Ron Paul: "The Country Is Bankrupt... The People Are Being Bamboozled"

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"The American people are being bamboozled into believing that you have to keep spending for ever," Ron Paul exclaims, as "neither side is truly looking for spending cuts." As he explains they all know that increasing spending is all that can maintain the status quo. In this brief CNBC clip, Paul says playing the blame game is ignorant of the reality that both sides are "rigid with bad ideas," dismissing Obama's 'faction' comments. For a glimpse at the chaos underlying the status quo (that is being exposed this week), Paul blasts that "it is a philosophy of government that is to blame; Keynesianism, Militarism, and Interventionism, and the funny-money system that we use. All that has come together and the country is bankrupt and nobody wants to amid it."

"Why in the world can't the people have an option to opt-out?" is the middle ground possibility that Paul suggests...


"While more are waking up to it (especially in light of the non-essential services furloughs currently), there is still an appetite for big government - people are afraid to give up on it."


The Democrats are just as "rigid" as the Republicans.. "They are rigid with bad ideas too in that "deficits don't matter, the government has to spend, and the government has to take care of us, and you should print money when you need it."


Paul goes on to discuss Gold "all central banks work together - they collude"


... Moral convictions, "right or wrong", and "the only thing that really counts is what the American people believe the role of government should be... and if deficits don't matter, it will not be a shutdown of government but a breakdown of government that occurs"

Beginning at 2:10:


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Thank you Ron Paul

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Ron Paul for next host of Regis and Kathie Lee. Ron Paul & Kathie Lee.

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Bamboozled is Kenyan for fucked

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Posted on other link, would appreciate any feedback if anyone agrees or disagrees this is the endgame if we keep piling it up.


It sure feels like the beginning of a new era in DC, seeing as we all know everybodys cards.  There is a new group in town who stand on principle, who won't back down and won't be bought off with favors, and all the rest of the usual prostitutes who it is simply a matter of haggling over their price.  Get your popcorn ready.  The default is simply a matter of timing anyway, who in their right mind thinks all that is getting paid back.  It has not trickled down to mainstreet anyway, it is all a matter of will we keep shoving our debt in Wall Streets feeding trough.  When you are broke, it is awfully hard to get any brokerer.  The same cannot be said for our overlords.


Here we are, right back where we started with Thomas Jefferson (sought a republic) and Alexander Hamilton (sought a monarchy with private central bank).  This is why the NY times writes pieces like this:

Demonizing Thomas Jefferson

and Talking up Alexander Hamilton

Alexander Hamilton worked hard for the banks.  This argument is brought to the forefront yet again, only growing out of it is now impossible.

And here is the 'Chicago Plan' from the IMF to do the worlds largest debt for equity swap once the pile of debt gets big enough.  And low and behold the senator from Chicago is doing his damndest to build that pile of debt.  The gist is this, we are selling our sovereignty off to the banks, who at the appropriate time will offer the worlds biggest debt for equity swap, where we trade our soverignty, our roads, our national lands, in trade for our debt.  And then it will be complete, just as the forefathers warned we will wind up homeless and penniless (eventually) on the ground our men died to preserve for us.   Wake up people!

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CNBC: "It was one seller to the tune of 2 to 3 million oz at 7:30am" (crashing the price of gold) ............

nothing to see here. move along. move along.

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OT: The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia did something positively alarming today!

They exercised a constitutional amendment, the 10th and nullified the detention clause in NDAA

Amazing, absolutely amazing!!!!!


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Ron Paul = a voice crying in the (political) wilderness.

The prophet who was known by that term (John the Baptist) was beheaded for tellling the truth to the king. I sincerely wish Dr. Paul a better fate.

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Hamilton was a British spy and was given his due. He is the reason why we have fiat currency today. Not because of the First central bank he ushered in, but because he fixed the gold to silver ratio against free market forces. Gresham's Law caused silver to be hoarded as the undervalued currency, and its gradual removal from circulation undermined the bi-metal standard put forth by the founding fathers. A century later it was a simple swap out of gold for fiat since the competing currency of silver was not in the fray to keep things honest.

Ron Paul is a smart man. He likes gold. He says all the right things. I'm sure all his mason brothers are proud of his mastery of controlled opposition, just as they were proud of Washington for allowing Hamilton to usurp control of the money.

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Jack, I tend to agree that Hamilton was a Brit agent, but do you have proof?

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Bamboozled? How hard would that be to do these days?!

Gold, US sovereign coup d'état, and ‘Trading Places’


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This virtuous man has been a magnet for those who want to save the Republic.

It remains a mystery why he pulled out of the GOP race at a point when he was gaining critical mass on college campuses essentially owning the youth vote - and then not running as an independent.  Wonder what was used to coerce him to leave the race leaving so many of his supporters (including me) in stunned disbelief.  This story has yet to be told.

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Burr did the young Republic a great service by shooting Hamilton!

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He would have done it a far greater service with the same act 20 years earlier.

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This is a Mind Blowing amount of "Gold".


2 Million Ounces = 62.206 Metric Tons of Gold


3 Million Ounces = 93.309 Metric Tons.


While just 1/5th as bad as April 12, 2013 (500 Metric Tons) whomever dumped this amount had no cares about price, did they?


THe good news is that Gold recovered its losses. But they are vainly attempting to demonstrate that they still are in control. However this just serves to demonsrate that they have lost control.


I think that the Gold Bugs are winning the Game.

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Yea sure. But endgame will not show up for about another 200 years, so..

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This blog is full of gold bugs and pessimists. What happened to pulled up by your own bootstraps? What's the matter? Got sand in your vaginas? God damned whining pussies.

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Most of us are on solid ground, my wag; refusing to be the cynical hustler or the compliant mark.

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I suport the central bankers, they do an exelent job on maintaining global stability while rewarding productive nations over non productive nations. Without central bankers, your worth would be determined by rulers and politicians...and your lives would be only to serve them (the rulers). At least with central bankers, you labor serves the people of the world and its valued accordingly.

Is it perfect? No, you get corupt politicans, corporations, bankers, who missuse their power to rob the poeple.

The truth is that there isnt much wrong with the systems in place, they are not perfect but they are generaling improving.

What is wrong is that most people are cowards, weak, lazy, ungreatful, dishonest and many other things. Societies tend to move to more corupt as no major desastors happen and than when a global desastor happen, everyone becomes more honerable.


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Bullshit. Central bankers are the scourge of humanity. They rape and pillage entire countries. Warmongers one and all.

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It reads like one of those Nigerian email scams.

The poster has been a member for six weeks.

Could he be a member of the shill brigade? (

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Worth (aka value) is determined by whatever the collective human conscious (aka the market) deems it to be. Value does not exist outside the human mind. Historically that has been assets like cows, land, family name, and of course gold and silver, but of course people are easily suckered into believing IOUs are sufficient. Rulers and central bankers alike would love to turn lead into gold, or conjure it from thin air, but they can't, and thus they must turn to rigging markets. Without such there would be no ability to coerce value beyond the ability to manipulate perceptions which is what central banks do best.

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If they could conjure gold out of thin air, it too would lose its value.

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So why does the Paper Gold market still have "value"? Do you reall think that 62 Metric Tons to 93 Metric Tons of Gold were really sold, all at once, on Tuesday?


That caused a helluva takedown in price, didn't it? Of course there is a marked difference between PRICE and VALUE. Unfortunately the sale of Gold created out of thin air still affected the price.


No Physical Gold may suffer price declines as a result of such creation. But Gold will not lose its value.


However a day is approaching when the Comex will DEFAULT on Delivery. Then the charade will end. That day approaches quicker than many might consider. And when it arrives there will not be any Physical Gold available for sale at any price.


I will continue to prepare accordingly and suggest that everyone do likewise.

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"I suport the central bankers, they do an exelent job on maintaining global stability while rewarding productive nations over non productive nations."

MDB? Got a new handle these days? Stability does NOT mean regular monetary devaluation. Try again, Sparky.

"Without central bankers, your worth would be determined by rulers and politicians...and your lives would be only to serve them (the rulers). At least with central bankers, you labor serves the people of the world and its valued accordingly."

Our worth is already determined by rulers and politicians; these fucktards created central banks in order to enact command economies. Even bigger fucktards defend them...

"The truth is that there isnt much wrong with the systems in place, they are not perfect but they are generaling improving."

Gee, a little government shutdown and even the NSA bots start fucking up grammatically!

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I'd rather have dangerous freedom than peaceful slavery.

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Who are the 2 bozos that up arrowed this clown?  I know he had to do one himself!

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it's milliondollarbonehead and his NEW account handle. MDB + Money Maker = 2 up arrows. We'll be a watchin there MDB.

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North Korea is stable.  That is why I spend most of my time there.

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My North Korean health care practitioner (courtesy of KimJongIlCare) assures me that nothing is healthier than the all-grass diet.

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Graveyards are stable too. It doesn't mean I want to live there.

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Grass-fed beef to grass fed people.  Cut out the middleman.  Efficiency North Korea style!

By the way, after The Dear One passed away, it's now Kim Jong un-Care.

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Where to begin, YOU ARE AN IGNORANT FUCK! MOST people are NOT lazy as you claim! WE built this country not the 1%. You sound like one of the Cock Brother Trolls that come here paid to put working people down. FUCK YOU, MOST PEOPLE, FUCK YOU!

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Are you implying that bankers are not corrupt?

They have not averted anything, they kept the unsustainable status quo. I'll give you that politicians have not taken advantage of the given time.  At the same time politicians are trying to keep up appearances and are in sync with banks who keep this frankenstein afloat.   Economy died in 2008.   QE's have been futile attemps to shock to life a dead patient.  QE infinity created a frankenstein that canibalizes itself and will destroy any life left.


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surely this is just a quality troll

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IF things unfold slowly then the only outcome seen in history is to print all becomes soooo painful that even the sensible ones give in to prevent deflation.

BUT...if it all just goes pop, then we could experience 'Hyperinflation In a Flash'. This would yield the same result as HI (destruction of the currency) but we could skip the wheelbarrows and go straight to the new currency.

Gold, instead of going to a gabillion dollars an ounce would be reset to a price to make the CB balance sheets work.

Debtors get a break and savers get screwed....just like always.

GLD inventory is down to 901 tons. Got physical?

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If you buy long take delivery. If you sell short then use the profits and take delivery.


No matter what...TAKE DELIVERY and deplete the Inventories. We can squeeze them by the balls in the medium term. Let's create a default.


62 Metric Tons to 93 Metric Tons were sold on Tuesday when the USA cannot return Germany's Gold? Yeah. Right. I'll buy into that nonsense! Won't you join me in becoming a blathering idiot? Only blathering idiots will buy that bullshit.

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Zerohead: wrong. Bamboozled is a mid-westernism for, fucked by a Kenyan. FIFY

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"The Country Is Bankrupt... The People Are Being Bamboozled"

And what are we doing about it?  Nothing.  We're venting on blog sites.  Hello?

I think more action is necessary.

Just sayin

Tall Tom's picture

Yeah. I agree. More action needs to be taken. So when the price drops...I BUY GOLD. That is the action that I take. I like buying it on sale.


You are right. More action needs to be taken. (Unless you like BATFH... I do not suggest that by any means. But you are a free man...supposedly...I think...Isn't that the way it is supposed to be???) Buy more Gold during Price Declines and stop whining about it. Thank Ben Bernanke for the Buying Opportunity. No problem. I am a happy camper when the price goes down.

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After he got booed in the republican debates for citing the Golden Rule, he should have given up.  The people won't listen to reason, they will have to learn the hard way.

Running On Bingo Fuel's picture

He should have given up after he had his son.

If I were him I would shoot myself with such a disgrace.

Romney fanboy.

Oh well.

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 " When good men do nothing, evil will prevail "- Ron Paul is one of a dying breed of good men , left in America.

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If more people took more opportunity to speak more truth, maybe Dr. Paul wouldn't seem like such a unique person.

It is not enough to admire good men. It is necessary to emulate them.

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He's no fool, he knows this game is going to end and it will end badly.

The Heart's picture

No matter what, THIS MAN is always worth listening to.

The other clowns, meh.

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cue WWIII - all hell breaks loose in the Middle East - "Wag the Dog' in   5......4.......3.........

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Well don't wait for the scumbag medias, including ``the most trusted name in news`` (John Stewart) to tell you the truth... Cause even when the country collapses, they'll say it isn't happening or it's the republicans fault. (which is a load of shit, both parties are equally responsible for being the banksters and corporates whores)