up for StalinCare and they are having tech problems.  Shoot!

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It's just a paid vacation for these fucks. Same as usual, only they don't have to 'show' at the office.

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from the same a-holes who yesterday were proclaiming the end of the world complete with countdown clock in the corner of the screen


now they back pedal


Trish, go back to CNBS and take most of your Bloomturds with you -


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I would say Bloomberg was still in over-hype mode this morning vs the crew at CNBC.  Sara Eisen kept repeating how dire the situation is as the graphics kept showing the futures green in double digits.


Like was said by many yesterday, shutdown means crap.  No one notices.  Until the EBT cards zero out and the monthly social security transfers stop, it really doesn't matter to anyone.

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cnbs already got their pineapple....now they r up 2 pineapples to none....lets go bloomy...

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I actually feel nauseous when I contemplate the pontificating that will spout from his blowhole today.  He's probably wetting himself with excitement at the thought of pointing the admonitory finger at Red Team some more today.

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Simple.  Everything that benefits the little guy, shut down.  Everything that government does that fucks the little guy and that government (especially federal government) should not be doing in the first place, up and running.

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Is Arne Duncan working today?

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Indoctrination is ESSENTIAL...

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NASA screws us all over with their mars rovers and space stations.

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With the government out of the way, something might actually get done.

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Well, Trish, can you please remove 60 percent of your clothing to give the viewer some sort of idea of what we are talking about? 


There you go...less is better, Trish. 

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There you go...less is better, Trish.

It's what woman say whenever they're married since year one.

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At least the economy now has a bit of time to recover for real...

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Last night, right at midnight, all the stairs in my house stopped working!

End this madness! Start the government back up NOW!!1!!

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Remarkably similar to our 'functioning' government.

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01 OCTOBER 2013
Chalmers Johnson: The Decline of Empire

Signs of Decay
Internal corruption
Imperial overreach
Inability to reform." .jca

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Chalmers was a GREAT writer and researcher.   Great Stuff.  I would encourage everyone to watch his video.

Sorry we lost him.

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I've been awake for 3 hours since the government has shut down and am bored to death. I need a new "Crisis" to spark my interest. Maybe I'll go drive the Beltway since traffic will now be reduced 50% and I live in flyover country.

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It's good news to show the folks how fked up the Ex executive branch is.

New legislation to take all costs out of their pocket and no pay.  Time to fire the MFkers.

Kabuki that you didn't know you were going to the show.

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This was just for openers.  The debt ceiling debate is the real issue, as it was in 2011.  Maybe we get some real freak-out action on that, but I suspect they cave on that first and then cave on the budget shortly after.


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I guess in their sick twisted minds this is 'teaching us a lesson' or something...very insane times I'm just going flounder fishing today.

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Sixty percent is about all we can afford...

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Past shutdowns all resulted in increased spending. Not savings.

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"Get a real job", heh heh. You're real optimistic, aren't you?  This is like asking a drug addict to walk away from the pusher offering free dime bags of crack.  The non-essential workers will sit on their asses at home and cross days off the calendar until they get their back pay, and then resume their non-essential jobs when the shutdown ends.

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"The non-essential workers will sit on their asses at home and cross days off the calendar until they get their back pay, and then resume their non-essential jobs when the shutdown ends."


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This morning on a Boston radio station they said that the Freedom Trail is closed to tourists.  LMAO!!!  For those outside of Boston, the Freedom Trail is a line of red bricks in the side walks that go from Boston Common to Fanueil Hall Marketplace so unless they have gov employees out there blocking the side walk, the Freedom Trail is still free to walk.

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It's all MSM spin, my friend.  They have to make it look like shutting down is a baaaaad thing.  I bet I could hop in the car right now and drive right in to the nearest national forest.  They're betting that by advertising all the public facilities that will no longer be open that people will believe that they can't get in and start screaming abuse at Team Red. The sad thing is, they'll probably win that bet.

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People thought the centrally rigged 'markets' would actually react to some outside conditions? Insane.

Bernank, he GOT this shit yo! Better than Heisenberg on a batch of crystal blue.

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I woke up this morning and was SHOCKED...SHOCKED I say that the sun still came up and airplanes weren't tumbling from the skies.

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as we will see....   the narci-fascist-tyrant is full of bs....

too many morons in the USA....   who elected this monster

it's time to debunk the modern voodoo priests (aka economists)

who have supported poli-ticks to steal from ... we the people...

time for anarchy....  we need to try it...  to find out what's in it...  -lol

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"What Will A Shutdown Look Like?"

More importantly,  "What will a Sovereign Default Look Like"

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Federal courhouse in Chicago is open, business as usual and will remain open. http://www.ilnd.uscourts.gov/ 

Some  talkshow host should start reading the names of government loafers who were given the day off and along with their so called essential service they provide and their $100,000+ per year pay.